Our Neighborly Neighbors

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27 Sep. '18

It was a cold day in Tennessee the first time I saw her, a day colder than most and there was snow on the ground, real snow that didn’t melt away by noon.  It was an odd winter, more like those in Michigan where I’d once lived.  At the time, I was cursing the snow in my drive and cursing myself for not bringing my show shovel down when we moved.  I only had my pony shovel, and clearing a path for my truck was taking a long time.

She was my neighbor, but we hadn’t yet met.  I’d moved into the house with Sherry, my wife, just after Christmas, and a little after we’d gotten settled, Mother Nature decided to stick us in the deep freeze and cover us with white stuff.  Sherry and I had been staying inside where it was warm.  I’d recently retired, and we had nothing better to do.  Well, I thought we did, but Sherry wouldn’t let me keep her in bed all day.  She said I might have retired, but she hadn’t, and I’d have to wait until night.

Well, I waited, and our nights were pretty fantastic.  Sherry isn’t the woman she was when we were in our twenties.  Back then, she had slender hips, a narrow waist, and small breasts.  Now, she has hips a little wider, a waist that’s a little thicker, and breasts that sort of blossomed over the years.  I loved the young Sherry.  I love her now too, but she’s a lot more sensuous, and since we haven’t had to worry about birth control, her libido seems to have blossomed too.

Well, anyway, there I was, freezing my ass off, and trying to clear a path for my truck, when she walked out their front door and got in her car.  I couldn’t really see much of her.  Her coat almost covered her hips, and was buttoned up tight to her neck.  I did catch a glimpse of short, cute hair peeking out from under her knitted hat, and a pair of legs in leggings that looked really great.  

Her car made it half way down her drive before the front wheels started spinning.  I saw the backup lights come on, and she tried to back up, but her car wasn’t going anywhere.  I knocked the snow off my shovel, walked across their yard, and tapped on her window.  She smiled and rolled it down.

“I guess I’m stuck.”

“Yeah, pretty much.  Want some help?”

There was that smile again, and without the window in the way, I could see she was a very pretty woman.

“If it’s not too much trouble.  I’d ask my husband, but he’s in bed with a really bad cold.  I’m going to get him some cold medicine.”

I started shoveling.  Thankfully, she’d made it far enough I didn’t have to shovel the whole thing.  After half an hour, I thought she could make it.

“OK, you should be able to get out now.  Just put it in drive and ease into the gas.  If you try to go fast, you’ll just spin out again and stop.”

She nodded, put the car in gear and gently pressed the accelerator.  The car rolled down her drive, slowly at first, but then picked up speed.  She waved as she turned out of her drive and onto the street.  I went back to shoveling out my truck.  In another hour, I had enough cleared I could get out if I had to.  By then, I didn’t want to go anywhere.  All I wanted was a cup of hot coffee.

I didn’t see her again until the weather began to warm up a little.  I guessed she and her husband were homebodies too.  I couldn’t blame them at all.  I thought once we’d moved to Tennessee we’d always have mild winters.  All that snow and cold just made me want to stay inside all day.

One morning in late March, I was out in my garage tinkering with my lawn mower.  The grass really didn’t need mowing, but it was something to do while I waited for lunch.  I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye, and turned to see her walking into my garage.  She smiled, that same smile I’d seen from her car.

“Hi.  When you helped me that time, we really didn’t get a chance to meet and I didn’t even say thank you.  It’s been so cold we didn’t want to come out or I’d have come over sooner.  I’m Tracey, Tracey Morgan.”

She stuck out her hand, and I stood up to take it.

“That’s OK, you were in a hurry.  I’m Tom Williams.”

“Well, welcome Tom.  I hope you like it out here as much as Jack and I do.”

I was already liking it.  Tracey’s jeans were pretty snug, and confirmed what I’d seen of her legs that one morning.  They were also cut pretty tight in the seat, and really accented her ass.  It wasn’t a little boy butt like a lot of women believe men want, but Tracey’s wasn’t fat by any measure.  Her ass was just the very sensuous ass of a mature woman, and I was having more than one thought about how that sensuous ass would look naked.

She wore a sweatshirt because it still wasn’t all that warm, and her breasts made the writing on the front stand out a lot.  The letters were a little small and I’ve gotten farsighted over the years, so I suppose I stared a bit.  Tracey chuckled.

“Would it help if I told you what my shirt says?”

“Oh…I’m sorry… I was just.”

Tracey grinned.

“I’m pretty sure I know what you were doing.  I don’t mind.  It says, ‘If it feels good, do it some more’”

I wasn’t sure what to say since we’d just met.

“Uh…well…uh…Tracey…maybe you and Sherry can visit sometime.  I’m sure she’d want to meet you.  We’ve been staying inside a lot because of the cold, too.”

“Is she home now?  I’d like to meet her if she is.  Neighbors ought to know each other really well.”

I said she was, and took Tracey to our back door and introduced them.  Then I went back to my mower.  Tracey stayed half an hour or so, and waved at me when she walked back to her house.

That night as we were lying in bed, I asked Sherry what they’d talked about.

