Engaging The Babysitter

I walked towards the door and saw her through the small window. 'Oh, there she is the barely legal dazzling brunette I have babysitting my son. What I wouldn't do to give a ride, and I don't mean in my car. Shit, she is wearing a dress like that to a babysitting gig? Is she trying to turn me on now?'

I opened the door and saw her through the glass storm door. She just smiled and waved for a few seconds, and I had to return the favor.

I opened the storm door too. "Hello, Alli, you are looking well."

"Hi, Mr. Fonpolous, thank you," she replied, strolling into the house. "How are you doing? Has the dating life been decent since the divorce?"

"It has been okay, Alli. It is tough out there though, and please, call me, Rex," I corrected her, failing to part my eyes from her while closing the door. 'I swear, every time I see her, I get an erection. I have to hide it though; it would be inappropriate to let on my attraction. Oh, what I would do to get into her panties,' I thought, hiding my hard on casually.

She turned to me, but neither of us spoke. I had no choice, but to nonchalantly check out her boobs. I only glanced at them for a couple of seconds before I peeked back at her face. Needless to say, she had my motor going, but then I showed her to the living room.

"Feel free to order a pizza on me, watch TV, or get on your laptop there. The router is right over there by the lamp," I mentioned, pointing at it. "It has the password on top of it, but just don't get too distracted, I still want you to keep an eye on Jack. He mostly just plays in his room, so just check on him now and then until about nine, then it is his bedtime. He knows it, so don't let him convince you otherwise."

"Okay, Rex," she said, strolling towards me. "So, do you have a hot date tonight?"

'Holy shit, did she just become a hell of a lot hotter in the blink of an eye? Wow, those breasts even seem bigger now, was that crack that long a moment ago? Damn, she is making me sweat now.'

"Why are you just staring at me, Rex?"

"I'm sorry," I said, peeking away. "Yes, I have a date, I'm not too sure when I'll be back," I informed Alli, putting my hands up.

I blindly walked back towards the hallway and made sure not to look at her again. "I'll see you later, Alli. Have a nice time," I said before I went out into the hallway.

I took a deep breath and calmly made my way towards the door. I felt my heart pumping hard, and I even had a shortness of breath, but then I grabbed the doorknob.

"You can look at my melons if you want, Rex," she let out.

I squeezed the knob and bit my bottom lip too. I failed to say anything, but I heard footsteps. 

A few seconds later, I felt her hand on my shoulder. "I am legal you know, Rex. I have my crack out, so you can look, but I think the rule is not to stare. This sexy red dress doesn't leave too much to the imagination, does it?"

I began grinding my teeth a few seconds later and then I calmly turned towards her. I just took her advice and peeked at her hooters. My eyes went back and forth numerous times for twenty seconds.

After that, I viewed her smiling at me. "Those are quite lovely, Alli. They are plump for an eighteen-year-old."

"Well, they are c-cup breasts," she informed me, lifting them up somewhat. "Don't worry; I won't slap you. You aren't a perverted scumbag; you can just appreciate a legal woman's rack, that's all. Now go on your date," she said, waving her hand. "If you come back and you want to fuck her, just text me, and I'll pretend to be asleep, cool?"

My eyes widened, and I had to grin somewhat. 'Alli clearly knows I like her, but is she just screwing with me? I have no idea; I just better go now.'

I failed to say anything, I just gave a single wave and left. I had no idea what to make of Alli, but the chick drove me crazy though. I went on my date, but I couldn't concentrate at all on her.

I peeked at her face. 'She is talking about herself, and I don't think this redhead even asked me what I did for a living,' I thought before my eyes drifted south. 'I swear, I'm a boobs man, but at least Alli asked me about my life. Damn, Alli is eighteen now, but I couldn't make a move on her. She is my babysitter, and they can be hard to come by in this day and age. I mean, they have to be responsible, and she has proved to be that.'

"Hey, are you eyeballing my boobs?" the woman asked.

I immediately jerked back and closed my eyes. "No, no, of course not," I answered, prior to glancing at the woman's face. "I was daydreaming."

"Really, while you were lusting after my tits, Rex? We're on a date, so would it be too much to ask for your full attention? I mean would you be offended if I just glared at your cock while you told me about your real life experiences?"

"As if you'd really stare at me down there," I chuckled. "I'm sorry, go on, Joan."

"Thank you," she said, leaning back. "I just really hate it when people are phony, I mean when I think about it, the 'Jackass gene' will show itself in one way or another eventually. Guys tend to hide it and then it is just a waiting game until it surfaces. The guy loves to check out every single women's boobs, regardless if he knows them or not. I've even had a guy tell me a sex story on the first date once."

