My Part-Time Cuckold Neighbor

Wanda was at it again.  It happens this way about once a month, and the first time it did, she scared the hell out of me.  After two years, I’ve grown to recognize the signs so I’m at least ready, but that first time…

I moved into my house in June two years ago.  It’s a nice house in what the realtor called a mini-farm community.  That’s realtor-speak for a five acre lot that requires a lot of mowing and has a septic tank instead of a sewer connection.  At least it had city water so I didn’t have to put up with a well.

I did have neighbors, one couple on each side.  To the north live John and Sheila Washington.  Even after two years I don’t know them very well.  They’re in their sixties and seem to keep to themselves most of the time.  

To the south live Howard and Wanda Mills.  I know them very well because of Wanda.  She’s…Well, let’s just say I didn’t expect to have neighbors like Howard and Wanda when I moved in.  In some ways I’m happy I do, but it’s also a little weird.

Howard owns and insurance brokerage, and the way he looks and acts, he probably instills trust and confidence in his clients.  Howard isn’t tall, maybe five six or so, and he wears glasses with thick, black plastic frames.  He always goes to work in a suit and tie, a bow tie at that, and he’s starting to get a bald spot on the back of his head even though he’s only in his mid thirties.  He’s also starting to gray a bit at his temples.  All in all, Howard is a nice guy who’d do anything to help you if you needed help.

Wanda is Howard’s wife, about the same age, and most of the time she’s a perfect match for him.  She doesn’t work because Howard makes enough money to give them a comfortable lifestyle.  Wanda keeps the house clean and bakes all sorts of great things that she likes to share.  I met her because she brought me a cake on the first day I moved in.

Wanda is about the same height as Howard, so they match that way too unless she wears high heels.  Her voice is also soft, well, most of the time.  She wears jeans and a T-shirt most days except in the winter, although if it’s really hot, she’ll change the jeans to shorts.  That first week when I moved in, it was really hot even for June, and I really liked Wanda’s shorts.  Wanda has really nice, slender legs and while her ass isn’t little, it’s nicely round and if the jeans or shorts fit tight enough, does some really great things when she moves around.

Wanda isn’t what I’d call beautiful, but she’s not plain by any means.  She’s just a normal looking woman except for her breasts.  As an old girlfriend of mine used to say, the boob fairy visited Wanda about four times.  The result was Wanda can really fill out a T-shirt.  She doesn’t seem to like those bras that flatten everything out either.  When Wanda walks or even moves just a little, there’s no doubt there’s a lot of fun under her T-shirt.

Wanda’s a quiet sort most of the time, the type of woman you’d imagine would treat Howard like a king and make sure he was happy all the time.  She is actually that way.  It’s just that the way she keeps Howard happy isn’t what most people would consider normal.  I sure didn’t at first.

I met Wanda first because I’d taken a week off of work to get moved and Howard was busy selling insurance.  I didn’t meet him until the next Saturday, and once I did I decided they’d be good, if really quiet, neighbors.  They turned out to be just that for about fifteen days.

I was mowing my yard that Saturday, though calling a little over four acres of grass that seems to grow about an inch a day a “yard” is more than a bit of an understatement, and Howard was doing the same.  We finished about the same time, and since we both have a storage shed at the back of the property, that’s where we ended up.  Once he put up his mower, he walked over and introduced himself.

“Hi.  I’m Howard, Howard Mills.  Welcome to the neighborhood.”

Howard stuck out his hand so I took it and did the typical male handshake.  Male handshakes are somewhat a test of strength, I guess, because we usually apply some muscle to the grip.  I did and it was like I was gripping a wet dishrag.  Howard winced and then pulled his hand back as I introduced myself.

“I’m Bret Smithers, and it’s a pleasure to meet you, Howard.  I think I’m going to like it out here.”

Howard was still rubbing his hand, but he smiled at me.

“I’ll have to introduce you to Wanda.  She’s my wife.”

“Well, we already met.  She brought me a cake the day I moved in.”

He smiled again.

“Yes, Wanda would want to make you feel at home.  The last couple who lived in your house weren’t very friendly so she’s happy they’re gone and you’ve taken their place.”

I’d met the former owners when I closed on the house.  They seemed like a nice enough couple to me, but of course, when you live next door to someone for very long, you get to see the bad side too.  I thought it best not to tell that to Howard though.  I wanted to be a good neighbor.