“Oh, just stuff.  Tracey seems to be a nice woman. She likes a lot of the same things I do, like music and cooking, and she and her husband like gardening so you have at least one thing in common. Her husband’s older than she is, but they’re still pretty active, or so she says.”

“Active?  What does that mean?”

“They still have sex, silly?”

“You talked about sex the first time you met?”

“No…just about our husbands.  She just said Jack still chases her around the bedroom.  I can see why, though.  She’s got a pretty nice figure, don’t you think?”

There was the question I always dreaded.  If I said yes, the next question would be, “better than mine?”, to which there was only one right answer, and Sherry never believed me when I said no woman had a better figure than she did.

“I uh…I didn’t notice.”

Sherry giggled.

“If you didn’t, it’d be the first time in your life you didn’t.  That’s OK, I know how you think, so I know you think she’s pretty nice.  And don’t worry if you decide to do something.  I didn’t have any problems with you and Janet, did I?”

Janet was Janet Deacons.  She and her husband Bill had been our neighbors in Michigan until he got transferred to Atlanta.  Janet was a sweet grandmother of around fifty to everybody in the neighborhood, and Bill was her loving, if a little nerdy, husband of about the same age.  We had them over for burgers one evening, and then sat out on our patio and talked until after dark.  Sherry and Janet were drinking wine coolers, and both were pretty relaxed by the time we went inside for coffee.  

Bill and I had been busy talking and the girls, other than the occasional giggle, were not talking very loud, so I didn’t know the subject of their conversation until later.  Once we were inside, Sherry asked if I’d make the coffee while she dished up the desert she’d made.  When I walked in the kitchen, she put her arms around me and gave me one of those “fuck me now” kisses, pulled away, and then grinned.

“Do you like Janet?”

“Of course I like Janet.  Why?”

“No, I mean, would you like to take her to bed?  You said once that you would, remember?”

“Well…yeah, I suppose I would, but what would you do if I did?”

Sherry grinned again.

“I’d go with Bill.  Janet says he’d like to show me how sexy he thinks I am.”

“And you’re good with this?”

Sherry kissed me again.

“I am if you are.  We used to talk about doing something like this, remember? We’re not too old, are we?”

Well, Janet showed me I wasn’t too old.  She had a sensuous, mature body, just like Sherry.  Her breasts were smaller by a lot, but her nipples were fantastic.  They stuck out from her nipple beds at least half an inch, and looked like ripe red raspberries after I’d kissed, nibbled, and sucked gently on them for a few minutes.

Her outer lips were full and smooth because she shaved, something Sherry didn’t do.  When I licked them, Janet sighed and spread her thighs a little wider.  I slipped my tongue between them, and found slender inner lips and wetness.  She shuddered when I rasped my tongue over her clit, and then pulled on my shoulders to get me inside her.  

She came without saying anything, but her body said more than words ever could.  As the first wave hit her, Janet arched up and groaned, then began to pant.  She fell back on the bed, her hips rocked a couple of times, and then she arched up again.  When her nails dug into my ass, I couldn’t hold on any longer.  I came just as hard and panted just as much.  I kept stroking in and out of her wet pussy because it felt really good and Janet seemed to enjoy it.  After a couple of minutes, she started to enjoy it a lot.  She pulled me down on her chest, kissed me, and whispered “again”.

It was after midnight when Janet and Bill went home.  Sherry put her arm around my waist as I closed the door.

“Well, was Janet what you expected?”

“No, she was more.  How about Bill?”

Sherry grinned.

“You wouldn’t believe how long his tongue is.  You know how much I like that, and he’s really good at it.  His cock is smaller than yours, but by the time I’d had three orgasms with his tongue, I was so worked up it didn’t matter.”

“It sounds like you liked him a lot.  I think I should be jealous.”

Sherry put her arms around my neck.  

“If you think I like him more than you, maybe you better take me to bed so I can show you I don’t.”

Well, all the time Janet and Bill lived next door, it was like that.  They’d come over on a Saturday night for dinner, or we’d go there.  After it got dark, Janet and Sherry would flip a coin for who got which bed, and then proceed to fuck Bill and me senseless.  After we were home alone, Sherry would want me to fuck her again.  From what Sherry told me, the same thing was happening to Bill.

Sherry’s tap on my chest shook me out of the daydream.

“Did I?”

“Well, no, you didn’t, but you had Bill.”

Sherry ran her finger down my chest and then touched the tip of my cock.

“I’d have Jack.”

That small, soft finger began making little circles around my cock head.  

“You wouldn’t mind if Jack gave me a little spice, would you?  I’m not gonna trade in this nice dick that I love so much, but once in a while, don’t you wonder if another woman would be the same as Janet or me?”

I tweeked Sherry’s nipple and chuckled when she gasped.

“You didn’t set something up with Tracey, did you?”

The hand began stroking my stiffening shaft.

“No, but if you don’t put this in me pretty quick, I might.  Now, suck my nipples while I get my big play-toy to stand up the rest of the way so you can.”

