It Was a Dark Night

Info Tristan LeMay
01 Nov. '18

Written by Tristan LeMay, BellsInMay, MarkMaul, DJ_digi, sanctuary, Rajesh and completed by the starting author

   I really don't know why I said yes. The guys from work kept insisting. Neil especially:

   – Come on, man. One drink won’t kill ya! We gotta celebrate the Billingham account finally paying off. You worked so hard. Are you really just going to go home and watch TV?

   That really was the only thing I wanted to do. I'd been working night and day on four huge projects at the same time, juggling so many balls, I hadn't even had time to play with my own in the last two weeks!

   I knew Neil and the other guys wanted to hit Adonis, a gay strip club we go to once in a while, but I just wasn't in the mood. It hadn't been that long since I'd broken it off with Kendrick and the last thing I felt like was watching random hotties swinging their dicks under my nose.

   But Neil was relentless, and what was supposed to be a quick drink in a bar turned into a few drinks to unwind, a few more to forget Kendrick and a few more so I wouldn't remember the walk home through the park.

   See, part of me does wish I didn’t remember anything about that walk through the park and part of me regrets not remembering more.

   But there I was. In a park, and it was a dark night. Not that that is very unusual for nights. They're dark, that's kind of their thing. Although I am a man and even consider myself a strong, able-bodied male at that, I somehow didn’t feel safe. Even with the alcohol that should have made me feel invincible.

   “This is how women feel all the time!”

   I could hear my sister Denise in my head. She’s an outspoken, card-carrying feminist, and can be a little annoying sometimes, I must admit. We get it, sis! Women don't have it easy, but I still think gay men have it worse!

   “Damn, I should've gone with Harvey,” I said to myself as I passed a bench on the edge of the park and felt it calling me.

   Harvey had offered me a ride home. He didn't drink, we needed a designated driver. But I declined, knowing that Harvey had had a crush on me for years. I didn't want to make any mistakes that night, not drunkenly, not with Harvey whom I’d have to face at work on Monday.

   I kept repeating to myself, “The way home isn't that long, you’re gonna make it. Just walk.” Like a mantra. A drunken, scaredy-cat mantra.

   But I was just too dizzy. “Just a moment,” I told myself… and the song This Magic Moment started playing in my head. Wow… alcohol makes me think of the strangest things. I chuckled to myself as I stumbled over to the bench. “Just a second”, I thought as my eyes closed.

   I don't know how long I stayed there, stretched out on the bench, sleeping – probably snoring. When I drink too much, I snore. It's really not sexy. That's why I try to not go overboard with alcohol, especially when I know I'm going to be spending the night with someone. That night, I really didn’t care because I’d decided I would not be taking someone home.

   Anyway, the weirdest thing happened. I don't know what woke me up first: the chill of the night and the fact that my body was in sleep mode so already cooling down or if it was getting a foot massage in a strange place. All I know is, before I actually opened my eyes and realized what was happening, I slowly felt I was coming back to consciousness, I shivered from the cold, felt this really nice pressure on the base of my left foot and then my right. I really didn't want to wake up... until I realized, through the haze of drunkenness, that I didn't remember where I was or what was going on.

   When I opened my eyes, my shoes were gone! It took me a while to realize where I was and what had gone down. Honestly, I’m still not really sure. Had I really gotten a foot massage from a stranger – and if so, was it really a stranger or somebody I knew who might have followed me? I’m not proud to admit that I’ve picked up a few con artists and opportunists in bars before, some who’ve even absconded with my shit after sex. Was this one of those times? Had some random guy – or girl? – just massaged my feet, like satisfying an uncontrollable urge, maybe even whipping out their genitals and rubbing them on my toes, heels… and then stolen my new Adidas? Fuck, now I really felt down. Hell, I even shed some tears, sitting there on the bench with my head in my hands, my mind still fuzzy.

   This really was NOT my day. Even with the success of the Billingham account and all the praise I was getting from different clients.

   Suddenly, my attention was drawn out of my hands and I spotted a really sexy girl standing a few feet away from me. A hot girl, with a dick, a really meaty, dicky dick, who was getting that hard cock sucked off by a dude squatting in front of her.

