Curing a Backache

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25 Sep. '18

Mildred swam slowly through the 28°C water, all the while enjoying the view of the nearby mountain peaks, all heavily laden with snow. Swimming was not her sport and her swimming style was, well not very stylish. She combined the dog paddle and frog stroke – not elegant but she could keep her head above water and enjoy the view. Mildred’s sport was, like that of her husband Harry, skiing.

For the past three weeks, ever since her doctor had told her that the best thing for the backaches that had beset her since slipping while hiking the previous autumn, Mildred had come to the spa every day – one of a number of swimmers who were not staying in the hotel. The Hotel Grand Panorama spa had indoor and outdoor pools. Inside was a conventional rectangular 25 meter sport pool with 25°C water and a gigantic hot tub with air and water jets. She had tried out the hot tub but the 38°C jets seemed to hurt more than help so she pretty much stuck to paddling around in the outside pool.

For Mildred, the outside pool was just more esthetic and she liked the fresh air. The pool had been constructed with an irregular shape to give the look of a natural body of water. Some edges had natural rocks embedded in the concrete and on the nearby shore, boulders were strewn about in a random pattern and intermingled with native shrubs and trees. In the middle was a 4 meter high tower made of rocks and boulders mortared and fit so tightly together that to the casual observer, it appeared to be one giant boulder. Out of its top, water gushed out and ran over one side as a waterfall. The lower part of the cave had been left hollow to form a cave over a meter wide and some two meters long. Inside the cave there was an underwater rock bench large enough for two people to sit on. Warm water trickling down the rock face behind the rock bench gave people sitting there the feel of having a fluid back lean. Most people entered the cave by swimming through the entrance on the side opposite the waterfall, however, there was also an opening behind the waterfall so whoever didn’t mind getting dumped on by the waterfall could swim that way as well. Lover couples were often inside cuddling and necking and Mildred suspected probably a lot more.

Mildred was an inveterate people watcher, always trying to imagine what people did for a living, where they lived, how they stood politically, how often they had sex, what kind of sex, etc., etc. Being a weekday most of the swimmers were older, obviously retirees – some looking pretty feeble, others characterizing the vigorous active senior citizen. She wondered how many still did it.

Today she had been watching a young couple who spent more time necking and kissing and rubbing bodies than swimming. She wondered if the guy had a hard on and then promptly decided that unless he’d already ejaculated, he probably did. As to how often that couple had sex, she knew that if they were staying in the hotel, he’d be putting the old salami to her as soon as they got back to their room.

The warm water moving between her legs reminded her of her own sex life and sharing it with her husband Harry. They were both moving in on 60 and it was a rare week when he failed to mount her 2 or 3 times. When they went somewhere on holidays and stayed in a hotel, Harry would have a hard on by the time they got in bed and in the morning, he’d often be hard again. It was as if being with her in a hotel room gave him the feel of being involved in a passionate love affair. If they went in the pool or in the ocean, he’d be hard as soon as they’d get back to their room – no sooner was the door closed and his trunks would be on the floor. Water seemed to be Harry’s Viagra and Mildred sometimes thought it got him even more turned on than her breasts, which he had never lost his fascination for, even after decades of married life.

Mildred had never in her life said a peep about her sex life to anyone, not even to old friends from high school, who from time to time would talk about their own. From what they let on, she and Harry were easily the more active sexually. Some of the ‘girls’ let on that for them, it was over, either because they were too dry or because hubby couldn’t get it up anymore. Until about 15 years ago, the talk during the girls’ informal and irregular reunions would get pretty graphic. A few girls would let out stuff like hubby’s size, how hubby forgot to wash behind his foreskin, giving head, tit fucking, etc., etc. Mildred only listened and never said much of anything other than ‘oh really’, ‘wow’ and such. As far as she was concerned, what she and her husband did was not for anyone else to know.

In spite of the Viagra effect that water had on him, Harry was no more enthusiastic about swimming than Mildred. Today he was enjoying the powder snow left by some recent storms and wouldn’t be home until very late afternoon.

She was again reminded of why Harry was skiing and not working. An electrical engineer, he had until a few years ago been employed by a local electrical equipment manufacturer. In a way more than employed – he had invented a number of innovative measuring and control devices for the power industry and the patents had delivered some fat profits to the family owned company with nearly a thousand employees. The company had rewarded him more than fairly – his salary had been nicely into six figures plus bonus and a share of patent rights earnings. But trouble had interrupted the good life when the founder died and his two sons inherited all the old man’s stock. Other than the income it yielded for them to indulge in expensive cars and high living, the two sons had never shown much interest in the company. Wanting the real jet set life, they had sold their stock to an equity investment company, which promptly put in a new board of directors and CEO. The first two years, the new management couldn’t spend enough – new office building, trips to conventions, consultants, bonuses. As a result profits evaporated and the stock price dropped. The board fired the CEO and put in a proven cost cutter. Harry was let go and replaced by a newly graduated engineer whose salary was nicely into five figures instead of the six figure sum that Harry had been getting. Many other key employees suffered similar fates. Through such short term savings and selling off the rights to key patents, profits and dividends returned and the stock price shot past all previous highs. Later, the side effects of the cost cutting and patent sell-offs set in and profits plummeted. Before that, however, the equity company, the board and the CEO had already sold their shares at gigantic profits. The company went into bankruptcy and was dissolved.

Fortunately Harry and Mildred had already paid off their house and had savings. When they had let Harry go, the company wanted it to appear as if his early retirement was a reward for years of valuable service. To achieve that, they had financed a very generous retirement package. Other lesser key employees had been sent off with 3 months severance pay. People working in production were treated even worse. That affair changed Harry and Mildred – they were no longer believers in laissez-faire economic liberalism.

Several times during her swim sessions, Mildred would lean slightly forward and back up to the waterfall, close her eyes and let the warm water cascade down over her back. That massaging action seemed to be just what she needed to supplement the swimming.

Mildred had often wondered how it would be to swim straight through the waterfall and into the cave. Until now the thought of running into people lounging in the cave had kept her from doing it. Today for some reason, she decided that she really wanted to do it so she swam around to the other side the rock and not seeing anyone inside, made up her mind that today would be the day. First facing the waterfall and aiming her body directly at the opening, she closed her eyes, dove under and propelled herself through the waterfall and into a heavy object that stopped her forward glide. Standing up and wiping her eyes, she saw that the ‘heavy object’ was actually the legs of an older man whom she had seen swimming with a much younger woman several days earlier. At the time the pair had caught her attention because it looked like the classic situation of the well-to-do elderly businessman or doctor enjoying a day with his young trophy wife or mistress.

“Oh I’m so sorry. I thought there was no one in here,” were the first words she could get out.

“No harm done, no need to be sorry. I saw you lining up to swim in and just didn’t react right.”

“Really, sir, I swam around and checked. I just don’t know how I didn’t see you.”

“Enough sorry saying. Anyway I’m not a ‘sir’, I’m Roger. And who might you be?”

“Sor…., oops. I’m Mildred. It’s really a pleasure to meet you and I promise not to say ‘sorry’ again.”

“Mildred, it’s a deal. Do you swim here often? I think I’ve seen you here before.”

“Every day for the past three weeks. I’m trying to get rid of some back pain. The orthopedic surgeon said to try this instead of pills.”

“That’s smart. Actually I’m here for sort of the same thing. There’s a funny twitch in my left shoulder. Came up skiing yesterday so I thought I might work it off in the warm water while my wife enjoys the fresh powder. You know Mildred if you come here everyday, you may have seen us several days ago. We were swimming here together. Joan, my wife, is tall, dark hair, olive complexion.”

“Ummm, could be, I just don’t pay that much attention to other swimmers,” she lied, not wanting to even hint at the fact that she had watched them rather intently. In fact, Mildred had a rather strong prurient curiosity when it came to couples with big age gaps. In the case of Roger and his young wife, she had imagined him swallowing heaps of Viagra and then having his wife lick his penis so he’d get hard enough for penetration.

“Mildred, you’re not staying at the hotel are you? At least I haven’t noticed you at breakfast or dinner.”

“Actually I’m a local. We live in a small village about 8 miles from here. People around here talk about the fine dining and the  beautiful rooms. I do wonder sometimes how people around here know how beautiful the rooms are if they don’t stay in them. You are the first person I’ve met who’s a hotel guest. Most of my friends just say how much they’d like to see these beautiful rooms.”