The second Saturday after I moved in, I’d finished up mowing and was putting my mower in my shed when Wanda came out of their house.  That wasn’t unusual because she usually came outside on Saturday afternoons to water and weed her flower beds.  What was unusual that day was how she was dressed.

Like I said before, every time I’d seen Wanda, she’d worn jeans or shorts and a T-shirt.  That day she had on shorts, but they were a lot shorter than anything I’d seen her in before, and her T-shirt fit her like it was painted on.  It fit so well it was easy to tell she wasn’t wearing a bra of any type because her nipples made two big bumps in the stretchy fabric and her big breasts wobbled all over the place.

I knew I was staring, but she was walking toward me and I couldn’t stop.  There’s something about big breasts moving around under a tight T-shirt that sort of glues my eyes to them.

Wanda noticed my stare and I figured she’d be mad about that, but she wasn’t.  She just walked up and smiled.

“I saw you working out here and thought you might like a glass of lemonade when you finished.  Looks like you’re done now.  Want that glass of lemonade?  I just made it with fresh lemons.”

I couldn’t really say no, so I said a glass of lemonade would be great.  Wanda crooked her finger at me as she started back to her house.  I followed and watched her ass cheeks move up and down as she walked.

She led me into their kitchen and pointed to a table and chairs.

“Have a seat and I’ll bring us both a glass.”

I sat down and watched Wanda’s heavy breasts sway as she opened the door to a cabinet, took out two glasses, then opened the refrigerator door and took out a pitcher.  She had to raise her right arm to pour the lemonade into the glasses, and when she did, her right breast moved up and the nipple bump on her T-shirt seemed to get a little bigger.

Wanda brought both glasses to the table, sat them both in the center, and then took the chair opposite mine.  She raised her big breasts enough to sit them on the table top and they sort of flowed out on the flat surface.  Her nipples seemed even bigger now that they were closer.

She smiled.

“I don’t put much sugar in my lemonade because that’s how Howard likes it, so if you want more just ask.”

Wanda’s voice got sort of lower and softer then.

“If you want anything else, all you have to do is ask.”

The way Wanda was dressed and the way she said what she said raised a warning flag in my mind.  I hadn’t seen Howard, and I didn’t think Wanda was talking about giving me a cookie or a piece of cake.

“No, this is fine.  It’s great lemonade, by they way, and I don’t like my lemonade too sweet either.  Say, how’s Howard doing.  I haven’t seen him today.”

“He’s working at his office.  One of the companies he represents has been sold to another company, and Howard has to get all his clients notified.  He’ll be home in an hour or so.  That should be enough time.”

“Enough time for what?”

Wanda twisted a strand of her long, brown hair.

“Oh, enough time for you to drink your lemonade and for us to uh…get to know each other better.  I think neighbors should know each other really well, don’t you?”

I started to answer, but had to stop.  Wanda was scratching the side of her left breast and smiling at me.  I finally realized I was acting like a dumb ass and did answer.

“Well, I’ve never had real neighbors before.  When I was in college, I lived in an apartment on the second floor of a widow’s house.  Once I got a job, I stayed there until I saved enough money to buy a house.  As soon as I had enough for a down payment, I bought this place.”

Wanda leaned forward and mashed her big breasts against the table enough her cleavage sort of swelled up and out of the V-neck of the T-shirt.

“Oh, really…a widow’s house?  I’ll bet you have a lot of stories to tell then, don’t you?”

“No, not really.  I hardly ever saw her.  She worked nights and slept during the day.  I went to school and work during the day and slept nights.”

“She never invited you down for coffee…or anything.”


“Well, if I’d been her, I’d have invited you to dinner.  I’d like cooking for a big strong man like you.”

Wanda looked disappointed when I finished my lemonade and said I should be going.

“You’re sure there’s not something else I can get for you…anything at all?”

The way she looked at me then told me I needed to get out of Wanda’s house before Howard came back.

“Well, I really need to go buy some groceries or I’ll starve to death over the weekend.  Maybe we can spend some more time together another day.”

Wanda grinned.

“I hope so.  I’ll be waiting.”