"So, it showed rather early that time?"

"Yes, smart-ass," she responded, bringing her eyebrows down. "When it comes down to it, I'm a chick with big knockers, but I don't think a jackass or an asshole is worth being with only because he has a big dick. They seem to be full of shit, and pretend like sex is just some task even though they get off. I say screw that horseshit, why should I just put up with them only because they have a big schlong? The sex will be good physically, but shitty emotionally. That's not relationship material, and I'm in my mid-thirties now, my parents are gonna want a grandchild sooner or later. If you aren't even the least bit interested in having kids someday, then get lost."

I stayed quiet for a moment and bit my bottom lip. I had to break eye contact and lower my eyebrows too.

I clenched my right fist, and I hit my left palm. "You didn't even ask me if I had kids, Joan."

"Oh, I'm sorry, do you have kids?"

"Yes, one, and call me crazy, but I'm not surprised that you don't have any."

"What the fuck does that mean?" she laughed. "That I'm not fit to have a kid, or what?"

"Nothing," I groaned before a pause. 'Hell, I'm looking at this hussy, but I'm just picturing Alli. She might be quite a few years younger than me, but she can definitely drive me wild. I can only imagine what she is like in bed, maybe like a wildcat.'

I took a deep breath. "Maybe I think that I am a jackass, and we should just save ourselves three weeks, three hours or however long this would last. You seem like a bimbo, call me crazy."

She seemed speechless and crossed her arms. We both glared at each other for over five minutes in silence. Then our food came, and the waiter just set our plates down as neither of us broke eye contact.

"I'll come back," the waiter said before he left.

We both just ate as it was quite evident that there wasn't going to be a second date. The whole time, I couldn't help, but to think about Alli. The more I thought about her, the more I felt okay about letting something happen between us.

I envisioned her even with my eyes wide open. 'Damn, she is one enchanting chick. Young, sexy and she has always has seemed to like me. I'm not sure if she'd like to fuck me if she got the chance, but there is only one way to find out. Maybe it'd be worth it, considering I might have someone to babysit and sleep with too. I'd screw her, I know she has got to hiding one sexy pair of boobs under her top, and she strikes me like a hot woman that has a landing strip or at least a small patch down there.'

"Are you gonna say anything?" she bitched, throwing her napkin down on the table.

I took a deep breath. "No, I was just planning on eating as much as I could, asking for the check, paying it and then getting the hell out of here. Is there anything you'd like to add to this experience that I'm sure neither of us will ever want to remember?"

She sighed and let her eyebrows go down too. "Too bad, I would have put out," she before she calmly got up. "See you never," she spoke, prior to walking away.

I grinned and said nothing for a moment. I finished my meal, got the check and paid it. I just had Alli on my mind, and I tried to comprehend what I was gonna do correctly.

I headed to my car. "Maybe I'll just let her know I'm open to getting intimate if she is too. She already knows Brad, and they seem to get along," I pointed out before I grabbed the driver's side handle. "Well, let's find out," I said, prior to getting in the car.

I never stopped smiling, and I just drove home with a hard dick the whole time. I couldn't stop picturing Alli's nude body either. Even though I had never seen it before, I seemed to have no issue doing that.

Anyway, after a fifteen-minute drive back, I got out and casually made my way to the door. I calmly went in to ensure that she wouldn't hear me. I just wanted to get her by surprise so to speak, to make the ask a little more special.

I began strolling down the hall and saw the living room light on. "Well, she is still awake, I hear the TV, and I see the light. So, maybe this is the perfect time. Brad should be asleep, so why not now?"

Although, as I made it to the five-foot mark from the living room, I suddenly halted in my tracks. "Wait a second, do I hear moaning?"

"Yes, take my cock, Alli," I heard a guy let out. 

 My eyes closed halfway, but then I slowly finished the path to the living room.

I just lazily peeked right in there, and my eyes went on the couch. 'Oh, you beyond naughty young woman: you are letting some guy fuck you from behind. You are having sex in my house as you are supposed to be babysitting, you horny bitch. Good thing it is after Brad's bedtime. Otherwise, I'd probably be screaming already. Neither of you is looking my way, but I am glancing that your breasts, Alli,' I thought before a pause. 'They are swinging a bit, but your eyes are open. Dare I ask: is he not satisfying you? Maybe this guy's cock isn't that big. Are you just waiting for him to shoot his load, whether it is inside you or not?'

Regardlessly if I wanted it or not, my dick became even harder. I was astonished because her rocking tits were even more lively than I imagined. Her nipples were pink and perfectly placed too. Her head was down, but I knew she could peek at me at any time.