   My eyes widened as I tried to get my wits back. I asked myself: “Am I really that drunk?” and I must have said it aloud, because the girl looked over at me with a huge smile on her face. Suddenly, I don’t know why – I felt much better. It was weird. Like my whole perspective on the situation had changed in a second. Shoes are overrated anyway, right?

   I felt my own dick start to grow like crazy in my pants.

   Soon, while I was wondering what to do next, Hot Chick (with the dick) started moaning and grunting, and pulled her meat out of the guy’s mouth, coming on his face as she looked over at me. Seeing that hard, pulsating cock explode and shoot strands of cum on a stubbly, red, round face while looking straight at me as if my only presence was provoking the orgasm made me even hornier.

   – Thanks, dude, it was fun, she said with a much deeper, raspy voice than I would have expected coming out of such a lean, petite body.

   She then walked over to me as the other guy scrambled with his clothes, looking for something to wipe the spunk off his face.

   – Hi, dude, she said, looking me over like I was a slab of meat she needed to choose a section of from the butcher’s window.

   I couldn’t help but wonder if she called all male strangers she met ‘dude’. Why not ‘mate’ (because she isn’t British or Australian?), ‘man’ or ‘bro’? I made myself laugh inside.

   – Hey, I replied, feeling a bit dizzy and off my game.

   – You live around here? she asked me, making her semi-hard cock bounce between her legs.

   She sounded like a prostitute, like she was “asking me on a date”, but I didn’t want to insult her or anything so I just said, “Yes.”

   Then, she said:

   – Grab my dick and lead me there.

   The whole thing was just surreal. I kept thinking I was so drunk I was dreaming the whole thing. Hesitantly, I reached over and cupped her deflating penis. It instantly pulsated and started to inflate again.

   “Nice dick,” I thought to myself.

   It was kind of weird to lead her to my apartment, holding her by her penis the whole way like she was on a leash, but I felt that if I let go, she’d get upset and call the whole thing off. So I just obeyed, still dazed from the many drinks I’d had with the guys from work. That’s when I thought about Harvey again, and how I never would have met Hot Chick if I’d taken him up on his offer to bring me home.

   When we got to my high rise apartment, George, the doorman, winked then asked:

   – Will the um…, lady be going up with you?

   He knew it was a stupid question with an obvious answer, but… he set me up so well!

   – I'd rather she go down on me, but yes.

   Hot Chick decided she was not going to remain mute. Since she seemed so bold and direct, I would have been surprised if she hadn’t responded.

   – Oh you know I will, darling.

   She seemed to be looking George over like she had me in the park. Our sweet doorman was definitely not intimidated and showed a side of himself I’d never seen before.

   – Would you mind signing in, ma’am?

   – You mean, my name? she asked, almost sounding as insulted as if he’d asked her age.

   – I call her Hot Chick, I chimed in, hoping to ease her off the hook.

   – You do? she replied. Well, isn’t that sweet. Isn’t he sweet?

   – The sweetest, George responded, amused, winking at me.

   George had never acted “so gay” before. I chuckled. I mean, I’d never felt he judged me or looked down on my “lifestyle” but I always thought he was just professional and respectful, nothing more, nothing less.

   Hot Chick had grabbed the pen on the registration log and written “Chick” in the “Last Name” column and “Hot” in the “First Name” column. Both George and I nodded like this made perfect sense.

   – Thanks, George, I said, my cheeks turning beet red.

   – Y’all have a nice night, now, our doorman added with a weird southern twang he’d never had before.

   Man! What was all this sudden gayness coming from George-the-doorman? I’d need to get to the bottom of that at a later time.

   Anyway, the elevator whisked us upstairs, and getting to my place, we ran into Yvette and Rick, my neighbor and her boyfriend, passionately kissing goodnight. Yvette was naked. Rick was not.

   This night just kept getting weirder and weirder.

   – Yvette, Rick, meet Hot Chick.

   Hot Chick said nothing, but walked over to Yvette and started caressing her naked body with the tip of her fingers while kissing her on the neck. I could actually see goosebumps on Yvette's arms and I didn't know if I was imagining her nipples growing perkier and harder.

   – Whoa! What the fuck? Rick exclaimed, more amazed, aroused and interested than upset.

