A Different Swing 2

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14 Aug. '18

Craig and Dave moved front the couch to the bed while the girls sat on the couch.  The two men laid down and began with a kiss.  It was a tentative kiss but it turned much more intimate as the men began to caress each other from neck to hips.  The women watched with intent as the kissing and the passionate caresses increased in intensity.

Dave took the more aggressive role and put Craig on his back.  The women both noticed Craig's seven inch erection sticking up in the air.  Dave began kissing Craig's ear, then his neck and throat.  Craig lie passively enjoying the attention but he kept up gently caressing Dave.

Dave kissed Craig's throat and down his chest.  Then when he reached Craig's left nipple.  Dave licked the nipple and Craig let out an audible moan.  "You start on his nipples," said Liz, "and you own him.  He will do anything you want him to do."  Dave then kissed his way over the the right nipple and began to run his tongue around the erect bud.  Craig continued to moan as Dave went up and back between Craig's nipples.

As he licked Craig's nipples, Dave's hand slid down Craig's body through the closely trimmed pubic hair and wrapped around Craig's cock.  As he licked, he stroked Craig's cock up and down.  His erection became even stiffer and Craig just lay there enjoying the licking and the stroking.

Dave then switched his attention to gently caressing and massaging Craig's balls.  They were large, low hanging, and Craig moaned at the touch.  Dave noticed that as he caressed the underside of Craig's balls, Craig spread his legs even more.  Taking this as a positive sign and he began to lightly caress the area just behind Craig's balls and in front of his asshole.

Craig continued to lightly caress Dave's shoulders and head as Dave kissed his way down too Craig's cock.  When Dave reached the erection he placed a tender kiss right on the tip and Craig moaned loudly once again.  Then the women watched as Dave opened his mouth, engulfed Craig's cock, and slowly lowered his head taking all of Craig's cock in his mouth.

Dave's head moved  up and down slowly and as he did Craig reached up and began to caresses his own nipples.  At the same time Craig opened his legs even more.  Liz whispered to Shirley, "He loves it when I finger his ass while I suck him off."  Dave removed his head for a moment and stuck his middle finger in his mouth and then went back to sucking on Craig's cock.  At the same time Dave began to slide his finger into Craig's asshole.  Craig gasped and pulled his right leg up to allow Dave easier access to his asshole.

The women watched intently as Liz whispered once again, "Dave owns him now."

Dave's head was now moving up and down on Craig's cock as Dave began to finger Craig's asshole, thrusting his finger in and out, in and out.  Craig was lost in the feelings of pleasure that had enveloped his body. it was pleasure that he thought he could have gotten only form his wife.

Dave then inserted another finger as he sucked alternately on Craig's cock and balls.  The longer that Dave went on the closer Craig was getting to cuming.  But Dave had other plans.  Suddenly Dave pulled his mouth from Dave's cock and said, "Craig, I really want to fuck that sweet, virgin ass of yours."

Craig replied, "Yes, I want that."

Dave got up and got a tube of lube.  He covered his erection with the lube and then put a large dollop on his finger and slid it effortlessly into Craig's ass.  Both women sat forward on the couch and they held hands.

"Put your legs up over your head," said Dave.  Craig pulled his knees up to his chest and spread his knees wide.  He looked over and saw Liz smiling at him.  He smiled back and then his eyes closed shut as Dave pressed the head of his cock into Craig's ass hole.  His cock was long and fairly thick and Craig was really glad that Dave was taking his time and being very gentle.  Inch by inch he inserted himself into Craig's asshole.  Craig opened his eyes for a moment and caught Liz giving him a sweet, loving look and then Dave was all the way in.  His balls resting on Craig's ass.

"Now, put your ankles up on my shoulders," said Dave and Craig did just that.  "How you doing?" asked Dave.

"I'm fine.  Thanks for asking and taking your time," answered Craig.

In a few moments Dave pulled back just a little and then slid back in.  Out just a little and then back in.  Dave kept this up until he was pulling almost all the way out and then back in.  Both men were enjoying themselves and their wives watched in rapt awe.

"My god they look sexy," said Shirley.

As they watched they noticed that Dave had begun picking up the pace.  Moving in and out with greater speed.  He was actually pressing into Craig with each thrust but Craig was really enjoying it.  The bed was squeaking as Dave was moving with great speed and intensity and Craig was responding my thrust his hip up toward Dave as he thrust back in.

Then without any warning Dave said, "Oh fuck, I'm cuming."  His hips moved on their own.  Thrusting and withdrawing, only to thrust and withdraw again.  Over and over until Dave was fully drained.  Dave pulled out and then lay down between Craig's legs.  The men looked at each other and Dave said, "That was amazing."  Craig just smiled and then Dave began to suck Craig's cock.

As he sucked he caressed Craig's balls and then Craig just let go. "Fucking, cuming."  He filled Dave's mouth with his cum.  Dave kept sucking and swallowing until the last drop of cum eased out of Craig's cock.  Dave moved up and just lay next to Craig with neither man moving.

"That was totally amazing," said Shirley.

Liz got up and gave her husband as kiss.  "That was one of the hottest things I have ever seen."

Craig took his wife's hand and said, "We are getting a strap on as soon as we get home."  Everyone laughed.


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