Mother-in-Law Apartment

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07 Oct. '18

You don’t hear the term mother-in-law apartment much anymore. Maybe it’s not politically correct. You know, the righteous elitists think it implies that older women are expected to live in small apartments that are tucked into bigger houses that younger families occupy. Or maybe the abbreviation MILA is just too close to MILF and prudish parents don’t like having to explain the difference. The urban planning term is accessory dwelling unit, which is abbreviated to ADU, or least it will be until some smartass sees it could mean Asshole Development Unit. Anyway, I like the term mother-in-law apartment and in spite of my leftist leanings, I’ve really got my belly full of this political correctness horseshit. The point is that these MILA’s or ADU’s are the kind of places I prefer to rent. You will see why as you get into this story.

It was towards evening one day in late fall that I was cleaning and putting the tools away in the garage after having laid a couple hundred square feet of concrete pavers on the patio adjoining my apartment. The apartment was in one of those so-called raised ranch-type homes, which in upstate New York and in Pennsylvania were quite popular in the 60’s and 70’s. Now a raised ranch means just that – it’s a ranch-type home that is raised up so that the main floor is 3 to 6 feet above the ground. The house in which I was living was on a lot that sloped to the rear so that in the back, the basement stuck out of the ground far enough so I only had a few steps to go down to get in and I had sort of normal windows. The apartment consisted of a big room containing the kitchen, dining table and living area plus a tiny bedroom and a tiny bathroom with toilet, lavatory and shower. Couples used to build houses like this figuring that some day, one of their mothers-in-law would become widowed or divorced and need a place to stay. Hence the name: “mother-in-law apartment”.

Anyway, it was getting cold and I was rushing with the cleanup when suddenly, I heard the side door of the garage opening and turned to see a lady walk in. It startled me because the landlady, Ruth, an early 70’s widow, who occupied the primary residence in the house, was in Scranton visiting her son, so I hadn’t expected to hear or see anyone. The surprise lady turned out to be the Ellen, the landlady’s daughter, a mid-40’s nurse with a build comfortably somewhere between that of a marathon runner and someone who might be heading for obesity – in other words slightly stocky. Yes, almost stocky, but still here was a woman that most 40+ year old men would kill for to have as a wife.

She opened with “Never thought you’d finish that patio today. Got a backache?”

“Didn’t think I would either. Backache?” And then I joked: “Yeah, but after the shower, my personal trainer is coming by to give me a massage.”

“Sounds like the way to handle it. Anyway I’m really glad you can take care of some of this stuff for Mom. The way that patio was - been worrying us for years.  Where’d you learn to do that kind of work? Used to do it professionally?”

“Nah, not really, just picked it up along the way. After I got declared excess in my mid-40’s, there wasn’t too much I could do.” (I don’t like to let on too much about where I’ve been or what I’ve done.)

 “Anyway I’m glad you fixed that patio.” With that she turned and went out and I heard her start the car and then drive off.

Damn but my back hurt! That patio, 13 by 24 foot of 16-inch square concrete pavers, had had low spots, wobbling pavers and weeds. I had removed and stockpiled all 180 of the pavers and then dug out what was below – mostly dirt that some incompetent and/or crooked contractor had put in years before – and then wheel-barrowed it all to the front drive for pickup by a local trucker. After getting the trucker to deliver base rock and crushed gravel, Ruth had driven me to Home Depot where we rented a tamper and picked up 2x4’s for the borders and to make a screed. Then I’d wheel-barrowed in the new base rock and compacted it with the tamper.

Yesterday afternoon, I’d finished screeding off the crushed gravel and began laying the pavers back in place. Today, I’d finished relaying the pavers. A 16-inch paver weighs a little over 22 pounds and you might say that’s not much, but when you lay these things, you’ve got to lean out while kneeling. That just isn’t the kind of work a 60+ year-old ought to be doing.

Not that I had any choice after my job loss and subsequent divorce some 15 years earlier. As the marriage was falling apart, my ex had made some accusations that a policewoman and a shrink had blown up into a lot more serious accusations. To make a long story short, I jumped bail and took off with not much more than what fit in a small rucksack. Now when I should have been playing golf in Arizona, I was janitoring for below minimum wage in a nightclub five or six mornings a week and doing any odd jobs that came my way. At least the rent in the half-basement apartment was low and the yard and maintenance work for Ruth helped offset even that. I really like to live in mother-in-law apartments because they let me feel less like the fugitive that I am. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy for a guy like me to rent them because I can’t bring references and even if the landlord agrees to take me, they get suspicious when I have to pay in cash. Fortunately, lots of homeowners are greedy and they realize that when they get the rent in cash, the IRS can’t find out about it.

After I got the tools cleaned up and put away, I couldn’t get under that hot shower soon enough and I stayed in 20 minutes or so to loosen up the back muscles. Dressed in a towel cloth robe, I came out of the bathroom with the intent of making a pot of tea. There stood a smiling Ellen in her nurse uniform.

“Ready for your massage?”

Then I noticed the portable massage table set up where the coffee table normally stood.

“Ellen, really I was joking – I don't want to pressure you into doing favors. I’m not into mooching. You probably work hard enough at the hospital without having to give freebies.”

“Al, please don’t argue with me. Just lay face down on the table and I’ll fix your back.”

I got myself on the table face down with the robe draped over me like a blanket. After taking the robe away off and replacing it with a towel, Ellen went to the head end of the table, leaned over my head and started working on my lower back, simultaneously on both sides of the spine. Leaning over my head like that meant her breasts were constantly sliding over the back of my head and even more so as she went further down to and onto the rise of my rear end. Predictably, this initiated a warm stirring in my crotch. Time flew as I was mentally trying to keep myself under control. Then she went around to the foot end and, successively on each leg, worked the foot, calve and thigh ending at the bottom of my ass and even the inside of my thigh. Now I really started swelling up and my hard dick between the pubis bone and the thin cushioning of the portable massage table must have raised me up by an inch. Surely she must see what was going on as her hands came all the way up to the inside of my thighs?

“Now why don’t you roll over so I can work your pectorals and chest?”

“Ahmmm, well, ahmm this could be a little embarrassing for both of us?”

“Silly boy, you know I’m a nurse. Don’t you think nurses ever have male patients get an erection? That issue gets covered very early in nurse’s training. Besides I’ve been married to Andy for 22 years and we consummated our marriage well before the happy day.”

“Well what do you do when a patient gets a boner during his bed bath?”

“Generally, I drape a cold washcloth over the offending member. Another way is to flick the pole with my finger but this is frowned on by the profession and for me, that’s just too aggressive.”

“What about just giving the patient a release?”

“That’s not very professional but I know of nurses who do that. Now please stop procrastinating and roll over.”

Well, I rolled over expecting her to put an icepack over the tent pole – the situation was that obvious. Instead she just let the tent stand and went to work on my shoulders, pectorals before working her way down to the edge of the tent. She was again working from the head end of the table so I couldn’t help noticing that she was breathing differently and her breath was taking on a pleasant musky scent. This time her breasts were brushing my cheeks, sometimes lightly and then more often with some pressure. Now my dick was throbbing like a steam engine and an uncontrolled release would not have been a surprise outcome.