“It is very nice here. Joan and I have been coming here since we were married.” (What Roger didn’t say was that he had also been a guest together with his first wife who had divorced him after catching him in flagranti with Joan.) “Mildred, if you’d really like to see a room, I could show you ours.” Then looking at his Rollex, “it should be made up by now.”

Mildred was completely surprised by the offer to look at the room and was desperately trying to think of a polite way to not accept. “Well, that’s very generous and thoughtful of you, but I just couldn’t be such a bother to you and take you away from swimming so early.”

“Nonsense, we’ll be back in no time. You’ll get a robe in the hotel guest change room so you don’t even have to get dressed first.”

Under normal circumstances, going to a hotel room with a man she had just met would have been unthinkable but Mildred couldn’t imagine anything amiss. What with Roger having a young and beautiful trophy wife, why would he even think of having a liaison with a slightly overweight woman in her 50’s? And she really did want to get a peek at one of those rooms that everyone was raving about. “Well if you’re sure it’s not too much trouble, okay, but really, I really don’t want to inconvenience you.”

“It’s no inconvenience at all. Come on, off we go. Just follow me.”

With Mildred following, Roger swam through the channel leading inside and after leaving the water showed her to the hotel guest change area where there were stacks of towels and robes. He directed her to the ladies side and said, “you can leave your swim suit hanging or bring it with you. It’ll be more comfortable in the robe alone. Shower if you’d like. I’ll see you on the other side.”

Mildred’s uneasiness about going up to look at the room dressed only in a robe was overcome when she saw that the robes were not the usual cheap wrap-around type, but rather they had a full row of buttons in addition to a waist tie. Inside the change cabin, she sat on the bench, unzipped the back of her one-piece and after raising her rear end, worked the wet swimsuit down to her knees. Then she stopped and looked at her crotch with its neat bikini trim. She had never had a Brazil nor had she ever shaved herself completely. She did, however regularly trim her pubic hair to a half inch or so and then shaved all around so no pubic hair was ever visible when she wore a swim suit. Again it crossed her mind that Roger might just be after a quick fuck. She wondered what a rich guy like Roger would think of a woman who wasn’t bare down there. Instantly she purged the thought – ‘he’s just going to show me the damned room, no more. He probably gets more than he can take care of with that trophy wife who probably has a bare pussy.’ After a very quick shower, she put on the robe and buttoned it all the way up so as to not look suggestive in any way.

Roger was waiting outside also wearing a robe with the top three buttons left undone and slightly open as if to display his hairy chest. It then crossed Mildred’s mind that Roger and her husband Harry were exact opposites in so far as hair was concerned. Harry, although nearly 60, had a full head of hair with only a sprinkling of gray while Roger was bald on top with only thin strips of gray-red hair on the sides. Except for a few single hairs, Harry’s chest was completely smooth. Roger on the other hand, had a pronounced crop of hair on his chest that only thinned out as it reached his shoulders. It also crossed her mind that she might actually be attracted to Roger because of the oppositeness – kind of like the grass always being greener on the other side of the fence. Then another thought suddenly hit her: Roger’s trophy wife Joan, beautiful though she was, had very moderate breasts. She, Mildred, on the other hand was very nicely endowed. Could it be that Roger was on the prowl looking for a little variety. Again she had to scold herself to get stuff like that out of her head. She was just going to look at the damn room! If Roger got pushy, it would be easy to just leave.

“Penny for your thoughts, Mildred.”

Again surprised, she gave a less than convincing reply. “Oh just thinking how impressed my friends are going to be when I tell them I got to see a room in the Grand.”

In the lift they both faced the door. Mildred found herself undoing the top button on the robe. This Roger immediately noticed and commented, “it is warm in here – especially after so long in the hot pool.” He was immensely enjoying the excellent view of Mildred’s rather impressive cleavage and was pretty confident that she had undone the button for other than comfort reasons. He also liked the feel of the blood surging in his crotch.

When they stepped out of the lift, Roger placed a hand on the small of Mildred’s back to show her the direction to the room and didn’t remove it until they got to the room where he needed both hands to stick in the card key and push open the door. For her part Mildred knew she could walk a little faster and get away from the hand but she couldn’t bring herself to do that. The truth was that she was enjoying the tingling sensation in her body and she didn’t want it to stop. Still, something in her mind told her she shouldn’t have come this far, but at the same time she reasoned that she could always just turn around and go back to the pool.

The room was indeed a beautiful accomplishment of interior design – traditional, but with modern amenities that all seemed to fit together. Exactly to her taste. However, she did not dwell very long on the room itself. The view was too overwhelming. From the pool at ground level, the view of the surrounding mountains was beautiful. From the 5th floor window, she couldn’t think of an appropriate adjective – stunning, awesome, magnificent, etc. Mildred went straight to the window and stood with her arms crossed, gazing and admiring.

From across the room and behind her: “You like the view?”

“Roger, it’s stunning, overwhelming, words can’t do it justice. I’m so glad you offered to show this to me. How can I ever thank you enough?”

He had an answer to her question but dared not give it for fear of spoiling things by being too forward too soon. Instead in a platonic tone of voice, “that you appreciate it is thanks enough. By the way, there’s some really decent white wine in the mini-bar. How about a glass?”

Again Mildred thought about declining and leaving with hearty thanks. But still she thought, ‘what the hell, I can leave before or after a glass of wine’. “Yes that would be nice.”

They stood side by side at the window, clinked glasses and after Roger had pecked both her cheeks, they said “cheers”. Mildred remained at the window while Roger took the empty glasses back to the mini-bar. To herself, she said ‘I should leave now.’ Without turning around, she said aloud to Roger, “it must be tough to leave this nice room when your holiday is over.”

Roger laughed as he returned to the window and placed a hand on her shoulder as if to say she didn’t have to leave just then. Moving closer he saw that a second button on her robe was undone and looking down over her shoulder as he was, her nipples were nearly visible. He moved to the left so as to be more behind her and laid his right hand on her shoulder, at the same time pushing the robe away from her neck just far enough so his hand lay on her bare skin.

Mildred thought she should stop this now and reasoned that she had undone the second button with the intent of rewarding Roger with a quick look at her breasts. Then she felt his hardness against her back and wondered if she could halt things now that he had had a quick look. His kiss to her neck and his right hand moving down to the top of her breast told her that halting things might not be so easy. When his hand went down between her breasts, she could feel the hair on the top of his fingers sliding along the inside of her left breast, the underside of his fingers and palm grazing the inside of the right. The hand hefting and fondling her right breast gave her the feeling that maybe she might not want to stop the flow. She opened the third button of the robe and freed her breasts completely.

Roger’s right hand moved to the right and he began massaging the nipple of her right breast with his thumb and first two fingers. Meanwhile his left hand moved down to her left breast. Her response to both breasts being fondled and both nipples being massaged was a soft moan, perhaps more like a happy sigh.

“Mildred, you have such beautiful breasts.”

“Thank you Roger, I’m so glad they please you.”

“My lovely Mildred, you are the one who deserves to be pleased.”

Her answer was a soft breathless ‘ummmm’.

When he pressed his hips even harder against her back, her response was louder, more like a sharp “oooh”. She felt a wet tingle between her legs and finally surrendered to the notion that she would not be leaving the room very soon and not because of the view either. With his hardness pressing against her back, arms around her, hands cupping and hefting her breasts and fingers pinching her nipples, he kissed her neck, cheeks, ears and the corners of her mouth. Mildred was in heaven and could almost feel moisture dripping from her crotch.

Then he moved around to face her and they kissed deeply. Exchanging tongues, he pressed closer and she felt his erection against her belly. Breaking off the kiss and lowering his body by bending his knees, he pressed his hips close and Mildred felt a hard object against her pubis. As he pressed closer his hardness pushed back her robe and rubbed her whole crotch. Mildred knew clearly what was going to happen and put all resistance out of her mind.

He ushered her to the couch and guided her to a sitting position where her buttocks were near the edge of the seat. Mildred was utterly obedient and let him take the lead. “Shall we undo the rest of your buttons Mildred?” She looked into his eyes and wanted to say ‘yes’ in as sweet a voice as possible, however, her voice failed her so she simply looked into his eyes and nodded her head in the affirmative. Roger bent forward and undid the fourth button and her belly button was exposed. “Now Mildred the next button is yours to undo.” She complied and the top of her pubic hair came into view.