I guess talking about their husbands sort of stirred Sherry up.  Talking about or thinking about sex usually does.  It was one before she let me finally rest, and then only because she said I needed to save some for the next morning.  She came once when I licked her stiff clit, and once more when I found her G-spot and massaged it and her clit at the same time.  She left a rather large wet spot on the sheets that time, something she doesn’t do unless she’s really, really horny.

I thought she was probably done for the night, but she’d barely stopped breathing hard when she pulled me on top of her, wrapped her legs around my waist, and grabbed my cock.  After rubbing the swollen head over her clit a few times, she moved it down and I felt her body lifting into me, trying to impale herself.  She succeeded, and pulled us both down on the mattress.

“OK, lover, make me feel like you always make me feel.”

I guess I must have, because after about ten minutes of slow stroking, Sherry sort of took over.  She pulled on my ass to get me at the rhythm she liked, and then lifted first one breast and then the other to my face.

I love what her nipples do when she’s hot.  They’re pretty big anyway, but they swell up even bigger, and their surface is all tight little ridges.  I love what Sherry does when I get her nipples in my mouth.  She’ll moan with each suck, and if I bite down gently, her body jerks.  She did a lot of jerking that night, and after the jerking, she started lifting us both off the bed when she met my stroke going in.  

She came shortly after that, rising up off the mattress and hanging there for a few seconds, and then gasping as her hips rocked out her orgasm.  I really didn’t need to feel her finger between my ass cheeks to get me there, but it sort of put my pump into overdrive.  By the second spurt, I was gasping as hard as Sherry; by the third, I couldn’t hold myself up anymore and collapsed into the cradle of her soft thighs and belly.

Sherry slowly eased her legs down beside mine.

“Now, that’s how you make a lady feel really great.”

I kind of forgot about what Sherry had suggested because all of a sudden, my grass decided it was time to grow.  I was mowing twice a week to keep up with it.  If it rained much it grew even faster, and it rained at least one day every week.

Jack was having the same problem.  We passed each other on our mowers when we mowed.  He’d wave and I’d wave back, but we didn’t dare stop to talk.  The grass seemed to be growing right behind our mowers.

When the ground got dry enough, I tilled up the small garden space the former owners had left.  I wasn’t going to plant much, just tomatoes and some beans.  That changed when I was in the local nursery and saw broccoli plants for sale.  Sherry and I love broccoli, and the clerk said it was easy to raise.  I bought two dozen plants and came home to set them out.

The day had warmed up quite a bit for that early.  In fact, it was warm enough I’d have been sweating if I’d been doing much.  As it was, I just had to dig a small hole with my trowel, put in the plant and then lightly tamp the dirt back.  I was in the process of tamping in the third plant, when a woman’s voice startled me.

“Whatcha plantin’?”

I turned toward the voice and saw Tracey, and there was a lot of Tracey to see.  She had on little shorts and a tank top, but the shorts were some of those made by cutting the legs off a pair of jeans, and Tracey hadn’t left much of the legs at all.  They were also cut pretty low in the waist, so there was a gap between the tank top and her shorts.  That gap was all smooth tanned tummy that matched perfectly with the slender legs and satiny thighs.  I thought her belly button was really cute too.

The tank top…well the straps were just little strings, and I couldn’t see any bra straps.  Sherry has a couple like that.  They have a bra built in.  This one probably did too, but it wasn’t doing much.  Tracey turned a little to look down the row of plants, and her big breasts were a bit late in following.  When they did, they swayed back and forth in a really cock raising shimmy.

“How many are you going to plant?”

“I bought two dozen.”

“What kind?  I wonder if they’re the same as ours.”

I hadn’t really paid attention to that.

“I don’t remember.  I suppose it’s on the tag, over there in the flat.

Tracey walked over to the flat of plants and bent down at the waist.  The two little half moons of her ass cheeks peeked out of her shorts, and I could just make out the lacy leg of a pair of black boy shorts.

She picked up the tag, read it, then brought it over to show me.

Since I was on my hands and knees at the time, Tracey had to bend over again to show me the little tag.

“See, the name is right here.  They’re the same as ours.  They oughta do pretty well.”

I took Tracey’s word for that because I wasn’t looking at the tag.  I was looking at the two mounds of gorgeous breast that rolled up out of the top when she bent over.  They didn’t come out, but they had to be close to doing that.  It was about then it dawned on me I hadn’t seen any tan lines on Tracey’s sexy ass, and there didn’t seem to be any on her breasts either.  Either she used a tanning bed, or she liked being naked in her back yard.  I was hoping for the last choice.

Tracey chuckled.

“Do I have to read you the tag, like I did my sweatshirt?”

“Uh…no…I see it.  I hope you’re right and they do well.”

Tracey stood up, and gave me a look at the smooth tummy between her shorts and tank top again.

“They probably will.  Plants are like a lot of things.  You take good care of their needs, and they’ll take care of yours.  Well, I have to go shopping, so I better go get ready.  Think Sherry would want to come along?”