She moved to my left side and said: “I don’t have a cold washcloth so how about if I take the towel away and do something unprofessional?” Not waiting for my expected affirmative answer, she reached into her handbag and pulled out a bottle of olive oil!

I thought silently: “ Good grief, is she going to make a salad?” But no, she removed the towel and dribbled olive oil over the bulging pink head and let it run down the shaft and into the forest below.

In my second attempt at humor that day, I mumbled: “That olive oil is organic, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is, just like your red-headed monster is organic?” Touché!

I closed my eyes as she began massaging the head with her thumb and two fingers. Then down the shaft slowly using one hand, the other hand cupping my balls, which were now slippery with olive oil. Then using two hands alternately beginning at the head and now faster down the shaft. Now with one hand and cupping my balls. Occasionally, the middle finger of her ball-cupping hand would be down touching my asshole as if looking for entry. She was breathing harder now, even harder than I was, and her breath was really getting musky. Now she was stroking faster and faster, almost frantically. That I hadn’t cum yet? You’d think that I’d had fresh cell therapy.

Then a warm rush came over me as the shot of warm seminal fluid roared out in bursts. Ellen’s left hand intercepted the spouting sticky stuff while her right kept busy milking me out. Then I began to relax. Ellen fetched a washcloth and a bowl of warm water from the bathroom while I remained lying on my back enjoying a deep feeling of quiet and satisfaction that I hadn't enjoyed for a long time. Ellen came up to my right side and with her left hand, rolled back my foreskin and carefully washed the head taking special care going around the rim several times. In a jiffy, my formerly flaccid member was now stiff enough that she no longer had to hold back the foreskin. With the thumb and fingers of her left hand, she then held the glans and carefully washed the shaft, my balls and the insides of my thighs, in the process going all the way to my asshole. She finished off by washing my belly and then dried me. By now I had a gigantic tent pole again.

“Sorry Al, but I really need to get to work. Will you take a rain check?”

Her massage had been more sex than I’d had in months and months so even a rain check sounded good so I said: “I’ll be praying for good weather so I can cash in the rain check.”

"I can't leave you like that and we can't have you jacking off after I leave, can we?"

Thinking of another happy end to come, I murmured "no way".

Ellen reached down to the floor and came up with a wet washcloth, which she draped over my tent pole. The cold wetness made me inhale sharply and my excited member began a return to normalcy.

"I just wanted to show you how well that works and I really have to get to work now. I have swing shift for a few days. Bye."

A week or so went by without hearing from Ellen so when Ruth came back from Scranton, I pretty much gave up on cashing in Ellen’s rain check. Lots of men think that once they have an intimate thing with a woman, that woman is looking for something permanent and will automatically come back. I’ve made lots of experience to the opposite. So many times I’ve had a blistering go-around in a broom closet, a dark stairway or in bed and afterwards, she cools down and says “kiss my ass and goodbye.”

Then one Thursday afternoon after getting back from my regular job, I raked leaves for Ruth and around 5 went in and showered. As I came out of the shower, I heard a familiar voice: “Why do I always catch you as you come out of the shower?”

She had come through the door connecting my little apartment with the rest of the basement – the door that was normally locked! Since her mother, Ruth, was home, this was a big surprise.

“How’d you get in?

“I unlocked the door and walked in, silly man.”

“Won’t your mother wonder what you are doing here?”

“No she won’t be wondering. I told her about that massage I gave you. You see, I don't keep secrets from my mother.”

To myself: "What the fuck?" The day before Ruth had told me Ellen was married and had two grown daughters, the older one married and the other away in college. This situation was now getting more complex and was turning into the kind of situation in which guys like me with lots to hide try to avoid. Funny thing was that Ruth had let on as if Ellen’s marriage to Andy was a model for Republican family values.

“Ellen, this is going to get back to Andy.” (I was already seeing him telling the police about a guy without bank account, social security number, drivers license, and so forth.)

“Not unless I want it to. Mom isn’t going to tell and the neighbors are just going to notice me visiting Mom. So why don’t you just drop that towel and let me see what I’ve been rubbing my clit over for the past week.”

I got a hard on almost as fast as I dropped the towel and she came over to me, still in her nurse’s uniform. We embraced and immediately began a really heavy kissing session. Her breath had that coppery flavor of a woman who is expecting a lot more than kisses. In deed, Ellen was really panting with lust and I could only imagine how wet she must be between her legs.

In a panting voice: “Al, your penis is poking me in the stomach.”

“How about if I poke you further down?”

“Oh Al, I want it so bad!”

I reached around with both hands and pulled up the back of her dress and squeezed her ass through the panties. I worked my right hand around to her front and felt her wet crotch through the nylon panty. She already had her hand on my shaft, stroking it, playing with the head and alternately cupping my balls.

Taking off a uniform is, as they used say, like unwrapping a present. I unzipped her in back and pulled the uniform dress over her head. Then I unsnapped her bra and let those D-cup size globes out for freedom and adventure. Down on my knees, I pulled her panties down and kissed her furry mound on the way.

“I love that Al, but please, let’s get in bed. I want to feel you inside of me.”

A few steps through the tiny living room and we were at my bed, which she flopped back on and spread her legs to reveal a moist cunt in the midst of a neatly trimmed triangular shaped forest.

“I’m glad you’re not into shaving or Brazil or piercing or any of that other weird shit. Just a beautiful place to exercise my cock.”

“Stop talking and come home to mama”, she moaned.

I lay down between those thighs and the head of my penis seemed to find its mark without need for a guiding hand. Ellen thrust back and I went in several inches. Oh that wonderful warm moist feeling surrounding my cock as it luxuriated in her folds! I pushed in all the way and then came an overwhelming rush from between my legs and all the way to my brain.

“Ellen, I just have to cum!”

“Then cum! I want it inside of me now!”

I felt the viscous fluid spurt in a wave from inside and through the shaft of my cock. Several bursts later, I subsided into a wonderful calm.

“Oh Ellen, I’m so sorry. I was too fast for you. Please give me another chance.”

“It’s okay baby, together we’re new at this. Just stay inside me. I like the feel of your soft cock inside me. Hold me tight, please.”

I held her close and yes my flaccid member did feel good in her warm folds. In fact so good that – what? Yes, things were swelling up down there.

“Al, I feel you getting hard inside of me. Ooooohhh!”

With increasing hardness, I started stroking again, first very slowly and then faster. Now after that first big release, my staying power would do justice to her needs. I stroked longer and even withdrew completely and followed with savage reentry. I took the base of my cock in hand and tried to find her G-spot with the swollen head of my penis.

“Let me help your big boy find what he’s looking for.” Ellen breathed huskily and reached down to take my cock by the base and maneuvered so that my glans contacted the tender spot that I hadn’t been able to find.

I made short strokes to agitate that magic region of her pussy and she closed her eyes and threw her head back with pleasure. The flow of warm liquid between our thighs and her moans told me she had peaked. Stabbing deeper and harder and faster, I brought myself to a pleasant release and collapsed against her body. Our juices mixed both inside and out of her pussy and ran down on the bed sheet. Afterwards, we lay locked together in the rapidly cooling puddle.

“God I really loved having you inside of me. It’s been a while for me and I have feeling it has been for you too. Am I right?”