Wanda did wait, all the way until Sunday afternoon.  I have a concrete patio behind my house and I was sitting there in a lawn chair.  Thankfully, the weather had turned a little cooler, so I was comfortably sucking down a beer and looking through a catalogue I’d gotten in the mail.  I was trying to decide if I really needed a power saw when she walked from her back door to my patio.

“Hi, Bret.  How are you this afternoon?”

I started to say I was fine, but I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth.  Wanda was wearing some more little shorts, cut-off jeans really, and a strapless halter top that was struggling to keep her big breasts covered.

Wanda tugged at the sides to pull up the halter top, but it slipped back down as soon as she turned loose.  She had cleavage that didn’t seem to end.

I finally recovered enough to say, “I’m sorry, I was pretty absorbed in reading.  What did you say?"

Wanda grinned.

“I asked how you were.”

“Oh, I’m fine.  It’s a pretty nice day so I thought I’d sit outside, have a beer or two, and do some reading.”

“I thought it was a nice day to be outside too so I came out side to make the best of it.  In another couple weeks, it’ll be so hot all I’ll want to do is stay inside with the air conditioning.”

I looked for Howard, but I didn’t see him.  It was then I realized his car wasn’t in the drive either.

“Is Howard going to come out too?  I’ve been intending to offer him a beer so we can get better acquainted, but we keep missing each other.”

Wanda sighed.

“No.  Howard didn’t get done yesterday, so he’s back there sending out more  emails.”

She grinned then.

“You could offer me a beer instead.”

While I opened the cooler, Wanda pulled up my other lawn chair and sat down across from me.  When I handed it to her, she bent over and her breasts nearly spilled out of her top.  She didn’t seem to be concerned.  She just hiked up the sides again and then took the bottle from me.  She tipped up the bottle and took a couple sips, then sat the bottle beside her chair.

“Maybe a beer will cure my aching back.  I washed clothes all morning and my back is really sore from bending over so much.  Sometimes this helps.”

Wanda stretched her arms over her head and arched her back.  In the process, her big breasts pushed out more and the halter top slipped a little lower, low enough I could just see the edge of the darker pink of her nipple beds.  

“Oops”, she giggled as she pulled the top back up.  “I almost lost my top.  I’ll have to remember not to do that again.”

I didn’t know what to say to that.  I also didn’t know what to do about the way my cock was starting to get stiff.  I had on relatively tight jeans, so it wouldn’t push out the front, but it was stuck down one leg of the jeans and would be making a bulge there.  I hoped talking would help.

“I can sympathize with you about your back. I guess I’m out of shape a little, because yesterday I bent over to pick up my gas can to fill my mower and got this sharp pain in my back.  It’s still there a little.”

“That’s what happened to me this morning.  I was picking up a laundry basket and ‘bing’ there it was.  I wish I had somebody to rub my back.  That always helps too.”

Well, there was another invitation I was sure would get me into trouble so I wasn’t about to volunteer to be Wanda’s masseuse.  I was thinking of something else to say when Wanda spread her thighs and sort of scooted down in that lawn chair.  The leg of her shorts gaped open and I saw black lace.

My cock had stopped pushing its way down the leg of my jeans when I started telling Wanda about my back.  Seeing that black lace started it up again, and this time there was no stopping it.  I knew it would seem rude, but I had to get away from Wanda.  I drained my beer, then smiled at her.

“Well, I have to go do some work I brought home from the office or I’ll be up until midnight.  I hope your back gets better.”

With that, I got up and went back inside.  I watched through my kitchen window as Wanda finished her beer, hitched up her top again, and then went home.

All the next week I stayed late at the office so there wasn’t much chance I’d have to see Wanda again.  It wasn’t that I hadn’t thought about doing what she seemed to be suggesting because I had.  It was just that I was afraid doing it would cause trouble between Wanda and Howard an me.  I didn’t harbor any fears of him attacking me.  I couldn’t imagine that Howard had ever been in a fight in his entire life.  I just imagined being dragged into a courtroom and having to testify that I’d banged Wanda while Howard was away doing something else.

I avoided her until that Saturday.  I’d finished mowing and was cleaning up my mower when she walked out to my storage shed carrying a glass of iced tea.

“Hi Bret.  You look all hot and sweaty, so I thought you might like a glass of iced tea.”

I hadn’t seen her coming or I’d have probably run back in the house.  I couldn’t very well do that now, so I stood up and turned around.  It was like Wanda was a different person.

