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12 Jul. '18

The Seven Magic Moments


This is a sequel to ‘Nervous,’ but it isn’t necessary to read that story first.


“What’s the biggest thrill you get out of this?” my wife asks. She’s getting ready to meet a man. We haven’t met him yet, but if all goes well we’ll have a threesome.

For her, of course, the attraction is she gets to have sex with someone new, variety. We’ve been doing this for over a year now, she’s relaxed about the process, yet admits she still has butterflies and goosebumps when another tête-à-tête seems on the horizon.

I’ve enjoyed this, watching her as she flirts with a man, seduces him. But the question, what exactly do I get out of it, has never been asked. 

‘Hmmm,’ I think, ‘good question.’ I consider for a few minutes, then give her first one answer, but then I think of another, and another. In the end, I come up with seven things I really love to see. 

She laughs, “Just like a guy. Well, let’s see how many of those I can make happen tonight!”

We review the intel on our date that we got off the website, Donnie, 5’10”, 190 pounds (he says,) divorced. Driving to meet him, I ask, “Nervous?”

Lisbeth laughs, “A little. I always am when we meet a guy for the first time. Remember how I was with Lou? I was a real Nellie on that one, and look how it turned out. I’m really ready, I hope Donnie is!”

We find The Spot, a tavern less than ten minutes from our house. We’ve never been except to meet a man, we’re unlikely to bump into anyone we know. I pull into a parking space, go around to open the door for her. As she climbs down and her skirt slips up I get a quick glimpse of something dark, her sundress is short for a woman of her age, but not for what we’re planning to do, god willing. I’m glad she’s wearing her anklet, I gave it to her after her third guy, Jim, six months ago. If Donnie works out, he’ll be the sixth. I don’t know if Lisbeth is counting, I certainly am.

The bar is dark, three guys look around, all of them concentrate on the skin above my wife’s push-up bra. One stands up, he must be Donnie. It takes only a split second to make that first impression. Mine is ‘not bad.’ Combed hair, clean shirt, slacks, boat shoes. And besides, it’s not my first impression that counts, it’s Lisbeth’s. 

“Hi,” he says. Now for that first thrill of the night, Lisbeth’s reaction. I think I can tell what’s going to happen just from the way she approaches him. With one fat guy, I could tell she didn’t want to touch any part of him; needless to say, nothing happened that night. When Donnie offers a handshake she places her palm on his shoulder, presses toward him, gives him a kiss on the cheek. The other people in the bar might think he’s an old friend, but I know what it means. That her breast brushes his arm lets me know what she’s thinking. “Hi, I’m Lisbeth,” she offers warmly.

We head for the patio, the temperature is still in the low 80’s, we’re a half hour from sunset. The music blares a bit loudly, perfect for the purpose. He already has his beer, I order a Yuengling, Lisbeth selects a Lime-a-rita. We begin small talk, almost unimportant except if the guy hogs the conversation or brags too much about himself. Donnie does neither, in fact his reaction is perfect when he asks, “So, what do you guys like to do?” and Lisbeth teases, “You mean other than . . .” The tables tops are glass, I watch as Lisbeth pulls her skirt up a bit on his side to show almost all her leg. I chuckle when he does a double take, but he doesn’t look away. 

Just after he orders another beer, Lisbeth gives me the signal. “We’ve got this great patio at our house,” she slips into the conversation. “We just had it revarnished,” I add, the positive reply. If I had decided he wasn’t for us, I would have said, ‘but it needs a little bit of work.’ As a result, Donnie doesn’t know his fate has already been decided, we talk about home improvement for a few minutes as if it was a subject of interest. I make the excuse of needing to use the boy’s room, Lisbeth is left to conclude the negotiations, she’s good at it. I stay away five minutes, by the time I return Donnie’s beer is finished, he’s laid a twenty on the table, plenty for drinks and tip. “Babe, Donnie wants to see what we’ve done with the patio. You ready to go?”