My social and financial situation didn’t allow for relationships with anything but my hand, so yeah, it had been awhile and I admitted that to her.

“How about Andy. He doesn’t look any older than you and he doesn’t look sick. It’s none of my business but he ought to be poking a good looking woman like you 2 or 3 times a week.”

“Andy had prostate cancer. The surgery went well but he ended up being in that 20 or so percent that have to say goodbye to any kind of normal sex life. That was 3 years ago. I’m glad he survived and I love him still, but as you may have noticed, I have needs and those needs can get pretty intense.”

“Sounds pretty tough – living with a man you love but who can’t do it. No chance of recovery?”

“He’s been looked at by the best urologists in the state and goodness knows, I’ve tried all kinds of massaging. At first Andy used to finger fuck me to orgasm but as he lost hope in ever getting his member up again, he lost interest in that too.”

I started wiggling as the juicy puddle dried and got itchy and Ellen thought it might be good to clean up. She went to the bathroom and I thought she might come back with a bowl of warm water and a towel but she just turned on the shower and called me to join her.

I squeezed in behind her into the tiny shower and things were really tight. In fact so tight that my slowly hardening manhood couldn’t avoid contact with the curves of her rear end or her belly, depending on which way she was facing. Under the warm spray, she gave extra attention to my nipples as she soaped my chest and moved on down to my belly, brushed my pubic hair and then reached around to soap my buttocks and then down through the crotch before moving forward. First she soaped up my balls and then beginning at the base slicked up my penis as well so that my whole crotch was one big soapy mass. Thanks to the previous action in bed, I wasn’t capable of much more than half a hard-on so I decided to give Ellen some pleasure. I took the soap from her and turned her D cup tits into foamy twin peaks. Under the froth, I could feel the nipples tightening and decided to investigate the forested region further south. The thing I really like about unshaved cunts is that when you soap them up, they stay frothy until you rinse them off. As I soaped her up down there, my fingers kept investigating the canyon in the forest, which had the desired effect of making Ellen moan and her legs shake. I teased her G-spot and then started going deeper with multiple fingers. Suddenly, with a great big shudder she screamed and I felt a light flow of juice upon my hand. After she settled down she again worked on my cock and brought out a less than impressive ejaculation. We were both drained so we just rinsed off and got dressed.

Ellen left with a promise to visit her mother as soon as possible. It was already past 8 and I wondered what she would tell her husband Andy, who must be waiting for supper.

Over the next months as fall turned to winter, the leaf raking jobs that I got in Ruth’s neighborhood let me round out my scanty wardrobe a little and that together with Ellen’s afternoon visits left me pretty satisfied with life. Sometimes I pestered her about what her husband would say but she always shrugged it off. “Andy understands that I need to look after my mother. Besides he’s busy at work and when I visit Mom on weekends, it just gives him some time to himself.”

Ellen even got me yard work in her neighborhood and then when the snow came, shoveling off sidewalks and driveways too. All in all, I was doing better than I had in years and was actually stashing away a little cash.

One Friday afternoon I was shoveling off the sidewalk at Ellen and Andy’s house when I saw a jogger coming up the street. It turned out to be a slender young woman with dark brown hair wearing a hooded sweatshirt. I was surprised when she turned into the driveway that I had just cleaned off and even more surprised when she stuck a key in the lock. As if sensing my surprise, she turned around towards me. “Oh, I’m Shannon. No classes at college today so I thought I’d come home and spend a weekend with Mom and Dad.” She threw back the sweatshirt hood to reveal a mane of shiny dark brown hair that framed her beautiful face.

“Oh yeah, they told me about you. They’ll sure be glad to see you. How’s school?”

“A lot more work than high school but a heck of a lot more interesting too. You’re not from around here are you? How do you like it here in Chester?”

“Oh I manage. Your Mom helped me get lots of work so I’m doing just fine.”

“You really got the driveway cleaned off fast. You’d probably get work even without Mom’s help. Well I got to take a shower after my run. See you.”

Shannon went in the house and I kept on shoveling. When I got done, I leaned the shovel against the garage and turned to leave.

I had Shannon out of my mind when I heard: “I’ve made a pot of tea and Mom has some oatmeal cookies. Like to join me?”

Being sweated up and with wet shoes and socks, just going into a warm house would have been welcome. Tea and cookies with a sweet 18-year old girl? She didn’t have to ask twice! She had left the front door ajar so I could just walk in. After kicking off my wet shoes in the entry, I went into the living room and was surprised to see her sitting on the couch in a bathrobe. There was a pot of steaming tea and a small plate of oatmeal cookies on the coffee table along with two cups close to her. Obviously, sitting on another sofa or chair was not an option for me!

“Oh, your socks are all wet!” Then she touched my back and felt the now cooling sweaty shirt. “You are going to catch a death of a cold if you don’t get warm and dry.”

“Well, it’s pretty warm in here and the tea will warm me up inside.”

“That’s not good enough. You need to get out of that wet stuff, take a hot shower and get something dry on!”

“And have your Mom or Dad come home with me in the shower or changing clothes? Sorry, but that's not a real cool idea.”

“Dad’s on an extended business trip and Mom won't be home until after 5, so stop making excuses!”

I had never been in this house before so she had to show me where everything was. After the shower, I put on the robe she had left and went back to the living room where she was again sitting in front of the coffee table. I sat down and started feeling a little giddy, maybe like this wasn’t really happening. I sipped some tea and nibbled on a cookie.

“I know about you and Mom.”

“Uhh, what do you mean?”

“Come on Al, I heard Mom and Dad talking all about it. I even know that you don’t have hair on your chest and that you’re not circumcised. Another thing, Mom thought that you’re longer than 6 inches and that you’ve really got staying power and that’s not even considering that you’re over 60.”

I must have turned white but she cut me off before I could reply. “You know Dad has this problem. He gets a charge out of it when Mom tells him about stuff she does. I think she even acts it out in front of him. You must really get her wound up. I even got wet and worked up hearing them talk about it. Especially hearing about that first time when she massaged you to a happy end. And that soapy shower – ooohhhh, I’m getting wet talking about it.”

“Well, looks like I can envy your boyfriend tonight.”

“No, because I don’t have one, neither here in Chester nor at school in Philly. Actually I don’t think I could wait that long anyway. Al, please look at me.”

I did and then our faces came together like a magnet and a piece of steel. The kisses got warmer and moister and our tongues started intermingling. Her mouth started tasting like copper and I opened her robe and took a breast in hand to which she responded with an “oooohhh.” Shannon was 25 years younger than her mother Ellen and that’s how her tit felt in my hand. Her hand found its way to my right thigh and started stroking and slowly inching its way up. I unbuttoned her robe fully and opening it, I was treated to a sight that sent a jolt of hot blood into my cock. She must have noticed because her hand moved up and the fingers encircled me and did some soft stroking. “Oooh Mom was right about the size and you are really hard.”

I must have been really staring at her beautifully trimmed brown pubic hair and this she noticed in spite of her obvious excitement. “Do you like what you see?”

“You are beautiful!” Her body was indeed a sight. The running obviously helped her figure, maybe she did other fitness training too.