I said she’d have to ask, but she might.  Tracey walked off toward our back door, and I went back to planting.  I had to stand up first, though.  My cock was trapped down the leg of my jeans, and after Tracey, it needed some room.

Tracey continued to tease me unmercifully over the next few weeks.  Her wardrobe of little shorts and tight little tops must have been huge, because that’s what she wore every day.  That wasn’t so bad.  I could look and keep weeding or whatever I was doing at the time, and then look away to cool down a little.  It was the times she came over to talk that things got embarrassing.

I kept remembering the conversation Sherry and I had had about Tracey and Jack that night in bed.  The more I was around Tracey, the more I thought about it.   I was ready, and Sherry seemed ready to have some fun with Jack.  I just hadn’t figured out how one tells one’s neighbor one would like to strip her naked and fuck her right there between the green beans and the beets.

One hot July Saturday afternoon, I was pulling the few weeds that had grown up in my beans since the last weeding.  Tracey, in a pair of very short, pink shorts and a halter top that was doing nothing to keep her big breasts in place, walked over to join me.

“You wonder how weeds can grow so fast when what you plant grows so slow.”

“Yeah.  I pull every one I see one day, and the next, there’s a fresh crop.  I’m bent over so much, I’m getting a sore back.”

Tracey chuckled.

“I know what you mean.  Mine’s been stiff all morning from yesterday.  Jack usually straightens it out for me, but he’s gone to town.  Say, would you try it?  It’s really stiff and I need to do something today besides nurse it.”

I wasn’t sure that was a good idea.  My cock was already standing at attention.

“I don’t know.  I’ve never done anything like that, and I might hurt you worse.”

Tracey smiled.

“There’s nothing to it.”

She backed herself up against me and I felt her round ass bumping against my thighs.  My stiff cock sort of slipped in the space between her ass cheeks.

“Just put your arms under mine and lift a little, and then pull my shoulders back.  That does it every time.”

Well, I did just like Tracey asked.  I put my arms under hers, lifted her a couple inches off the ground, and then pulled back gently on her shoulders.

“That enough?”

“No, you have to pull my shoulders back a little harder.

I picked her up again, and pulled back harder.  My cock was a lot harder this time too.  When I pulled Tracey’s shoulders back, her breasts sort of got lifted up in the process, but the halter top didn’t. I was staring down at two delicious, dark pink nipples.

Tracey sighed.

“Ah…that did it.  Thanks.  Maybe I can help you out when you get stiff sometime.”

She turned around and smiled at me.

“Well, I better get back home before Jack comes back.  We’re going to visit some friends and he hates being late.  See ya.”

I was sure I heard her giggle as she walked away.

The next Wednesday, I mowed again, and after putting the mower in the garage, decided I needed a drink.  While I was sitting at the kitchen table, Sherry came in wrapped in a towel and drying her hair.  I asked if she was going somewhere.

“Yes, and so are you.  Tracey invited us over for dinner.”

I pulled on her towel and it fell to the floor.

“I see what I want to eat.”

Sherry slapped my arm, and the picked up her towel.

“Not until afterwards. Besides, you’re all sweaty and icky and you smell. Now go take a shower.  We need to be there by six.”

When I got out of the shower, Sherry was putting on her makeup.  I just had to slip up behind her and squeeze her breasts.  She was wearing one of my favorite outfits, a kind of little dress she calls a sun dress, and it was cut low enough in front to show a lot of her ample cleavage and low enough in back it almost didn’t cover the swell of her hips.  It was also really short.  The hem came down to about her mid thigh.  

Sherry pulled my hands away, but not before I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra.  The sun dress evidently had one already in it, but it didn’t feel like there was much there.

“You’re being a little racy tonight, aren’t you?”

“Well it’s still hot at night, and this feels cooler.  Don’t you like it?”

“Yeah.  Jack’s probably gonna like it too…a lot.”

Sherry stuck the mascara brush back in the little bottle, then pulled it out and ran it through the lashes of her other eye.

“That’ll just make me feel sexy.  You like it when I feel sexy, don’t you?”

I ran my hand down her round ass cheek.

“I like you better when I feel this.”

“Oh, stop.  Now go get dressed, and put on something besides jeans and a T-shirt.  We need to make a good impression our first time at their house.”

A little before six, we walked over to Jack and Tracey’s back deck.  Jack was turning burgers on his grill.  He looked over his shoulder, then smiled and said there was beer in the cooler on the table, and wine in the refrigerator.

Tracey came out wearing a little black dress that hugged her like a second skin, and was short enough I really, really wanted to be behind her if she bent over.  There was no way she had on a bra of any sort, built in or otherwise.  The dress was made of some type of really thin material, and her nipples were trying to poke their way through into the fresh air.   She asked Sherry if she’d like some wine, and when Sherry said yes, led the way through their back door.  I pulled a beer out of the cooler and walked over to Jack.

While they were gone, Jack and I talked a little about the weather and how much our grass grew.  Then, just out of the blue, he asked me what I thought of Tracey.

“Well, she seems like a really great woman.”

Jack laughed.

“No, I mean how she looks.  She spent all afternoon getting ready so you’d think she looked great.”

