A Different Swing

Info mikec1010
13 Aug. '18

My name is Craig and I have been married to my college sweetheart for 22 years.  Im six foot, one-hundred-seventy eight pounds with dark hair and eyes.  Liz, my wife, is five ft 2, one hundred twenty seven pounds blonde and blue with 34b chest and flaring hips.  We enjoy a great marriage and have enjoyable sex on a regular basis.  

One evening after making love we were lying cuddled up and she asked, "Have you ever thought about having sex with someone else?"  I laughed and replied, "I'm sure all of us, even you, have wondered once in a while what it might be like to have sex with someone else.  I think it's pretty normal.  But it's only been a thought."

She continued, "Ok, let me be a bit more direct.  Have you ever thought about having sex with another man?"

I reached over and turned on the light so I could see if she was joking.  "Why would you ask that?" I answered.

After lengthy pause she replied, "Well, to be totally honest, I have wondered, more and more what it would be like to have sex with another woman.  I just wondered if you ever thought about being with a guy."

"Ok, as long as we are being honest, "Sure, I think everyone has wondered from time to time what it would be like to have sex with someone of the same gender.  I think it's pretty normal."

There was another lengthy pause and she asked, "Ok, if you had the chance, would you have sex with another man?"

Now it was my turn to pause.  I felt as if it was a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" question.  "Well, let me ask you, would you have sex with a woman, if you had the chance?"

Without any hesitation she replied, "Yes, under two conditions. First, you were there to watch.  Second, then you had sex with a man while I watched."  Now, I was hard again.  Thinking of my wife with another woman very arousing and the idea of me being with a man only added to my arousal.  "So, would you?" she continued.

"Of course it would be fun."  

"Ok," she replied, kissed me good night, rolled over, and went to sleep.    I turned out the light and wondered where that had all come from.  

Time passed and it was toward the end of summer.  I came home from work on a Friday and was looking forward to a week end of total relaxation.  We kissed when I walked in the door and she handed me a glass of wine.  We sat, sipped and chatted and suddenly she said, "Well, tomorrow night we are going to the restaurant at the hotel to meet a couple for dinner and perhaps more."  

"What are you talking about? I replied.

"Oh, come on.  We talked about this.   You and me.  Me with another woman and you with another man.  Having sex in front of each other."

"Oh my god, I thought you were kidding."

"No, no honey,  It's all arranged.  I got on a swinger's site and found this couple.  They are about our age and looking for pretty much the same thing.  So, the woman, Shirley,  and I communicated a few times via email and phone calls and we are going to meet her and her husband Dave tomorrow night to see if we hit it off."

I almost dropped my glass of wine.  "I just thought you were kidding.  Kind of, after lovemaking pillow talk.  I had no idea you were serious.  Serious enough to set this up."

"Are you disappointed?"

"I don't know if disappointed is the right word.  Certainly surprised."

She frowned, "But pleasantly surprised," I added.  

We sat their in silence for a few moments and I said, "Well no harm in checking them out.  I mean it doesn't have to go any where, right?"

"Right!" she said and she leaned over and kissed me.  

It was all I could think about for the next twenty hours.  And soon I found my self driving to the hotel.

"Dave is blonde and tall and Shirley has auburn hair.  He will be wearing a blue shirt and she will be wearing a jade green dress,"  she told me as we pulled into the parking lot.  We walked into the restaurant and saw them.  They were nice looking.  He was as bit taller, clean shaven, and trim.  She was taller, with a petite chest and slim hips.  

We greeted each other and ordered a bottle of wine.  We got to know each other.  He was an attorney and she was a graphic designer.  They, like we, met in college.  They revealed that they had never done anything like this before and so it would be as brand new experience for all of us.  Some where along the line, without really saying it, we decided we would follow through with our meeting.  We decided not to get too weighed down with full meals so we ordered a couple of appetizers.  We went to get a suite with two queen beds and large bathroom with a hot tube large enough for four.  

We grabbed our overnight bags and headed to the room.  We opened another bottle of wine, while the women pulled out some candles and lighted them.  Dave and I laughed, "I guess they were very positive this was going to happen."

"I guess so," I answered.  

After a glass of wine Dave said, "Why don't we all get in the tub.  We can gradually work into this.  We all laughed and agreed.  

We undressed in front of each other and I was hit with how good we all looked.  Dave was hung with around 8 inches and Shirley had cute, upturned nipples, atop creamy white, petite breasts.  She had a full bush and it was the same auburn color as the hair on her head.   Liz's breasts were larger but without much sag and she sported a full blonde bush.  I guess I had always been more turned on by women with full bushes.  

Once we got that awkward part over we got in the hot tub.  The women on one side and Dave and I on the other.  There was no rush and we continued to visit about our lives and then things just kind of quieted down.  It was Shirley who started it.  She leaned in and gave Liz a wonderful kiss.  It began as soft and sweet and soon flourished into a deep passionate kiss.  The women just looked at us and I knew what was expected.  I looked at Dave and we were both hesitant.  It was all right for the women but not for us.  We finally both laughed and then kissed.  It was nice, and became very passionate.  I felt myself getting hard as we sat there and kissed.  I never thought it would be this easy.  