I made a move to roll towards her but she stopped me and to my surprise said: “Al, I want this to be really right, let's go to my bedroom.” No further invitation was needed and we headed down the hall and we both dropped the robes on the floor of her bedroom. She pulled back the cover and laid down on her back with her legs slightly apart and her knees slightly raised, thereby partly revealing what lie beneath that beautiful brown triangle. I followed her down, planting my knees between hers and lowering my upper body onto hers. With my right hand I guided my swollen member against her wet lips and she moaned deeply as the head penetrated between the soft wet labia. We were kissing madly, our tongues intermingled, but as I attempted further progress, Shannon tensed with pain.

"Oh Al, it's okay, please don't stop."

"I don't want to hurt you, we can go easy."

"I'm sorry Al, this is my first time."

With that bit of shocking news, I nearly had a heart attack. Here we were in the 21st century and this was a college girl of 19 and a virgin?

"Are you sure it's okay?"

"Yes, yes, yes, please fuck me now!"

By now she had pulled her knees up close to her body. I pushed harder. My cock felt like someone was pinching it. Suddenly her hymen broke and as I slid deep into paradise, her fingernails dug into my back - almost certainly drawing as much blood as must now be seeping from her now violated pussy. "Aiiiiieeeeee, oooohhh!" Her scream must have alerted the entire neighborhood to the virgin population of Chester having been reduced by one.

"Shannon, oh Shannon, should I stop?"

"Noooo, just please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me good!"

And fuck her good is what I did. I felt her tense up and warm liquid ran onto the insides of my thighs. I wanted to give her a chance at a second explosion but her snug and wet warmth did not allow me to hold back long and I began jerking and spurting. We calmed and lay together for some time before I withdrew. Our pubic areas were both a mess, there was a large wet area on the bed, in the midst of which were signs of blood. Here I was, past 60 and I'd just had my first session with a virgin!

We had a nice sexy shower together with lots of soaping each other. The only thing I love more than running my hands over soapy slick tits is soaping up a hairy cunt. Shannon seemed to have a similar bent of her own and couldn't get enough of holding back my foreskin and then making the head real soapy. It didn't take long and I was so hard, my foreskin was back on its own. We were heading for the bed again when I noticed that that her little bedside clock was showing close to 5 PM! We both let out a common: "Oh shit!" Then we dressed in record time and got back to the living room just before Ellen drove up. The scare of getting caught took care of my magnificent hard on so I didn't have to hide a tent pole when Ellen walked in to find us sitting properly separated on the couch having tea and cookies.

"Ellen, you have a wonderful and very kind daughter. She felt sorry for me and made a pot of tea for me and served some of your yummy oatmeal cookies."

"Oh Al, nice of you to mention that. Boy, am I bushed. Please excuse me but I'm heading for the shower."

No sign of suspicion.

"Bye Shannon, thanks again!"

With that, I put on my coat, hat and gloves and got on my old bicycle. On the way back to Ruth's house, lots of stuff went through my head.

For the last 15 years, I'd been mostly on the run, staying in one place no longer than a month or two. When I dared, I had hitchhiked. If I had enough money, I'd buy a bus ticket. Otherwise, I'd sneak into a railroad yard and look for an open boxcar. I took any work so long as the boss didn't need an ID and would pay in cash. I'd combined wheat in the Great Plains, I'd worked on construction jobs and farms among illegal immigrants and I’d gardened for tightwad rich folks. I'd lived in labor barracks, skid row hotels and occasionally above a garage.

Now in my basement apartment in this Pennsylvania suburb, my life seemed to be getting more stable and pleasant and I’d begun to have more to look forward to than just avoiding capture. Up until now, there had been one little worry, the possible complications arising from the sexual affair with Ellen. Now with Ellen’s daughter, Shannon, in the picture, the worry got bigger. How long would it be until Ellen or, heaven forbid, Andy found out? Just that thought alone brought images of a policemen knocking at the door. The other thing was the business of Andy knowing all about Ellen and I. Apparently, so far it was helping him get his rocks off in his own way, which I had nothing against. On the other hand, I had seen tolerance turn to hate and violence for just about no reason at all.

There’s an old saying that a stiff dick has no conscience. My experience has taught me that a stiff dick makes a man take risks that he wouldn’t otherwise take. And so I stayed in Chester.

For the next months, life in paradise continued. Ellen visited her mother regularly – 3 and more times a week and our sex progressed to more exotic activities. We got into oral and achieved mutual orgasms doing the sixty-nine. Whenever Ellen had her period, she gave me the some real world-class massages and these were always concluded with a happy end, either using her hand or her mouth or both. Of course Ruth knew what was going on and I often wondered if she listened or even somehow managed to watch.

One afternoon in late March, after a particularly exhausting session, we lay on the bed side by side, both naked. The sun was shining in and our bodies were warm, even without the benefit of a blanket.

“Al, I haven’t been entirely truthful with you.”

Alarm lights went on in my head. “Really? Actually, you don’t have to tell me everything.”

“Andy knows about us.”

Of course I couldn’t let on that Shannon had clued me in to how she had been giving Andy the details all along so I had to do some acting: “Ellen, how in the hell did he find out?”

“That’s what I haven’t been truthful about, Al. Actually Andy isn’t completely asexual and very much enjoys it when I relate the details. We both get naked and then I tell him everything, blow by blow, even partly acting things out. He gets a partial erection, not enough for penetration, but he is able to cum.”

“Ellen, don’t a guy have to get an erection to cum?”

“There’s two different systems at work. Normally they work together, but they don’t have to. Andy tenses up and with the help of my hand or mouth, he releases. Afterwards he is more or less satisfied and calmed.”

“You must know a lot more about male equipment than most men do.”

“Well, I do have the advantage of medical training as well as field experience.”

“Speaking of field experience, so you relate to Andy all the details of  a sexual encounter. Did he ever suspect it was me?”

“He never asks for names, just a description – I guess so he can picture the scene better. Like he wants to know age, hair color or bald, fat or skinny, tall or short, beard or clean shaven, stuff like that to give him the general picture of the guy. Naturally, he wants to know about the equipment they have between the legs. That alone helps him get in the mood. You know, like how big is the guy. Now, I don’t carry a ruler and calipers to measure the length and girth, but I think my eye for penis size has gotten pretty good. Once in the hospital, we worked in a study and had to take measurements of lots of men so I almost don’t have to measure.”

“Boy Ellen, you’re like a talking Wikipedia when it comes to sex.”

“Well, with Andy’s demands for details, I did get better and better. Oh yeah, naturally he wants to know if the guy is circumcised or not. I can even tell if a guy was circumcised as an infant or adult.”

I laughed and said “So now, not only does Andy know that you and I have a thing going, he also knows that I’m not circumcised and he knows the length and thickness of my dick. Does he know how heavy my balls are too?”

“Not too exactly. We never had to take that data in the study. Measuring a man’s penis is tricky enough. I don’t even know how to go about measuring or weighing the testicles.”

“How did Andy get you to tell him that you’re busy with me specifically?”

“He didn’t ask me to or get me to. It came out accidently. You know, Al, what we do is extremely erotic and he really got into hearing about our passion. I really work hard at acting out what we do. It wasn’t too long before one day, I moaned out your name.”