“Well, she does look great.”

He chuckled.

“You oughta tell her that sometime tonight.  She likes hearing that from somebody besides me.”

“Yeah, I can understand that.  Sherry’s the same way.  I tell her she’s sexy and she doesn’t believe me.”

“Well, I was gonna say that to her, but I didn’t know if you’d care or not.”

It was my turn to laugh.

“If you tell her that, she’ll believe you, and I’ll have a pretty good night to night.  You go right ahead.”

Jack grinned.

“I’ll do that.  You do the same for Tracey.”  Jack grinned and winked at me.  “Then both of us’ll have a great time tonight.”

I wasn’t sure what Jack meant by that, but Tracey and Sherry came out with the rest of the food about then, so I got distracted.

When Sherry leaned over to set the bowl of potato salad on the table, her breasts sort of flowed over the top of that sun dress.  Her nipples didn’t show, but about all the rest of her did.

Jack whistled.

“Damn, Tom, we got ourselves two hot women tonight.”

Right after he said that, Tracey dropped the spoon out of her jello salad and bent over to pick it up.  Her dress was shorter than I thought.  The little cheeks I’d seen peeking out of her shorts were there, as was the little bulge her black thong panty made by trying to cover her pussy lips.  That thong wasn’t quite big enough.  I saw one smooth, shaved lip partly peeking out from under the black lace.  When Tracey stood back up, I managed to pull my eyes away from her ass and look at Sherry.  She was smiling at Jack.

“Jack, you’re just saying that to make me feel good.”

Jack grinned.

“Nope.  Just saying what I see, and what I see looks hot enough to scorch paint.  Wouldn’t mind getting’ a little scorched myself.”

Tracey laughed.

“Jack.  You might as well ask Sherry if she’ll sleep with you.  Now behave yourself.”

“Well, I coulda been talking about you, Tracey, you know.”

“Yeah, right, and that’s why you’re still looking at Sherry with your mouth hanging open.  I know you.”

I knew Sherry was loving the attention.  She had that funny little smile she always gets when a man says she’s hot or that she’s sexy.  She looked at Tracey and giggled.

“It’s OK Tracey.  He can say I’m hot if he wants.  I don’t mind.  Besides, in case you hadn’t noticed, Tom’s doing the same thing to you.”

I sort of stammered a little, because I didn’t know how Tracey would react if I said what I was thinking.

“Uh…well…like Jack said, you both look really great.”

Tracey ran her hands down her body from her big breasts to her hips.

“You think I’m hot, too?”

“Well sure.”

Tracey grinned.

“That was the right answer, Tom. Now, Jack, are those burgers done yet?  I’m hungry.

After we ate, the girls took the food back inside, and when they came out, Tracey walked to one of the chaise lounges sitting on the other side of their deck.

“Let’s sit over here, Sherry, so we can talk.  We’ll leave the guys to themselves.”

Tracey eased herself down on her chaise lounge and wiggled a little.  In the process, her short dress moved up her thighs a good three inches, and her black panties were peeking out again.  Sherry sat in the other one.  Her dress didn’t ride up quite as much, but she pulled the hem up a little to scratch an itch, and didn’t pull it back down.  I could see the lace edging of her light blue boy shorts.

Jack was looking too, but only at Sherry.  He turned to me, and grinned.

“Your lady is quite a gal, Tom.”

“So is Tracey.”

“Yeah, all the men we know think so too.  ‘course, their wives are pretty hot too so I get to look at them while they’re looking at Tracey, like you’re doing now.”

I couldn’t help it.  I’d glanced over at the two girls just as Tracey spread her thighs a little.  The black thong wasn’t just peeking at me now.  The lacy triangle was looking straight at me, and it was about as transparent as black lace can be.  If Tracey hadn’t had such a good tan, I wouldn’t have had to imagine much of anything.

“I’m sorry, Jack.”

“Nah, don’t be sorry.  Tracey is doing what she’s doing because she wants you to look.  If she didn’t like you, you wouldn’t be seeing what you’re seeing.  You could probably get her in the sack tonight if you wanted to.  I figure you’ve thought about that before.”

Jack grinned at me.

“She’s worth it.  That little gal gets a lot hotter with the right guy.  Watching her with another guy really gets my cock stiff.”

“You’ve really done that?”

Jack tipped his beer up and drained it.

“Yep.  It’s a blast, too.  You and Sherry ever fool around?

“Just once.  They were our neighbors when we lived in Michigan.  We missed them when they moved to Atlanta.”

Jack reached into the cooler for another beer, popped the top, and sat it on the table.

“Well, I’m not saying you ought to go ask Tracey if she’s up for something like that, but if you did, you wouldn’t be sorry.”

I was searching for something to say when Tracey called Jack.

“Jack, Honey, I was telling Sherry how you fix me when my neck gets stiff.  Come show her.  Tom, you come too so you’ll know how.”

I have to admit it was erotic watching Jack massaging Sherry’s neck.  She was enjoying it too, but then Sherry loves being touched anywhere.  She sighed, and then giggled.