She found her voice again. “Am I okay for you? I mean I don’t…..”

His wife Joan had regular Brazils and although her bareness didn’t really bother him, he often missed the drama of parting the hair and opening the view of the pink interior. Of course he couldn’t tell Mildred her pussy was dramatic so he settled on what he thought would set her at ease: “My dear, inside of you is what counts, not what’s outside.” Then he undid the last two buttons and opened her robe completely. Mildred spread her legs and raised her knees to give Roger an even more intimate view. The pleased anticipatory look on his face told her that for sure, her hairy pubis was far from being to his displeasure.

“Mildred I think it would be my turn now,” and he undid another of his buttons to expose his belly button. Then “Now Mildred, you have the honor and I hope for you the pleasure.”

There were still two buttons to be undone and it would be up to her to open them. A flash went through her head. What would she see? She knew he would be erect – his hardness against her back had already told her that. Would he be bigger than Harry? Silly question! She had seen Roger in wet swim trunks and it had been pretty obvious that he had lots of muscle protruding from his groin. And besides, Harry had a very moderately sized member. Would he be circumcised like Harry? Maybe his foreskin would be back and she wouldn’t be able to tell until afterwards when he was soft. Would he have big testicles hanging down? Probably not at the moment because of his erection.

Then she undid the two buttons and opened his robe. The sharp “umff” that escaped her lips and the quick intake of breath told Roger that Mildred’s husband had a penis somewhat smaller than his, maybe a lot smaller. Her reaction was one he was familiar with. In high school his first few girl friends had refused him when they saw how big he was. He had been able to get rid of his virginity only after he stopped letting girls see it first. The summer before he left for college, a friend of his mother had seduced him – his first of many experiences with mature women who liked the excitement of pulling down his shorts and marveling at his size. If the woman was used to big ones, there’d be a solid “ummm” from their lips. Otherwise, like Mildred whose husband apparently wasn’t too well endowed, there’d be the sharp murmur of shocked surprise and the quick intake of breath. No mature woman had ever refused him after they had seen it – a few had asked for lube though.

In her slight shock at seeing the large extended member facing her, it went through her mind that Roger and her husband Harry truly differed in another way outside of abundance or scarcity of scalp hair and chest hair. Yes, Roger’s was a lot bigger than Harry’s. For some reason though it never occurred to her that it would be difficult or that she might want some lube. Mildred looked up at Roger and with her hands behind her knees, raised them as high as she could. Roger was instantly on his knees and guided the head of his big penis in between her now shiny wet and slightly spread lips.

Sitting on the couch as she was, Mildred was in a position to observe as the reddish head partly disappeared among her labia. The first feeling was of a pleasant spreading and stretching. As he moved around in there, she become even wetter and softer and the stretching changed to a tingling that became almost unbearably intense when with his hand, he guided the head to her clitoris and massaged it. Her response was a light orgasm that fed her demand for more. “Roger, Roger, I want it in, in me, oh please, try now, now! Oooooh God, please!”

As he entered her vagina, she watched the head disappear followed by more and more of the shaft and felt the stretching sensation, sort of a pleasurable pain like when Harry chewed on her nipples. Experienced and considerate that he was, Roger worked his way in slowly – pushing deeper then backing out. He was not in far when she let out a stifled squeal that told him that the rim of his penis had just grazed her G-spot. Knowing that his length might not let him enter her fully, he made ever more cautious thrusts the deeper he went. Then her whimper let him know how deep her uterus lay and he backed off and commenced a slow measured thrusting, sometimes nearly withdrawing so that the corona would graze her G-spot on the way back in. Each time she reacted with either the stifled squeal or a sharp breath.

Mildred marveled at the sight of the thick shaft as it withdrew – all shiny with her juices – and marveled even more when so much went back into her, grazing her G-spot as it traveled. As much as she longed to answer Roger’s thrusts with her own, Mildred knew her position at the edge of the sofa doomed her to more passive role than she would have liked – she dared not make more than small thrusts. However, as his thrusts and oscillations became more and more violent, she could no longer remain passive and completely as expected, she slid off the edge of the couch and Roger slipped out of her as they both tumbled to the floor.

Without a word, he worked her robe under her body, smoothed it out and was about to remount when she stopped him. “Roger, wait. Please get me some pillows.” When he returned from the bedroom with the pillows she couldn’t get enough of the sight of naked hairy chested balding Roger, great big shiny erect penis bobbing only slightly and testicles up too tight to swing.

He had thought she wanted the pillows under her hips but she made clear what she wanted. “Under my head and shoulders. I like to watch you go in and out of me.”

This time his penis slid right in accompanied by her sigh of satisfaction and squeal as the corona grazed her G-spot. Roger was accomplished at controlling his thrusts so as to avoid slamming into the uterus, however, this was now complicated by Mildred’s increasingly hard counterthrusts. Occasionally he would stop and let Mildred control things by thrusting up from position below.

“Maybe you should be on top.”

“Or put some kind of ring on you, something like a doughnut or two to gauge it.”

Both giggled.

“But there’s not a Dunkin Doughnuts within 50 miles of here.”

More giggling.

“How about making a mark on your shaft?”

“Should I go look for a marker pen?”

More giggling.

Mildred reached down and touched the part of his shaft that was not inside her. “There’s no marker pen that’ll work on a surface like this.”

“You could wipe me off first.”

“Oh Roger, let’s just do it some more. You be careful and I’ll let you know when you’re too deep.”

The conversation and giggling had relaxed both of them and relieved some of the urgency to orgasm. Now it was more like a friendly fuck – Roger still very hard and Mildred very wet and loose. He really wanted her to orgasm so he resorted to short and rapid thrusts with his corona in the area of her G-spot. Her pants and moans told him it was going to work and then her legs clenched and she dug her fingers into his shoulders. A squeal of pleasure and then sharp breath intakes and soft moaning told him she was really going over the top.

Mildred loved to orgasm. The tingling in her vagina, the hot surges up and down her body, muscle spasms and a nearly blacking out (sometimes). Typically when her high point was just over, muscles in her vagina walls would alternately contract and release causing a surging massage like action on the penis inside her. Today was no exception, if anything the surging was more intense than usual. The effect on Roger was predictable – she felt his penis jerk inside her and then the pulses of his ejaculate. “Roger, oh, oh, oh, oooohhhh!” Then she had a small follow-up orgasm. She hoped Roger would stay inside her and let her enjoy the relaxed feel of his softening penis. Her husband Harry almost always left his in – like letting it soak in both their juices – and sometimes got hard inside her and they’d have another go, albeit less intense and not as long lasting.

But Roger pulled out. His penis hung down, still big compared to what she was used to – in fact she thought Roger’s was bigger soft than Harry’s was hard. The foreskin now covered the head and the whole thing was wet and looked smeary with their combined juices. On his knees, he inched himself towards her head. Mildred thought he might want her to lick his penis clean but Roger turned out to have something else in mind. Upon reaching her chest, he lay his smeary penis between her ample breasts and taking them in his hands, he used them like towels to wipe himself off. Mildred found she enjoyed this intensely and began to wonder what would come next.

Roger inched away from her head and bent over to lick the juices from her breasts. This was something her husband Harry had never done. She was surprised that it didn’t gross her out – in fact far from it – she felt herself tingling, especially when he did an extra good job of licking her nipples. When Roger got up and began inching his way back toward her breast she again wondered what would come next. She didn’t have long to wonder. He inched up right past her breasts and on until his penis was near her face. She knew what he wanted and she knew she wanted to do it just as much as he wanted it. Holding  the big soft shaft in her left hand, she used the thumb and forefinger of her right to retract his foreskin and free the head, which was coated with both their juices, some partly dry, some still sticky. She licked it clean and swallowed.

The effect of a moist female tongue on the head of a man’s penis is pretty predictable. With the shaft still in her left hand, Mildred could feel him begin to swell. Looking up with a mischievous grin, “like to get hard in my mouth?”

Roger’s answer was to move closer. Mildred surrounded the whole head with her mouth, and with her tongue, flicked it – especially around the meatus. Although she already had a good mouthful with the head, she moved her lips further on the shaft to take more of him in. Reaching her limit, she backed off and then proceeded to give him a short-stroke mouth fucking.