“Sure.” We get out of the place, Lisbeth offers, “Donnie, why don’t I ride with you so you don’t get lost. Kevin’ll follow us.” I watch her climb into his Altima, a sexy little car I think Lisbeth will appreciate and pull out behind them. We always feel this is safe, I have his license plate, I can track her cell phone, and if we didn’t trust him we wouldn’t have invited him home in the first place. When we stop at a traffic light, I can see Lisbeth turned toward him, leaning over a bit, I’m sure he’s getting a good look down her dress. I wonder if she has her hand on his thigh, if she’s hiked her skirt up until he can see her panties.

We arrive home, Lisbeth learned early on that she likes it here better than hotel rooms, she’s just more comfortable. As she gets out, I see her hem is way high, that’s okay, Donnie’s going to see a lot more than that before the night is over. We walk through the door, I ask, “Want another beer?” Lisbeth offers a tour of the place. While I’m opening the ice box, I hear the patio door open, they really are going to inspect the deck! Nothing’s going to happen out there, it’s still kind of light out and we’re too close to the neighbors for comfort. I take them their drinks, head back inside and get the place ready.

I like doing this, it makes me feel like I’m a part of the action. I flip the switches in the house, in the master bedroom I turn on the side lamp and a dim wall sconce to set a tempting mood, plenty of light for the purpose. I don’t think I’m a cuck when I do stuff like this, it’s not as if Lisbeth tells me I’m not enough man for her or tries to make me wear a cage. In a way, it’s a hobby we share.

I join them in the living room, she’s showing him some prints we got at the art show, they’re standing a good foot apart. I’m pretty sure he wants to grab her, throw her on the floor and pillage her, but she’s not offering - yet - and he’s a good boy. More slowly than he wants, she leads him through the house, pointing out this and that. I watch him look at her rounded ass, I can feel his lust. Finally, we reach the bedroom. “And that’s the bed,” she taunts, knowing full well it’s the piece of furniture he’s most interested in.

“Come see this,” she offers, and she closes the door, revealing a sizable print of Toulouse-Lautrec’s ‘In Bed, the Kiss.’ It’s erotic enough to give the idea, not pornographic enough to shock Aunt Sadie. “Do you like it?” she asks as she approaches him, gets him to lower his face, their lips meet for the first time. This is my second big moment, the promise of the great time to come.

I watch them for a few minutes, I see Donnie’s hands start to roam. When one guy did this too early for Lisbeth’s taste she stepped away from him, with Donnie I can tell she doesn’t mind his hand cupping her ass. I step forward, unzip her dress, pull it over her head and throw it on the bed. I can see her in a mirror, her nipples hard and pressing through the see-through bra. 

She’s amused at the greed on Donnie’s face, helps him pull his shirt off and unzips his pants - she’s gotten quite good at that particular maneuver. I see his belly could use a little flattening, the skin around his nipple is slightly loose and hanging, but Lisbeth doesn’t seem to worry, gets him to sit on the bed beside her. They kiss again, all four of the hands roam. He pulls the bra down, exposing the little button pushing toward him and leans to suck. This is another high point for me, watching as her lover first touches an erotic zone. She reaches behind her, deftly unsnaps the garment, shrugs it over her arms. Donnie pinches the nipple he isn’t sucking on. 

She undresses him completely, feels the prick. It’s close to being erect, of a good size. That’s always a concern, Jim was a little small, he didn’t do it for her, though god knows she tried. She leans over, her head is in his lap. I see her take the dick in her hand, give it a couple good pulls, then she’s sucking on it, bobbing up and down.

When I gave her my list she was surprised the blowjob wasn’t on it. I told her it’s not a big deal to me. I’m pretty sure she usually does it because it’s expected, not because she particularly enjoys it. She agreed with me. But still she licks it because he sort of needs it. Soon, she gets him to full strength.

While she’s blowing him, I take my clothes off. Later, after she’s done with Donnie, she’s going to want me - and she’s told me she likes to watch my dick get hard while she’s being screwed. 


Then she plops on the bed, her ass at the edge and orders, “Eat me!” Donnie doesn’t have any problems, he goes down on her. He works at it for a few minutes, but I can tell he’s missing the mark. Lisbeth won’t take that, she uses both hands to spread her pussy lips, points to the clit and says, “Right there!” The boy takes direction well, in a few seconds I watch her face cloud up, her “ooofs” and “ahhs” start. I’m in heaven, knowing my wife is having an orgasm supplied by the efforts of this new player.