My right hand slipped into my pants. "Oh, you've given me quite a boner, Alli," I muttered, grabbing my cock. "Damn, I just don't know what to say about this, she is ravishing, but she is supposed to be babysitting," I whispered.

I saw her biting her bottom lip, and she never seemed to smile either. I couldn't help, but to draw my own conclusions. I peeked at the guy's face, and he seemed to be loving it. He had one devilish grin on his face, and I was sure his time was coming.

'I know it is wrong just to watch them, but they are in my house. What a shame, you skanky hussy: you are committing this act, and you don't even appear to be enjoying it. I can feel my large wood now, and if it wandered into your pussy, you'd be cheesing right now and probably moaning nonstop too. I'd devour that cherry, and it would just be a shriveled up grape by the time my dick came out. I'm sure you'd love doing it with a DILF, so maybe you'd be willing to find out. I'd even be willing to go all night long if you'd fancy. It is Friday night, so you don't have class tomorrow, so why not?' I thought, stroking my rod.

I had a few drops of sweat form on my forehead, and they just maintained their positions the whole time. I only focused on Alli, considering after every passing second, I felt my crush on her grow a little bit more.

I even started breathing heavily because I just found myself unable to deal with it myself. The young woman whom I'd love to fuck was naked and getting pounded right in front of me. I licked my lips for a moment, but then I even brought my dick out.

They were both too distracted to notice me there. I rubbed my member very slowly, and I was even more intrigued. I desired to get a better look at her, although I'd have to see more of him as well. So, I very quietly stepped out from behind the wall.

Even with my dick out, I came out into the light and eventually stopped only a few feet directly in front of the couch. 'Oh, you young man, are you about to shoot? Go ahead, just make sure you don't get my couch; submerge her back and butt if you'd like though,' I thought before I peeked at her face. 'And you still don't seem into it, your eyes are open, but you are just looking straight at the arm of the couch.'

A moment later, he evicted his member. "Shit, Alli, I have to cum," he moaned, taking it in his right hand. "What the fuck, who the hell are you?" he questioned, glancing my way and shooting her back.

I put my cock away and let my eyebrows down. "I'm the owner of this house, and the father of the kid she is supposed to be babysitting: Rex Fonpolous. Dare I ask: who the hell are you and why did you just soil my carpet? Do you think it is alright to do my babysitter in my house, as you know you've never met me?" I asked as I placed my hands on my hips and he finished his orgasm.

No one uttered a word, but I did notice Alli shedding a few tears. Then I looked back at him and saw his pleasure fighting his outrage. He still managed to unleash four shots of his seed, which all didn't land on it's intended target.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Fonpolous," she cried, rising on her knees.

I instantly got the view of the front of her nude body. I couldn't help, but to scan every single inch of her naked goodness. My hard-on never disappeared, but then it seemed to enhance quite a bit.

"Are you eye fucking my girlfriend, asshole? Your mouth is wide open, and you have a huge erection too," the guy whined.

"Maybe I am, fucker," I replied, peeking at him. "Remind me, whose house is this and which one of us wasn't just pleasing the lady here?"

"What are you talking about, I was fucking her hard with this big dick," he mentioned, getting off the couch and grabbing onto it. "She loves it when I screw her from behind, who the hell are you to say she wasn't enjoying it?"

I bit down on my bottom lip and closed my eyes for a few seconds. I didn't want to see the guy's dick, but I knew it was there. I loved seeing her nude body, but the two emotions were colliding. I wanted to see her, but I felt revolted to see him.

I didn't hear the floor creaking, so I knew everyone held their positions. Although, I did still hear Alli crying somewhat, so I was confident she felt horrible. It just seemed that the guy and I were in a stand-off to find out who'd yell first.

"Fuck this," he bitched before I opened my eyes. "You didn't even defend me just now, Alli. Don't you like our sex life?" he asked, peeking at her.

She shook her head no, and I couldn't help, but to smile. 'I knew it.'

"I'm out of here, Alli, consider us done," he made clear, prior to grabbing his clothes.

He ran out without even getting dressed. Then I looked back at her and licked my lips for a moment again. I couldn't decide what to do right at that moment, so I just stood there. I kept my eyes on her, but she failed to glance at me. She still covered her melons with her arms as she cried into her hands.