She had her jeans back on as well as a T-shirt, and I could tell she was wearing a bra because I couldn’t see the bumps her nipples had made in her shirt the Saturday before.  She smiled and handed me the glass.

“I hope you didn’t get too hot out here.  You look all sweaty.”

“Yeah, it’s hot all right, but not too bad.  A shower will fix the sweaty part.”

“Well, I have cookies in the oven so I need to get back inside.  You finish your tea and cool off some.  I’ll get the glass back some other time.  Oh, and I’m supposed to tell you Howard will mow our yard tomorrow.  He had to go back to his office this morning – something about some new insurance regulations he had to read up on.”

I was standing there with my mouth open as she walked back to her house because I couldn’t believe what had just happened.  A week before, Wanda had basically offered herself to me, and today, she was just like any other woman.  Well, her big breasts still pulled at my eyes, but she acted like she was just trying to be neighborly.

I was still confused the next day.  I did some laundry in the morning and after a nap after lunch, I heard Howard’s lawn mower running.  I figured he’d be as hot when he finished as I’d been the day before, so when he drove his mower back to his storage shed, I pulled two cold beers from the fridge and walked over.

“Afternoon, Howard.  Looks like you’re about done.  I got a cold beer here for you if you want one.”

Howard grinned as he held out his hand.

“A beer would taste great right about now.  I didn’t realize how hot it was.”

“Yeah, it’s starting to get that way.  In a month or so, we’ll be sweating like pigs when we finish mowing.  At least we don’t have to shovel snow in the winter like the folks up north.”

Howard took a long pull on the longneck, then grinned back.

“Tell me about it.  We lived in Minnesota for ten years before I bought this insurance business.  I don’t want to go back to that ever.  Say, Wanda tells me you and she had a nice talk last Saturday.”

Howard was still smiling, but I was pretty nervous.  I didn’t know Howard all that well, but if I’d been married to Wanda, I’d have been pissed that another man had been in my house with her.  If he knew what she’d been wearing, that would probably make it worse.

“Yeah, she offered me a lemonade after I finished mowing, and just like today, it was hot.”

Howard grinned.

“Did you notice anything different about her?”

That was a question I was sure was a trap.  I decided to lie out my ass.

“No…not really.  She was the same friendly woman I met before.”

Howard was still grinning.

“Well, it was only day 1.  She was probably different on Sunday, wasn’t she?.”

That statement, along with Wanda’s little performance on both days before had piqued my curiosity.

“What did you mean by ‘day 1’?

Howard drained his beer, then grinned.

“You’ll find out in about a month.  I think it’s pretty neat what she does.”

Howard handed me the bottle.

“Thanks for the beer.  I have to go take a shower.  Wanda doesn’t like the way I smell when I’ve been sweating.”

He chuckled.

“If I go to bed tonight without taking a shower, that bed’s gonna be pretty cool and I plan on having a little relaxation before I go to sleep.”

With that, he walked back to his house and left me standing there confused.

Howard couldn’t have known what Wanda did that Saturday and Sunday or he’d not have been so friendly.  I also didn’t think he’d consider her little act to be ‘neat’ as he’d said.  I also wondered what he meant when he said I’d find out in a month.

I almost forgot about what Wanda had done, not quite, but almost.  Sometimes at night when I laid in bed trying to go to sleep, the vision of her big breasts in that halter top and her smooth thighs as she scooted down in my lawn chair came back.  It was just a fantasy, I knew, but I wondered how those big breasts would feel in my hands and how those thighs would feel around my waist.

I did forget what Howard had said about the month, but when that month went by, Wanda reminded me.

It was July by then, and the Tennessee sun was doing its best to bake us all into crispy critters.  Just walking from the house to my car caused me to sweat.  Mowing that Saturday, even though I started at eight in the morning, was miserable.  By the time I finished up, it was two in the afternoon and I was wringing wet with sweat.

I was putting my mower up when I heard Howard’s and Wanda’s back door shut.  I figured Howard hoped it would be cooler in the afternoon and was going to start mowing.  When I turned around, it wasn’t Howard walking toward me.  It was Wanda, and she was wearing a red bikini swimsuit.  She looked great in a bikini, except it looked like the bra was about two cup sizes too small, and the bottoms almost weren’t there.

