My New Roommate

A collective story started on the Forum by Tristan LeMay. Written by Tristan LeMay, Red Light, sanctuary, PoohTang, Olive Doyle and completed by the starting author

   I had just transferred to Columbia and moved into one of the dorm buildings on campus. Since I was on a tight budget and knew nobody at the school, I had posted an ad on one of the bulletin boards in the science department, hoping to find a decent girl to share the double room with. The only girl who replied to my add was Cleo, a biology major who reminded me of Mayim Bialik's character Amy Farrah Fowler on "The Big Bang Theory". So much so, as a matter of fact, that when she came over to meet me and I opened the door, I almost burst out laughing. Don't get me wrong, I love Big Bang and the character of Amy, but they definitely work very hard at making Mayim Bialik look as mousy as possible.

   Cleo was definitely more sociable and out-going than Amy and actually looked quite beautiful underneath some very bad clothing, hair and eyewear choices. My first thought was: "If you move in here, girl, I will definitely get cracking on the greatest makeover of all time!"

   That being said, I wasn't looking for a lover, just a roommate I could easily get along with and - who knows? - maybe even develop a friendship with. Since we were both science gals, we'd at least have a basic interest in research, right?

   So I told Cleo I'd love to try out living together for the semester and see where we wanted to go from there. She seemed happy.

   When I sent my boyfriend Sam a selfie of Cleo and me with the caption "My new roommate", he "lol"ed privately and joked: "Mmmm... I can't wait to get a taste of that hot piece of ass!"

   I replied: "Speaking of asses, don't act like one, you jerk! It doesn't suit you. And by the way, Cleo is gorgeous. She just needs a fairy godmother to blow some fairy dust in her direction and transform her into a goddess."

   With that, I remembered some makeup advice I had gotten many years ago. "Don't just focus on makeup being an accessory to what you're wearing. Let it also be a reflection of your personality".

   I decided I was going to wait a bit to see what she was really like before I went full tilt on a makeover. Assuming that she even wanted one. So the first item on my agenda was not to make her over, but to get to know her. "How much fun will this be?" I wondered.

   So I started out with the basic questions, all in a row to see what her reaction would be.

    ̶  Where are you from? What's your major? Do you have a boyfriend? Are you a virgin? Do you like anal sex?

   You know, just the basics. I knew from her reply that we'd get along.

    ̶  Tulsa, physics, no, no, I don't know yet.

   I was a bit startled by her answer to my last question because I was expecting her to blush and look uncomfortable.

   I thought to myself, “Wow, this girl is really self-assured for someone who looks so mousy on the outside.”

    ̶  Have you had anal sex before? she asked, unabashedly.

I almost choked.

    ̶  That’s a very personal question and we barely know each other! I replied, my voice quivering.

   Her eyes widened.

    ̶  What do you mean? You asked first!

   “Oh my God,” I thought to myself. “What was I thinking? Didn't I know this could come back and hit me in the face?”

    ̶  You're right, I replied. I've actually never tried it but my boyfriend's been on me to try it these last few months and so it's on my brain all the time, you know?

   She nodded.

    ̶  I’ve always thought guys who want to put it in back there have issues with their orientation.

   Again, I almost choked.

    ̶  Wait, what?

   She chuckled.

    ̶  I mean, think about it. Why would a guy need to put it in the back door when there's already a front door available?

   I burst out laughing.

    ̶  That’s so GAY to me! she added. Or maybe the guy needs to be with a tranny, you know?

   I couldn't believe everything that was coming out of her mouth and I thought, “Wow! This girl is hilarious!”

   Cleo really was cool and funny. Choosing her as a roommate turned out to be a great idea. I was so happy living with her.

   A few days after she moved in, I got a taste of how unabashedly open and comfortable she could be. I walked into our dorm room and found her shaving her pussy!

    ̶  Oh shit, girl! I'm sorry. I didn't know...

    ̶  What? It's okay. I don't mind.

   She had her right foot up on her bed, half her pubic area covered in pink shaving cream and the other half of her pussy completely bare. She was holding a lady razor in her right hand and a compact mirror in her left, looking down into the mirror to get a better look at what she was doing.