Whether she knew it or not, she nailed my soft spot so that I couldn't be mad. I just sat down next to her, but I left a small gap there, and my eyes never parted from her. Of course, my dick never went limp, but the whole turn of events deflated it somewhat.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want him to break up with you, but you gotta know what you were doing was not okay. I'm counting on you to watch Brad and keep him safe. I'm aware he is just sleeping right now, but you still have a job to do here."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Fonpolous," she sobbed, uncovering her face. "I didn't plan on this happening. I was just horny, so I texted him to come over. I certainly didn't want you to come back here and catch me with him."

I had to grin then, because I knew she was remorseful. "You could have just watched porn on your laptop, but I understand. I know you are naked, but may I hug you, Alli?"

Oddly enough, she nodded and put her arms out. I encased her in my arms and brought her close to me. My cock became as hard as diamond, and I wasn't sure if she noticed or not. I just went with it as I had her nude body touching me.

Even as I still had my clothes on, it felt amazing. I wasn't sure how long it would be appropriate to hug each other, so I decided to let end it when the time came. I brought my hands low, but too much.

'It is like 'Jack' without the 'pot.'. I don't know what to do right now, but she is right here with me nude, and she seems vulnerable. So, I can't make a move, but it doesn't mean she can't.'

After three minutes, she leaned away from me and kept her head slanted down.

I covered my crotch. "I'm sorry."

"No, it is alright, Rex," she whispered before she glanced back at my face. "What are you doing back here already? I wasn't expecting you back at least for another hour."

"I wasn't connecting with the woman, and I think I might have a thing for someone else. May I ask you something personal, Alli?"

She stayed silent for a moment. "What?"

I took a deep breath. "Dare I ask: was that guy not pleasing you? I saw your face as he was thrusting his schlong, but you didn't appear to be liking it."

She stayed quiet for another minute, but smiled. "No, but I think you enjoyed the sight. I did see that you had your manhood out, Rex," she mentioned before she leaned towards me. "Were you masturbating to us, or to me?"

I licked my lips for a split second, but I didn't respond. Alli already knew the answer, because then she placed her hands on my legs. She caressed them for a moment before she leaned to me and kissed me.

It only lasted a second as she jerked back. "No, it would be wrong for us to get involved, Rex," she protested herself, looking away. "I'm your babysitter."

"You are right, Alli, but if I may, you are stunning."

"What do you mean by that? Do you mean you want to have sex with me? Am I the woman you have a thing for, Rex? Is that why you whipped out your pecker while you watched me have sex with that guy?"

"I guess, yes, Alli," I mumbled, vibrating nonstop.

"I should go now," she said before she launched up.

She grabbed her clothes, but didn't put them on just yet. I couldn't help, but to get up and come to her.

"What, we can't have sex, Rex. I'm of legal age, but it is still wrong."

I checked out her body once again, which seemed to be getting sexier with each passing second. I smirked back, and my arms began moving around somewhat too. For whatever reason, she stood there in front of me, but didn't cover up her body.

"I can make you feel good, Alli. I might be nearly twice your age, but I know we'd both have some great pleasure together. Whether we just made love, or I fucked you from behind. I certainly would never want you to do something you don't want to, but let me give your ravishing figure a whirl."

"Are you going to fire me if I decline?"

"No, of course not. I should fire you for what you've done already, but I won't. You did something that was not okay, but I'm not about to just let you go because of it," I replied, closing the gap. "I'd be willing to keep your sexy figure around."

She smiled, and we looked at each other right in the eyes as I was a few inches taller than her. Even as I still had her dazzling body to eyeball, I just glared at her eyes, but I did feel her hands come to my crotch.

She dropped her clothes. "If you want me, then take me, Rex," she advised me, caressing my wood.

"So, are you giving me permission to touch you?"

She instantly snatched my hands and transported them to her butt. "Yes, horny man. Now I'm gonna get a better look at your dick," she whispered, dropping her hands back to my crotch.

She blindly undid my pants, and they fell.

Her hand immediately wrapped around my pecker. "What, you didn't want some pussy closer to your own age?"

"I guess in this case, no," I moaned before I slanted my head back. "Damn, your hand is incredibly soft, Alli."

She just gave me the slowest hand job I could ever imagine. I did my best to keep my eyes on her, but it seemed impossible at the moment. Even just from the touch of her palm, she had control over me. My crush grew significantly within only a minute.

"Tell me you want me, Rex," she moaned, placing her other hand on the base. "Don't worry; I won't judge you."

I applied two very firm squeezes to her butt, but I didn't hurt her. With every single stroke from her hand, she had me tremble just a little bit. Then I felt her begin to smooch my neck and right cheek a few times.

"You are one sexy, but twisted woman, Alli."

"Would you like me to give you head?" she pondered, continuing to kiss my neck.