“Hi”, she said.  “Like my swimsuit?  The way you’re staring at me, I think you do.”

“Well, yeah.  It’s really…uh…it fits you really…uh…the color looks good on you.”

Wanda giggled.

“You mean it shows a lot of me.”

“Well, yes, it does that too.”

“So, do you like what you see?”

It was like the month before all over again except Wanda was being a lot more direct.  I had to find a way to get away from her without hurting her feelings.

“I think any man would.”

Wanda walked closer and stroked a finger down my chest.

“I wasn’t asking about any man.  I was asking what you think.”

“Well, yes, you’re a very nice looking woman.”

She stepped a little closer and put her whole hand on my chest.

“Only nice looking…not sexy and desirable?”

My cock was getting stiff and I was getting nervous.  If Howard came out of the house and found us like this…

“Wanda, I don’t think it’s my place to say you’re either of those things.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re married to Howard.”

Wanda smiled.

“Yes I am, and it lucky for Howard I am.  Lucky for me too.  Now, tell me what you really think about me.”

“Wanda, the last thing I want is to have Howard mad at me.”

Wanda’s hand moved lower to my belly.

“He won’t get mad.  He’ll be happy.”

“Happy?  How the hell would that make him happy?”

Wanda stroked my stiffening cock through my jeans.

“He’ll be happy because I’ll tell him what you said.  It always makes him happy to hear that another man, especially a tall, strong man like you, thinks I’m sexy.”

I shook my head.

“Howard doesn’t seem like that type to me.  For that matter, you don’t seem like the type to do what you’re doing either.”

Wanda stopped stroking my cock and grinned.  

“If you offer me a beer, I’ll explain it to you.”

We ended up in the lawn chairs on my patio.  Wanda took a sip from her bottle and then smiled.

“My doctor said it’s normal for a woman to…how can I say this that won’t embarrass you…that it’s normal for a woman to feel a little more…aroused at certain times of the month.  With me, it starts about eight days after my…well you know, and lasts for six more days, except I’m a little different from most women.  I’m not just a little more aroused.  I get this really strong need to be with a man.  Do you understand?”

“Yeah, but you have Howard.  I’m sure he’s agreeable with that.”

“Well, Howard’s a little different too.  That’s one of the reasons we got married in the first place.  Oh, we love each other and all that, and I wouldn’t give him up for anything, but on those days, Howard isn’t what I need.  I need a real man, a big, strong man who will do with me whatever he wants to do, no matter what that is.”

“Howard is OK with that?”

“Howard likes it.  He’s what a psychologist would probably call a masochist.  He has a lot of pressure at his insurance business keeping his clients happy and giving them the best advice he can.  His way of relieving that stress is to have me tell him he’s not man enough for me and that I need a real man.  

He figured it out a long time ago.  The girl he was dating in college was sleeping one of the tackles on the football team.  He found that out because a friend told him, so he asked her if it was true.  She said it was, and that while she liked him a lot, she needed a more manly man to satisfy her.

“We met a little after that, and once things between us started to get serious, he told me what had happened.  He also told me something else.  He was a little put out at first, but then he realized that hearing his girlfriend had been sleeping with another guy mad all the stress of college disappear for a while.  In fact, when he thought about what they probably did, he got aroused.

“He asked her what they did.  She got mad then.  She said it was none of his business and she didn’t want to see a wimp like him ever again.  Howard said he got an erection then.  He thought he was probably going off the deep end, so he went to the library and did some research.  What he found out is that some men like to be degraded because that takes their mind off everything else.  He wasn’t crazy.  He was a little different, but he wasn’t crazy.

“I thought Howard would probably think I was weird when I told him what happens to me every month, but he didn’t.  He just said he’d like knowing I’d slept with another man because he wasn’t man enough to satisfy me.  We came to an agreement after that.  He and I have sex except on my special days.  On those days, I find a real man and have sex with him.  Then I tell Howard how much better it was with that guy than with him.  Howard gets hard and does himself while I’m telling him what happened.

Wanda took another sip from her beer.

“Bet you think we’re both crazy, don’t you?”

“Well, no.  I took a psychology class as an elective in college, so I know about cuckolds.  I’ve just never met one that I know of.”

Wanda smiled.

