My Cuckold Life Chapter 3

Info sadcucky
03 Dec. '18

Chapter 3

This is a short summary of the changes that have happened in my life thanks to my wife's new lover and my master. Chapter 2 can be found here //

1 month has passed since Brad started living with me and beautiful wife Lina during the weekends. I thought I had it tough with Lina before, but it had gotten so much worse since Brad has moved in. My life was now a combination of sexual frustration, humiliation, physical pain and mental torture. 

It had gotten progressively worse each day since Brad's arrival. Brad and Lina made up new rules almost everyday to push me further down this path of absolute domination. The worst of the changes was that, I had now progressed from a cleanup cuck to a cock sucking cuck. Everyday Brad had me on my knees with my hands tied behind my back, sucking his huge cock. Sometimes my job was to just get it wet for Lina, but other times he came in my mouth and of course I had to gulp it down. It was tough in the beginning and I was constantly punished for not being able to deepthroat his cock properly. But now I was quite good at it and Brad told me that my mouth felt like velvet on his cock. If they were feeling especially cruel, I would be made to lie down on the bed on my back with my head hanging outside the bed, and Brad would face fuck me brutally.

It was all part of my training they said. I was told that I have been taking the training well and that they are quite satisfied with my progress. But they still beat me for fun. In fact I cannot think of a weekend in which I wasn't tied down and beaten to tears, sometimes by Lina, sometimes by Brad and sometimes by both of them combined. 

I was to call them as Mistress or Goddess Lina and Master Brad most of the time. Sometimes they would play Mommy and Daddy and I was their little son who had to be punished for something or the other. Such punishments were meaner than the regular ones and always ended with me completely broken and crying for hours. Playing mommy and son with Lina was one of my favorite part of our marriage and Brad had turned it into pure torture for me. 

Apart from being a cock sucking cuck and their punching bag, I was also the house servant. I was expected to do all the household chores and it kept me busy throughout the day. My sleep had reduced to just 4-5 hours on weekends with all the cooking, cleaning and laundry I was had to get done. I was quite good at cooking and both Brad and Lina praised me quite generously for how good it was. After serving them food, I would be under the dining table worshiping the foot of either Lina or Brad as they enjoyed the delicious meal. I was only allowed to eat their leftovers, that too like a dog with hands tied behind me. Sometimes Brad or Lina would piss in it if they were feeling like it.

I did not of course sleep on the bed anymore. My position was on the floor on the foot of their bed. Sometimes if Brad had too much beer that night, he would wake up in the middle of the night to piss. But he wouldn't go to the washroom. He would walk up to me as I slept, kick me awake and kneel over my face and piss into my open mouth and go back to bed as I struggled to go back to sleep on the cold hard floor and that disgusting taste in my mouth made it only worse 

Just like the bed, I was forbid from using any and all furniture in the house without permission. If I got tired in between chores I had to sit on the floor to rest. I was used as a furniture quite regularly though. I will be on all fours and used as a footrest while they watched TV, sipping wine and making out during the commercials. Brad would keep the dog whip handy and would sometimes whip my ass for no reason and they would laugh as I cried in pain. Another duty of mine was as the soap tray during their morning bath which they took together. I had to kneel by the corner with the soap in my mouth as they enjoyed their bath. How pathetic I must look, kneeling down with a soap in my mouth as they had passionate sex in the shower.

Weekdays were a lot better and less traumatic for me. I got to spend time with Lina alone and I really cherished those moments now. She was a lot more cruel and demanding than before, but she was still a little considerate and didn't beat me as much as when Brad is around. He really brings out the worst in her. I still slept on the floor, but at least I got to lick her to multiple orgasms before she went off to sleep. Sometimes she would be video chatting with Brad with me between her legs. 

I hadn't had an orgasm for over 40 days now. I was unlocked a couple of times by Lina but was locked back right in after teasing me to tears. I did get milked once though but this time I had to have Brad's cock in my mouth as she crushed my balls from behind me. But that is a tale for another day. The good news was that, I would be getting to cum this weekend once Brad arrives. I can hardly wait for it.


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