"No, my dick is as hard as it is going to get."

She calmly undid the buttons on my shirt and then got it off me too. I managed to get out of my socks and shoes and then I advanced her slowly to the couch. Neither of us spoke a word, but I got her on it and lowered myself to my knees.

I brought my right hand to her pussy and plopped my entire palm on it. "Oh, that is one wet cherry," I pointed out, lazily shifting my hand down. "I guess I'm getting younger pussy tonight."

She twitched around a bit and moaned too. I knew she liked it, and then I transported my hand back up to my face. I licked it clean as she lustfully stared at me. A few seconds later, I let a couple of fingers from that hand find their way up into her slit.

I immediately began thrusting them calmly, and we kept our eyes on each other. I already noticed that Alli loved the pleasure, but I was out to make her push those limits. I cheesed a bit and leaned forward somewhat.

She brought her hands to her knockers and squeezed them tightly. "Oh, I've never had sex with a DILF before, Rex, so please be at least somewhat gentle."

I went all the way up to her lips and kissed her without moving my fingers. "I'll do my best, Alli, but you better not fuck a guy in this house again, unless it is me."

"Promise me you won't fire me, Rex."

I kissed her again. "I swear, horny tart," I muttered before I climbed down to her pussy.

She spread out her legs as far she could, and I went down to her twat. I never stopped thrusting my fingers, and she had her juice coming out nonstop. I just stared right at her cherry for a moment before I let my tongue out.

"Fuck yes," she moaned, bringing her hands to the back of my head. "Even that bastard who just ran out never ate me out, Rex. Damn, you must like me if you are willing to do this on the first date."

My lips came off hers somewhat. "Only for the classy ladies, now shut up," I ordered her, prior to letting my tongue inside her slit.

I rarely ate out a woman before, but this chick was particular. I couldn't help, but to please her. I found myself being incredibly attracted to her and nothing was about to stop me from getting her off. If that took us into uncharted territory, and that was fine by me.

I just let my tongue slide around inside her pussy for a while as my hands stayed on each side of it. I did my best to hold her tight, but little did I know that my pussy eating skills would get her to moan and twitch almost right away.

I peeked at her and watched the results. 'Oh, do you like that, Alli. You have a DILF making you feel good, now feel my tongue teasing your clit. Hold out on giving me all that lady juice for as long as possible, but I want you to unleash it like never before.'

I did my best to drink as much of her juice as possible, but she wasn't shy about letting it all out quite rapidly. I had to smile and tingle a bit, so it was fair to say I got an ego boost from the whole situation. It seemed too easy as I just had to lick her pussy walls.

I was sure I could have sucked at eating pussy, and she would have loved it anyway. Regardless that she thought we shouldn't have gotten involved, she still found herself entirely thrilled by the turn of events.

"Oh, fuck yes, you sexy hunk," she moaned, scrubbing my head. "Eat that pussy like it is an all-you-can buffet. A sexy man like you is quite rare, so keep going and make me cum, Rex. Be the T-rex, and devour me."

That made me take her lips into my mouth. I sucked on them right away and made her want to scream. Needless to say, she couldn't keep eye contact with me and then I placed my hands up onto her melons too.

"Oh, yes, yes, Rex," she let out, rubbing her back on the couch back and forth. "Get your tongue back on my clit and suck on those lips at the same time. Do it for your sexy babysitter."

I squeezed her hooters, but too hard. They felt to be as soft as clouds, but I made sure not to go overboard though. I indeed took the feel of her body slowly, and not to let the buzz go away too quickly.

'Holy shit, she is smoking hot. She like a sexy and dirty young thing in Hustler, just letting me see her naked body and allowing me to take it for a ride too, I bet she wants to take my dick for a special ride as well. Don't worry; I'll arrange it for you, Alli.'

I had to shed a few tears as everything seemed too good to be true, but yet I knew it was happening. My lips were on Alli's twat lips down there, and she had my cock pumping and ready to shoot at any minute.

"Put your damn fingers up into my cherry. Thrust them too and pleasure me to the max. I'll give you so much more juice if you do it for me, Rex. Don't disappoint this hot piece of ass," she moaned, glancing back at me and putting her palms on my hands.

I brought my lips away from her slit and let in a couple of fingers in there deep. She calmly rose up to me and wrapped her arms around me. I pleased her to no end with just my fingers at that point.

Although, we smiled at each other lustfully, so that tipped the scales to get us even more in touch with one another. Alli licked her lips in the process and caressed my other hand ever so smoothly. I had to start grinding my teeth in attempts to deal with the pleasure.