Mildred was used to giving her husband head as part of their foreplay to intercourse, but Harry had never ejaculated into her mouth nor did he seem to want to. She was sure Roger wouldn’t mind ejaculating into her mouth but wondered if, given her limited mouth fucking stroke length, he really wanted that. As if in answer, she felt his penis jerk against the roof of her mouth. Then she felt several shots of hot semen. She backed off and opened her mouth to show him his discharge – expecting him to just look and watch her swallow. Instead, he held out a hand below her mouth into which she let drool his entire discharge along with her saliva. Still on his knees, Roger backed away from her head and tipped the handful of sticky liquid over her breasts. Before it could run off, he spread it all over, massaging her nipples as he went.

Mildred would actually rather have had another session of normal intercourse, but at the same time she was curious about Roger’s carnal desires. She was soon to learn more - he lay his soft smeary member between her breasts, which he then pushed together. By kneading her breasts and working his hips, he gave himself a penis massage. Mildred wondered if he might get hard again. Looking closely as the head emerged from between her breasts, she saw a small trickle – he was just milking himself out. “Roger, I would have been glad to do that for you,” meaning of course with her hand or mouth.

“I know but your breasts are too much to resist.”

“So you’re a tit man then?”

“When tits like yours are in front of me, then yes. As a matter of fact, my wife Joan has rather moderate breasts – there’s no way they’d ever surround my penis like yours do.”

Having seen Joan and Roger together in the pool, Mildred knew perfectly well that Joan had small breasts. Although at the time, their age difference had interested her a lot more, she was a bit surprised that Joan had not had breast augmentation. Roger certainly looked as if he could easily afford that.

“Roger, big breasts aren’t everything. There’s other qualities to a woman. Anyway today there’s so much cosmetic surgery done that big breasts aren’t a big deal anymore.”

“Joan used to be very self conscious of her small breasts. We talked about surgery, but she was afraid and to tell the truth, it just wasn’t that important to me.”

“So do you think my breasts are real?”

“I know yours are real. The augmented ones feel like oranges. Mildred, I just love your breasts – the look, the feel. The way they felt rolling around my penis – it was heaven.”

“Speaking of real, Roger, your penis is certainly real – I mean like real big.”

Her saying that confirmed what he assumed about the size of her husband’s penis, but he still wanted her to say it. “Is mine bigger than what you’re used to?”

Mildred wasn’t normally one to share sexual secrets, but she found the situation she was in – Roger straddling her body, soft penis hanging down and touching her stomach, his hands on her breasts – that she really wanted to talk. “You’re bigger than my husband, yes. Actually a lot bigger. You know, like Harry doesn’t have to worry about hitting my uterus. He goes all the way in and we rub our crotches together – no problem. I can take most of him in my mouth without even getting near to gagging. And he has to get at an angle to hit my special spot. You’re so big, the rim tickled it on every stroke.”

“Kinda funny isn’t it, your husband has a small penis, my wife has small breasts? Wouldn’t that make a wild switching situation?”

“Possibly but not with Harry. Good grief, I’d never dare suggest switching. And your wife? How do you think Joan would react if you suggested switching?”

Roger realized he’d pushed a little too hard. “I was just kidding. Sorry, it was bad humor.” He also realized that he wasn’t going to get it up very soon. “Hey how about we shower off and go back to the pool? The couch and the floor didn’t help our sore backs.”

Both laughing and giggling they headed for the bathroom shower where Roger did an extra good job soaping up Mildred’s breasts. Mildred, used to Harry’s smaller circumcised penis, was also in heaven. Several times, she retracted his foreskin, soaped the whole head and then held his penis as it rinsed under the shower. She had rather hoped that he would become erect again, but that seemed not in the cards. Considerate that he was, Roger realized what Mildred wanted. He obliged by fingering her to orgasm under the shower.

Since Harry would be skiing all day, she had plenty of time on her hands and was able to complete her swimming routine and still get home by mid-afternoon. As  expected Harry returned in late afternoon, face red from sun and cold.

They kissed at the front door and after breaking off, Mildred first question was: “Have a good powder day?”

“Super! Boy was it cold in Sheep Gulch, maybe that’s why it wasn’t more skied out.” Then reflecting a little on his day and how to keep Mildred in a good mood, “I missed you today. You’d really have had fun. Hope the back gets better soon.”

“Oh sweetheart, I missed you too. Swimming’s just not my sport, well you know that.”

After dinner and after the TV evening news and weather, they turned off the TV and remained sitting together on the couch. Mildred was not completely at ease and she knew it had something to do with what happened between her and Roger that day. At the same time, the thought of what they had done and sitting close to Harry gave her an erotic charge. The thought went through her mind as to what it would feel like to fuck two different men on the same day. The closest she had come to that was in college when she had fucked a guy on Friday night, broken off with him on Saturday morning and then hooked up with someone else the next weekend. She scooted over a little closer to Harry and put a hand on his leg.

Harry responded by putting his hand over hers and turning towards her, kissed her on the lips. When his hand went to her breasts, she didn’t have to feel his crotch to know he was hard. When his hand went under her sweater and flipped up her bra, she couldn’t help but give him a feel. Sure enough, Harry was rock hard and feeling her hand on his crotch, he unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans down to his knees. Now Mildred could feel him through the thin cotton of his boxer shorts. How different from Roger’s massive member, Harry’s was just a comfortable handful, but he was hard and he was right next to her engrossed in playing with her breasts. Through his shorts she began to stroke his penis and as she expected, he stopped playing with her breasts long enough to pull down his shorts and at the same time completely remove his jeans and the shorts. Harry loved to expose himself to her and he loved it even more when she played with his penis and scrotum. He spread his legs wide.

Mildred was one of those women who are fascinated with the male genitalia. While gazing at his crotch, she cupped his weighty scrotum with one hand and with thumb and forefinger of the other, examined each testicle by itself, as if to determine it’s exact shape and weight. Then, still cupping his scrotum with the one hand, she ran the forefinger of the other hand round and round all over the head of his penis, paying especial attention to going round and round on the rim. Harry swooned with pleasure. Moving that hand to the shaft, she masturbated him slowly. Although Harry was circumcised, his circumcision was not tight and she was able to masturbate him by moving the skin. They had never needed nor bothered with lubricant.

Again Mildred was reminded of Roger - how his shaft had felt in her hand. Actually she could barely surround Roger with her hand and she was able to grasp it with both hands, it was that long.  With her husband Harry, one of her hands was enough to cover the whole shaft. When masturbating him to ejaculation, she usually resorted to using only her thumb and forefinger just to get more movement.

“Harry honey, are you getting close?”

Harry managed to utter the affirmative.

“I’d better get a towel, okay?” After his “yes” and before getting up, she bent over and kissed the end of his penis.”

Harry truly enjoyed Mildred’s hand jobs. In fact he had almost looked forward to her periods. During the last months of her pregnancies, as her sex drive collapsed, she had been diligent and at the same time subtle in looking after his needs. Subtle in that she frequently just happened to be in the bathroom when he came out of the shower. If his penis began to swell she might encourage it a bit by a teasing touch and if he responded, jack him off on the spot or promise relief later in bed. In bed she encouraged him to spoon. If she felt a thickening bulge against her ass cheeks, she knew he needed a milking down and always obliged.

Mildred liked giving hand jobs and she was convinced that she was good at it. Perhaps it had to do with her fascination with the male genitalia. Perhaps it went back to her mother’s admonishments against having sex. Mildred had been a teenager in a time when virgin brides were more common than teenage birth control. Her mother had warned her about letting the boys pet her titties - and heaven forbid - touch her ‘down there’. At the same time, her mother, a realist admitted to her that in spite of all best intentions, plan B might be necessary. “When he’s worked up, you’ll feel his hard thing against you – right through his jeans. If you think you might not be able to stop, massage him down there, back and forth. He might just orgasm right in his underpants. Once he does that, the storm is over and you’ve nothing more to worry about.”

Harry was daydreaming about the hand job he was going to get and was still very hard when Mildred returned, wrapped in a big bath towel. He knew she had undressed in the bathroom and he wondered…….