“Jesus Christ, Ellen, what happens now?” I was already planning on leaving town in the middle of the night, hopefully not leaving any tracks. This kind of talk always affects me and in spite of the developing fear, my penis was making a very nice recovery.

“I think Andy would really like to watch us, but doesn’t dare to ask, because then someone other than me would know about this kinkiness. Just out of interest, not that I want to of course, but Al, if I asked you, would you fuck me with Andy watching?”

“I just don’t know if I could get it up with a man watching.” I didn’t know if I could get it up with a woman watching either, but that was beside the point.

“Al, just looking at how hard you are getting while we talk about it, I’m willing to bet you would be a real star performer.”

“Ellen, no one else is watching and we are alone. There’s a difference between talking and doing. And speaking of doing …” And we were on our way again.

Surprisingly, her little out-of-interest question didn’t set off big warning bells to tell me to get out of town and it didn’t take me long to forget it. In fact Ellen came back a couple days later and we had better sex than ever. Was I imagining she had told me that she was giving Andy blow-by-blow accounts of what went on in that basement apartment? Before she left, she pulled another surprise and asked me to join her and Andy at their house for dinner the coming Saturday evening!

Could I handle that? Sit across the table from a man who knows every detail about my sex life with his wife? The only thing I didn’t know was if she had told Andy that she had told me that he knew. What a complex social situation I was getting into!

“Ellen, are you sure this is the right thing?”

“If I wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t ask you. Andy is fine with our sex affair. You know what he went through with the cancer. After all those problems, he sees life differently than before. Mainly, he’s gotten rid of lots of old hang-ups and taboos. So yes, it’s right and he wants to get to know you better and I really want you to come.”

How much could this woman talk me into? Anyway come Saturday evening, I biked over to Andy and Ellen’s house and with a half-dozen roses in hand, rang the doorbell. The door opened and there was the next surprise – it was Shannon! It turned out that she was now on spring break. So we were to be a foursome for dinner!

Somehow Ellen had found out how much I like halibut. So that’s what she served for dinner – roasted halibut with wine-braised fennel. And she and Andy hadn’t skimped on the wine either – a Beringer 2010 Sauvignon Blanc.

After dinner, Ellen and Shannon started clearing the table and made it clear that Andy and I were not to help. It was then that we started warming up to each other. He talked a bit about his job and various local issues that I knew little about but which I managed to show a polite interest in and even expand on. Then the conversation got a little more personal when he started inquiring about how I happened to come to Chester and what I’d been doing before coming. As always, I’m pretty close-mouthed when it comes to my past so it didn’t take long until he got to the subject of the liaison that Ellen and I were carrying on.

“Al, I just want to make clear from my side that I’m okay with what’s going on between you and Ellen. She’s told you about my prostate cancer history and I’ve made up my mind that she shouldn’t be deprived sexually. She’s been with a few other men but it’s not easy to lead a non-conventional life in a small city like Chester. I just want to say that you’ve really made a difference in her life and in mine too.”

I mumbled some non-committal reply. What can you say to the husband whose wife you’ve been screwing for months? When Andy went on to mention Shannon, alarms started going off in my head.

“Al we have become a very open family when it comes to the subject of sexuality. This wasn’t always so. Ellen has no doubt mentioned our oldest daughter, Rhonda, who is married and lives in Binghamton. She’s doing fine now but that wasn’t always the case. She was 17 when, under peer pressure, she had her first sex, in the backseat of a car with a football player in her high school. Apparently, the guy was a real egoist and a sexual idiot with an oversize penis that he thought was the key to sexual happiness for him and his partner. Anyway, Rhonda wasn’t ready and it hurt and she became sexually frigid. It took lots of therapy before she was able to marry and be a real wife and mother. After that, Ellen and I began a meaningful sexual dialogue with Shannon. As a result Shannon never was able to avoid meaningless high school sex. In fact Shannon is still a virgin. No it’s not because of religion and she isn’t a prude. It seems that she just hasn’t found the man that she wants to have sex with and that’s what I want to talk to you about.”

I started wondering if he and Ellen knew. Had Shannon told? All I could say was “Okay.”

  That’s when he hit me with the proposal. “The three of us have talked about the thing you’ve got going with Ellen. Right from the beginning I could see that Shannon was getting really aroused upon hearing Ellen tell what you two do. She has decided that she would like you to be the one to take her virginity and she would like it to be tonight.”

My jaw must have hit the floor with a big bang. Anyway Andy continued: “I know this may take you by surprise, but we couldn’t very well send you a dinner invitation with a postscript asking you to fuck our daughter, could we?”

I agreed with him that such an invitation might look suspicious.

“But Al, seriously, would you be okay with this?”

“You mean right this evening, right here in your house?”

“Of course. As I said this family is comfortable with sex. We think it is a beautiful and natural thing, not something dirty to hide in the garage or in the backseat of a car. Parents get really excited about various firsts in a child’s life. Some fathers won’t even go on a business trip for fear they will miss the first step that their kid takes. I was, even got Ronda and Shannon’s first steps on video. Had we treated Rhonda’s first sex like that, she wouldn’t have gone through all the misery she did.”

Finally, I got my tongue back: “You mean you want to watch me take your daughter’s virginity?”

“Of course. Look, Ellen told me that you might be a little uncomfortable having sex with someone else in the room, but this wouldn’t be like being watched as in a porn movie. Look at it as a pleasant sort-of ritual. Trust us. We’ve really thought this whole thing out. Shall we have a jolt of brandy just too take the edge off?”

We had nearly finished our brandy when Ellen came back. “Hey what’s keeping you two? Oh bring your glasses and the bottle. I’ll bring a couple glasses for Shannon and I.”

We went into their master bedroom and then into the adjoining master bathroom and it was indeed a master with a great big corner tub. Shannon was already sitting in the foamy hot water and gave me a great big inviting smile as we walked in. I must have hesitated a bit because Ellen promptly sidled up to me and began unbuttoning my shirt. Before I even got the tee shirt over my head, I could feel Ellen unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants. Then she got behind me and hooked her thumbs in the elastic of my boxers. “Okay, now let’s let big boy out of the cage.” And with that she pulled my boxers down to the floor and helped me get out of my socks. Shannon’s eyes were fixed on my groin. I could feel Andy trying to eyeball my genitals without appearing to do so.

Ellen must have been a little surprised that I wasn’t completely hard because she lifted my penis on the underside and asked: “Does big boy know what he’s in for tonight?”

I stepped into the tub and Andy poured brandy all around. I made a toast to the fine dinner that Ellen and Shannon had made. I complimented them on the beautiful bathroom and they gave me a short play-by-play on how they got it that way. Andy poured another round.

Both Andy and Ellen seemed to really want events to move ahead, but it was Ellen who took over as conductor. “Try this. The fragrance is really stimulating and you get really slicked up.” With those words, she handed me a bottle of some sort of shower/bath jell and I took the hint.

I soaped up Shannon’s shoulders and she rose up out of the water so I could soap up her breasts. Now I was really in my element and I think we both no longer felt the presence of Andy and Ellen, who were no doubt still there sipping their brandy. Shannon had begun to play with my penis and when I say play, that’s what it really was – not just grab and stroke, really playing. Some girls are just plain fascinated by the anatomy of the penis and Shannon was one of them. If she marries a guy who’s circumcised, she is really going to miss the foreskin. Anyway it wasn’t long and my foreskin was pretty well stretched. Oddly enough, only then did it occur to me that I was supposed to deflower a girl who I had already deflowered.