We held our positions for a few minutes, but then I slowly climbed up on top of her. I kissed her and set my whole body on hers. I had to take my hand off her pussy, but I grabbed onto my rod and guided it right to her slit.

My lips came off hers. "Would you like to feel my big dick inside your cherry now?"

"Yes, but not in this position, horndog," she replied before she leaned up.

I got out of her way and watched her get on her knees. She turned around and let her butt come towards me. The signal was quite clear, and I was more than ready to thrill her with my dick for a change.

I knew she hadn't let her juice out yet, but I was a patient man, and I just had that one goal in mind while fucking her doggie style. I examined her body once again, and I felt my dick veins pumping so hard, that it hurt quite a bit.

I knew the pleasure would be worth it as I saw her peek at me and spread out her pussy lips with both hands. I looked right at those lips for another moment, but then I took my member in my hand and slowly aligned it with her slit.

"Fuck me, Rex, and maybe you'll just have to get a new babysitter. You'll probably be too busy screwing me for me to able to still babysit for you. So, allow my snatch feel your man-sized dick. I'm dying for it now, so don't tease me."

I followed her order and let my wood slowly penetrate her pussy lips. I made it inside her ever so lazily, even as my entire dick was as hard as a rock.

"Fuck yes," she moaned, hitting the arm of the chair. "Oh, that's good, Rex. Now let me feel the whole thing inside me. Stretch out that cherry as far as you can in one movement, and let me feel your wood rubbing my pussy walls."

I placed my palms on her butt and held them tightly to keep her still. My heart and lungs seemed to be on their last legs, but I pushed myself to keep this whole kinky thing going. I had no idea just how long she'd be willing to keep it going or if she might even want to spend the night.

Those details weren't important at the moment; I just wanted for both of us be thrilled beyond our wildest dreams. The emotional spike had already scratched the surface for me, but I wanted to make sure the favor got returned to her.

"Holy shit," she moaned through her teeth. "Your cock is enormous, Rex. You are moving it very calmly, but yet, it is hurting my pussy so much that it feels good, you stud," she cried, twitching the whole time. "Shit, keep going for me, but keep it slow and pleasurable for me."

"Yes, hot stuff," I let out, prior to slightly slapping her ass. "I won't fire you, hell, I might even give you a raise."

She peeked back at me, smiled for a few seconds and came up with me. "Fuck that bullshit; I'm not gonna babysit for you while you stick it to another woman, Rex. My pussy is wide open, so be happy with that, fucker. I will not tolerate you going around my back so you can cheat."

"I don't know what to say, but cool, harlot," I muttered, placing my hands on her knockers.

She stayed close, and then I couldn't thrust my dick. Although, I didn't need to because it went all the way up inside of her. Her entire body vibrated, and I saw her grinding her teeth too. I knew she was having a lot of issues dealing with the pleasure, but I liked it that way.

"Kiss me again, Rex."

I pasted my lips to hers and tightened my grip on her melons. Our bodies moved a bit because she had to jerk around. Even as we kissed each other, she was breathing heavily and struggling to go on.

I certainly knew she was pushing herself as well, so it was just a matter of time. I felt both of our bodies, and they were slick as ice. It was relatively cold in there, but yet both of us were sweating like we were in one big sauna.

After five minutes, her lips parted from mine. "Damn, your schlong is massive, Rex. Just how big is it?"

"Pretty fucking big, why else would I be so confident that I could please you?"

She couldn't answer, but she did shed out several tears and kept her eyes on mine. Our eyes said everything, so I just calmly let my wood out. She immediately let out a huge exhale, and she lied down.

I blew her a kiss, and she returned the favor. "Could your wife just not take that pecker anymore?"

"Maybe, considering she wanted to try out a different one while she was still married to me," I answered, nonchalantly getting over her. "Now let me spread the intimacy to you now, Alli," I whispered before I smooched her forehead. "I do have a pretty damn good reputation for making a woman love the love-making sessions, care to try?"

Even as tears kept forming on her face, she nodded, and I slowly grabbed onto my rod again. I guided it back to her snatch and kissed her on the lips. She just smiled at me and placed her hands on my shoulders.

I could only take that as her way of telling me to do it. Neither of us spoke, but we didn't need to at all. I pushed my wood right into her slit, but before I even got halfway in there, she closed her eyes and turned her head to the right side.

She squeezed my shoulders hard right away and tried to deal with the pleasure the best she could. I just desired to make her feel good, regardless of how I felt, my only real objective was to get to love the sex.

