The Nursing Home

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15 Apr. '16

Working in a nursing home sometimes can be very depressing. Most of the residents have long term illnesses and are either bed ridden or are confined to wheel chairs. There are many different kinds of people that work at a nursing home. There are nurses, doctors, aides, dietary aides, maintenance people, and recreation coordinators. 

The nursing home is usually very busy during the day and afternoon hours. Visiting time is until eight o'clock in the evening. Families and friends visit most days. Some of the residents have no family. Local school children will do volunteering from varied organizations. The nursing home is busier in the spring and fall months. Once winter comes, flu season makes visiting harder with families and friends.

The recreation department consists of very energetic people. They schedule all the activities for all the residents. They have all kinds of activities that happen throughout the day. Bingo is a favored activity. They have all kinds of groups and activities to entertain the residents. They try to make it a nice place to live. The people that live there are people that need assistance in their daily living.

For an extra charge men and women can get their hair cut and styled. A local beauty consultant comes in to do the hairstyles for the residents. Most of the ladies get their hair done weekly. Twice a month, they hire a make-up artist to come in and do make-up for the lady residents.

Most of the women who are able, take part in that activity. All the ladies look so attractive after getting all dolled up. There usually is a lot of flirting that goes on during the beauty days. All the nurses and staff compliment the women on how pretty they all look. Even the male residents get all horny and happy on those days.

Dr. William Jones a transferred employee joined the team. I’ve noticed he’s very friendly with some of the residents. When I say friendly, I mean I’ve seen him touch them inappropriately. One day, I was making my rounds, giving my patients their medicine, and I had walked into one of the rooms and saw him giving one of the patients a chair massage. 

Except his hands were not on the patient’s neck, they were massaging her breasts over her shirt. He was squeezing her breasts together. I noticed the patient was moaning and told the doctor he was making her feel young again. He also leaned down and whispered several things into her ear. I even saw him kiss at her neck. 

I noticed that he was sporting a tent in his scrub pants. He was definitely getting off while getting her off. Another time, I was helping one of the residents in the bathroom and when I came out he was examining one of his patients. This time the patient just had on a cloth garment. He had his fingers on her private parts. I saw him moving his hand all around. The patient was moaning and making sexual noises. 

He again was sporting a tent in his groin area. He just smiled when I helped the woman into her bed. I didn’t say anything to him. I just wrote down the incident down in my notebook. I was keeping track of all his lewd incidents. I was pretty sure his behavior was inappropriate. The women seemed to like what he was doing to them. But, it was possible they just didn't know how to react. I would address this with him at a later time.

Funny thing was, he was having sex on breaks with some of the nurses. Dr. Jones was a very good looking man. He had blond shoulder length hair and the bluest eyes. He had a soft voice that sounded rather hypnotic when he spoke to you. He was always smiling and giving the residents candy. All the patients loved Dr. Jones. Even the nursing staff made sure to wear their shortest skirts when he was around. Everybody flirted with Dr. Jones except for me. I was trying to figure him out. I was attracted to him, but was not going to let him know I too was interested. I had other plans for him. 

I was working the night shift and heard moaning coming from the conference room. The door was semi-opened and Dr. Jones had our night shift nurse bent over the table while he was holding her hips and fucking her pussy. She was wearing a skirt which was pulled up around her waist. He was slapping her round ass and calling her his slut. 

She was moaning and telling Dr. Jones to fuck her deeper and harder. I couldn’t believe this guy. He had no shame whatsoever. He was giving sexual chair massages and then getting into the nursing staff’s panties. I was thinking he was definitely some kind of a sex addict. I again wrote the incident down in my book that I was keeping. 

That same night while I was doing my night rounds, I saw another nurse on her knees sucking Dr. Jones off. His scrubs were down to his feet and she had her mouth wrapped around his cock. He had a very large cock. The nurse was bobbing along on his schlong. Her cheeks were bulging. Spit oozed from the corners of her mouth. He was stroking her face while she gave him head. She was gagging while she held his hips and he face-fucked her mouth. She was making all kinds of sucking noises. 

He was calling her all kinds of derogatory names. I couldn’t believe this guy. In one day, I saw him fucking our night shift boss, having another nurse give him head. He was touching some of the residents inappropriately. However, the patients all were enjoying it. Nobody seemed to tell him to stop. I just didn’t understand how this doctor was getting away with all of this stuff. For some reason, I was the only person who seemed to see any of it. 

All of the nurses and aides were all in love with Dr. Jones. Everybody flirted with him and the prettier nurses had naughty fun with him. They made sure to tell the rest of us if they got attention from him. I get why people get so wacky over a single, good looking doctor. But, have a little class. I wasn't going to be doing anything I would be ashamed of later.

