Emily's Stripper Costume

               Emily was a woman, but barely. She had been a girl not too long ago. She was very sweet and wholesome and innocent. Honestly, she was a little more innocent than she wanted to be. Emily was very beautiful. Her face was beautiful, her hair was beautiful, her eyes were beautiful, her body was beautiful... And to top it all off, even though Emily was slender and petite and graceful, she had a pair of big, firm, meaty tits. No one talked about how perfect Emily's tits were, but everyone who saw her in a tank top was amazed. Emily was sweet and innocent... but her body was made for rough, hard, sweaty fucking. Emily wasn't exactly craving the cock, but she was a hormonal teenager. She had normal sexual curiosity, and normal sexual needs. Her first year of college, it was announced that there would be a big Halloween party downtown. Streets would be blocked off. Hundreds of people would be there. Emily wanted to go as a puppy dog, like she did every year, but her best friend said it would be boring. "Why don't you go as a stripper?" said the friend. "You've got the body for it. And your boobs are definitely big enough."

               Emily went to the changing room at the back of the store, to get fitted for a stripper costume. Which wasn't as easy as she thought. Of course they had cups big enough, but the band was much too large.   "I'm sorry," said the fitting lady. "Women with breasts as full as yours tend to be much larger around than you are. You're a very petite lady, to be so large-chested."

               Emily felt very self-conscious, suddenly. She was standing in the changing room, topless, while this complete stranger, an attractive woman in her mid-twenties, told Emily she had big tits, which Emily already knew.

               The woman was staring fixedly at Emily's breasts. "It must be so challenging to find tops that can fit those...." She was a tall, slim, dark-haired woman with luminous green eyes. Staring at Emily's tits. Emily wondered if she should put a shirt on, when the woman bent down, holding Emily's breast with her fingertips, and kissed the nipple. Emily stood there stunned as the woman opened her mouth and sucked Emily's tit for three, four, five seconds. Very gentle. No teeth. "We can do alterations," said the woman, straightening up. "Free of charge." And she hurried out of the fitting room. Emily didn't tell anyone what happened.

               When she got the stripper costume, it was skimpier than she expected... but, I mean, it was a STRIPPER costume. The bottoms fit fine, but Emily kept spilling out of the top. There was a big bulge of titflesh on either side, and quite a lot of underboob as well. She had to be careful how she moved. If she turned too abruptly, a nipple would tease out, or a whole breast would pop itself loose.

               "That top is gonna explode," said Emily's best friend. Staring. Why was everyone always staring these days? Emily's friend got very serious. "Look, I know this is a weird thing to ask, but.. would it be okay if I... touched them a little? I promise I won't tell anyone."

               Emily nodded yes. Stunned. It seemed the least awkward thing to do in this situation. She closed her eyes, and tried to think about other things, while she felt her friend's hands, and then mouth, all over full, perky tits. That was another incident she never told anyone about.

               The day of the party arrived. Emily wore the stripper costume. Her best friend dressed as... a puppy. Emily wasn't sure what she was expecting, but the whole party, from what she could tell, was the smell of beer, and loud music that she could feel in her bones, and the press of boisterous college bodies everywhere. Emily did a mental check. There were lots of girls at the party wearing skanky costumes, but none of them had bodies as good as Emily's. Either they were as skinny as Emily, but nowhere near as endowed... or they were even more endowed than Emily, but much heavier. Emily was definitely the standout. Her costume didn't leave much to the imagine. People were noticing. Everywhere Emily walked, she saw wide-eyed, lustful stares following her every move. Less than five minutes after she arrived, Emily was being hit on. The first guy to try his luck was a drunken frat boy. He was tall, and muscular, and actually pretty cute... but somehow Emily wasn't feeling it.

               "Sorry," she said. "You're cute and all, but I've got other plans. Maybe another time."    Seeing the heartbreak on his face as she walked away made Emily feel a little bad. But it was also kind of exhilarating. And there were plenty more, lining up to hit on her.

               Emily wandered through the party. She wound up in a frat house. Of course, as soon as she stepped through the door, all the men in the house turned to look at her. Emily had a drink, or maybe two, just to have something in her hand. She felt a little flushed, but not from alcohol. She had never felt so powerful before, so.... desired. Yes, that was it. Every guy at the party, all of them, they all wanted to fuck her. Emily could see it in their faces. The lust. The erections straining against their pants. And she was the cause of it. Emily felt like a goddess. She felt like...                        "Hey, your boob popped out!"   Emily looked down. Yep, her right tit has escaped the flimsy top. She stuffed it back into place, with difficulty.

               "Thank you," she said. The boy in front of her, or man, really, was startlingly tall, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He didn't seem as dunk as the other guys at the party. The bulge in his pants was pointed right at her. Did he even say anything to her? Emily wasn't sure. The next thing she knew, her stripper-top was off, completely off, and her tits were out for everyone to see. Everyone turned to look with interest. And then this tall, handsome frat boy was on his knees in front of her, and her tit was in his mouth, and his fingers were digging into her bare ass... I should scream, Emily though. I should run away. I should... But she didn't do any of that. It felt too good. She felt a moan escape her lips. A guy was sucking her tit, in front of an audience of twenty or thirty people, who were starting to cheer a little. And Emily was fine with it. His teeth on her nipple. My god... Another frat boy knelt in front of her, on the other side, and then she had two guys on their knees in front of her. Worshipping her? Was she a goddess? She felt like one. A hot, horny, big-tittied sex goddess. Each of them has one of her breasts in their mouth. Each of them clutching at her, their hands exploring her bare flesh, and in this stripper costume, just about ALL of her flesh was bare. Emily sighed, and moaned, and hoped this would never end.


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