"Holy shit, you are one sexy woman, Alli. I hope I don't stretch out your pussy too much, a guy with a small dick may not please you," I moaned before I kissed her. "Don't worry though; you can play with my pecker for as long as you want."

"Is that so?" she let out, shedding a couple more tears.

"Fuck yes, I only do that for extremely sexy ladies," I put on the record before I made us both switch positions.

I swung her around and sat down on my butt. I immediately brought my palms to her boobs and squeezed them a bit.

"Oh, make sure you don't cum inside me, dude," she moaned, jiggling around. "I can feel your cock vibrating, and now you are feeling my breasts too. You just better be careful."

"I'll do my best, woman," I muttered, prior to angling my head down towards her breasts.

I stuffed my face right in between them and just rubbed it from side to side several times ever so slowly. It felt so good that I sensed a little bit of pain on my forehead. I had to shed a few tears myself because I exhibited the piece heaven that called herself 'Alli.'

She kept her hands on the back of my head, but failed to speak. I knew she had several things she loved to say, but she bit her tongue. She was right about my pulsating dick; it was like a boiling pot with water continually drizzling out.

I rubbed her boobs slightly as my face never stopped moving either. Her nipples were somewhat sensitive as my head directly coated on them. With every passing minute, it seemed that I found another little fact about her.

"Oh, you like those titties, don't you? They are rather big for my body, aren't they? So, I can't blame you for all the times I caught you leering at them, you horny bastard. Now quit feeling them with your head and allow me to get a sense of what it is like for a DILF to lick those ever so delicate nipples. Don't make me beg you."

A few seconds later, my head lazily rose up, and my arms went around her. Suddenly, her arms dropped, and they encased me as well. We just smiled at one another for a moment, and then I kissed her.

We made out for a moment before my lips parted from hers. "So, may I see you again?"

"Is my answer gonna affect your decision on whether or not to lick my nipples, Rex? I don't like it when guys give me those kinds of choices."

"I'll do it for you, either way, sexy bitch."

"Good answer, yes, you may see me again. You have to take me out on a date though, and I don't put out on first dates."

"What about second dates?"

"Maybe, only if it is the right guy."

"Good to know," I whispered before I lowered my head down towards her tits.

I brought my hands down to her butt and squeezed her cheeks as I opened my mouth. I let her right nipple into my mouth quickly and immediately began sucking on it.

"Oh, son of a bitch, Rex," she moaned, placing her hands back on my head. "I just wanted you to lick it, but now you are sucking on it too? You must be extra horny."

'Maybe, and it does taste a hell of a lot better than I imagined. Damn, I knew she had to be at least slightly crazy, but damn. She hid it somewhat well from me while being professional about her job. I guess that goes out the window when you are horny.'

"Shit on a stick, Rex," she let out, scrubbing my head. "Make sure you cause yourself too much of a headache, I'm going want you to go on for a long time. I have nowhere else to be tonight, so go easy on me and we'll both last longer."

From one second to the next, I slowed down on my sucking and slanted my head up so I could see her. I saw her trying to resist the urge to take off like a rocket, but I made damn sure to push just enough to make her go nuts without screaming.

"Do you like my moist pussy too, Rex? You have it leaking out my juice directly onto your cock, so it should be incredibly slick right now."

I nodded and squeezed her butt cheeks a bit harder. Everything and nothing needed to be said, but yet, the sexual nirvana forced us to just go with the sensual flow.

"Oh, you fucker, how dare you not tell me that you wanted to fuck me? I could have been feeling this pleasure months ago, Rex. That was a shitty move, so now you better start licking my nipples, or you might make me cum too early."

My mouth leaped off her nipple. "You talk too fucking much," I warned her, encasing my arms around her. "If we start a thing, you are gonna have to cut the chatter, at least when I'm doing it with you, Alli."

"Fine, Rex," she whispered, smiling and wrapping her arms around my neck. "How about you shove that cock as deep as you can inside my slit now?"

I instantly began jerking my body up and down so that I could do that for her. I had her pussy walls suddenly rubbing my wood, and it felt amazing. I leaned back and enjoyed the viewed of her bosoms jiggling around.

Her head was also moving around, so she failed to notice my eye fucking her rack. She was just one sexy beast as far as I was concerned, and I just couldn't believe I was genuinely screwing her. Yet, I knew if I came, I risked getting her pregnant.

"Oh, you are a magnificent fucker, Alli. I certainly hope I'm making your pussy too sore; I'm going to want to stick it to you again."

"I told you, bastard," she said, glancing back at me. "I'll go all night," she said, placing her hands on my stomach. "My pussy is wide open for you, Rex, so take advantage."