    ̶  I don't even care if you want to watch, you know?

   I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

    ̶  Isn't that a little kinky? I replied.

    ̶  What's wrong with a little kink? she fired back. I really love the feel of the razor scraping my pubes off my pussy. Does that make me a freak? If it does, I'm cool with that.

   I chuckled.

    ̶  Yeah. I mean, what's wrong with that, right? she added.

   She kept shaving the second half of her pussy as I stared at her, sort of mesmerized. Ever since I first met her, I'd always felt she was more beautiful than she looked, but just the fact that she was so comfortable talking about personal stuff and not at all embarrassed about showing her spread legs like that with such comfort was really inspiring to me... not to mention surprisingly arousing.

    ̶ And this shaving cream, girl… whoa…

    ̶  What? I asked, intrigued.

    ̶  It’s like… wintergreen mint smelling or somethin’, you know? Even once I’ve shaved it off, there’s still that tingle that mint gives you in your mouth, right, but like all around the pussy. It’s like that mix of hot and cold, you know?

   My heart was beating like crazy as I gulped.

    ̶  Yeah. I can just imagine.

   I really was imagining and my own pussy started feeling hot and cold in my panties.

   Cleo walked over to the sink and rinsed off a face cloth, wringing it with both hands and wiping the extra shaving cream off her mound.

   She shuddered.

    ̶ Mmmm… that’s cold.

    ̶ How does it feel? I asked, trying not to sound too aroused.

    ̶ Nice.

   She rinsed the face cloth again and wrung it out with both hands before covering her whole right hand with it. She then covered her entire pussy with the cloth and started rubbing it against herself. She swayed back and forth, not moving her hand anymore but rocking her hips like she was fucking the cloth. First thing I knew, she was moaning as though I wasn’t even there anymore.

    I caught an eyeful of her beautiful butt and flashed back to my boyfriend’s comment when I had sent him that picture of Cleo.

    ̶ You don’t know what you’re missing, baby.

    ̶ What?

   That’s when I realized I’d spoken aloud.

    ̶ Sorry. I… I was just sayin’. You… You’re really hot, Cleo.

   Since my roommate knew I had a boyfriend, she didn’t make much of my compliment. She chuckled and lightly blushed as she rinsed the washcloth again and walked over to me, wearing just her bra.

    ̶ Thanks, she said, as she brushed my cheek with her fingers. That’s sweet.

   I felt like the room was starting to spin. My legs started feeling limp and my pussy felt moist. I don’t know what came over me when I said:

    ̶ Your pussy’s completely bare. It looks like… like a kid’s. Not that… I mean, it looks like our pussies when we were kids, you know? If it wasn’t for your boobs…

   Cleo chuckled.

    ̶ Don’t you shave down there?

    ̶ I… uh, well… I trim and… I like, bikini wax, but I’ve never shaved like… everything.

   She turned to me as though she was really surprised.

    ̶ Oh.

    ̶ I don’t know. It’s that thing about pubic hair protecting from infections and all that shit, you know?

    ̶ Sure. I know. It can get a little tricky, but… I love how it feels.

   She started rubbing herself again, running two fingers on the skin that she’d just shaved.

    ̶ You want to feel?

    ̶ What? I gasped.

   She gently took my hand and placed it on her pussy. When my fingers made contact, I instinctively pulled away and started giggling like a teenager.

    ̶ This is kinda weird…

    ̶ Why?

    ̶ I…

    ̶ It’s not like you don’t have one of your own, right? she rationalized. It’s just that yours is furry and mine is…

   She started humping my hand and moaning, her eyes glazing over and holding on to me with her free hand by grasping the back of my neck. A shiver ran through my whole body as I started feeling the juice from her dripping slit in my hand.

    ̶ Do you like the feel of my smooth pussy? she asked in a whisper.

    ̶ It’s so wet, I replied.

    ̶ That’s your fault, she shot back with a sly smile.

   I started pulling away as I spontaneously sputtered:

    ̶  Sorry.