That lasts for a while, then she’s ready for the main course. “Fuck me!” she tells him, so he stands up. She’s still on her back, his prick is hard as all get out. He inches towards her, points, the arrow is right at the opening. 

This is always another flash for me, I scurry around until I get a great view of his penis pushing in, she smiles, they start screwing. In and out, in and out, she puts a finger down, plays with her clit, she starts coming again as he humps her. He has good control, I can see him holding back, enjoying the feeling of her hot twat surrounding his cock.

As they hump, Lisbeth willingly accepting the tool of another man, her eyes meet mine, she smiles in gratitude and more than a little pride that she’s able to satisfy two men at the same time. 

After enough of that Lisbeth turns over, sticks her ass up, Donnie knows what to do. He’s going at it, putting a hand around and teasing her nipple. She’s having another come, he must be rubbing her g-spot with his shaft. At last she tires, collapses her shoulders on the mattress, yells over her shoulder, “Go ahead and do it, baby!” 

Now, I start watching his face, his body. He’s thrusting about as hard as he can. His hands grab her waist, pull her to him cravingly, his neck is dark with blood, his eyes close and he looks as if he’s in pain. This is another peak for me, another guy using my wife, coming deep inside her, filling her up.

After he’s done, he just sort of stands there for a half minute, then staggers into a chair. “It’s yours, babe,” she calls, flops on her back, spreads her legs for me to see. In a minute I’m checking her pussy out, it’s swollen and red, the lips wide open, Donnie’s cream is leaking out. I put a finger in, feel how wet she is with both her juices and his. I hear Donnie go, “Whew,” and head for the bathroom.

Lisbeth says to me, “How do you want me?” and I tell her on top. My dick is swollen, hell, any man’s would be watching something like that. I sit on a chair that doesn’t have arms, she perches on my lap, facing out, I use my hand to point my own dick right at her used twat, she lowers herself, now we’re fucking. 

I like to feel how silky her tunnel is after another guy’s had her, I’m in no hurry, we’re screwing slowly. Donnie comes back, sees what’s going on, Lisbeth tells him to join us, while I’m in her box she’s sucking on him, just making both of us feel good. Then she puts her hand around my butt, a finger is up my ass, I can’t take it anymore. I push it way up, let her have another load where it counts.

Lisbeth laughs hard, “Got both of you! Damn, I’m good. You were too, Donnie. Hey, Babe, get us some more drinks, will you?”

I head for the kitchen for a couple of beers and a wine cooler, by the time I get back they’re lying on the bed, her head on his shoulder, he’s got a hand around her, playing with her boob. I hand their drinks to them, go over and sit in a chair, watching my beautiful wife with her new man. They’re talking about what it was like, rehashing the good parts. This is another pinnacle for me, too, watching her cuddle with her lover, getting ready to get ready again. If this is like some other nights, in half an hour or so she’ll start playing with him, prepare him for the next act, they’ll go at it again, he won’t get out of here anytime soon.

Yeah, I love those wonderful moments while I watch my wife fuck.





I and my wife had many threesomes with other men, many of them followed this pattern. I always looked forward to nine particular instants.

1) How she greeted the other man, I often could tell just from that if he attracted her, what the outcome would be. 
2) Their first kiss, how she closed her eyes, surrendered herself to him.
3) His first touch of one of her erogenous zones, nipple or pussy. She’d always moan in satisfaction.
4) Her first orgasm. Usually it came from foreplay, either by finger or oral.
5) The first penetration, watching his dick slip inside her. Would it be slow or fast?
6) When our eyes meet while they’re in coitus, showing appreciation and love for me.
7) His orgasm, hopefully deep inside my wife. (Note: unlike this story, we always required a condom.)
8) After the other man has had his fill, reclaiming her.
9) Watching them cuddle afterwards. It was always something my wife wanted to do if she’d had a good time, usually the guy liked it. We’d all talk about it, a friendship can develop when you’re naked in a way that simply doesn’t happen when you’re clothed.

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