“Howard’s not really a cuckold like you read about.  He really likes having sex with me and I like having sex with him.  He just likes the other sometimes, and since I get these urges, we both win.  We both have each other except for my special days, and we both get to live our fantasies then.  

“It worked out great in Minnesota, but here in Tennessee, we’ve had a problem.  The couple who owned your house before…well, they did think we were crazy.  His wife just wouldn’t understand and that’s why they moved.  Before them, the couple who owned your house was agreeable, but they had kids and it was too hard to meet up.  I’m not dumb enough to pick up the first burly construction worker I see, so it’s been almost six years since Howard and I got to have our little fantasy.

Wanda licked her upper lip and then grinned.

“Now, you’re not married and you don’t have any kids.  You’re tall and you have muscles all over.  To make it plain and simple, it’s that time of the month, and I need to be fucked.  Howard needs me to get myself fucked so I can tell him all about it and he can get his stress relieved.  Let’s go see if you’re man enough to satisfy me.”

Now, I’m only human, and Wanda was one hell of a woman.  I was rapidly losing my ability to say no, and that ability pretty much went away when Wanda pulled the crotch of her bikini bottoms to the side.

“See, I’m all wet.”

She was.  I could see the glistening wetness making the trimmed, brown hair on her pussy shine.  She was really tempting, but I still tried to gently tell her no.

"I'm all sweaty and I smell."

Wanda just grinned, leaned forward and sniffed.

"You smell like a man and I like that smell.  It makes me more aroused."

“I don’t have anything.  You might get pregnant.”

Wanda ran a fingertip between her pussy lips and I heard a little squishing sound as that finger began moving in and out.

“Nope.  I have an IUD so that doesn’t happen.  Now, fuck me like I’m a whore  you paid for.”

“Right here?”

Wanda pulled the finger out of her pussy, licked it, and then smiled.

“That would probably be embarrassing.  I tend to get a little loud sometimes.  We don’t want to give Mr. Washington another heart attack, now do we?”

I’d never paid for sex in my life, so I didn’t know how to fuck Wanda that way.  I was going to undress her like I had a couple other agreeable girls in college, but she beat me to it.  As soon as we walked in my back door, Wanda unhooked her bikini top and tossed it on the kitchen table.  Her bottoms came off next and she left them laying on the floor.  After that, she bent over the table, pushed her round ass back and spread her legs wide.

“Fuck me right here, and you don’t have to be gentle.”

I got out of my clothes as fast as I could and as I did, I was trying to figure out how to not be gentle because I’d always thought that’s what women wanted.  Wanda fixed that.  I was stroking her breasts when she said, “squeeze my boobs and pinch my nipples”.  I gave each one a little squeeze and gave each nipple a little soft pinch.

“Harder, pinch harder”, she said, and then moaned when I did.

“That’s right.  Pull ‘em down hard too.”

I was doing my best at that when I felt her hand slide between her open thighs and grab my cock.  Wanda didn’t say anything when she closed her fingers around my shaft.  She just pulled it until I moved forward and then poked my cock head between her lips.  When it slipped inside her a little, Wanda moaned and pushed back, then gasped as it slipped in deeper.

“Fuck me now and fuck me like a real man.”

I got in all of two strokes before Wanda moaned.

“Harder…and faster.”

I rammed my cock in hard enough Wanda scooted forward a little.  She gasped again.

“Oh God, yes.  Just like that and don’t stop.”

It felt sort of like I was in a porn film.  I was ramming my cock in and out of Wanda as fast as I could and she was moaning and groaning with each stroke.  The girls I’d bedded in college had responded to what I did then, or so I’d thought.  Wanda was responding more than any of those girls even thought about.

She kept trying to rock her ass up when I stroked in.  She wasn’t fast enough, but once in a while she succeeded in meeting my cock half way.  She’d gasp then and I’d groan because I’d never felt anything like that in my life.  I also kept feeling her pussy clamp down on my stroking cock every once in a while.  Those contractions kept getting closer and closer together too.  I figured Wanda was about ready to cum and I was glad.  I was about at the point where nothing was going to stop me from cumming.

I didn’t have long to wait.  Wanda started to pant, and in between pants moaned, “Pull my hair…hard.”

By then, I’d figured out there was no half-way to anything Wanda liked, so I grabbed a handful of her long hair and pulled hard enough I could see her forehead.  About two strokes later, Wanda gasped, “cum in me…now.”