   Cleo tightened her grip on my hand so I wouldn’t pull away and even closed her legs a bit as though she was pulling my hand up firmer against her twat.

    ̶  No. That’s a good thing. You know how it works. My pussy’s telling you it’s liking your touch.

    ̶ I… I know, but this is kinda new for me.

   Cleo smiled.

    ̶ It’s no different from when you play with yourself, she said.

    ̶ Well… a little. I’m not used to touching another girl there. Especially not a girl that feels like a preteen.

   She reached for her bra and undid it, releasing her small, firm tits, rock-hard nipples and dark areolas.

    ̶ See? She said. We’re both adults here.

   She took my left hand and cupped her right breast with it.

    ̶ Do you feel that? That’s all woman flesh.

   My eyes were as wide as saucers as I felt up my roomie for the first time. Cleo flung her nerdy-looking glasses on her bed and kissed me on the lips. I was so taken aback that I pulled away as if I’d received an electric shock.

    ̶  Cleo, I…

    ̶ What?

    ̶  I’m not a lesbian.

    ̶  Neither am I.

    ̶  But…

    ̶  I know. You have a boyfriend.

    ̶  It feels weird going behind his back like this.

    ̶  I’m not asking you to do anything you don’t want to do…

    ̶ I know. And it… it feels really good, touching you like this.

   Cleo smiled.

    ̶ It feels really good being touched. Imagine if I…

   She leaned in and started kissing my neck as I rubbed her pussy and cupped her breast. My whole body was instantly rocked with lust and I felt like ripping my own clothes off. Although I was overcome with sexual desire and felt my head spinning out of control, I do remember thinking about my boyfriend and picturing how hard his cock would be if he was standing there, watching us.

   That made me even hotter. I reached over and grabbed Cleo’s pussy again, almost as if I was expecting to find a hard cock. What I did find was that moist, smooth mound of pulsating lady flesh seeping juice in excitement.

   ̶ Yeah, girl, she whispered. We only live once, right? I knew you could get into this if you put your mind – and other parts – into it.

   Cleo twisted me around and started undressing me, throwing my clothes on the floor before she spread me on her bed. I felt her glasses on the back of my head and moved them out of the way as my roommate’s mouth made its way between my thighs. First, I felt her tongue dart at my clit and like a knee-jerk reaction, my fingers went straight for my nipples and I started pinching them. They were so hard. Like it had happened instantly. Then, I felt Cleo’s teeth graze my labia lightly. My back arced on the bed, and I moaned, pinching my nipples so hard it almost hurt. A few seconds later, I felt Cleo’s tongue slip inside me and my legs closed, my thighs clutching onto the sides of her head. She moaned also and the vibration of her voice on my pussy made me quiver.

   That’s when my phone rang. I groaned as though to tell Cleo I was sorry for the annoyance.

   ̶ Pick up, she said. I don’t mind.

   ̶ No, I objected. Are you crazy? You’re driving me…

   ̶ Up the wall with lust?

   I smiled.

   ̶ Something like that.

   ̶ Answer your phone, she said with a wicked smile, her face popping up between my legs and grabbing the ringing device from my pocket.

   My eyes widened as I took a look at the screen.

   ̶ It’s Sam!

   ̶ Pick up, she insisted.

   In the craziness of it, I pressed the video option instead of just voice and Sam’s face popped up on my screen.

   ̶ Hey, baby, he said. Where were you? Took you long enough…

   His voice didn’t sound upset, jealous or annoyed, just deliciously curious.

   ̶ Yeah, sorry, I stuttered. I couldn’t find my phone.

   ̶ More like you couldn’t find your mind, Cleo whispered between my legs before going back down on me.

   I gasped.

   ̶ What’s going on, babe? Sam asked.

   ̶ Er,… I… well… Remember my new roommate Cleo… the one I told you about?

   ̶ Hi, Sam! Nice to meet you, she hollered.

   My eyes widened again and Cleo’s face dove back into my pussy, making me wince in a mix of delicious pain and pleasure.

   ̶ Hey, Cleo! What’s up? my boyfriend replied.