“Jack, if you keep that up, I won’t be able to hold my head up straight.”

“It always does that to me too”, chuckled Tracey.  Tom, come do me before I get jealous.”

I tried to imitate Jack, and I must have been successful, because Tracey moaned.

“Oh, yeah.  Damn that feels good.  Keep doing it, just like Jack’s doing to Sherry.”

Jack was working on Sherry’s shoulders now, and his fingertips were almost on the swell of her breasts.  I slipped my hands down Tracey’s chest a little and then eased them back up with a little pressure.  That sort of lifted them up, and Tracey moaned again.

“Oh, wow.  You have great hands.  Go lower, OK?”

This time, there was no doubt in my mind I was touching her breasts.  I felt their soft fullness where before there had been only soft skin over muscle.  As I stroked back up to Tracey’s neck, she whispered, “lower than that.”

My fingertips slipped under the front of Tracey’s dress this time, and she grabbed my hands and held them there.

“You can keep going down and it’ll make me feel really great, if you want to.”

I looked over at Jack and Sherry.  His hands were deep inside her dress, and Sherry was lying there with her lips parted.  Tracey squeezed my hands.

“See, Sherry likes what Jack’s doing, and I will too.”

Tracey’s nipples were already stiff when my fingertips touched them, but I swear, they got just a little more taut.  She purred, “that’s the way.  Pinch them a little.”

When I did that, Tracey moaned again, and I felt her hand on my thigh.  That hand stroked up until it reached my cock, and then squeezed gently.

“Tom, if you don’t want to do this, it’s OK, but I want you to.  Jack wants to do Sherry too, and she told me she’d like that.”

Jack had given up all pretense of massaging Sherry’s neck.  His hands were under her dress and the movement of his fingers told me he was rolling Sherry’s nipples.  She spread her thighs a little wider, and her hand began stroking her inner thigh.

“You mean, right here, on your deck?”

Tracey chuckled softly.

“Well, if that’s what you want, but we’d be more comfortable inside.”

“Inside” meant their living room.  They had two couches, one on each side of a coffee table, and Tracey plopped down on one of them and patted the cushion beside her.  

“Mmmm…now where were we?”

Sherry and Jack sat down on the other couch as I stroked Tracey’s nipples through her dress.   Jack slipped his hand under Sherry’s dress and slowly moved it up.  Sherry shivered and then spread her thighs wide.  A moment after that, she moaned and squeezed her left breast.

I turned back to Tracey.

“I was doing this, if I remember right.”

Tracey stroked the front of my pants when I squeezed her big left breast.

“It’ll feel a lot better if I’m naked.  Shouldn’t you be undressing me now?”

The undressing part didn’t take long.  Tracey pulled the short dress up over her ass, and then held her arms over her head while I slipped it up and off.  Then, she laid back and lifted her hips.  As I rolled the little thong over her ass and down her smooth thighs, I stopped to look at her shaved lips.  They looked so soft and smooth, I just had to give them a little kiss.  Along with that kiss, I caught her scent and knew I was going to love tasting her.

Tracey kicked off her shoes, laid back on the couch and spread her thighs wide.

“Come here and show me what Sherry says you do so well.”

It didn’t take me long to get out of my shirt, unbuckle my belt and step out of my jeans, except that I’d forgotten to take off my shoes first.  Once I got that fixed, I eased down on the couch between Tracey’s spread thighs.

“So, what does Sherry say I do so well?”

“She says you’re really good with your tongue, and that she loves the way your cock feels inside her.  I want to try both.”

I nuzzled her right nipple , then sucked the rubbery nub between my lips until I felt the pebbled surface of her nipple bed, and stroked down Tracey’s tummy with my fingertips.  As my fingers felt her slit, I switched nipples and stroked down a little further.

Her lips were bigger than I’d expected.  They were satiny smooth and felt so full when I gently squeezed them together and then tugged on them a little.  I was surprised to feel a little wetness on my fingers.  I pulled my mouth up and let Tracey’s nipple slowly slip out.  

“You’re a little ahead of me, Tracey.”

She giggled.

“I know.  You made me that way.  Keep going.”

With two fingers, I spread her lips and then slipped one between them.  Tracey was wet all right, not wet enough, but she was getting there.  I ran my fingertips over her inner lips, then took one between my thumb and finger and slipped them down gently.  Tracey purred out a tiny moan.  I did the same to the other lip and Tracey moaned again.

“While you’re doing that, I’m gonna have fun too.  Turn around so I can reach your cock.”

It was a little awkward getting in to a position that let her do that, but it was great once I managed.  Her fingers on my stiff cock were like feathers touching me.  Tracey stroked my shaft a little, then ran one fingertip around my cock head.  I got a little harder then, I think.  I know I did when I felt her warm, wet mouth slip over my cock head and sucked gently.

After a couple of minutes of Tracey’s mouth on my cock, I was wishing I knew who taught her, because I really, really wanted to thank whoever that was.  She had this way of taking me deep, and then slowly pulling her mouth up my shaft with her little tongue licking the whole way.  Once she got to my cock head, she’d tickle that special spot on the underside, and then suck gently before sliding me deep into her mouth again.