After feeling her pussy clamp down on my cock and feeling the way her rapidly rocking ass jacked my cock, there was no way I could have stopped.  I groaned four times, once for each spurt that I shot into Wanda.  After the second, she shrieked and fell forwards onto the table, but she didn’t stop rocking her hips or squeezing my cock.  Both those things kept going even after I’d shot my last.  

“Keep fucking me”, she gasped.  “I’m there.”

Well, I thought she’d already cum, but either I was wrong or she was cumming again.  A second later, Wanda shrieked again, rammed her ass back into my belly, and started to shake.  She started to slide off the table so I grabbed her ass to hold her up.  That seemed to make her shake even more.  It took her almost a minute to stop all the quivering and moaning, and even after that, I felt her pussy clamp down on my softening cock every few seconds.

When my cock slipped out of Wanda, she sighed.

“Mmm…that was great.  Howard’s gonna love hearing about this.”

I chuckled.

“Yeah, it was something I’m not going to forget.”

Wanda straightened up and turned around.

“I won’t let you forget.  We have to do this again and then again tomorrow…maybe twice if you’re up to it.”

She grinned.

“Ve haf vays ov magink joo op to id.”

Little did I know about how many ways Wanda knew to keep me up to it.  Once she stopped breathing hard, she knelt down in front of me and lifted my soft cock.

“I think I put him to sleep.  Let’s see if I can wake him up again.”

There was an art major at my college named Brittany, but among the guys in my classes, she was known as “The Queen of Cream”.  Brittany would absolutely not have sex with anybody, but she dearly loved sucking cocks.  Like many of the guys, I’d given her the opportunity to suck mine, and it had been a memorable experience.  Brittany was a raw amateur compared to Wanda.

I’m not really sure what Wanda did because I had my eyes closed most of the time.  Every time I tried to look down, she’d inhale my cock and make me groan, and that would make me close my eyes.  I wasn’t expecting her to wiggle her finger on my asshole, but she did.  I wasn’t expecting that little wiggle to make my cock swell up as fast as it did.  What should have taken at least five minutes, Wanda did in only a couple.

The second time was on my bed.  It was more comfortable since I was on my knees behind her, but it wasn’t any less hectic.  I had her ass bouncing with every stroke and Wanda kept saying “harder and faster”.  After a few minutes of this she said, “spank me”, so I did.  

It was like I’d shocked her with a cattle prod.  Wanda gasped, then shrieked and her ass went into overdrive.

“Again”, she whimpered, “and harder.”

Three slaps later, slaps that left my hand print on both her ass cheeks, Wanda cried out and her pussy and ass did that squeezing and shaking thing again.  There was no way I could stop myself from cumming, but it didn’t matter.  The first spurt raced up my cock just as Wanda gasped, “Now”.  She didn’t have to tell me to pull her hair this time.  I made a weak third spurt then yanked her head back.  Wanda gasped, shrieked, and shook all over for at least a minute, then fell down on the mattress.

“Oh fuck, I can’t move.”

I chuckled.

“You were moving a lot a second ago.”

“Yeah, I know.  God, that was fantastic.”

Well, Wanda found out she could move a few minutes later.  She said she had to go home to make dinner and she’d tell me the next day how things went.  I was glad she left because my cock was shriveled up to nothing and I was beat.  If she’d wanted a round three, I think I’d probably have passed out.  I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep that night.

I didn’t manage to drag my ass out of bed until about nine the next morning.  Howard was outside digging a hole in their back yard when I looked out the window, so after a cup of really strong coffee, I walked over to see if he needed any help.

He leaned on his shovel and grinned when I walked up.

“I hear Wanda explained things yesterday.”

“Yes…she did.”

He grinned even a bigger grin.

“We had a great night, but she’ll tell you all about it when she comes over this afternoon.”

“Well, do you need any help with this hole?”

“No, I’m about done.  Wanda wanted an apple tree, so I bought one yesterday.  All I have to do now is stick it in the hole and fill it in.  Thanks for asking, though.”

I went back home for another cup of coffee and some eggs.  I figured if Wanda was coming over again, I’d need all the strength I could muster.