I really wanted to teach this guy a lesson. It’s totally inappropriate to be having sex all over the nursing home. Especially with the residents. I felt he was taking advantage of them and needing a taste of his own medicine. I had a few ideas in mind for him. I planned on asking him on a date and getting even with him. 


It was finally Friday and I planned on asking Dr. Jones over for dinner at my house. I knew that he’d be totally up for it. I noticed him checking me out all the time. I wasn’t like the other women who were his sex sluts. I had a little more dignity. I thought he was a hot dish too, but I wasn’t letting him fuck me where I work. My daddy always told me “Don’t shit where you eat.” 

During the day, I noticed Dr. Jones giving his therapeutic chair massages to some of the residents. He actually told people they were therapeutic. This guy was getting these women off. He was sexually enjoying them in a very harmless way. He of course was playing with their breasts. I was just shocked that the women didn’t seem to care. Dr. Jones was giving each of them silent orgasms. Some of these women were between seventy-ninety years old. The man had no shame. I guess he liked older women.

His chair massages were quite the hit around the nursing home. He would massage the women in the recreation room. They would all line up with their wheel chairs in the hall to have a half hour of pleasure with the handsome doctor. He would massage about ten ladies a day. After his chair massages, he would then pick a pretty nurse to give him head. This went on every day like clockwork. I wondered if he ever got any of his real work done. The man was like a male slut.

“Dr. Jones, are you doing anything tonight? I wondered if you’d like to hang out tonight.” 

“Are you asking me on a date, June?” 

“I figured you could use a nice meal. I’ll cook for you and we can hang out.” 

“A nice home cooked meal. I’m so used to take out. Not every day a pretty nurse wants to cook a bachelor doctor dinner. To be honest, I didn’t even know you were interested in me. You don’t seem like the other nurses.” 

“Is that a yes?” 

“Of course. I’d love to have dinner with you. How very thoughtful. Please give me your address and I’ll be delighted to join you.” 


I jotted down my address and handed it to him. 

“Would seven o’clock be good for you?” 

“That would be lovely. I’ll bring some wine.” 

“See you then.” 

“I can’t wait.” 

I just smiled and walked away. I made sure to wiggle my ass. I turned around and he of course was staring right at my buttocks. I had a few more things to do before my shift ended.

“Have a great weekend,” ladies. 

“You too,” June. 

I hurried to my car and drove to the supermarket. I figured I’d make an Italian meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. I’d also whip up an apple pie and serve it with ice cream. I wanted him to enjoy a nice meal. Afterwards, I had something in store for him. Something he would never see coming.

The night before I had stopped off at an adult store and picked up some sexy lingerie and other props that I needed. I was planning to have a lot of fun with the good doctor. Except, he was going to have to take direction from me. He was going to learn that his behavior was not appropriate. If he didn’t want me reporting him, he was going to do as I said. 

I drove home and started to put together the meal. I grabbed all the ingredients and threw them into my kitchen aid mixer. I arranged the cheese between the meat mixture and molded into circular shape. My oven was hot and I opened it and put the pan into the oven. 

I peeled the potatoes and filled a pot with water. I put the potatoes in and waited until the water boiled. I liked green beans in a can, so I just put the green beans into a microwave dish and placed into the microwave. 

I looked at the clock and still had plenty of time. I hurried to the shower and washed my hair and shaved my legs and pussy. I put body cream all over myself and slipped into a black slip dress. I put on a pair of pumps. I re-did my make-up and wore my long black hair back. 

I was going to change into something sexier after dinner. I wanted to entice the good doctor during dinner. I went back into the kitchen and drained the water. I put the potatoes into my mixer and poured milk and a few dollops of butter into the bowl. I mashed the potatoes. I set the microwave to the proper time and hurried to set my dining room table. 

I had bought fresh flowers and put them into a vase as well. At the stroke of seven o’clock my doorbell rang. I hurried into the bathroom to apply red lipstick and went and answered the door. 

“Come in, Doctor Jones. I’ve been waiting for you.” 

“June, you look absolutely wonderful. I never realized what a stunning woman you are.” 

“You also look scrumptious. Come in.” 

“You have to call me Billy. Stop being so formal. I brought us some wine.” 

“How sweet. Would you like a glass?” 

“Certainly. Please make yourself at home.” 

Billy went into my living room and I walked into the kitchen and opened the wine. He brought a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. I walked back into the room at handed him the glass. 

“A toast to us. Good friends enjoying each other. Cheers.” 

“Cheers. I hope we'll be better friends after I leave.” 

We both laughed. 

“How long have you worked at the home?” 

“It’s been about five years now. I was an ER nurse for about three years and then came over to the nursing home. I needed a break from all the chaos.” 

“I too worked in the ER. I kind of miss all the action. I’m getting used to this job though.” 