We hugged and made out and carried on a whispered conversation.

“Shannon, I take it that you didn’t tell your parents that we’ve already fucked. Won’t they notice if I go in too smoothly?”

“We’ll just have to pull it off somehow. I’ll be glad to squeal if you let me know when.”

“I should have made a mark on my dick when the going got tough.”

“Al, damn it, this is serious. Just stop at the right time and grunt a little and I’ll squeal and show some pain.”

“Do you have any catsup to use for blood?”

“I’ll scratch your back in ecstasy and then rub some blood on the sheet.”

While we were whispering, she had manipulated me to maximum erection and I was working her pussy with three fingers. We both agreed it was time so we rose up and showered each other off. After we had dried off, Andy took Shannon by the hand and led her to the adjoining master bedroom where the covers of the big king bed were turned down to the floor. Ellen took my hand and we followed. Andy graciously let Shannon lie on her back as he continued to lightly hold her right hand. Shannon spread her legs slightly and bent her knees, her feet still on the bed. Ellen used her hands to coach me into position between Shannon’s legs. Before I could get all the way down and in contact with Shannon’s waiting pussy, Ellen took my penis in her hand and pulled me into position – in fact as the head went in, she still had her hand around the shaft.

“Al, I think you and Shannon will find your way now.” And with that she went to the head of the bed and took Shannon’s left hand lightly between her hands.

I slid in an inch or so and made a show of effort. Shannon whimpered. I made like I was pushing harder and then stopped.

“Shannon, is it okay?”

She took in a deep and quick breath and moaned: “Al, you’re so sweet. I want it so much. I want you deep inside me. Hurt me and then fuck me and fuck me good. Oh fuck me now! Please!”

I thought the show had gone on long enough and I was way out of control anyway. I went in most of the way and she not only squealed, she screamed. Then there was a look of relief and satisfaction on her face. I was stroking madly and she responded with counterstrokes. We were covered with sweat.

This was not to be a marathon act of intercourse and I started tensing up. Shannon had her eyes closed and seemed partly unconscious. Then I had to let go and she responded to my orgasm with one of her own. I became conscious of a burning on my back. Shannon had torn her hands free of her parents and was clinging to my back with her fingernails. Then we collapsed together and nearly went to sleep in one another’s arms.

Afterwards, when we awoke and rolled apart, I saw the little blood smear in the big cum stain on the bed. It was then that I noticed that Andy and Ellen were no longer in the room. Shannon and I went into the bathroom and showered each other off. This brought on the expected result that we both got heavily aroused. I picked her up and got her legs on my shoulders but before I could enter her she came with another suggestion: “Al, please take me from behind and cup my breasts while you fuck me.” She got down, turned around and sort of leaned over the lavatory. I came up to her beautiful rear end and held her hips while I entered. “Al, my breasts, please!” I didn’t need to hold her hips anymore because she pushed back against my strokes. We could look at ourselves in the mirror as we fucked and that was an extra turn-on. Even so, I didn’t cum nearly as soon as before on the bed and she went through what seemed like several near highs and then had one big crashing orgasm just before I finished. We showered again but this time without the follow-up sex and just collapsed into bed.

The next morning, I slid out of bed while Shannon was still sound asleep and got dressed. I didn’t see anyone in the house as I quietly left and pedaled back to my basement apartment to change clothes for work. Saturday night was the big night at the club so the cleanup on Sunday was tough. I got done about three in the afternoon and went home for some badly needed sleep. The club was closed Sunday and Monday nights so unless there was snow to shovel or lots of garden work, I stayed close to home on Monday and Tuesday - sometimes sleeping in, sometimes reading the newspapers that Ruth saved for me.

Around 2 on Tuesday afternoon, I was reading Monday’s NY Times when the connecting door to the basement opened and in walked Shannon barefooted and wearing her running clothes.

“I was out running and ended up here visiting Grandma. She said I ought to shower so I came down to use yours. The one upstairs is a tub-shower and I really hate those. Mom said there is really a good one down here. You don’t mind do you, Al?”

“Shannon, I can’t imagine I’d mind anything that you do.”

I hardly got the sentence out my mouth and she was already pulling the core shirt over her head. She had on one of those front closure sport bras and that was on the floor in a jiffy. Her tights and panties went down in one smooth motion and there she stood facing me wearing her birthday suit. I must have had an astonished look because she said, “Well, I can’t very well shower with my clothes on can I? Anyway, you’ve already seen me this way.”

She headed for the bathroom and then turned around and said, “You are going to join me aren’t you?”

“Shannon, your grandmother is right upstairs!”


“I mean she’s going to suspect something going on down here.”

“It’s not a problem, believe me. We’ll talk about it later. Come on, I want you to wash me.”

She went in and I heard water running and I got undressed. By now I had recovered from my surprise and shock – as evidenced by the swelling down below.

In the shower I took a bar of soap and soaped her back and then moved around to those beautiful taught breasts, alternately soaping and rinsing. Shannon’s nipples got hard and I could see her eyes closing and hear her soft moaning. I washed her feet and moved up her legs using lots of alternating pressure on the inside of her thighs. As I started soaping her pussy, I couldn’t help but notice she was very well lubricated and three fingers went right in with no effort. This really got her moaning so I stood up and rubbed the slit with the head of my cock.

“Al, oh Al, I want it now!”

No more invitation was needed. I reached under her knees, lifted her up and set her lubed-up pussy right on my cock. All I had to do was let her down and I was inside of paradise itself. Both of us rocked away using our hips and although it didn’t take us long to peak, a standing up fuck like this is pretty strenuous for the male and I was really panting when we both settled down. I let her slide down to put her feet back on the floor of the shower. Just then the shower curtain parted and a stark naked Ellen squeezed in with us. I realized then that it must already be after five and she was just off work.

“Wow, it sounded like you two had a really nice sexy shower! I got all wet just listening.”

Things had already come to the point where the only thing that surprised me with this family was that they could still surprise me. Now what the hell do you do when you are in the shower with mother and daughter, just after you have blown your wad with the daughter? First, you hope that you can get Johnnie back up again, and second, somehow keep both happy.

“Ellen, you never stop surprising me.”

“I’ve been getting wet all afternoon at work thinking about what you two might be up to so I decided to come and see as soon as I got off.”

Shannon was all smiles. I knew some wondrous activities were in store and I wondered who would take the lead.

It was Ellen who took command. “Come on Al, don’t be so dumbfounded, soap me up and make me hot. Shannon, see what you can do with Al’s big penis. Look, he’s still soft. Pull his foreskin back and soap up the head.”

Shannon was now really in her element and before long, I started swelling up. I soaped Ellen’s tits really well and by the time I started soaping her pussy, she was really wet and so loose that three of my fingers went right in. At the same time that I was finger fucking her pussy with the first three fingers of my right hand, my left hand was massaging her tits and pinching her nipples. Meanwhile, Shannon was successfully working my cock back into form, first with her hands and then she went down and I felt those luscious lips slide over the head and go down the shaft until I felt the head stop somewhere in the back of her mouth. I knew now that I wanted to fuck Ellen quickly. It was time for me to take charge.