   When Hot Chick's fingers slipped between Yvette's legs and came out again all glistening with pussy juice, my unexpected date turned to me with her dick rock hard, making her junk bounce as she said:

   – Wanna taste of this juice?

   She was holding her wet fingers under my nose and I really didn't know what to do because I'd never tasted pussy before. Yvette's eyes widened since she knows that I am gay and probably felt bad that Hot Chick was putting me on the spot like that. Wanting to save the situation, Rick reached over and took Hot Chick's wrist, pulling it toward him.

   – Let me have a taste, he said.

   I don't know what came over me in that moment... maybe it was the thought of not wanting to miss an opportunity. After all, when would I get a chance to taste pussy again in my life? I mean, really. I'm gay and always have been. Sure I could find a way to be with a woman, but... why would I want to be?

   – I'm sure you've tasted Yvette plenty of times, I said. Now it's my turn.

   Yvette actually gasped and Hot Chick chuckled as I took her wrist from Rick and brought her fingers to my mouth. At that point, Yvette's wetness had already started drying a bit on Hit Chick's fingers but I still got an interesting taste of her tanginess. As I sucked on Hot Chick's fingers, Rick started sucking on Yvette's titties and she arched her back in ecstasy. Yvette grabbed on to Hot Chick's hard meat as though she needed to hold on to something firm so she wouldn’t buckle or faint, and Hot Chick grabbed the back of my neck, sending chills down my spine, as if Yvette’s hand on her cock was making her feel faint.

   Even if I still felt pretty drunk, I was definitely hard and was wondering what a weird foursome this was for me. As Yvette started stroking Hot Chick’s cock and Rick’s fingers slipped in between Yvette’s legs to caress her clit and – I guess – penetrate her pussy, I felt Hot Chick’s fingers slip out of my mouth and start rubbing my crotch. Her touch made my hard cockhead press into my pubes and I felt the wetness of my precum.

   – Maybe we should move this inside, huh? Yvette said, ever the voice of reason.

   Without another word, she turned the doorknob to her apartment and we all slipped inside. Before I knew what hit me, Hot Chick slammed my back against the closed door and started taking my clothes off. Rick grabbed Hot Chick from behind and lifted the skirt of her dress off her ass, kneading and pinching her cheeks as she swayed from one high heel to the other, spreading her legs and pushing her ass back. This was turning into a full-fledged orgy!

   Not wanting to be left out, Yvette walked around her boyfriend, eyeing what he was doing to Hot Chick. She had an odd look on her face and I was wondering if, somehow, she was feeling jealous and pissed that Rick was paying her so little attention.

   By this point, Hot Chick had ripped open the front of my pants and was sucking on my hard cock while pressing against the bulge in Rick’s crotch. My back slowly arced in sexual frenzy and my eyes rolled in my head as the top of my skull rolled on the door.

   – You wanna feel my man inside your pussy, bitch?

   My eyes popped open and I looked over at Yvette, alarmed. “Shit! What the fuck?” I thought. I felt Hot Chick moan on my bouncing cock inside her mouth.

   – Yvette…, said Rick, clearly feeling uncomfortable.

   – What, baby? Don’t you want to fuck her man pussy?

   I thought I’d faint. When Yvette grabbed the back of Hot Chick’s head by the hair and pulled her off my cock, I started regretting everything about this night. It was definitely taking a darker turn than anything I might have expected.

   – How about it, girl? You wanna feel that hard cock inside you? I don’t mind sharing. But my tits need attention.

   That’s when I realized how little I knew about Yvette. She was turning into one horny, determined bitch. She slammed Hot Chick’s wet mouth onto her right boob and made her latch on.

   – Mmmm… yeah, girl. Suck it like it’s your own.

   I just stood there, my mouth agape, my cock hard as a crowbar. Hot Chick grabbed it with her right hand and slipped her left between Yvette’s thighs, fingering her wet slit.

   – Oh, yeah, girl. I like your initiative, said Yvette, in a deep, guttural moan. Feel that pussy. Yeah. That’s what you’ve always dreamed of, isn’t it? Mmmm… that’s what you want. Show me what you’d do with a pussy if you had one of your own.

   I couldn’t help but think how insensitive and out of line this kind of talk was. “Damn, Yvette! Take it down a notch!” I thought. But my neighbor was on fire.

