Her First Time With Another Woman

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29 Oct. '18

My wife is named Liz, she is 42, blonde blue eye, 34b, childbearing hips, and a trimmed blonde pussy.  She and I have always had a good sex life.  We have enjoyed different activities.  One evening we were watching an erotic video and she seemed very interested in the lesbian scene.  We watched until the women had cum and she snuggled up close to me.  We didn't say anything, but I had the feeling she was very interested.  

I couldn't get it out of my mind so I did some checking around and found a spa that catered to both men and women.  I spent some time talking to the owner, a nice looking woman in her late fifties and asked her what kind of services she offered.  She smiled and said, we offer a variety of facials, baths, and massages.  I finally told her about my wife and wondered if she had a woman on her staff that might be willing to go "the extra mile" in pleasuring my wife.  The owner said of course.  And before I could say anything else she continued, "And would you like to watch in an adjoining room?"  A broad smile spanned by face.  

I set up an appointment for my wife and the owner told me to come early so I could get set up in the adjoining room to view her time.  I got a gift card and presented it to my wife.  Liz was over joyed.  She had been wanting a massage for a long time and this would be the perfect opportunity for that to happen.  

She made the appointment and when the day of the appointment came I left for work and then about twenty minutes before my wife's appointment I arrived and was situated in the room adjoining and watched through a small mirror in the wall.  The room was very nice with a raised platform table that was about as wide as a double bed.  There were candles and I could hear soft music playing.  

Soon the door opened and in walked Liz followed by a female masseuse.  She had reddish brown hair and a very trim figure.  She had green eyes and was very pretty.  She wore a robe and it appeared without anything underneath.  I was grinning like a kid on Christmas morning.  My wife undressed and she climbed up on the raised platform bed.  

Liz laid down on her stomach and the attendant disrobed.  She was naked underneath as I suspected but my wife didn't notice.  The attendant stood a the head of the bed and poured some warm oil on my wife's neck and shoulders.  She began to massage my wife and she moaned telling the attendant how good it felt.  She worked her way down her back paying special attention to her lower back.  My wife would occasionally sigh or moan at how good it felt.  

The attendant then moved down to my wife's feet.  She worked her feet and each toe.  Liz was in heaven. commenting how good it felt and how wonderful she felt.  She pulled my wife's legs apart as she began to work her way up my wife's legs.  She worked the calves and the thighs.  My wife was very relaxed and breathing long slow breaths.  

The attendant then poured oil on my wife's ass and began to massage her ass.  She kneaded the flesh and massaged them in such a way that she would expose my wife's anus every so often.  She poured more oil and I notice that some oil went down the crack of my wife's ass.  The attendant kept working her ass and occasionally a finger would dip down in the crack of my wife's ass.
Rather than flinching and tying to put her legs together like I thought she might Liz lay there totally relaxed.  As the attendant kept working i noticed that Liz's breathing was a little deeper and her sighs a little louder.

I noticed the attendant had slipped several fingers in Liz's ass was working on her puckered anus.  Liz didn't even try to move in fact I noticed she let her legs open just a little more.  I wondered if she was thinking about the lesbian scene we had scene in the movie the other night.  

The attendant then added more oil and I saw her slide a finger into my Liz's ass.  She didn't move but let out a long slow moan as the attendant's finger moved in and out of her ass.  Liz's legs parted just a bit more as the attendant's finger fucked my wife's ass.  I was mesmerized by what was happening and even more mesmerized by my wife's response.  She didn't seem to be shy or withdrawn as this woman fingered her asshole.  In fact it looked as though she was totally enjoying the experience.  

 The attendant increased the tempo and I saw my wife lifting her hips off the bed.   Liz went stiff, said, "Oh my god."  She then trembled a bit and then went limp.  Did I just see my wife have and anally induced orgasm?  The attendant let her lay there for a while as she washed her hands and then told my wife to roll over.

As Liz did she noticed for the first time the attendant was nude.  She looked at the attendant's body, smiled and said, "You are very pretty."