His wondering was over quickly. Mildred spread the towel on the sofa and sat down. Giving Harry a sultry look, she spread her legs slightly. “Would you mind terribly?”

In a flash, Harry was on his knees between her legs and after giving her furry mound a fleeting kiss, was dragging the shiny penis head in her now very wet lips. This brought a gasp of satisfaction from Mildred and encouragement. “Harry, oh yes, oh yes. Harry now in me, please.”

Harry drove in to the hilt and held Mildred tight. When she pushed back, he understood the signal. Out almost all the way, then in to the hilt repeatedly for minutes and minutes – both were sweating. “Harry, my special spot!”

He pulled nearly all the way out, dropped his body slightly and then pushed in at an angle so that the head of his penis was against the top of her vagina. A pulsing like motion of his hips and her G-spot was well served. Mildred squealed and pounded the couch with her hands – her orgasm was a big one. When she relaxed, Harry went all the way in and hugged her tightly. It wasn’t until he felt the rush of warm liquid on the base of his penis and scrotum and even on his thighs that he realized how hard she had gone off.

Now more relaxed, Mildred could feel Harry inside her. “Harry, you’re still hard. Poor baby, you didn’t go off yet did you?”

It was a little embarrassing to Harry that he hadn’t gone off so, barely audible, he uttered, “Uh, uh.”

“Don’t worry honey, it’s nothing I can’t help you with, one way or the other.” Mildred’s one way was to manipulate muscles in the walls of her vagina and the other way was to take him into her mouth. She preferred the one way and especially now that Harry was already inside her.

Harry felt the pulses immediately and let her know with gasps and grunts.

“Harry baby, oh you feel my pussy working on your big hard penis?”

Harry could only grunt an affirming “yeah”.

“Oh Harry, please fill my pussy with your hot cum.”

“I want to Mildred, please keep jacking me off with your pussy.”

Over the years, Mildred and Harry had found that one or the other had trouble reaching an orgasm, talking dirty always helped.

Mildred redoubled her efforts and Harry grunted heavily, his muscles tensed up and then he let go. “Oh fuck, oh fuck!”

“Harry I feel you squirting inside of me. Oh Harry please fill my pussy.”

There was some wild thrusting against each other before they collapsed together, all sweaty and with sticky groins and legs, atop the towel on the sofa. Harry was now completely soft but they kept their groins close together. Both had long treasured these after moments of togetherness and it was mutually understood that Harry would stay inside her afterwards.

Both dozed off, literally stuck together. Harry woke first. Now cooled down, sweat evaporated, he woke Mildred.

“Harry honey, that was great! Shall we go clean each other up?” Whenever they fucked somewhere other than in bed, they made a ceremony of washing each other, either in the shower or with washcloths out of the sink.

In the bathroom, Mildred filled the sink with warm water, thus letting Harry know that tonight they would be washing one another out of the sink. Mildred soaped up a washcloth and proceeded to wash him, starting with his thighs. Then she gently washed his scrotum, taking special care to hold his penis this way and that so as not to miss anything. Harry’s penis was no longer completely soft.

In a mother-like tone: “Would sweetie pie like his pee-pee washed too?”

“Yes Mommy, please wash my pee-pee.”

Mildred got the washcloth really soapy and turned back to face him. Cradling his penis with her left hand, she carefully soaped him up. After placing the washcloth back in the sink, Mildred took his penis in her right hand and with the index finger of her left, wiped all the soap from the head. If not rock hard, Harry was now swollen nicely. Her slow masturbation with her right hand grasping his penis got him to flinching.

“Does sweetie pie like Mommy to play with his little pee-pee?”

“Oh yes, oh yeah, please Mommy, play with my pee-pee some more please.”

“Promise to be good to Mommy?”

“Yes, I’ll be good to Mommy. Please more.”

Mildred increased the tempo and cupped her hand under the head of Harry’s penis. At the same time as she saw his stomach muscles contract, some semen flowed out from his penis and into her cupped hand. Then he relaxed.

Harry took the washcloth and after soaping it up, slowly washed Mildred’s legs and groin. A finger protruding from the washcloth trolled through her slit up and down before settling on a little nubbin at the top. Mildred oscillated her hips as he massaged the little nubbin in a circling motion. “Harry sweetheart, be a good little boy and finger me.”

By now Mildred was so wet and loose that one, no not even two fingers were of much use. Harry fucked her with three fingers, first simple in and out stroking, then he searched for that special spot. Her muffled squeal told him he’d found it and then he felt the warm discharge on his hand.

Afterwards they showered together, albeit more or less platonically since both were sexually played out. In bed they lay spooned together and slept soundly.

The next day, Harry again went skiing and Mildred went back to the Grand Panorama Hotel spa. As she had thought and expected, Roger was there as well.

“So glad to see you’re here again Mildred. Have a nice evening?”

Her blush told him not only that she did have a nice evening, but how she had a nice evening. “Yes, thank you for asking. Harry had a terrific day of skiing. Raved about it all through dinner. When he saw how sorry I was not to have been skiing too, he apologized for making me feel bad.”

“That’s all?”

“What all?”

“Surely Mildred, there must have been more to your evening than dinner and some apologies.”

“I wouldn’t want to bore you with the mundane details of my domestic life.”

“After what I experienced with you yesterday, I doubt if you have a very mundane domestic life.”

“You mean you want to hear the nitty-gritty details from the sex life that I have with Harry?”

“Actually, at this moment, there’s nothing that I’d rather hear more than a blow by blow description of what you and Harry did last night.”

Again blushing, “Right here at the edge of the pool? Or should we see if the cave is occupied?”

In the cave, Mildred began haltingly. Blushing heavily, “Roger, I’m just not sure I can tell you stuff like this. I mean you might think, well Harry and I, well we do some funny stuff. I couldn’t bear to be laughed at.”

Roger put a hand on her waist and encouraged her to sit deeper in the water. Then he slid a hand under the top of her swim suit and cupped one of her voluminous breasts. “We were so intimate yesterday. Surely you can trust me. And I promise you, I will never laugh at you, only with you.”

That broke the last of Mildred’s defenses and she went on to tell Roger all about the previous evening at home with Harry, even embellishing here and there. Before she was done, Roger took her hand and placed it over his crotch. His penis was rock hard and through his swim trunk, she stroked it lightly as she went on with relating the events of the evening.

“Roger will this go away by itself? I mean you have to get out of the water to get to the changing room.”

“Two possible solutions. You could jack me off, but semen in the water is something the management frowns on. The other way is you get the robe that I put outside the changing room and bring it to me as I get out of the water.”

“I’ll fetch the robe. It’d be a shame to waste your delicious cum in this pool. Oh by the way you are going to tell me what you and Joan did last night, aren’t you?”

“Of course, but not here. In the room. Shall we?”

This time there were no unbuttoning signals in the hallway or lift. Roger and Mildred went straight to the room and as soon as the door closed behind them, both dropped their robes to the floor. Roger was still rock hard. Mildred would have sworn that juices were flowing down her legs. They embraced and kissed with tongues intermingling and all the while he fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples. Noticing that she was  thrusting her hips toward him, he broke off the kiss and lowered his body so that his hard penis could rub her wet slit.

"Roger let’s go to bed. I want you to really use me.”

They had hardly turned back the covers and Mildred was on her back with her legs spread and knees up. This time she didn’t bother watching the penetration, she just through her head back and moaned as he drove deep into her. The fuck that followed could only be described as wild and violent - rapid and long strokes, loud smacking as their hips collided. Mildred was aware of her G-spot being rubbed by his corona on every stroke. When she squealed and pounded the bed with her fists, Roger felt the rush of warm liquid and knew he needed to hold back no longer. In spite of her orgasmic high, Mildred was able to feel his spurting semen.

Afterwards: “Roger please stay inside of me this time.”

Mildred thought he might get hard again inside of her but when that didn’t happen she motioned for a withdrawal and afterwards they lay on their sides facing one another, not talking, just gazing at each other, eyes shifting from face to body, occasionally touching. Sexually both were spent. Their touching was more exploratory with wonderment at the other’s body. Roger continuously cupped the breast closest to the bed, the other he fondled, sometimes pinching her nipples, sometimes letting go completely and reached down to swab her slit.