I took us both down to the floor abruptly, but I didn't hurt her. "Good to know," I whispered before I kissed her. "Now I'm going to make sweet love to you, Alli," I let her know before I put a gap between us.

Neither of us spoke a word, but we kept our eyes on each other as I began thrusting my wood. It was magical, to say the least, considering the intimacy just took a big jump up in a moment. There was only about ten inches between us as I made sweet love to her.

I grabbed onto her arms as I did it, but made sure not to squeeze too hard. I knew it was just a matter of time before I couldn't hold my load anymore, but I was out to enjoy every single second until I had to shoot.

Both of our smiles stayed solid and then she placed her hands on my shoulders. Her slit was lubed up with her juice that I barely had to move. It was like I was ice skating with my cock, only the ice was a much-preferred surface.

"I want you to submerge my breasts and stomach with your seed, Rex, won't you do that for me?"

"Fine, that counts as your pay for your babysitting duty tonight, Alli."

"I like that," she said before she kissed me. "You better not hold out on me though. Regardless of how old you are now, I know you can give out a great pop shot."

"I'll do that, hot naughty babysitter."

We just went at it on the floor and had great sex. Even only in the missionary position, the thrill of having sex with Alli was fantastic. I had also to shed a couple of my own tears, but nothing was going to kill the fun.

"Damn, your dick feels even bigger in this position, Rex," she whined, closing her eyes. "I love it though."

So did I, because it just added to the giant pile of sexual and emotional pleasure. I knew the sweet skank was losing it too, so we were dominating each other so to speak. So, it was so much more than a physical fuck, but an emotional fuck so our got twisted around.

I watched her eyelids along with the rest of her beautiful face. My mouth was wide open and with each passing thrust, my mind became a little more distorted, but in the right way. I brought my hands down to her thighs and held her tight.

"I'm almost there, woman, so prepare for a great ride before I shoot."

"Fuck me hard then," she moaned through her teeth as she opened her eyes. "Get that DILF dick in there and treat me as the young and naughty slut I am. You should punish me for letting a man fuck me in your house. Make me sorry I ever let you catch me screwing that other guy, Rex. Do it and unleash your sticky cum."

A surge of adrenaline just coursed through my body right then, her words just made me want her more than ever. To pleasure her and make her one crying woman by the time we couldn't go anymore. I shoved my pecker in and out of her slit as if I was a machine.

I felt almost completely depleted, but I had the will to finish the deed and satisfy her completely. Even if I pushed myself to the limit, I was prepared to deal with it at the moment. Also as it was somewhat relaxed in there, I felt like I was in a pool.

"Fuck me so hard, that your heart needs to pop out, Rex. I want to see it; I know it is golden considering how good you've been to me."

"Shut up and take the thrill, Alli. Praise me later."

She immediately covered her face with both hands and heard her crying again. She failed to distract me, but it did make me want to cum all that much more. If only to make her happy just a minute sooner.

Whether I wanted to or not, I had to pull out. "Here you go, you skanky witch," I muttered, positioning my wood right over her body. "Have the DILF seed which you crave."

Then despite what was about to happen, we locked eyes and licked our lips too. The lust of the whole situation made us throw caution to the wind and just enjoy one another like never before. I stroked my schlong, but I didn't look at it at all.

Of course, I felt it, but I didn't see it until the first shot of my cum bolted out and landed right on her face. "Yes, take it, Alli. Take it as the sexy hussy you are," I moaned before the second came out too.

I submerged her body in my hot seed for thirty seconds or so, let her have at least five different full shots of it. I delivered it all to her ravishing figure too. I never peeked below her face, and I noticed her that she never closed her eyes. Even though I gave her face a lot of seed, she managed to keep her eyes on me. I found that to be so hot, I immediately went down and got on top of her.

I kissed her. "Holy shit, you are steaming, Alli, and so much sexier than my ex-wife," I congratulated her, placing my palms on her face. "Fuck, I love you."

"No, don't break out that word just yet, you are just really horny right now, Rex," she pointed out, positioning her hands on my lower back. "It is nothing to be ashamed of, but wait until you love me before you repeat it," she explained before she kissed me.

"Okay, smart-ass," I muttered before I got off her.

I put my hand out, and she took it. We both fell onto the couch and instantly began cuddling as we both attempted to catch our breaths. Alli lied on top of me with her front to me. So we encased our arms around one another and stayed silent for the time being.

'My cock is still hard, like a rock or maybe even a diamond. Damn, maybe she is the diamond in the rough, or maybe she is just easy. Who the fuck knows, but now I gotta get a new babysitter.'


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