The attendant smiled and replied, "Thank you as are you."  The attendant then began working on my wife's shoulders, then her arms.  I could see my wife totally relax now as her feet and legs fell open just slightly.  The attendant then began working on Liz's breasts.  Soft, gentle circles, and then ending with a gently rolling of her nipples.  She repeated this over and over again and I could see Liz breathing just a bit deeper and her body glistening.  

The attendant moved down and worked on her hips and then skipped to her calves and feet.  She worked on her lower legs and feet for over fifteen minutes really focusing on her feet and i step are.  The attendant then moved up and began to work on Liz's thighs.  As she did she moved closer and closer to my wife's lovely blonde bush.  

She moved her hands ever so slightly each time moving just a little closer and then I noticed the little finger of her right hand lightly caressing the outer pipes of my wife's pussy.  It was then that I had to slide my pants down my legs and begin to stroke my erection.  

Liz was breathing deeply and her nipples were very erect.  The attendant now hand her left hand on Liz's thigh and her right hand cupping and making circles on my wife's pussy.  It was then that I noticed that my wife did two things.  The first was to open per legs a bit more and the other was to  very slowly move her hand over so the back of her hand as touching the attendant's pussy.

Precum was beginning to ooze out of the end of my cock.  After a bit the attendant gently parted the outer lips of my wife's pussy and with her left hand the attendant began to stroke my wife's clit.  It was then that Liz turned her hand over and was now massaging the attendant's pussy.  This went on for a while until the attendant slid a finger of her left hand into my wife's pussy.  She moaned loudly.  The attendant then ever so gently leaned over and placed a soft kiss on my Liz's mouth.  My wife opened her eyes and smiled.  She reach up and pulled the attendant's head back down and the two women entered into a deep, soul searching kiss.  

The two women kissed for a while.  Tongues dancing in and out of each other's mouths.  My wife had surrendered to the ministrations of the lovely attendant but that was not the end of it.  

It was then that the attendant climbed up on the bed and began to kiss my wife's pussy as she straddled my wife's face.  My wife pulled her legs up and let them fall open to give the attendant better access as she lifted her head and placed a kiss on the attendants pussy and then began to lick her.  

Here was my wife, who I thought I knew, engaging in a "69" with a woman she didn't even know.  I couldn't take my eyes away as I kept stroking my cock.  It was a beautiful picture and in my opinion nothing more beautiful then two women making love.  They were both enjoying each other and the room was filled with sighs and moans.  

I could see my wife getting close.  He hips were gently moving up and down and her thighs were moving together.  But her impending orgasm did not keep her from licking the pretty young attendant.  The attendant too was moving her hips in more a circular motion.  

It was so sensual, erotic, beautiful, and naughty all at the same time.  I never would have believed that my wife would have ever been sexually involved with another woman, but here it was right before my eyes.  I was getting close to cuming and had unbuttoned my shirt so I could caress my nipples as I watched the two women.  

Liz slipped a finger into the attendant's pussy and began to move it in and out as she licked her pussy.  The attendant followed suit only she stuck her finger in Liz's asshole.  Both women were enjoying each other and it was hard for me to know where to look.  I felt like I was at a tennis match going up and back watching my wife being licked and then her licking the attendant.  

The women were getting close as their breathing and movements became more intense.  Suddenly Liz lifted her hips off the bed as she close her thighs around the attendant's head.  Then she began to thrash her hips up and down as she grunted in orgasmic release.  

In that moment I let go and started cuming shooting my hot cum over my fingers and on to the floor.  No sooner had Liz and I finished cuming then the attendant erupted in an orgasm.  It was beautiful to watch those two lovely women cum.  When the attendant finally came back to earth she moved around on the bed, cuddled up to my wife and the two exchanged a deep, passionate kiss.  The two women lay cuddled up together lightly caressing each other.  I cleaned up and got back to work.  

When I got home that evening Liz was relaxing with a glass of wine and had one already poured for me.  "You look great darling," I said.  "The massage must have really agreed with you."

She smiled as she took a sip of her wine.  "It was totally relaxing and I enjoyed every minute of it.   By the way, I set up an appointment for you to have a massage there next Monday.  He's an experienced masseuse and the owner tells me he more than willing to go, 'the extra mile.'"  She smiled again and took a sip of her wine.


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