At first Mildred simply enjoyed the attention her body was getting, then she decided turn about was fair play and turned her attention to Roger’s big soft penis that was drooping down, the end nearly touching the bed. Hefting it, she was again surprised by its weight. How it had changed from not so long ago. Then it had stood out straight from his groin, blunt reddish head shining. Now all she saw was a fleshy shaft ending in a tapering foreskin. How boring. Harry’s, although smaller, exhibited its reddish head at all times. On the other hand, maybe the foreskin had an advantage, kind of like the wrapping on a present. She thought she might want to unwrap the present. Until the day before with Roger, her experience with foreskins had been limited to two guys she had fucked when she was in high school and she hadn’t touched their penis’ when they were soft. Undeterred by inexperience, she held his shaft in one hand and with the thumb and forefinger of the other, worked the foreskin back to expose the head.

“Finding what you’re looking for?”

“Sorry Roger, it’s just that, well I think I told you that Harry is circumcised.”

“And you’re just curious? Are you using me to learn about male anatomy?”

“Please don’t be angry Roger. I love how you satisfy me, how you worship my breasts. You make me feel wanted as a woman.”

“And Harry doesn’t? He doesn’t satisfy you?”

”Of course he does! How could you ask after I told you Harry and I had it great last night – you know I told you all about it down in the cave. You got really hard when I told you. You wanted all the details.”

“Would Harry get hard if you told him about what we do?”

“Good grief! I can’t even bear the thought of telling him about us. It would just kill him. No Roger, our marriage is worth too much for me to do that.”

“Are you sure he wouldn’t, somehow maybe subconsciously, like the thought of you doing this? He might even fantasize about you with another man, especially one with a bigger penis.”

“Don’t be silly, no sane husband would ever do that and Harry is absolutely sane.”

“Mildred, sanity does not exclude fantasy. Sane men fantasize all the time. Especially about sex. The cuckold fantasy is well known, documented and explained by psychologists – especially when it comes to being cuckolded by a man with a bigger penis. Some men even fantasize about watching. In fact these fantasies sometimes get lived out. You have no doubt heard of swinging, haven’t you?”

“Of course, but that’s when couples exchange partners.”

“In principle yes, but the desire for swinging can be driven by the cuckold fantasy. If  the other man is married, bringing in the partner just sort of happens. Going back to you, when you told me about what you and Harry did last night, you said he fingered you – with three fingers. I once read that men who do that are subconsciously acting out the scene of their wife getting fucked by a guy with a really thick penis, especially if theirs is small.”

“That theory is pretty hard for me to swallow. Even harder to swallow than your penis, which is now getting thicker by the minute.” Indeed Roger was not immune to her ministrations of his foreskin. And neither was she to the fondling he was giving her breasts and the on and off massage of her clitoris. This time she straddled Roger and let herself down on to him.

Afterwards they showered together and in their robes sat together on the couch.

“Roger, what you said earlier about telling Harry, were you serious or just joking? How would you feel if Joan came home this afternoon and told you exactly how she got it on with another some guy she met skiing?”

“I’d feel really horny and we’d have some super sex.”

“You’re just saying that. No, you can’t mean that.”

“Look Mildred, Joan and I have a very open relationship. She tells me and I tell her.”

“So the next time I see her in the pool, she’s going to look at me and think ‘oh there’s the slut who fucked my husband.’ Oh Roger, how could you?”

“She’s not going to look down on you and she’s not going to be jealous. More like she’s going to be like, appreciative that you made her evening with me better. Look, just because somebody else skis the same deep powder as you, it doesn’t mean you have to be spiteful, jealous or anything. You’re more like friends who enjoyed the same thing. Think about it. If the opportunity presents itself, tell Harry.”

“I’d better go get my swimming in so my back gets better.”

Late that afternoon Harry came home, again in buoyant spirits after having a great powder snow day. Watching him come in with face red from sun and cold, he was picture of manhood and she quickly dismissed ever telling him about the affair with Roger.

Over a dinner of spaghetti and salad with a nice chianti, they both mellowed out. Mildred got to thinking about whether they would have sex tonight and how it would be. She got her first hint when they were cleaning up after dinner. She was putting dishes in the dishwasher and he came up close behind her. She felt his bulge. Would it be on the couch, in the bathtub or in bed?

The answer turned out to be none of the above. Harry made a fire in the fireplace and pulled a couple of big pillows close in. The romantic scene was made complete when he extinguished all the lights and brought two glasses of brandy.

They made out like two high school lovers when the parents aren’t home and piece by piece, their clothing came off. Harry nuzzled her breasts for some time before heading downward. His tongue on her slit and his finger on her clitoris brought her over the top but she wanted more. “Harry, come inside me please, now!”

Afterwards, they lay on the towel that Harry had had presence of mind enough to fetch ahead of time. Lying atop the big wet smear seemed not to bother either. Mildred got to reflecting back on what Roger had said that afternoon. Should she start the topic with Harry? So far there had been no opportunity and she had no idea how to make it happen.

It has been claimed that people who live together over time, especially in a stable relationship, begin to pick up thoughts from one another. Harry and Mildred had experienced this on occasion – like thinking about the same thing or person simultaneously, picking the same TV program, book, etc. Still Mildred was taken by surprise by what Harry said next.

“Mildred, there’s something I sometimes wonder about. It’s kind of hard for me to bring it up though. I’m always afraid you might be angry or not respect me for it.”

She thought this might be the opportunity, no matter what it was he wanted to talk about. “Darling, you know we can talk about anything. Money, skiing, vacation, sex – you name it. If you’re not satisfied with our sex, please, let’s talk it out. Even if it hurts my feelings, it’s still better that it comes out.”

“It’s about sex but not my satisfaction. I sometimes wonder if you …..”

“Harry, we just came simultaneously and we’re lying in the sticky results. My orgasm surely was not faked. In fact it was pretty damn intense.”

“Still, well, you know. Well I’m not all that big down there. In between, I wonder if you sometimes wish I were bigger. Don’t you ever wonder what it’d be like to have a man drive a great big one in you?”

“Harry, I wasn’t a virgin when we married.”

“And some of my predecessors had more than I do? Like how big were they? Six, seven, eight inches?” Seeing her frown, he added, “please don’t be mad, it’s something that crosses my mind. I just can’t help it.”

”Before you, I fucked only 4 guys and I never measured any of them. And no, I’m not mad. Actually it’s kind of an erotic conversation.”

“But all four were bigger than me, weren’t they? I mean you saw their penis’, you held them, you felt them go in….”

“And I gave head too. Not to all four. Not to the high school boyfriend, not to Randy Carpenter, just to the two guys when I was in college.”

“They were all bigger than me, weren’t they. I won’t be mad, honest Mildred, I just want to know.”

“Yes Harry, they were all bigger. Especially Danny Bonder, the guy in high school. Shit, it really hurt when he busted my cherry. Afterwards though it went in just fine.”

“It must feel fuller when a big one is in you?”

“Well yes, I guess so. Maybe a little like when you put three fingers in me.” And then a light flashed in Mildred’s brain. “Harry is that why you finger me like that? With three fingers, so you can see how I’d move, talk, moan, pant with a big one moving around inside me?”

Harry put his head down and that’s when Mildred noticed that he was fully erect. She reached over and took his penis in her hand. “I think my sweetie is all excited about me getting a big one, isn’t he?”

“Oh Mildred, hold me, tell me more. Tell me about the big ones slamming into you, going in and out. Like how it was with Randy Carpenter, with Danny Bonder.”

“Harry it’s been so long since before we married. But there is something else.” And then she proceeded to tell him about Roger - complete with every detail. Harry ejaculated in her hand before she was done.

They hugged tightly and kissed. “Mildred, I’m so happy with you.”

In the morning at breakfast, Harry dropped a bombshell. “Mildred, you know what I’d like? I’d like to be a fly on the wall in that hotel room when you two go at it. Not that you telling me all the nitty-gritty details isn’t good, it’s just that ….”

“Honey, I’ll do my best to remember everything.

Harry hesitated, then answered, “what if I went with you swimming? If I saw Roger, met him, talked to him, I could really picture you two going at it. You could introduce me, then I could leave on some excuse or other and then you two could go up to the room.”

“You could just wait in the pool if you wanted to. I think Roger is very comfortable with you knowing. In fact he even brought up the idea that I tell you.”