“Shannon, I want to fuck your Mom and I want you to watch. Let’s all get dried off and go to the bed. We need some space for what comes next.”

After we got done drying one another, I took them both by the hand, Ellen on the right and Shannon on the left, and we walked stark naked to the little bedroom. I stopped before the bed and hugged and kissed both, sort of to let them know that neither was to be left out of the fun to come. Then I pulled back the blankets and bunched up the pillows against the headboard. Then I sat down in the middle of the bed and towards the head so as to sit up. Shannon and Ellen took my patting the bed to the left and right as a cue and sat on either side of me. And there we were, all stark naked sitting up in bed, Shannon on the right of me and Ellen on the left. My right arm was well over Shannon’s shoulder so I could cup her right tit, the left doing the same for Ellen. They were both kissing me so I couldn’t see what was going on in my lap but I felt hands groping my dick. Momentarily, breaking off the kissing, I was able to see Ellen’s right hand working my dick while Shannon was leaning over a bit to cup my balls, alternately squeezing and rolling them.

Obviously, I couldn’t hold back much longer and I really wanted to fuck Ellen so again it was time for me to take the initiative. Rolling over onto my knees, I manhandled Ellen away from the head of the bed and got between her knees. Shannon got up onto her knees and moved beside me. Ellen raised her knees and spread her legs further to give me better access. Shannon took my dick in her hand and sort of guided me to Ellen’s waiting pussy. I slid all the way in and began fucking with long slow strokes. Shannon, holding Ellen’s right hand, had several of Ellen’s fingers in her mouth and was sucking them noisily while at the same time rubbing her clit with her right hand. I wondered who would climax first. The answer came soon enough. Ellen with two people attending her, let out a scream and I felt her cum squirt over my groin and thighs. Shannon let go of Ellen’s hand and worked herself into frenzy with both hands and squirted on the bed between her legs. This time she sort of fainted momentarily and then came to with a wide smile. In the meantime, I came inside Ellen and collapsed against her.

The three of us sort of entangled ourselves together on the bed, all sweaty and silent for what must have been a half hour or so. When we cooled off a little, we covered up and got into a groping scene. I couldn’t get it up properly anymore so I went down on both alternately and they were able to climax, albeit not as violently as before.

“Should we go to the shower and get cleaned up?” asked a sweet voiced Shannon.

“If you girls, promise not to abuse my penis, I’ll be glad to come along and help you wash.”

Taking my dick in her hand softly, Ellen replied: “Poor thing, overworked and abused. Promise not to make a human rights issue of this and I’ll apply some healing lotion.”

Then back into the tiny shower, lots of soaping, rinsing and groping, but I still couldn’t get it back up. After we dried off, Ellen and Shannon did do a nice job of applying some kind of hand lotion to my dick, but even with all their kind hand- and mouth-work, my Richard was only moderately responsive.

“Girls, you’ll just have to come back another day.”

And indeed they did. The next afternoon they came together, no “just-happened-to-be-jogging in-the-neighborhood” from Shannon and no “just-happen-to-be-on-my-way-home-from-work” from Ellen. Along about 5, they knocked on the connecting door and entered without delay. Both walked over to me and we got into a big hugging, kissing and groping session in the living room before Ellen took the initiative and made her proposal for the afternoon’s entertainment.

“Shannon and I thought it would be kind of neat to see who can make you cum first.” And with that she took out one of those old-fashioned boiled egg timers.

“Wow, I can’t wait to hear the rules of engagement for that.”

“Okay Al, here’s the way it’s going to work. You’re going to lie on your back and you’re not allowed to wiggle, thrust or take any action at all. Shannon and I are going to take turns riding the peg, each of us getting one minute at a time. I mean like I ride you for a minute and then when the alarm buzzes, Shannon gets her turn. We go like that until you cum. The one riding when you cum is the winner.”

This all sounded good to me but I still had a question. “And what is the prize for the winner?”

“It’s a surprise for you.”

The winner was Ellen. It occurred to me that this “contest” might not have as much to do with talent as with luck. Both women had wonderful, wet sexy pussies and both were good looking in their own way. Shannon had a beautiful body in the Hollywood and Playboy sense. Ellen was more rounded out and for me, somehow more exuberant. And Ellen was more uninhibited than Shannon, if indeed that were possible. The “prize” ended up being that the winner got to clean me up. Ellen went at it with gusto while Shannon watched and masturbated herself to a crashing orgasm. In spite of Ellen’s enthusiastic licking, I only got half a hard-on and Ellen didn’t really get off either. I wondered who really was the winner.

As the week of spring break went on there were more double plays and some singles. In one double play, both Ellen and Shannon got on their knees side-by-side on the living room floor. The object of this game was that I was supposed to bring them both to orgasm before I exploded. I nearly came just looking at those two magnificent rear ends and exposed pussies. Needless to say, my thundering orgasm came pretty quickly. Being a proponent of fair play and a good loser, I decided to let both benefit. I started squirting inside Shannon and then before exhaustion, pulled out and let Ellen have the rest. Since neither had yet reached their peak and my pecker was drooping, the only thing to do was to use my tongue and hands and bring them both over the top.

With the end of spring break, Shannon went back to school and Ellen and I took up where we had left off. I liked it best when she worked swing shift because then she came over in the afternoon before work when she wasn’t tired. We had sex and afterwards lay around having long talks about every subject imaginable. History, politics, health, books, movies, taxes - you name it. She often tried to steer the conversation towards my background and I really had to be careful. Holding back wasn’t easy. After all, we had been pretty damn intimate for over half a year and she still hadn’t given me a single reason to distrust her and that’s saying something.

After all, for around 15 years, my distrust had been a big factor in keeping me free. I pretended to Ellen that the whole business with job loss and nasty divorce was still too painful to talk about. In reality, it had never come to a divorce, at least not for me. After the separation, my ex had tried to strengthen her case by accusing me of mistreating our kids. The DA got wind of this and got a court order to have the kids seen by a child psychologist. That’s when the cluster fuck really began. Child shrinks work with dolls and have all kinds of tricks. Basically, they can get a kid to say anything they want the kid to say. Once she got the kids to say what she wanted them to say, the DA sent the police around to pick me up. Then to make matters worse, my wife turned over a video that I’d made of the kids romping playfully in the kiddy pool in our backyard – stark naked of course. Neither my ex or I were in the video, but at the end it was my voice asking them if they wanted some ice cream. Worse yet, the damn video camera picked up and somehow exaggerated my breathing while I was recording!

I was arrested and I got into the system – arraignment, prints, DNA, the whole nine yards. My attorney recommended a plea bargain. Maybe I could get off with “only” 5 or 10 years and still be in my forties when I got out. Go to prison as a convicted child molester? Yeah right, come out in my forties with a worn-out asshole, no teeth and who knows what other damage. And was if I came out at all. Thanks but no thanks. I said get me out on bail and I’ll fight this all the way. Fortunately, we had lots of equity in the house and savings. Those assets plus what a local bail bondsman put up, I was released on bail.