I couldn’t just let her do that without giving something in return.  I slipped my arms under her round ass, took one of her inner lips in each hand and pulled gently.  Tracey pulled her face off my cock, murmured, “Oh God, yes…harder”, and then sucked my cock back inside her mouth.  

Her inner lips were a lot bigger than I expected too.  I kept pulling them until they were stretched tight into an absolutely beautiful butterfly, and then plunged my tongue into the glistening wetness of her pussy.  Tracey moaned and the vibration put a tingle in my cock.  My tongue slipped up to her clit, and I ran the tip over the little button.  Tracey lifted her hips slightly, and vibrated the hell out of my cock with another moan.

That little button seemed to get a lot bigger as I licked all around it.  I’d give it a little wet lick, and Tracey would rock her hips and moan again.  She liked what I was doing, and I’d have loved to keep doing it except for those moans she made when I did.  Those vibrations, coupled with what she was doing with her mouth and tongue, were taking me toward cumming way too fast.  I wrapped my lips around her wet, swollen clit and sucked in hard.

You’d have thought I’d touched her with an electrified wire.  Tracey arched up, shook a little and then gasped around my rigid cock.

“Oh, fuck.  If you do that again, I’ll cum.”

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

Just as Tracey said, “Yes, but –“, I sucked on her clit again, and then rasped my tongue over the tip.  Tracey cried out as she lifted her hips off the couch.

“Oh…oh…oh fuck…oh fuck…now.”

She stayed arched into my face as the orgasm swept through her, and I kept sucking away at her clit while it quickly jerked in and out.  Tracey fell back down on the couch, and then arched up again as another wave of contractions raced through her body.  I didn’t stop sucking until the third one, and then only because she squeezed her thighs together.

I turned myself back around and eased down on my arms over Tracey.  Her face was flushed and she was smiling.

“Wow”, was all she said as she pulled me down on top of her body.

I looked over at Sherry and Jack.  They’d been pretty busy.  Sherry was naked, had one leg hooked over the back of the couch and one on the floor, and was rocking her hips into Jack’s thrusts.  I could see she was close.  Her face was turned to the side, her lips were parted, and her breath was coming in little shallow, pants.  Jack had to bend a lot to reach her swollen nipple, but Sherry helped by holding it up for him.  I watched her gasp as he pinched that nipple between his teeth and pulled up.  Sherry gasped again, and then became all thrusting hips and little mewing cries as she came.  Jack groaned, rammed his cock in deep, and I could see his ass contract as he shot his seed into Sherry.

There was a gentle tug on my cock.  I turned to see Tracey grinning up at me.

“I wanna fuck you now.  Trade places with me.”

As I laid there on my back, Tracey straddled me and adjusted her position so that my cock was resting against her slit.  She spread her thighs wide, then a little wider, and it slipped between her lips, spreading them apart in the process.

“First, we have to get you all slippery”, Tracey whispered.”

Well, getting me slippery meant Tracey sliding those swollen lips up and down over my stiff cock until I thought I’d go nuts.  I played with her breasts and nipples, and she liked having her nipples tugged.  I used those nipples to separate her breasts so I could look down at what her pussy was doing.  Judging by the way she shuddered, she liked that too.

Her clit looked a little smaller than it felt in my mouth, but it was still bigger than Sherry’s.  Tracey was so wet the tip gleamed with her juices, and it didn’t take long before my cock was shining too.  Once she was satisfied, Tracey reached between us, took my rigid cock and moved her body until I felt my cock head slip between her soft lips.

There was some resistance I hadn’t expected.  My cock isn’t all that big, but Tracey was tight.  She eased her pussy down over my cock head until it sort of got stuck, gasped, and raised back up again.  On her third try, it slipped past the tight spot, and Tracey eased down a little more.  

That tight ring just inside her pussy lips was doing some really fantastic things to my cock.  Evidently it was doing something for Tracey, too.   She pulled my hands to her breasts and squeezed, then raised back up and pushed her pussy down over my cock again.  This time, she got all the way down until her soft ass was sitting on my thighs.  

Tracey smiled, closed her eyes, and began riding me.  The feeling of her wet warmth around my cock was exquisite, just like the breasts I had cradled in my hands.  With my index and middle finger, I squeezed Tracey’s right nipple.  She caught her breath, but didn’t miss a beat.  Another little squeeze caused a little moan to slip through her open lips, and she seemed to get a little wetter, at least my cock seemed to slide in and out a little easier.  

That was a good thing.  I’d fantasized about fucking Tracey a lot, so I was already half way to cumming when she eased down over my cock and started riding me.  She was so tight I wouldn’t have lasted long if she hadn’t gotten a little more slippery inside.

I pulled gently on Tracey’s back and she leaned down enough her big breasts brushed my face.  I nibbled my way around her left nipple and felt her nipple bed tighten into a taut mass of little ridges and bumps, and then wrapped my lips around the nipple itself.  I do love a woman’s nipples.  Tracey’s were bigger than Sherry’s, and as the left one got stiff, I licked the little dimple in the very tip.  Tracey groaned, and her strokes sped up just a little.