“I see that your kind of popular around the home.” 

“The residents really seem to like me and the staff has been so wonderful.” 

I just looked at him kind of disgusted and continued to talk to him. I smiled and made jokes and we both were having a great time. We had several glasses of wine. 

“I think dinner is ready. Please join me in the dining room."


Billy followed me into the dining room. He sat down and I went and got the meatloaf. I put it at the center of the table next to the flowers. I put the mashed potatoes in a serving dish with the green beans near the meatloaf.

“I think we need more wine. I have another bottle.” 

“Great. Everything smells and looks great. You’re quite a cook.” 

“Thanks. I’m sure you'll enjoy it. It’s my mother’s recipe.” 

I walked away and opened another bottle of wine. I walked back into the dining room and served us the food. I sat down and we both started to eat. 

“The food is delicious. I really love the meatloaf.” 

“I’m so glad you like it. You work so hard around the nursing home. I really wanted to do something nice for you.” 

Billy just smiled at me. I smiled back at him. We both ate and shared funny stories of situations that happen at the nursing home. We drank wine and laughed. We were both getting a little tipsy. I opened another bottle of wine. 

“Why don’t you get comfortable in the living room. I’ll clean up in here. I have a little surprise for you.” 

“I hope it’s a naughty surprise. You look absolutely hot in that dress. I sure would like to see what’s under your dress.” 

“I bet you would. If you’re patient, I’ll show you. Now be a good boy and wait for me in the living room.” 

Billy smiled at me and walked into the living room. He was really hot looking and I was wanting to have my revenge on him. I cleaned up and walked upstairs to my room. I took off my clothes and started to dress in a black bustier, black, lace panties, garter belt, thigh high stockings. I left on my heels. I also brought down a bag which held a flogger, paddle, lube, strap-on cock. Billy was going to be getting a spanking. I was going to dominate him. Give him a taste of his own medicine. 

I put a silk robe around myself and walked down the stairs. I put the bag down and sat next to Billy. 

“You’re amazingly hot,” June. I’ve wanted to ask you out for a while now.” 

Billy leaned in and gave me a kiss. We kissed passionately on each other’s lips. He started to untie my robe.

I broke away from him and looked sternly at his face. He kind of looked shocked. I think he was used to women who did as he said. He had never been with a more dominant woman. I wasn't sure what he would think.

“Not so fast, Billy. We’re going to play a little game.” 

“I love games. What shall I do?” 

“You’re going to take all your clothes off and kneel in front of me.” 

I untied my robe and took it off. I stood in front of Billy in my hot outfit. 

“Jesus! You’re smoking hot.” 

I’m 5”8” and have long black hair. I have blue eyes and tan skin. My breasts are 38 D-cup size. I have a very curvy figure with a great ass so I've been told. Billy was licking his lips while looking at me.

“I’m so glad you like my body. You can’t have it. You'll only get to have it, when I say you can.” 

Billy took his clothes off really fast and then knelt down in front of me like a good boy. 

“You'll refer to me as Mistress.” 

“Yes! Mistress.” 

“I’ve noticed you’ve been a very bad boy. I’ve seen you give our residents inappropriate chair massages. I see you touching their breasts. There’s going to be no more of that. Do you understand me? I want you to get on your hands and knees. I’m going to spank you now. You’ve been a very bad boy.” 

“Yes! Mistress.” 

Billy got on his hands and knees. I went into my bag and pulled out a leather black flogger. I got behind him and slapped it across his buttocks. 

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish 

“Did you like that?” 

“Yes! Mistress. Please spank me some more.” 

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish

“I’ve seen you fuck the night nurse several times this month. You’re going to keep your hands off the nurses. This is not a sex house for you. You’re going to ask the nurses out instead. I don’t want to see you fucking the staff anymore. Do you understand?” 

“Yes! Mistress.” 

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish

I looked down and noticed that Billy had a huge erection. He had a very large cock. 

“Are you getting excited by your spankings?” 

“Yes! Mistress. Will you suck my cock?” 

“No! I won’t be sucking your cock. You’re going to lick my pussy. Crawl over to that chair over there. Tonight is about pleasing me.” 

I walked over to the chair and sat down. Billy crawled over to me. 

“Take off my panties!” 

I sat up and Billy pulled down my panties and took them off. I opened my legs wide while he looked at my bald pussy.” 

“You can lick my cunt now. Lick me very slowly. I want to come.” 

Billy licked my pussy like an ice cream cone. He spent time on my clitoris and sucked on my pussy lips. He pushed his tongue through my pussy lips and tongue fucked me. I moved my flogger on his buttocks while he pleasured me. His tongue felt amazing while he licked and slurped on the juices that were pouring out of my pussy. 

