Dress On Panties Off

Info Guilded-Midas
25 Aug. '18

I pushed up against her, arms wrapping around her from behind.  I kissed her beneath her ear, breathing in the vanilla scent of her blonde hair.  She let go of the pot in the sink and turned her head with her eyes closed to get another kiss on the lips.  I ducked down to kiss her on the neck and moved one of my hands up to brush against the underside of her breast through her dress.  I heard her breathe out and a little smile came to her lips.  I gave her a long kiss on the mouth and then twisted my head so that I could kiss her deeper.  She slipped her hand out of one of the gloves she had been wearing for the dishes and reached back to twist her fingers into my hair. 

My thumb brushed across the underside of one breast and then crossed her chest to the other while my other hand caught up a fist full of her dress’s material down at her waist.  Sarah and I had been dating for a year now and I’d started toying with the idea of getting a ring for that slim finger of hers.  We both enjoyed living quietly and according to a routine so spending time together had always felt like playing house and our roles were husband and wife.  I caught her lower lip between my teeth and tugged on it lightly.  Her fingers immediately tightened in my hair. 

I’d just finished a week of overtime at the office and had come over with an itch I wanted Sarah to help me scratch.  Seeing her walk out to meet me at my car barefoot and wearing a dark green summer dress just made the itch worse.  I had a feeling she wanted it as much as I did because she’d reached both hands up to my face, curled her pinkies into my beard and kissed me with an open mouth.  I’d pulled her in close with my hands able to reach all the way around the back of her slim waist.  We didn’t stop kissing till my keychain slipped out of my hand, making her start.  Then she’d announced that dinner was almost ready. 

After dinner came dishes, but I was getting impatient.  I released her lip and let my fingers play up to completely envelop her breast.  Her dress was cut low enough to allow my thumb to run along bare skin while the rest of my fingers had to fondle through the soft cotton.  She wasn’t wearing a bra and I began to circle my middle finger around her nipple to see if it was getting hard.  It wasn’t yet so I nipped back to her ear and whispered, “No bra?  Did you do that for me?”


“Dinner was excellent.”

“Thank you.”

“The way we were kissing at the car made me think we weren’t going to be coming inside at all.”

“Well… you made me get a little carried away.”

“Did I?  With my hands down here?”  I let my hands fall and played my fingertips along her ass.  The fabric of her dress was so soft I could feel where her panties ended and purposefully let my fingers trace along them. 

“That might have had something to do with it.”  Her hand on my head pulled me in for another kiss and I teased her with several quick kisses before going in for another long one.  She was leaning into me so much at this point I think she would have fallen down if I’d stepped back, but I certainly had no intention of doing that.  My hands inched down to hang at her thighs and caught up fistfuls of her dress.  It hung about to her knees, but that was far too long for me right now so my hands began to slowly gather up more material and raise it up to expose her slender, pale legs.  Once I had the edge of it in my hands I started to pick them up till I had raised it to the length of a cheer leader’s skirt and then I paused.  She broke off the kiss and locked eyes with me as my fingers reached up to find the waist band of her panties.  Once I had my thumbs hooked through it I slid them back and forth, teasing her panties away from her.  Then I pulled them all the way down to her knees, but at the same time allowed her dress to drop, keeping her ass and pussy from being exposed. 

I then brought both hands up to give her breasts a squeeze and turned her around to face me.  I bent my head to kiss her again whispering, “It’s been a long week.  I think I’m ready to head to bed.”

She put her hand on my chest and pushed me away slightly.  Then she shimmied her knees and her panties fell all the way to the floor.  “I think I’ll actually stay up and read a little.”  My confused and disappointed expression made her smile a little, then she delicately stepped out of her panties and walked away from me into the living room. 

Sarah glanced at the couch where we usually sat next to each other and then crossed the room to one of the chairs.  Picking up an installment in a fantasy series she had been working on for the last two years, she looked over the top of it at me as I sat down across from her and pulled out my phone to see what the internet had to distract me with.  I heard her shift in her chair and looked up to see her sitting back in it and spreading her legs open.  By leaning over on the couch I could see a glimpse of her inner thighs and then a darker patch between them.  She scratched at her leg absentmindedly, pulling the edge of her dress farther up her thigh.  Then she closed her legs again and turned a page in her book. 

I settled into a reclining position on the couch with my phone in front of me, but what I was really paying attention to was Sarah who had decided to put on a bit of a show for me.  It seemed that she could never quite get comfortable, and kept on rearranging her legs, sliding them open and then closing them again as she leaned into a different arm of the chair.  Then she decided to sit cross legged, a move which slid her dress up so far on her thighs that it barely even cast a shadow on her little pink pussy.  Sarah must have thought that this was going too far for the tease, or maybe opening her legs so far that her pussy lips were almost spread apart was making her so horny that she didn’t think she could keep up her part.  Either way, she pulled her feet underneath her and closed her legs slightly, though she left her dress where it had ridden its way up high on her thigh. 

Finally, her book clapped shut and flopped on the floor.  She walked towards me and bent over to lean on the couch arm, her dress hanging down slightly away from her breasts.  I rolled over to stare up at her and reached out to twine a lock of her hair around my finger.  She leaned in to kiss me.  “I think I’m going to head to bed now.”  Our lips met again.  “Are you?”  I caught her lower lip between my teeth.  She let me run my tongue along it for a second and then pulled away.  “Or are you going to stay up a little longer?”  Then she was walking away down the hall. 

I caught up to her and pinched her ass sharply.  “Oh, I’m coming to bed, but I think I’ll also be staying up a little longer.”