She raised up then, and because she was upright, my cock slipped inside her just a little deeper.  It went in deep enough my cock head met something inside Tracey that was incredibly soft and wet.  When she raised back up, that something tried to suck my cock back inside her, or at least that’s how it felt at the time.  

I’m not sure how long Tracey rode my cock.  I was enjoying the feeling way too much to look at anything except her big breasts swaying as she rose and fell, and at the way her swollen lips spread out against the base of my cock when she buried me to the hilt.  Then, there was her clit.

It occasionally peeked from between the top of her lips.  When I slipped my hand between us and lightly stroked the tip, Tracey gasped.

“Oh God, I’m close.  Don’t stop that.”

I had no intention of stopping, but I didn’t want to get her there too fast either.  I didn’t touch the tip again for a while.  I just made little rubbing motions beside or above it.  Tracey responded by throwing her head back and making a series of tiny moans that had me very close too.  I slipped my finger down between her lips, right where she’d impaled herself on my cock, and made sure the fingertip was wet with her juices.  Then I rubbed the taut little tip again in a circular motion.

Tracey’s pussy clamped down around my cock, and I felt little contractions moving up and down over it.  She gasped, murmured, “don’t stop” again, and pushed her body down tight against mine.  My cock slipped into that fantastically soft, wet spot again.

It took only a few more little circles around Tracey’s stiff clit before she went rigid, gasped a couple of times, and then cried out.  Her whole body shook because her hips were rocking so fast.  They were rocking so fast over my cock, there was no way I could hold out either.  I pinched her right nipple and pulled down.  Tracey cried out and slammed her pussy down over my cock again.  It felt like I’d shot my ass out through my cock on the first spurt.  The second and third weren’t quite as intense, but I was still gasping as hard as Tracey.  

She sagged into her arms, still gasping and panting after the last big spasm relaxed a little.  Her pussy was still milking my cock when she eased her big breasts down on my chest and nestled her face beside my neck.

“Oh fuck…”

I chuckled.

“I thought you liked it.”

Tracey giggled.

“Oh, I liked it.  I just can’t move now.”

I reached down, gently pulled Tracey’s ass cheeks apart and slipped my finger a little ways down between them.  She shivered, and I felt a couple more contractions milk my cock.

“Well, you just stay right where you are until you can.”

Tracey giggled again.

“You might not want me to.  I’ll just want to be fucked again.”

“I’ll have to see what I can do about that then.”

“Mmmm… I was hoping you’d say that.”

Sherry and Jack had disappeared, but I could hear Sherry’s voice coming from down the hall.

“Oh…oh God…don’t stop.”

After that…well, let’s just say Tracey’s guest bed got a real workout that night, and then again the next morning.  I thought being able to hold her sexy ass while I fucked her from behind was great, not as great as fondling her big, hanging breasts as they bounced with each stroke, but pretty great.  

Sherry and I said good-bye to them about ten the next morning, and answered Tracey’s question on our way out the door.  We said we’d love to come back for another visit, but they should come to our house too.  They said they’d be over the next Wednesday night.

As soon as we walked in our back door, Sherry put her arms around my neck, kissed me until my cock was stiff again, and then leaned back.

“How was Tracey?”

“Pretty great.  How about Jack?”

“That man has a wonderful tongue, not as good as yours, but still really great, and his cock is a little bigger than yours, I think.”

I pinched Sherry’s ass.

“So, I’m gonna have to keep you tied up a home so you aren’t over there every day.”

She giggled.

“No, you don’t have to keep me tied up.  All you have to do is do me after we take a shower together.  Jack did say he’d like to tie me up sometime, if I’m willing.  I said I’d think about it.  It might be kind of exciting.”

The shower was pretty nice.  Sherry was still aroused, and after she washed my cock about a hundred times, it came back to life too.  We didn’t make it all the way to the bed.  Sherry just bent over the vanity and said, “I can’t wait.  Do me right here”.  

After another shower, this one an actual shower, we spent the day in bed, just resting.  Well, about three, Sherry said she had an itch, and by the time I got it scratched, the bed sheets had another wet spot.  We changed the sheets, then got dressed and went out for dinner.

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and we’re going to have dinner with Tracey and Jack again tomorrow night.  Sherry has been trying on clothes all afternoon, and I think she’s settled on an outfit Jack’s going to like a lot.  There’s no bra in the dress, and there’s too much of Sherry showing to wear a separate one.  It’s so short her ass cheeks almost show even when she’s standing up.  I asked if she was going to wear some sexy panties, and she just laughed.

“Tracey and I decided panties just get in the way, so we’re not wearing any tomorrow night.”

I don’t know what Tracey will be wearing, but I can hardly wait until she’s not wearing it.  This afternoon, I was out checking the garden and heard their back door open.  Tracey didn’t come outside.  She couldn’t, really, because she was naked.  She just grinned, blew me a kiss, and then shut the door again.


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