Fighting is not what I had had in mind. I ran. With a little hiking rucksack and some basic necessities, I took a Greyhound to Cincinnati and pretended to be homeless, which in fact, I really was. I quickly learned how to travel by freight train, get jobs that pay in cash and most importantly, stay anonymous.

Here in Chester, things were really peachy. I had a really decent place to live, enough money to eat well, buy proper clothes and more sex than 99% of all men my age could even dream about. To keep this going, I just needed to avoid conflict with Ellen and her family and not get noticed too much by the neighbors. Fortunately, about half of all Americans don’t even know the names of their neighbors. That’s what the statistics show and it sure jives with what I’ve seen. I always wonder if it used to be different. Like in a Norman Rockwell painting where two neighbors are leaning on the back fence discussing the weather or beer or sex or whatever. It wasn’t that way where I lived with my ex and I’d not seen it during my time on the run.

It wasn’t long before one day she reintroduced that subject of us doing it with Andy watching. I begged off saying I probably couldn’t get it up with a man watching but she always came back to the scene of taking Shannon’s “virginity”.

“Al, I know just how hard you were on that bed. After all, it was me who held your dick and stuck it into Shannon’s pussy. It sure didn’t bother you that Andy was sitting right there on the bed. Or is that it, Shannon excites you more than I do?”

“Look Ellen, I was ambushed that night. I went to dinner that night with no idea about what was coming.”

“All the more reason why you wouldn’t have a problem. Anyway, so what if you couldn’t get it up? Andy can’t either. I’d just be faced with a couple of limp dicks and that would be that.”

“You just don’t understand what it does to a man’s ego when he can’t perform sexually.” What I didn’t say was that I was so homophobic that I worried that Andy might join in the fun and grab my dick or stick his finger in my ass or something like that. I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals and I stopped telling queer jokes long before I got out of high school, but give me a chance. I’ve known homosexuals who say that would puke if they had to do it with a woman.

In my situation as a fugitive, I have to be careful as hell not to incite people and just to avoid trouble, I’ve had to do things that I wouldn’t have done voluntarily. Sometimes things get pretty dicey and with Ellen insisting on this performance for Andy, this sure looked like one of those dicey situations.

She let it go at that and left the subject for a few weeks. Apparently, she had been thinking about what I had against it. “Look Al, how about a role play? You’ll be a sex therapist and Andy and I will come to your practice for a solution to our problem.”

“And do I get to wear a white coat and have a stethoscope?”

“Goddamn Al, please get serious.”

“Okay Ellen, give me your scenario.”

“We come into your practice and Andy explains that we’ve just gotten married and he’s never had sex and doesn’t know what to do.”

“Ellen, that reminds me of an old joke. Newly wed husband and wife go to the doctor because they don’t know what to do. The doctor decides that a demo is the way to go so he fucks the woman right there on the examination table and the husband has to hold the doc’s balls so they don’t hit the wife in the ass. The husband says he thinks he knows how to do it now. Two weeks later the doc sees hubby on the street looking like total hell. Doc says, “What happened?” Hubby says, “Well I didn’t have a table like you have so I used the ironing board, and there wasn’t anybody around to hold my balls, so I tied them to the ceiling light with a wire. Everything went well until the ironing board fell over.”

“Al, fuck you! Goddamn you! I don’t like to be patronized.” Then she left in a real huff.

I still have to laugh at that stupid old joke but not long after she left, I was in no longer in the mood for laughing. You never know where these role-plays lead. People who do this stuff eventually want to record the action and post it on the web, which could lead to the exposure that I constantly feared. But none of that was to come.

The next morning I went to the club around 8 as usual and as was not usual, there were a half dozen or so cars parked there. Normally, when I got to the club, there was a security/bouncer type who opened up for me and then went into a back room to sleep or jack off or whatever, I don’t know. These cars were all Caddy’s and big black luxury SUV’s. I knew the club owner wasn’t a typical businessman; in fact I was convinced from the beginning that this was a money-laundering front for something. However, that morning I knew something was unusual but I just kind of accepted it as another one of those happenings.

The bouncer opened up and told me to go around back and start on the toilets and storerooms. “And stay the hell out of the lounge until I tell you it’s okay to!” That should have alerted me, but as a fugitive, I’m so used to taking shit that I just let it blow by.

From the back while cleaning, I could hear the voices in the lounge, sometimes quiet and monotone, but occasionally louder. The language they spoke wasn’t always English. Sometimes they lapsed into what sounded to me like Italian. After a while, from the men’s toilet, I heard some really loud shouting. Then I heard a very loud and very sharp: “Pop, Pop” and then there was more shouting.

My first reaction was to stay low and pretend not to know what happened. Then it occurred to me that the bouncer knew very well that I was there and the “Pop, Pop” was really the “Bang, Bang” of a weapon and it was pretty likely that someone had been shot and these people would not appreciate any official attention or untrusted witnesses.

Instinct told me to get the hell out and put lots of distance between the club and me. I went out the service entrance, crossed the back drive and descended the slope down to the creek. Fortunately, the creek valley was wooded and I had some cover before wading across and ascending the opposite bank. I was about halfway up the other bank when I heard more shouts and shots. Fortunately these guys must have had only short-range handguns because I didn’t hear any bullets whistling by. Once I got into the forest on the other side, I felt a little more secure and could catch my breath and work out some plan to save my skin.

It was clear that my days in Chester were over. Could I go back to Ruth’s house and get some clothes and personal effects? No, too many people at the club knew where I lived and they would surely go there to look for me. Now the very numbing thought came over me that I was going to have to start all over again. Well, anyway the question of sexually performing with Ellen in front of her husband Andy was settled – it would not be happening! In fact it was looking like I wouldn’t be sexually performing with Ellen any more at all!

Fortunately the past 15 years on the run had taught me to very carefully and thoroughly reconnoiter any town or area that I stayed in and I now put that to good use. The best way to travel without leaving traces is to hop a railcar. From my reconnaissance, I knew that there was a rail line on the south side of town and there was a switching yard where hopper cars from the salt mines north of town got hooked onto trains going east and west. The club was on the eastern outskirts of Chester so I figured I could skirt the southeast side of town. Unfortunately, it was too early in the spring for the forest to be fully greened out and I would have to use the night for cover. Worse yet, I was in jeans and a long sleeved shirt and I had no coat and nights in northern Pennsylvania in April can be pretty cool or even cold.

After putting some distance behind me going north away from the club, I turned east and then south – fortunately still in the woods. Then I came back to Highway 20, which ran by the club so I had to hunker down and wait for darkness. After dark, I used a break in traffic to cross and then by dead reckoning, after many hours of walking, found the rail yard. Around 3 in the morning, I noticed a set of locomotives backing up to long line of gondola cars and decided that this would have to do, no matter which way it was headed. My big problem was the cold. Now I was all sweated up from the long walk/run and I still had no coat. Fortunately, there was construction site and I saw an unused loader with its seat covered by a small canvas, which I then liberated for my personal use and comfort. I crawled into the compartment under sloped bottom at the end of one gondola car and wrapped myself in the canvas.

An hour or so later, the train started moving and I was on my way – alone and with no more than the clothes on my back, around 70 bucks in my pocket and the hope that wherever I ended up, I could land another mother-in-law apartment like the one in Chester.


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