About one, the rain the weather girl had forecast happened.  About two, Wanda knocked on my door.  She wasn’t wearing her bikini.  She was wearing a raincoat.  Once I let her inside, she opened the raincoat and revealed she had nothing on under it.  She giggled when my mouth fell open.

“I thought this might save some time.  Before we get started though, I need to tell you about last night.

“I fixed dinner like I always do, and after we ate, I told Howard to go into the bedroom.  He knew what was coming, so he grinned and then started taking off his clothes as he went.  He was naked when we both got there.  I laid down on the bed, like I always used to do, and started playing with my boobs.

“Howard asked what had happened between you and me.  I told him you’re a real man, not a wimp like he is, and his dick started to get stiff.  He asked me how you fucked me, so I said you bent me over your kitchen table and fucked me really hard.  Well, he got really stiff then and started rubbing himself when I said you squirted your stuff inside me.

“He asked if it was still in there.  I said I thought it all ran out into my bikini bottoms.  Howard had to see, so I showed him.  While I was holding them up for him to see, he squirted all over them.  He got in bed then and asked me to tell him more of what happened.  I had to wash the sheets this morning because he did it again when I told him about how you fucked me from behind.

Wanda grinned a little sheepishly.

“I sort of got carried away and did myself too, so there were two wet spots on the sheets.  It was the best night we’ve had in years.  You’ll help us keep having those nights, won’t you?”

On my way home from work on Monday, I stopped and bought a bottle of vitamins.  I didn’t know if they’d help or not, but I needed something.  Wanda had drained me on Sunday and she was coming back that night.

It was like that for four more days.  I’d go to work and then come home and eat dinner.  About seven, Wanda would come over and tell me how great the night before with Howard had been and then fuck me to a frazzle.  By Friday, I was a zombie at work and my boss told me to go home, get some rest, and stop doing whatever it was that made me so tired.  I thought about introducing him to Wanda so he’d understand, but figured since he’s pretty short and skinny, Wanda wouldn’t really want to show him.

That Friday night, Wanda came over again and I got ready to be exhausted but feeling really great.  I was a little surprised when she walked in.  She was wearing her jeans and a T-shirt again, and she was carrying a small cardboard box.  She smiled as she sat the box on my kitchen table.

“I baked cookies this afternoon, and I baked a couple dozen for you.  I hope you like oatmeal and raisin cookies.”

“Yeah, I like oatmeal and raisin cookies.”

“That’s good.  Well, I need to get back home.  Howard and I are having dinner at Luchese’s.  He bought me a corsage and everything.  It’ll be so romantic, just like when we were dating.  When we get home, well…Howard has been following me around since he got home from the office and feeling me all over.  I think it’s gonna be a really nice night.”

I counted the days on my fingers.  Saturday was day one, Sunday, day two…Thursday had been day six.  Now on Friday, it was like someone toggled the switch on Wanda’s libido.  She was back to being the good wife next door instead of the insatiable woman I’d fucked for six days.  It was all a little confusing, so I drank a couple of beers to clear my head a little.  They didn’t help so I drank a third.  The fourth one made me sleepy, so I went to bed.

It’s been the same way for the last year and ten months.  Wanda is everybody’s image of a perfect wife except for those six days.  On those six days, I fuck her until I can’t move.  Howard is happy, Wanda is happy, and I’m exhausted but pretty happy too.

The only thing that bothers me is the way Wanda and Howard keep making requests.  Asking me to lick her pussy until she cums wasn’t all that bad.  I like doing that anyway and Wanda has big pussy lips and a big clit once it swells up.  When Wanda said she wanted to be fucked in the ass, she had to encourage me quite a bit.  

It wasn’t like I thought it would be.  I knew it would be a tight fit.  I didn’t know Wanda would do quite so much moaning and I didn’t know she’d cum as hard as she did.  If it hadn’t been for the fact she’d ridden my cock right before that, I’d never have lasted until she came.

Last night, the last of Wanda’s special six days, she asked if I minded if Howard watched us.  She said they did that a couple of times in Minnesota and they both really liked it.  I’ll have to give that some thought.  I mean, it’s one thing to have my cock sliding in and out of Wanda’s pussy, ass, or mouth.  It’s another to have someone else see that, especially if that someone is Howard and he’s jacking off at the same time.

I don’t know.  I hate to tell Wanda no.   It just wouldn’t be neighborly, you know, and I really want to be a good neighbor.


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