   – Mmmmm… I want to see my man take you from behind, she directed. You know you want it, right? Take her, Rick. Give her that big cock. Slam it into her man pussy and make her cock bounce like it’s on a tramp… trampoline, baby!

   I actually gasped, horrified that Hot Chick might be insulted and might just decide to punch Yvette in the face! How could she talk to a perfect stranger like that? How could she insult a transwoman like that without thinking of the possible consequences? Shit! But damned if I wasn’t oozing pre-cum and dying to see where this thing was going to go… and where my own cock was going to land!

   Hot Chick wiggled her ass in Rick’s face as he whipped a condom out of his pants, ripped the packaging open and slipped the rubber on his engorged meat. He was clearly going to get what I thought I was going to get when Hot Chick ordered me to lead her to my place.

   I saw Rick drop a dab of saliva onto his sheathed cock and then knead Hot Chick’s ass cheeks as he prepared more mouth lube to spit onto her man pussy. When he started rubbing the saliva into her hole, I almost lost it. She moaned and groaned, her mouth opening over Yvette’s breast, and her jacking of my cock intensifying.

   Rick slowly slipped the tip of his cock inside Hot Chick’s ass and she just shoved her butt back, swallowing the whole of his pole in one fell swoop. It was Rick’s turn to moan as if he was going to cum right then and there. He didn’t – thank goodness – but took her eagerness as a clear message. He was to grab on to that ass and pummel it till they both came. And if Hot Chick’s rubbing of Yvette’s pussy and her jacking of my cock culminated in orgasms all around, then all that was even better!

   Rick was slamming his cock so hard into Hot Chick’s man pussy that her low-hanging balls started bouncing off his own. I wouldn’t have known that if he hadn’t said:

   – God damn, dawg, your balls are slamming against mine!

   Dawg? Really? I couldn’t believe he was calling Hot Chick “dawg”. His girlfriend had just called her “bitch”… This was just too much for me to process, even with the booze slowly dissipating from my system!

   – I never felt another guy’s balls before. Man! That shit is fucking hot!

   Rick was probably one of the straightest guys I’d ever met and here he was fucking a chick with a dick… and loving it! I couldn’t believe it! How could I not feel even more aroused? Man!

   As he continued to pummel Hot Chick’s hole and she kept fingering his girlfriend’s wet slit, I decided I wanted me some cock. I squatted under Hot Chick’s bent-over body and started caressing her balls, pulling them toward my mouth with one hand as I played with her hard, “girthy”, uncut, pre-cum- drooling man meat. She liked. I pulled her foreskin back and swabbed the pre-cum off her dick head with my hot tongue. She moaned.

   – That’s it, baby, ram that cock inside her, ordered Yvette.

   I positioned myself so that I could slip Hot Chick’s cock between my lips as I played with her balls with one hand and jerked myself off with the other. I could feel Rick’s straight-ass-guy balls slamming against my fingers and that just about drove me crazy.

   – Oh fucking crap! said Rick in a bizarre crescendo voice. I’m gonna shoot!

   – No you’re not! barked Yvette, pushing Rick away from Hot Chick, his cock slipping out of her ass, making a strange sucking and popping sound. You’re going to fuck her missionary while she eats me out. That’s what you’re going to do!

   I kind of wondered where I’d fit in in this scenario but I felt it was better if I didn’t say anything.

   – What?

   – You heard me, Yvette shot back, grabbing Hot Chick by the hair and bringing her face up to hers, kissing her on the mouth.

   – Hot damn, that’s hot, whispered Rick, in awe.

   He stroked his sheathed cock and my mouth started watering. Oh how I’d love to taste that nice piece of meat! But then when Rick’s balls quickly came up toward the base of his cock, he let go of his pole so he wouldn’t explode in the condom.

   – You get down here on your back and show us that man pussy, bitch, ordered Yvette.

   Without a word, Hot Chick lay down on Yvette’s yoga mat and grabbed the back of her knees, exposing her stretched asshole, hard cock and heavy balls.

   – You want to shoot your cum inside that warm man pussy, baby?

   Rick hesitated for a moment as if, suddenly, this whole thing was way too gay for him.

   – Come on, babe, he whined. I… What are we doing here?

   – You know you want me, Rick, Hot Chick said. You can play with my titties while you fuck me.