Later that morning in the pool, they swam around for a while constantly on the lookout for Roger. After an hour or so, they had more or less given up on him swimming today. Had his shoulder gotten better? Maybe he’d gone skiing with his young trophy wife, Joan? Finally Harry suggested that they go in the little cave and tell him again about when she first met Roger and how they happened to go to the hotel room.

In the cave, they sat close side by side on the underwater ledge. Mildred had no sooner begun telling and Harry felt a warm swelling. He was about to put his hand on Mildred’s thigh when Roger swam into the cave.

After introductions, there was an awkward silence, which Roger broke. “My wife Joan went skiing again today. Harry, you didn’t feel like skiing today?”

“I always feel like skiing. The thing is though, Mildred’s been telling me about how much she’s enjoyed it here so today I thought I’d come along to see.”

At first Roger didn’t know what to make of what Harry had said so he answered innocuously “yeah, this is really a great pool, what with the design, warm water, view, nice folks.” Then he caught Mildred’s wink and brief telling smile and continued, “you know, I’ve got a very nice Sonoma County Chardonnay upstairs in the fridge just waiting to be shared with nice folks like you. How about a little break from swimming. We can leave our swim stuff on, just grab robes and go on up. The room’s pretty warm anyway, what with the morning sun streaming in.”

Once inside Roger and Joan’s room, Mildred steered Harry to the window while Roger went to fetch the wine and glasses. “Harry darling, isn’t the view marvelous? I couldn’t believe it the first time.”

Harry answered in a low voice. “The view is great. Speaking of first times, are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“I’ve already fucked Roger. The way you got worked up when I told you all about it, I can’t wait to fuck him with you watching. How about you? Are you sure you want to watch him put his big salami to me?”

“Feel my crotch.”

She did. “Oh Harry, you really do want to us do it!”

Roger had seen Harry and Mildred talking in low voices by the window and correctly assumed that it was all about propping up each other’s courage so he took his time opening the wine and getting the glasses. After giving them a little time to get things clear between them, he strode over to them with the bottle and three empty glasses. After pouring, “Harry, and Mildred, so glad you came up. I’m looking forward to the three of us becoming much better acquainted. Cheers!”

They chatted innocuously about the view, skiing, the good weather and so forth. Roger was alert to top off and refill their glasses, especially Harry’s, as needed and soon the bottle was empty. “Look there’s another bottle in the fridge, but I’m sure your swim stuff is starting to feel clammy. Mildred, I trust you’ve told Harry about the fantastic walk-in shower we’ve got in the room, haven’t you?”

Harry answered for her. “Mildred did mention it. Sounds like something we could all use right now.”

“Fine, but first Harry and Mildred, I think I should tell you that MM and MMF is not my kind of thing.”

Harry looked disappointed. “Oh I thought I might be staying while, well you know …..”

“Sorry for the misunderstanding. Of course you should stay, it’s just that, well I just don’t like fans coming out on the playing field.”

Harry was no longer disappointed. “Roger, thanks so much for making that clear.”

In the bathroom, to Roger and Mildred’s surprise, Harry was the first to peel off his robe and trunks. Mildred turned her back to Roger. “Roger the zipper to my suit is in back. Would you please do the honors?”

After unzipping he let the front fall and took her breasts in his hands. “Harry, your wife has fabulous breasts. Seeing your erection, I can see that you enjoy them as much as I do.” He continued caressing her breasts and massaging her nipples before bending to tug her swim suit down and then helping her step out of it completely.

Standing up again behind her, he fondled her breasts with both hands before moving one hand down to her crotch and stroked her pubic hair. “Harry, Mildred really has a pretty pussy. I really like that it’s not bare. Do you like it that way too?”

Harry was by now completely beside himself. Somewhat like as if he had hyperventilated. Or like when he forgot to breathe while descending through powder snow in a forest. He was only able to answer feebly, “yes, Roger, I really like Mildred’s soft furry pussy.”

Then Roger tossed off his robe and stepped from behind Mildred. When he tugged off his damp swim trunks and stood up, Harry flinched. In telling Harry about the sex they’d had, Mildred had of course told him that Roger had a really big one, but somehow it hadn’t really sunk in. Perhaps because Harry, like most heterosexual men, almost if ever see another man’s erection – in real life at least.

Roger, ignoring Harry’s flinching, entered the shower and turned on the water. The walk-in shower was large and had a rain nozzle overhead. “Come on in, the water’s fine and there’s room for us all.”

Mildred went in and got close to Roger. Harry kept a distance but eagerly faced the other two wondering what they would all do. He didn’t have to wait long and he wasn’t disappointed. Roger poured some liquid soap over Mildred’s shoulders and slowly spread it making lots of suds. First he soaped up her back and buttocks, thereby reaching well down into her crotch from the back. She reacted with lot’s of ‘Oh Roger’s’, sometimes looking at Harry, smiling and winking. Then he moved his soaping routine to her breasts, fondling them and massaging her nipples. Harry would have liked to masturbate with soap, but he knew that there was more coming and he liked the feeling of having a hard penis while watching Roger play with his wife.

Roger proceeded to soap up her hips and finally turned to her pubic area, which he gave a great deal of attention to. Interrupting that, he looked up to see Harry watching, a mesmerized look on his face, his penis throbbing. “Harry, hold out your hand, some soap?” Harry held out his hand and Roger squeezed the soap bottle till his hand ran over. “Nothing like getting lathered up. Now Mildred’s going to lather me up.”

And Mildred did lather him up. Superficially over his shoulders, then more on his chest before spending even more time on his buttocks and crotch from behind. All the while Roger was still facing Harry whose heart was beating faster and faster as he awaited what he knew Mildred must do next. And then it began, from her stance behind Roger and slightly offset to his right, she reached around with her left hand to cup his scrotum. Meanwhile with the right hand she dripped liquid soap down over his erect penis and then stroked it. The lather built up and with both hands she washed his scrotum very intensely. Then she placed both hands on his penis. Although Harry was already well aware of how big Roger was, it then hit him even harder. Mildred was able to get both hands on Roger, one in front of the other. When she masturbated him, only one hand would go on his shaft. He wondered if Roger would come. That would be a shame because what he really wanted to see was that big thing go in Mildred. Harry needn’t have been concerned, Mildred stopped shortly and used the shower hose to rinse Roger off.

Then Roger used it to rinse her. “Mildred spread your legs a bit so I can get all the soap out. We won’t be needing it there. You’ve got your own built in lube.” The warm spray on her crotch gave her another welcome tingle and she breathed heavily and gave Harry a  sweet knowing smile. He returned the smile, all the while breathing heavily as well.

Ever the good host, Roger passed a towel to Harry and then took another to dry Mildred before he dried himself. “Well, I say we move to the bedroom. The king bed is surely large enough for us all.” In the bedroom, “Mildred could you and Harry please turn out the covers?” Then he turned and left the bedroom leaving the two of them alone.

“Harry darling, are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Oh sweetie, I’m more than okay with this. That was really something in the shower, the sight of him soaping up your breasts! God I can hardly wait to see you two doing it.”

They turned back the covers and then locked in an embrace. They were still kissing passionately when Roger returned – carrying a very large beach towel. Hearing his ‘ahem’, they quickly broke off, flushed and somewhat embarrassed.

“Thanks for keeping Mildred warm for me, Harry. You did keep her juicy down below, didn’t you? Okay, let’s spread this bath towel across the bed so we don’t have to call housekeeping afterwards.” He tossed the folded towel on the bed, making it obvious that they should spread it out.

Roger, opening his hand toward the bed said very courteously, “Harry you may as well make yourself comfortable and be close by to observe as closely as you wish.” Without waiting for Harry to move, Roger took Mildred in his arms and they engaged closely, kissing and rubbing bodies together. Interrupting from time to time, Roger would bend down and kiss her breasts and suck her nipples. Harry could easily see the effect that this had on Mildred as she squirmed and breathed heavily, moaning in between, “oh Roger, oh Roger, I love it when you do that.”

“What else do you love, Mildred? Tell me Mildred, tell me loud so Harry can hear.”

Mildred nearly shouted, “Roger, you know what I love.”

“Say it Mildred, say it. Say it so Harry can hear.”

“Roger, I love when your big penis goes in me, I love to watch it as it disappears in my pussy. Please now Roger.”

