A Bored Housewife's Amusing Tale

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21 Mar. '16

Life was a bit mundane for Tracy.  She and her husband had been married for thirteen years.  She was a wife, mother, daughter, friend and sister.  Tracy felt very alone in the world.   Her and her husband had a great sex life, but did struggle connecting emotionally.  This frustrated Tracy very much.  Her husband was an introvert and she was an extrovert.  Their marriage was always like this.  She only noticed it more after she stopped working.

Tracy was searching for a little spice in her life.  She didn’t want to cheat, but wanted to see what was out there.  A friend had told her about an affair website that she recently joined.  Tracy thought that was hysterical and cracked up when her friend told her about it.  Except, she thought it could be the answer she was looking for.  Tracy had no intention of cheating, but wanted to explore the website that her friend had told her about.

Tracy couldn’t believe all the people that were on the website.  Tracy made a profile to just see what would happen.  She was only looking for conversation.  She couldn’t believe all the unhappy people that were in the same situation as she was. This made Tracy happy, because she was hoping to have a little adventure in a harmless kind of way.

Tracy was just bored and needing something to do.  After her chores were done in the house, there wasn’t much else to do.  All her friends had already gone back to work.  With Tracy’s children in school and her husband working long hours, this left Tracy with idle hands.  You know the saying “Idle hands are the devils work.”

Tracy made a profile and in like an hour she had so many hits.  She couldn’t believe her luck.  The site also had a chat feature.  Basically, the membership was free for women members and the men members had to buy their memberships.  If men wanted to chat with women, they had to spend credits.  Tracy was excited that she didn't have to spend any money.  This would be her naughty little secret.

Tracy started to chat with people.  Mostly it was just about their lives and then it turned into cyber conversation.  Tracy had never done cyber-sex, but she did love to tell stories and that’s basically what cyber-sex is.  Tracy became quite good at cyber-sex and men were giving her really good ratings on the site.  Everybody wanted to chat with her.  

Tracy was having the time of her life.  She also was developing lots of interesting friendships.  The men always asked for her to meet them, but she always turned them down.  She wasn’t looking to have affairs.  She wanted to be helpful, and rewrote some of the men's profiles.  She wanted her friends to find happiness.  Just not with her. 

She was really good at writing and she knew what most women were looking for.  She rewrote their profiles, so they could attract more women.  She helped so many of the men out, that they wanted to repay her with gifts. However, she did not want to share her address with any of them.  She told the men to buy her gift cards. This way they would just give her the code and she could access the money. 

A few of the men had suggested to Tracy, that since she gave incredible cyber-sex, maybe she should start to write erotic stories. Tracy had never even thought about that. Actually, the stories just started to pour out of her imagination. Again, the men said that she was very talented and they led her to websites that had erotic stories.

She joined one of the websites and sent her story there.  She was quite surprised on how many views her story received.  She started to join several websites and started to put her stories all over the internet.  Eventually, Tracy had millions of views to her erotic stories. This made Tracy very excited.  She was also hoping to write an E-book someday.

Now this became a hobby for Tracy.  She would sit and write erotic stories.  She actually had a knack for this sort of thing. The men she met were now enjoying her tales of sex and lust and millions of other people were now enjoying them too. Now the bored housewife actually had something to do.  She would write tantalizing, erotic stories.

In addition to writing, Tracy loved to masturbate.  She’d have her cyber-sex conversations and later after they were done, she’d go and masturbate.  She never did it during the conversation, because she wanted to concentrate on the chat.  She got off fairly quickly thinking about the conversation they had just had.

One time, she was chatting with a man and he begged her to masturbate during their chat. Tracy never did it that way, but her friend was insistent and said it would really make him horny if she played along.  Tracy thought that would be an excellent idea.  Something new and exciting that she’d never done before.

Tracy would play with her wand and he would type out a scene for her to read.  Tracy got all set up on the floor. She loved to watch herself in a mirror. She put a towel down, because when she masturbated with her wand, she’d almost always squirt. She didn't want a mess on her carpet. She took off her pants and then her panties.  She put the mirror in front of herself with her legs wide open and put her I-Pad next to her. 

Her friend was texting to her on Yahoo Messenger what to do. Tracy was reading and playing with her wand.  This is how the conversation went:

“I want you to touch your breasts. Put your hand over your breasts. I want you to twist and turn your nipples. Do it to each one!” 

Tracy then did as her friend said and played with her breasts. 

“Now I want you to rub your clit.  Move your fingers all around it.” 

Tracy did as she was told and rubbed her clit. She was moaning and enjoying what her friend was telling her to do. 

“I want you to put your finger into your pussy.  Move it in and out of yourself.  Get your pussy nice and wet.”