We leaned back and all I could say was, "Wow."  the woman giggled and Liz said, "Well, from the looks of it, they both enjoyed it."  I didn't know about Dave but I blushed.  Never would I have thought I would be intimate with a guy.  The women rose and we followed suit.  We dried off and went into the bed area.  

"Well, whose first?" asked Liz.

She barely and the words out when I said, "Well, I think politeness deems that ladies go first."  

Liz replied, "I was hoping you were going to say that.  I didn't want to keep my hands and mouth off Shirley while watching you too."  Dave and I pulled a small love seat over to the foot of the bed while the women arranged themselves and began making out.  

I was instantly hard again as was Dave.  The women spent a great deal of time kissing.  And it seemed that they really enjoyed long, passionate, open mouth kissing.  As they kissed their hands began to roam.  Caressing each others backs from thigh to neck.  

The more they kissed, the more they caressed the more aroused they and we became.  Shirley gently rolled Liz on her back and she began to caress Liz's breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples.  Shirley lowered her head and covered each breast with lots of tender kisses.  I heard a couple of sighs escape from Liz.  

Shirley then settled in on sucking each of Liz's nipples.  Liz began to breathe faster as Shirley's hand gently glided down Liz's body.  As she continued to suck on Liz's nipples, Shirley's hand made it's way through Liz's blonde bush.  As Shirley's finger tips dipped down between Liz's swollen lips, Liz spread her legs.  It was then that Liz gasped as Shirley inserted two fingers into her pussy.  She began a slow in and out movement with her hand and Liz was now moaning.  

As Shirley moved her hand in and out of my wife, she began to kiss her way down to Liz's pussy.  I glanced down and both of us had full blown erections and each of us had a drop of pre-cum oozing out the openings.  As Shirledy moved her hand in and out of my wife she kissed all over my wife's thatch of blonde hair.  

She then lowered her head and kissed all around my wife's pussy.  Kissing and licking every where.  My wife was now moaning loudly and she was moving her hips around to try and get Shirley to focus on her clit.  But to no avail.  As this was going on I reached down and began to lightly stroke my cock.  We watched in fascination.  There was nothing more lovely, more sensual than two women making love.  

Dave nudged me and said, "Don't get carried away I want to get you off."  I reached over and lightly caressed Dave's erection and we smiled.  

All of a sudden my wife said, "Will you please lick my clit, I need to cum."

Shirley took pity on her and affixed her mouth to my wife's pussy.  Her tonuge licked, swirled and tantalized my wife's clit.  

Shirley would lick and get my wife close and then would back off.  She repeated this a few times until finally my wife, said, "Remember Shirley, pay is a bitchbak."  We all laughed and with that Shirley went back to licking my wife's clitty.  

It didn't take too much longer.  My wife grunted pushed her feet into the mattress and lifted her hips off the bed.  She paused there for a moment as Shirley kept fingering and licking and then Liz's hips began to buck up and down up and down.  She grabbed handfuls of sheet as she came.  My wife's whole body was trembling as she came.  It was beautiful and arousing to watch.    

In a few minutes Shirley crawled up next to Liz, held her in her arms and kissed her.  The two women just cradled each other until Liz regained her composure.  

Then Liz rolled Shirley over on her back and began to place soft gentle kisses on her ears, jaws, shoulders and supper chest.  The two women became quiet as Liz began taking Shirley on the trip to orgasm.  As Liz kissed Shirley she began to fondle Shirley's breast and even though her breasts were petite, her nipples were long and puffy.  Liz kissed her way down, kissing, licking, sucking and fondling Shirley's breasts.  Now it was Shriley's turn to moan. 

Liz sucked on each nipple as she put two fingers into Shirley's pussy.  It was warm and wet and felt the same as when Liz masturbated.  Liz fingered her pussy and then pulled her hand out.  She put the fingers in her mouth and sucked and licked Shirley's honey off her fingers.  "You taste wonderful," was all Liz said as she knelt in between Shriley's legs.  

Craig looked at his wife's ample hips and he looked into the crack to see his wife's pinkish brown rosebud.  A tight and dark place in which he had deposited his seed many times.  She she licked Shriley's pussy Liz's rosebud seemed to be opening and closing.  Winking at Craig and it was all he could do keep from climbing his wife and burying his cock in her rosebud.  His cock was throbbing as he watched the two women and focused on his wife's ass

Shirley pulled her legs up and back and Liz licked from Shirley's rosebud to her clit.  Long, painfully slow licks that were driving Shirley crazy.  Each time Liz got to Shirley's clit she would flick it a little longer than she had the last time.

Shirley was moaning and begging to cum at the same time.  The men watched this beautiful dance play out.  When Liz came up to Shirley's clit for the umpteenth time Shirley closed her thighs tight and kept Liz right there.  Liz flattened out her tongue and slid it up and back, across Shirley's clit and mercifully she let Shirley cum.  The woman squeezed her thighs even tighter as her hips bounced up and down off the mattress.  She let out a high pitched scream as the orgasm washed over her.  

Finally Shirley's legs fell open in exhaustion and Liz came up and they kissed.  Each one tasting their own cum on the other woman's lips.  It was one of the most intimate, and sensual scenes anyone had ever beheld.  The women totally relaxed until Shirley said, "Ok boys,  your turn!"


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