The two moved to the bed, Mildred taking a position on her back with her head on pillows near the head end. In the motion of lying down, her legs spread and her knees rose. Roger took a position on his knees between her legs and bent forward. For an instant the head of his penis was brushing her pubic hair, then he trolled it in her slit.

Harry was mesmerized by the sight of that much penis trolling around in his wife’s slit, momentarily even forgetting to breathe. But more was to come. He watched her gasp with pleasure each time that massive head rubbed over her clitoris. He sat up so he could see better. His penis throbbed, he wanted to masturbate but couldn’t bring himself to do it with Roger and Mildred there, even engaged as they were. He wondered when Roger would enter her, what was he waiting for? Was he waiting for her to beg for it? It struck Harry that he wanted Mildred to beg Roger to enter her. Then it happened. Gasping she did beg, “oh Roger please, I want your big penis in me now, oh Roger give it to me good, show Harry how much I like you big penis in me.”

“I won’t disappoint you Mildred.” His hips moved lower and with a thrust he entered her a few inches and with undulating hips slowly and shallowly fucked her with short strokes. Mildred was clutching the towel that they were all lying on, her hips vibrating as if trying to get more of Roger inside her.

“Roger, oh please Roger deeper, fuck me deep, please.”

Harry watched wide eyed as Roger thrust slowly, inch by inch deeper into his wife. Mildred too was watching, she had lay down with her head high on pillows for that reason. Then she grimaced as he hit bottom. “Uhhh, uh, Roger!” He backed off a little, waited and then backed out to where the head of his penis was partially visible, along with the long shaft – all very shiny with his wife’s juices. “Roger, please. Don’t stop, it was just a little too deep.” Harry had never been able to penetrate so deep that it hurt.

Roger resumed with measured strokes, somehow controlling his penetration to keep from hurting Mildred. He made long strokes, so long that the head was partly visible on the upstroke. Harry was entranced by the sight of that long and thick shaft, all shiny and obviously sticky as it withdrew from his wife’s pussy only to plunge back in again. Both were panting loudly, Roger upped the pace and they both were breathing heavily. At once Harry noticed that Roger was going all the way in, without eliciting a cry or grimace from Mildred. The pants and cries of pleasure were slowly being overwhelmed by the smacking of two bodies when he bottomed out. As the pace was upped even more, Harry wondered how either could hold out. And they couldn’t for long – Harry saw Roger’s gut muscles tense as he groaned with ecstasy. From his twitching buttock, Harry assumed he was ejaculating and ejaculating big time. Mildred announced her peak by clenching the towel, raising her head and screaming. Then Roger collapsed atop her. In between deep kisses, they showered one another with praises and affection.

As the action died down, Harry suddenly became aware that his hand was grasping his own penis. stroking it lightly. Shocked he quickly let go, continuing to lie on his side, watching Roger and Mildred engaged in a tender post coitus embrace. Reflecting more on how the scene had affected him, he was actually surprised that he hadn’t masturbated harder and ejaculated.

He heard Roger whisper something to Mildred. She giggled. He whispered again. Again giggle. More kissing. Harry wondered if Roger might be getting hard and put it to his wife again. As if in answer, Mildred broke of the kiss and turned her head, “Harry, please be a dear and get wet washcloths and a hand towel from the bathroom.”

When he returned, Roger and Mildred, contented looks on the faces, were lying on their backs and holding hands. Thinking they wanted to wipe each other off, he handed a washcloth and towel to each. To his surprise Roger handed his back, explaining, “Harry, I think you should be the one to wipe Mildred off, after all you’re going to fuck her next. But first she’s going to give me the pleasure of getting clean.”

Obviously, that was what the whispering was all about. Mildred sat up and leaning towards Roger, proceeded to wipe his thighs. “Roger, please turn over.” Then she wiped the backs of his thighs and his buttocks and crotch.  To indicate that he should roll back over on his back, she gave his buttocks a playful slap. Now on his back, his long soft penis draped down over his scrotum. After carefully washing that, Mildred turned her efforts to his penis. After washing all around the base, she repeatedly drew the washcloth from there to over the end, cleaning the entire member including the foreskin, which now covered the head.

Then after giving both men a sweet seductive smile, she turned to Roger alone, “shall I wash behind sweetie’s foreskin too?”

Roger could only murmur an affirmative.

Harry felt a new surge as Mildred retracted Roger’s foreskin and then slowly washed and dried it. “So Roger dear, how does it feel?”

“That was a great finish. Harry, I’m really glad Mildred knows how to take care of an uncut penis. Obviously, she didn’t learn that from you though. Mildred, did you fuck many uncut guys before you married Harry?” Then laughing, “or since marrying Harry?”

Mildred blushed and before she could think of an answer, Roger continued, “come on Mildred, you can tell us. Harry, hearing her tell about that would be a turn-on for you too, wouldn’t it?”

Mildred, now having recovered her cool and looking at Harry’s crotch, “Harry’s already turned on. And yes, Roger, if you must know, a few of the guys before Harry weren’t circumcised, but I didn’t clean them up afterwards. Satisfied?”

“Mildred, you’ve satisfied me in more than one way. I was going to clean you up but you know what? I think Harry wouldn’t mind going into you just the way you are. Anyway, you came so hard, my cum probably got washed out anyway. Harry?”

“I can’t wait. Mildred?”

In answer, she rolled over onto her back and in one motion, spread her legs and raised her knees while leaving her feet on the bed. Harry moved to a kneeling position between and bent forward, first giving fleeting kisses to her still sticky pubic hair. He couldn’t tell which of the tiny whitish flecks were from Mildred or Roger and nor did he care. After all the pussy he was kissing belonged to his wife Mildred, she who for his pleasure had just fucked another man with a really big uncircumcised penis. “Mildred, Mildred, I love your beautiful pussy.” Then his tongue went into the still spread lips where he alternated licking both sides. “Margaret, I love tasting you, I love tasting your cum.”

“Ohhh Harry my love, that feels so good. Harry darling, some, some of what’s there came from Roger.”

“No matter, Mildred. He gave it to you, now it’s yours.” Harry moved up and used his tongue to make little circles around her clitoris.”

His tonguing didn’t go without effect. Her groin slammed him in the face and she cried out. Her hips undulated and Harry felt her getting wetter and wetter. “Harry, oh dear Harry.” She tugged on his shoulders and he understood. Rising, his lips met hers, their tongues intermingled. They whispered endearments to each other. Then, “Harry, please get inside me.”

“Mildred, I am. All the way in too.”

“Oh sorry. Oh shit, I’m still stretched from Roger. Wait, I can help.”

Harry felt a slowly increasing pressure around his penis. As she tightened around him, the pressure changed to a rolling like massage. That was enough for Harry. He had been hard since the three of them had entered the shower. With a groan he let go and Mildred got her second load of semen. After she announced her climax with a cry and a abdomen, they collapsed together.

They were reminded of Roger’s presence only when he arose from the bed and cleared his throat. “Could I interest you two lovers in lunch? I’ll order from room now. We’ll have time to shower before it gets here.”

In the shower, Harry and Mildred washed each other, soaping one another heavily, then using the hand shower to rinse. Meanwhile Roger was content to stand under the rain head. Suddenly realizing how impolite it was to ignore him, both turned his way looking a bit sheepish. However, Roger was quick to put them at ease. “It’s okay. Watching you two play with each other is almost as good as when Mildred played with me. All the same, Mildred, could you….?”

She looked at Harry as if asking and he responded with a smile and a slight nod. Without answering, Mildred retrieved the washcloth and soaped it up. Then standing slightly to Roger’s side so that Harry could see, in one smooth motion, she took Roger’s soft penis in one hand and completely retracted his foreskin. With the soapy washcloth in the other hand she covered Roger’s entire groin with suds. Still holding Roger’s penis, she tossed the soapy washcloth to Harry and used the free hand to carefully wash Roger. While Harry soaped his penis and scrotum again, Mildred twirled her thumb and first two fingers on the head of Roger’s penis, although more than enough to clean it, her ministrations succeeded only in improving his condition to somewhere between soft and hard. She looked over towards Harry and saw that he too had only a partial erection – it was just too soon afterwards for both men. Leaving one hand grasping Roger, she reached over and grasped Harry’s too. “I think I tired out both of you stallions. Maybe we should rinse off. Room service should be here anytime.”


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