“Right there. Fuck! You’re very good at this. Keep going.” 

I was moaning while he tongue-fucked me deeper and faster. My juices were pouring out of my pussy. Billy slurped them up like a good boy. I was enjoying controlling him. My heart was beating fast while he drank my pussy juices up.

“You can stop now! Good work.” 

“Mistress, may I see your gorgeous breasts?” 

“You’ve been a good boy. I’ll show them to you. You can only look at them. No touching! Tonight it's all about me.” 

I stood up and removed my bustier. Billy licked his lips and looked at me with a horny look. 

“I’d really like to feel those. As you know, I’m a breast man.” 

“I’ve noticed you're a breast man. Do you like touching people inappropriately? I see you giving those poor old women breast massages. I see you getting hard by touching them. There will be no more of that. Do you understand me? In fact, I have a little surprise for you. I’m going to fuck you with my cock. Have you ever had a cock up your asshole before?” 

“I’m not gay. I’m only into women.” 

“I’m not gay either. But, you’re going to have your ass fucked tonight. I see what you do to innocent ladies. You touch them inappropriately. I think you deserve an ass fucking.” 

“They enjoy what I do to them. They get off while I give them their chair massages. Most of them haven’t been touched in years. Believe me, they enjoy what I do to them.” 

“Our nursing home is not your sex workshop. All I have seen from you is naughty behavior. Just because you’re good looking doesn’t give you free reign of all the women in our home. I’m sure your boss wouldn’t want to know everything I know about you.” 

“Please go slow up my asshole. I’ve never been fucked by a woman before.” 

“I went back into my bag and pulled out my strap-on. I put the contraption on my body. I poured the lube onto my palm and wiped it all over Billy's asshole. I slathered it all over my cock. My strap-on cock was about eight inches long. I figured I’d fuck him good. I was pretty sure after this humiliating ass fuck he’d leave our resident’s alone. 

“Are you ready to get fucked?” 

“Yes! Mistress. Please fuck my ass slowly. I’m a virgin there.” 

“I can’t wait to fuck that virginal ass of yours. Seems fitting from all the bad behavior you been doing at that home. You’re going to love this.” 

I went behind Billy. I slowly put my cock into his asshole. 

“That fucking hurts. Put more lube on. Shit!” 

“I’ll put more on you.” 

I slathered more lube on his asshole and my cock. I eased my fake cock into his asshole. I went very slowly while he grunted and bit on his fist. I could feel how tight his rectum was. He was screaming while I got right up inside of him. 

Once I was inside of him, I pulled it in and out of his asshole. He was moaning and grunting like a bitch in heat. I’m not sure he was enjoying it. But, I was in control and was enjoying using him like the bitch he was. I was slapping his buttocks and humiliating him while I fucked him. 

Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap 

“ Are you enjoying getting fucked? Your asshole is so tight. You’re my dirty bitch.” 

“Not sure I like this, but my cock is rock hard. Mistress, will you suck me off, after you fuck me?” 

“You can pull on your cock. You can make yourself cum. Tonight it’s about humiliating you. Fuck, your asshole is so tight. I could ride you all day. You're my fucking pony bitch. Take that you motherfucker!"

I continued to fuck Billy's asshole. I slapped his buttocks while he pulled on his big cock. I fucked him for about thirty minutes. He was grunting and moaning and pounding his fist on the floor. I was thinking he’d probably act a lot better around the nursing home. He let out a loud scream and came in his hand. 

I pulled out my cock out of his asshole. 

“Suck my cock now! Do it you dirty fuck!” 

“Yes! Mistress.” 

Billy wrapped his mouth around my strap-on cock. I think he was truly feeling defeated. He did exactly as I said. I face-fucked his mouth while I moved my hips. He gagged while he gave me head. 

I pulled my cock out of his mouth. 

“I think that’s it for tonight. You can get dressed now. I think I have made my point. There will be no more sex games at the office. If you continue to do that, I will report you to your boss.” 

“I won’t touch anybody again. I’m truly sorry.” 

“You better be! I don’t think your boss would want to know any of this. I’m pretty sure you would get fired and lose your license.” 

Billy got dressed and left my house. I knew I finally got through to him. It was crucial that I fucked his asshole. I was pretty sure he’d be acting like a model doctor. I knew he was highly embarrassed and didn’t want this information getting out. I knew he valued his job. 


Things were back to normal at the nursing home. All of the chair massages and other sexual behavior had stopped. Billy actually went back to the hospital to be a trauma doctor again. We never spoke again. I'm pretty sure that he'd never do that shit again. I was just happy that everything worked out.


2013 - (2016) Copyright Mysteria27 This work and any audio recordings may not be copied, transmitted or used in any way, either in part or in full, without the author (Mysteria27) expressed written permission.


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