She squeaked and ran away down the hall into the master bedroom.  I turned through the doorway to see her standing by the bed facing me and holding her crumpled dress in one hand.  Her eyes said come get me, her breasts swayed as she threw the dress to the side, and then my eyes got caught following the V her thighs made down to the gap between her legs. 

My shirt came off as I crossed the room towards her and I pushed her backwards onto the bed.  Then I was on top of her pressing into her mouth and reaching for as much breast as I could.  She moaned and twined one hand into my hair and sent the other down my spine.  My hand around her breast slid down to get a fistful of her ass and then I moved it around to get it between her legs. 

But I couldn’t get it into her slit because she had her legs closed tight.  She was lying there underneath me, kissing me and holding me, but now after having spread her legs for me in the living room, now that she was naked, she had decided to keep them shut.  Well I was done with the tease and wasn’t about to get dragged into a battle of forcing her legs open enough to fuck her. 

I raised up so I was kneeling on the bed and slid off my belt.  Sarah lay where she was watching me with a smile.  My pants came off and my cock swung out with my balls hanging low beneath it.  Then I moved to her ankles and tied them together with my belt.  Gripping her calves I started to lift them up.  Sarah hadn’t expected this and yelped.  She stayed straight for a second but then bent at the waist and I continued to lift her legs until they were pointing straight up.  Then I propped her feet up on my shoulder and looked down to find her pussy just peeking through between her legs.  I let my finger tip brush the outline of her mound and she shuddered, trying to shift her legs, but I was holding them in place with one hand massaging her calves and feet.  Then I started pushing my fingers inside her slit, teasing her opening and then sliding up to her clit.  With her legs together she was extremely tight and having my fingers pushing into her was driving her crazy. 

I heard her moan as I let my cock head fall against her pussy.  It was about average length but uncut and fairly thick so when I pushed inside her I was counting on getting a dramatic reaction.  I drew out the moment, first rubbing my cock head along her pussy and then setting it just at her entrance.  I held onto her legs and looked her in the eyes for a second before inching inside her.  As soon as the tip of my cock was inside she arched her back and her mouth dropped open in a silent gasp.  She was so tight in this position I had to use my weight to drive my cock into her and she grabbed at the headboard as she started to slide on the bed from the force of my thrust. 

Once I was all the way inside I started to pull out just as slowly and watched as her hands turned into claws and her knuckles went white around the headboard.  I gradually picked up the speed of my thrusts, rocking her back and forth on the bed.  Her breasts bounced and she kept twisting her head from side to side.  Her moans became deeper and louder and she reached out a hand towards me.  I knew she really got off on feeling me laying on her and kissing her, but I wasn’t about to stop to reposition. 

Her pussy had never felt this good.  Now that my cock was inside it felt like it was being sucked in during every thrust and clung to every time I started to pull back.  I could tell that she was getting close to cumming and picked up the pace just a little bit more.  I hefted her legs up so that her ankles were higher on my shoulder.  Holding her there, her ass was now raised slightly off the bed and I was able to push down deeper inside her.  That sent her over the edge and her moans turned into calling my name until she was out of breath.  I could feel her pussy convulsing around my cock and her legs started to quiver. 

Then she gave a huge shiver and shot a hand down to her pussy.  She always became super sensitive after cumming and couldn’t take any more until she had a chance to recover.  I stopped moving my cock inside of her and slid the belt off her ankles.  She lowered her legs, spreading them wide apart and I stared down at her pussy stretched open by my cock.  Then I leaned forward to lay on top of her and started kissing her in between her panting breaths.  I gently slid my cock all the way out of her and felt her tense up from the over stimulation. 

Then it was all kissing and running my hands through her hair until I felt one of her hands glide down to coil around my cock.  I stopped kissing her and watched her as she smiled and gave my cock a light tug.  Then her fingers played all the way down to my balls and back again.  She lifted her head slightly and whispered into my ear, “Now I think it’s your turn,” she lightly bit at my ear, “to cum for me.” 

“If you say so.”

“I do.”  She settled underneath me with her fingers wrapped around my shaft and her thumb pressing into the underside of my cock’s head.  My cock was soaked from being inside her and she brought me straight to the edge as she stroked me with her thumb playing over one side of my cock’s head and then moving to the other.  I felt her legs wrap around my waist and she gradually picked up the speed of her hand.  Then she stopped and just circled her thumb around the most sensitive part of my cock. 

“I’m so close.”

“In that case…” she pulled my cock down and set the tip against her pussy, “she’s ready for you again.”

I whispered her name as I slide inside her and she let her hand glide up over my abs and chest, and then play over my shoulder and arm.  “I want you to come inside me.”  I started to grunt and moan as I hung on for as long as I could, but then she started to moan to match and I lost it.  I drilled my head down into the pillow next to hers and saw lights explode behind my eyelids as my balls emptied themselves inside of her.  Then my arms and legs turned into jelly and I collapsed completely on top of her as she cooed and purred in answer to my panting. 

Once I caught my breath I lifted myself up enough to watch my dripping cock emerge from her pussy.  Then I rolled off her only to feel her immediately cuddle up next to me.  She placed one of her thighs over mine and settled her head onto my shoulder and chest. 

“I’ll bet my pussy will still be sore tomorrow.”

“Well, she sure fucked me dry tonight.”

“Mmhmm.”  She smirked.

“You seemed to enjoy wearing just your dress tonight.”

“You seemed to want me to wear it that way.”  She yawned, “I had to give you time to enjoy it.”

“I love you, Sarah.”

“I love you, too.”  I felt her curl one of her hands into a light fist on my chest and then we both fell fast asleep.  We didn’t wake up until late the next morning and even then we were still tangled together. 





First story from me with maybe some more to come...


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