Tracy slipped her finger into her bald pussy and began to fuck herself.  She was knuckle deep.  Her pussy was making squelching sounds while she fucked herself with her finger.  It felt so good that she put a few more fingers inside of herself.

“Oh God, that feels so good. My pussy is so wet.” 

Tracy then typed back to her friend that her pussy was so wet.

“You’re really turning me on.  I’m so hard for you.  Fuck.  I want you to turn your wand on.  Rub it all over your pussy.”

Tracy turned on her wand and did as he told her to do. She rubbed her wand all over her clit and pussy lips. The sensations felt so good.  She was so excited and started to moan.

“Fuck.  It feels so good.  I’m going to cum!  Oh God!”

Her friend was pulling on his cock and was so turned on by thoughts of Tracy fucking herself with her wand.  He was getting ready to explode.

“I want you to slide the attachment over your wand and fuck yourself hard.” 

Tracy put on the curved dick attachment onto her wand and began to fuck herself hard. She was loving how it felt and she was getting very excited. She worked the curved dick fast and furiously in her wet pussy. 

“What’s happening? Does it feel good?” 

“I’m so hot.  My pussy is so wet.  Fucking hell.  I’m going to cum!”

Just as Tracy was about to orgasm, her Hitachi Magic Wand started to spark and caught on fire. 

“Holy Fuck, Oh My God!” 

Her damn vibrator caught on fire! She unplugged the vibrator and ran to the sink to throw water over the damn thing. She never had her orgasm, because her damn vibrator basically blew up. Tracy was really pissed, she just bought the thing about a month before. But, she was always using it.  She probably fried the stupid thing.

She typed back to her friend that her vibrator blew up and she didn’t have an orgasm. She was so upset and her friend was cracking up. She didn’t find it funny, because her other vibrators were not working. Tracy was a very wet girl and she always seemed to short out the damn vibrators. 

Tracy ran to her computer and ordered herself another vibrator.  But, unfortunately it would not arrive until the next day. She was so aggravated and needed to cum still. She remembered there was a sex shop in her town. 

She got dressed and drove over to the sex shop.  When she got to the sex shop, she noticed a strange couple walking in and she hurried up so she could walk in with the two of them. Tracy had never visited the store before. She was amazed on what a great store it was. Tracy worried that there would be a man running the shop, but thankfully it was a girl. 

Tracy was frantic to have another Hitachi Magic Wand. Unfortunately, the store did not carry that model. 

“Oh fuck, that’s the only vibrator I cum with.” 

Tracy was concerned with the strength of the vibrator. The girl let Tracy open various vibrators to test them out on her hand. The girl and Tracy really hit it off. Tracy was going to be getting her Hitachi wand tomorrow from Amazon, but still wanted something for her orgasm today.

“We sell the Hustler Mini Massager.  It’s small but it packs a punch.”  

Tracy looked at the vibrator that the girl had suggested.  It kind of reminded her of her magic wand.  It was smaller, but seemed to do the same thing.  Tracy decided to buy the vibrator.  She just needed something to get her off later when she got home.

Tracy started to notice all these men coming into the store and going to the back of the store.

“Where are those men going?” 

“We have a video arcade. Men come here and watch porn.” 

Tracy was amused and watched the men piling into the store.  She just rolled her eyes and started laughing.  It was really creepy, she thought to herself.

“I thought that only happened in the movies.”

Some guy walked in and handed the girl fifty dollars.  The girl handed the customer back a cup filled with tokens.  The customer then walked towards the back of the establishment. 

“What’s that for?”

“Well you need tokens for the movies.”

“Jesus, how long do these people stay?” 

“Sometimes, they stay all day. One time a guy came in and was here for like twelve hours.” 

Both girls giggled to each other. Tracy could not believe that anybody would sit in an adult store watching porn for twelve hours. She rolled her eyes and starting laughing with the girl. After that, Tracy left the store and went home.

Tracy then got herself all comfortable again. She got out her mirror and took off her pants and her panties.  She was really horny and needed to cum.  She played with her new vibrator. For a little vibrator, it was very strong.  She rubbed it all over her pussy. After about ten minutes, Tracy had a squirting orgasm.  She was finally glad she came. She was still annoyed that her most favorite toy had caught on fire.

Thankfully, since she had a bald pussy she did not get burned. Her mind kept racing of thoughts of singed pussy hair. Another good reason to have a bald cunt.  Tracy then went back to her computer to write another sexual tale.

She always had such amusing things happening to her. She loved to share these things with people who enjoyed reading her sexual tales. 


2013 - (2016) Copyright Mysteria27 This work and any audio recordings may not be copied, transmitted or used in any way, either in part or in full, without the author (Mysteria27) expressed written permission.


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