The Naughty Secretary

Info mysteria27
28 Mar. '16

A secretary is at work
Her boss buzzes her in
Her tits look rather perk
He loves her creamy white skin

She's wearing a black skirt
He loves her ass in it
She's got on a pink shirt
She walks in and then she sits

He dictates a letter or two
She's using her shorthand
After the letters, they'll screw
He'll fuck her while she stands

The boss is hard in his pants
He wants to fuck her cunt
Her tits look like eggplants
He wants to hear her grunt

He orders his secretary to her knees
He pulls his pants to his feet
She loves what she sees
She puts her hands around his meat

She plays with his dick
He's hard and needs attention
She wraps her mouth around his prick
This relieves her bosses tension

He fucks her mouth so fast
She's making all kinds of sounds
He's laughing and a bit daft
Next he'll fuck her mound

He orders her to strip
He watches her and is horny
He's on a total ego trip
He knows it's a bit corny

He tells her to bend over
Put her ass high in the air
He's got a huge boner
Next he'll pull her hair

He spits on his cock
And slides into her box
He's harder then a rock
He's pulling on her curly locks

He's fucking his secretary Claire
Telling her she's going to get a raise
He loves that her pussy is bare
He gives her lots of praise

She's a sweet piece of ass
She's paid by the hour
She's got no freaking class
He fucks her with so much power

She's moaning while her tits sway
He loves fucking her this way
His wife would be mortified at this display
She'd make her husband pay

Her boss fucks her for a while
The man takes forever to cum
He loves his secretary's style
She's so easy and lots of fun

The boss turns her around
Fucks her that way 
She makes her moaning sounds
He cums with no delay

He gets on his knees
And laps up his cream
She keeps saying please
His secretary is a dream

He swallows down his goo
He loves to lick her cooze
His secretary likes it too
Slurping up all the ooze

He tells her to get dressed
He needs to go into a meeting
He's no longer stressed
He'll take her out in the evening

She smiles and says goodbye
She takes back the dictation notes
He smiles and fixes his tie
And re-adjusts his pants and sport coat


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