   – Shut up! barked Yvette. This is my place. I decide who fucks whom.

   Hum… perfect grammar! That started me wondering: “What does Yvette do for a living? Hum… I know so little about her, really…” But that wasn’t the time or the place! While I stood there, stroking my hard cock.

   – I want to see you fuck her and make her cum, baby, she said to Rick, slinking over to him and kissing him on the lips. Now do it!

   Rick pretty much groaned in protest, just to confirm that he wasn’t into it, but clearly, he didn’t have as much of a problem with the situation as he wanted us to think.

   – Ooooooo! Man! You’re so big!

   Hot Chick knew what the straight man wanted to hear. She was actually bigger than he was!

   As Rick started pummeling her back side again, her titties bouncing in all directions, Hot Chick grabbed her own cock and balls with both hands and started jacking off, moaning and groaning in pleasure.

   I was surprised to notice that Rick’s attention seemed concentrated on Hot Chick’s male genitalia, like he couldn’t wait to see what effect his fucking was going to have on the chick with a dick. That made me horny as fuck. My jacking of my own meat became more and more intense.

   – This isn’t a spectator sport, sport, said Yvette as she came closer to me. You gotta get in the game, sweetheart.

   She grabbed me by the balls, making me wince a bit and pulled me down over Hot Chick so I could 69 with her. Getting pummeled by Rick’s jackhammer, Hot Chick’s cock naturally slipped inside my mouth and poked my gullet over and over as she took my cock into her own mouth. I felt Yvette position herself behind me and pull my cock out of Hot Chick’s mouth so she could get her pussy serviced. Feeling Rick’s abs bouncing off the top of my head was just amazing. So much so that I just reached between his legs and started playing with his hairy balls.

   – Oh fucking hell, man! Yeah! Grab my balls! Grab ‘em!

   At this point, I don’t even know he realized his jewels were being handled by another man. I don’t think he cared. But I sure did and before I knew it, I was erupting inside Hot Chick’s willing mouth, with Yvette’s pubes rubbing against my ass crack. Hot Chick had a bit of a hard time with the sheer quantity of semen that cascaded down her throat, but she moaned her appreciation nonetheless. My orgasm made me groan and that resulted in creating a spiral, a virtual fuck storm in which Hot Chick shot her own red-hot load of cum in my mouth as Rick emptied his balls in the almost-melting condom inside his first chick with a dick.

   – Holy fuuuuuuuuck! Shiiiiiiit! Mmmmm… damn!

   I felt Yvette pull away from me as Rick’s whole body was rocked by spasms for what seemed like minutes. He pumped into Hot Chick’s ass a few more times before he pulled out because I was still over her so he couldn’t collapse onto her. He probably wouldn’t have wanted to anyway on account of that extra equipment between her legs. But he sure as hell had not hated what had just happened.

   –Damn you, Yvette. What else are you going to make me do?

   Speaking of Yvette, there she was, sitting in an armchair on the small of her back, fucking herself with a huge dildo as she looked on. “Where did that come from?” I asked myself, amused. I guess she’d found the time to grab it while we were otherwise occupied!

   – You think you have it in you to come replace this guy? she said to Rick.

   As he stood up, Rick ripped the condom off his still-fully-erect shaft and pinched his own nipples in a Tarzan-beating-his-chest kind of way. I couldn’t help thinking that it was mostly girls and gay guys who liked their nipples pinched, but after the night I’d had, what the hell did I know?

   Rick grabbed the base of Yvette’s huge dildo and pulled it out of her pussy, promptly replacing it with his own hard cock. He slipped the glistening, veined, life-like dick between Yvette’s lips and made her suck her pussy juice off of it while he fucked her. My cock started hardening again at the sight of Rick’s hot glutes rippling as he fucked his girlfriend, her legs on each side of him.

   Oh how I’d love to grab on to those glutes as I’d feel him inside me. Or as I’d slip my cock inside him. Either way, that would remain a fantasy. At least for now.

   Also for now, I would have to be happy with sneaking out of Yvette’s apartment, hearing Rick and hers orgasms building up to an explosive climax as I returned to my apartment with Hot Chick. 

    – Oh by the way… my name is Kendra.

   Of course it is. How could it not be?


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