   I almost choked. Cleo didn’t add anything because her mouth was slobbering all over my pussy and I could feel her fingers starting to tickle my slit. I had a feeling I would soon be feeling them inside me.

   ̶ So what are you girls doing? Sam asked.

   My breathing was getting more and more ragged and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to climax.

   ̶ Cleo’s gonna make me cum! I moaned.

   The look on Sam’s face was priceless. Then, he burst out laughing.

   ̶ Yeah, right…

   Of course he would think I was joking. I’d never given him any sign that I could be into anything like this… and to just blurt it out like that just sounded absurd.

   ̶ Are you… Are you naked?

   I just realized, as we were Facetiming, that he could see my bare shoulders.

   ̶ I am, I admitted.

   ̶ Holy f… really? Wow! That’s so hot.

   It really was. And Cleo’s exploring fingers and mouth all over my pussy were driving me totally nuts. Not to mention the craziness of having my boyfriend’s face right before my eyes. As I moaned and panted, I whispered:

   ̶ Wanna see?

   ̶ What? Hell yeah! Sam replied as his face came even closer on screen.

   As Cleo kept nibbling, sucking and licking my engorged clit and rubbing the inside of my pussy with two hooking fingers, I started panning down my body with my phone, showing my boyfriend my tits as I rubbed my nipples with my free hand, then down some more to my bellybutton,…

   ̶ Man, this is so hot, I heard him say.

   And I was not surprised at that as I knew how much Sam loved navels. I even had my free hand sneak down into the frame so he could see my fingers rubbing my bellybutton and teasing him.

   ̶ Damn, girl, you’re driving me crazy! he said.

   He wasn’t the only one being driven crazy. I was just about to erupt in an amazing orgasm with all of Cleo’s handy work down there and the excitement of having my boyfriend witness it all.

   As my camera phone made it down between my legs, Cleo pulled herself away from my slit and pulled her hair back with her wet fingers, looking straight into the camera and smiling:

   ̶ Hey Sam. Nice to finally see you in person. Jenn tells me you’re really into titties…

   Cleo arced her back, pulling her hair back again and giving my boyfriend a full frontal view of her gorgeous rack.

   ̶ Wow… you…

   I actually heard Sam gulp and, although I could have felt weird and jealous, when Cleo chuckled and brought her right hand back to my pussy to caress my clit with her thumb and insert her two fingers back into my wet slit, I just felt aroused, horny, into the long-distance threesome we were having.

   ̶ You’re a really lucky guy, you know that? Cleo added, looking straight at my boyfriend. Your girlfriend’s pussy is so tasty.

   ̶ Fuck, girl, you know it, right?

   ̶ So you don’t mind if I keep at it? she asked.

   ̶ Hell, no, he shot back. As long as I can watch.

   I held my phone at the perfect angle so that Sam could catch every last lick, nibble and sucking motion of Cleo’s until she pushed me over the edge and an amazing orgasm washed over me like a Hawaiian surf wave and an overwhelming moan came from deep inside, growing till I was shouting so loud I thought dorm security might just come breaking down my door to save me from some sort of attack!

   When Cleo was done and came back up from between my legs, she rubbed her rock-hard nipples against my clit, one at a time, looking straight into the camera.

   ̶ I hope you liked the show, she said as she smiled coyly at my boyfriend.

   ̶ I did. How about getting Jenn to suck on your wet titties now?

   Cleo guffawed.

   ̶ You’d like that wouldn’t you?

   ̶ Yeah!

    ̶ Sorry, dude, she replied with an even more mischievous smirk. You’re not running this show.

   And she got up so sexily, she almost looked like a professional pole dancer. She looked down at me, all sprawled out, half conscious on her bed, smiled again and walked away, swaying her hips and ass at the camera, almost telling my boyfriend: ‘See what the nerdy, mousy girl has to offer?’ before disappearing into the bathroom.

   ̶  That girl doesn’t need a makeover, said Sam. She just needs to be naked.

   ̶ Hey! I objected.

   And we both burst out laughing.


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