My Wife's Sexual Fantasy Became Mine

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11 Jun. '18

My Wife's Sexual Fantasy Became Mine.

This story is about my beautiful wife and her sexual fantasy that also became mine.
When I met my future wife we were instantly attracted to one another. We met on a blind date. When I first saw her. I was shocked to meet such a beautiful woman. This was my lucky day.
She was 5'2", long black hair, slim curvy hips, shapely legs and big round breasts. When we started talking. She was as nice and interesting as she looked. It wasn't very long before we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We also became very good friends. Before long she moved out of her apartment and into my house. Within a year we were married.
She looked so sexy naked. It almost turned me into a premature ejaculator. She loved giving head. So much so that she would drool. I never had to ask her to do it. She was just there. If I fondled her breasts while she gave me head.  I would have to stop her before I came and ruined our sex.
Loved going down on her tight little pussy. Always clean and shaved. I swear it tasted like candy. I could have climbed inside her and bathed in the juices. It was so tight that I had to start off slow. To get it stretched out enough for it not to hurt. Once we got started she was very orgasmic. My penis fits in her pussy like a glove. When I would hit bottom she would start cumming and I couldn't hold back from shooting my wad. We almost always came together.
Once Cindy revealed to me a couple of her favorite sexual fantasies. One was being tied down and gang banged. The others I will get to later. She was an adventurous girl. The only thing she would not do was anal. She was very small down there.
Sometimes we would role play. I would sneak in the house. Grab her from behind. Slip a pillowcase over her head. Tie her up and have sex with her in various positions. Pretending there were more than one of me. Fucking her while making her suck on lifelike dildos. Then fucking her with them as if there were different guys. She loved sucking on things while I fucked her. Sometimes she would suck my thumb. She liked clothespins on her nipples. She liked it kind of rough. Her pussy would get dripping wet.  That was the closest we could get to her gang bang fantasy. She loved it. She found it very erotic to be overpowered by men. But in a safe environment.
The more I thought about watching her being fucked by other men. The more it became erotic to me. The thought made me so horny. But I also worried that I may get too jealous. Eventually, I started thinking how I could make that possible and whether I could really stand to see my wife being fucked by other guys. I loved her but I don't feel like I own her. She is her own person and I wanted to make her fantasy come true. At the risk of ruining our marriage. We both wanted to see if it was as erotic in real life as it was in our fantasies.
One night I asked if she would consider making it come true. She said, "only if it was in the right atmosphere." I came up with the idea of researching swing clubs. She agreed. I started looking them up online. We are both very attractive people and having a woman as hot as her showing up at a swing club would make us the most wanted couple.
Without going into all the details. We found a local high-end swing club and got an invitation for a visit. When we showed up. We were well received by the hostess at a beautiful home in the hills. Everyone turned to look at us. She asked us what we were looking for. My wife wants to be fucked by two hot well-hung guys and I want to watch them do her.
The hostess said we have the perfect room for you with a two-way mirror. So your wife can be fucked on a luxurious king size bed with silk sheets. While you watch her from another room, behind a two-way mirror.
The hostess knows all the people in attendance. So I asked her to point out some guys for my wife. As we had our drinks Cindy was getting quite a buzz. The hostess was pointing out men around the party and Cindy made her choices. The hostess went to see if they were interested. They both said yes.
One of the guys' wives' asked if she could do me. She was a tanned cute petite blonde with perky tits and a short tight mini skirt. Revealing a bubble ass and shapely legs.
So the hostess had the two men talk to my wife while I met with Mary. One of the guys' wife.
I told Mary that my erotic interest was to watch your husband and the other guy fuck my wife. She said, "I would love to watch my husband fuck your wife." I  said, "I can not promise you anything."  She said, "well maybe I can jack you off. So you don't have to do it yourself.
While we were talking I was watching Cindy talking to the two guys. They were two tall muscular good looking guys. Just her type. I watched her face as they talked. I could tell she was getting pretty drunk. She could hardly stop herself from looking down at their crotches. It was most certainly turning me on. Not to mention that cute blonde, Mary.
So the hostess came to me and said they are going into the room now. I will show you and Mary yours. I think Cindy forgot I was even there. My room was a small one with a single bed. All I needed was somewhere to sit, to see Cindy become a porn queen. Mary sat next to me. I was a little self-conscious of her there. But that soon ended. She put her arm around my waist and pulled herself close. She had a good vibe and smelled good too.
As we sat on the edge of the bed and looked through the two-way mirror. Cindy and her two guys were getting off to a slow start.  Until Mary's husband started kissing Cindy and put his hand under her shirt. She started rubbing his boner outside his pants. Wasn't long before he had her shirt pulled up over those big round tits. I could see her nipples were already hard. I know what she was thinking. She wanted to get down and start sucking that cock. He was standing up at the end of the bed. Cindy kneeled on the bed in the doggy position and started zipping down his fly. Pulling out his huge half erect cock. Guy #2 was fingering her ass and pussy from the backside.  She was wearing this sexy little cheerleader style mini shirt. Was so hot to see #2 pulling it up to expose those beautiful legs and ass. I know that pussy was shaved clean. Just the way she always likes it.
Mary said to me," my husband has a nice cock. She is really going to like that."  I was getting more horny by the second. I could see Cindy was a little nervous when she pulled his cock out. She is not used to something that big. But at the same time. I could tell she was excited to see where it goes. For a few seconds she forgot about the other guy fingering her ass and pussy. She just wanted to start sucking on that beautiful cock. Cindy didn't wait for either one of them to strip her naked.  She couldn't get those clothes off fast enough. Those two guys are going to have a hard time holding back their cum when they get inside her tight pussy. When Cindy got totally naked, Mary said to me. "Damn she is hot".  My husband is gonna love that. I would love that.  I said to Mary. "Maybe you will be on her next fantasy list."
Cindy was down on her knees sucking and stroking Mary's husband's big white's cock. I will call him Big White for short.  While #2 was fondling her clit with his thumb up her ass. She was so engrossed in the first cock. She forgot about the #2  behind her. So he pulled out his half erect meat and slapped it on her butt crack. She reached back and fondled his balls with her left hand while stroking and sucking Big White's with her right. #2 jacked himself off until he was hard enough to start working it in. When he rubbed his knob on her clit. I could see  her starting to go into the pleasure zone. When he got his mushroom inside her pearly pussy lips. She starting to lose her sucking rhythm on Mary's husband's cock. She was probably wet enough to accept almost any size dick by now. He must have been close to ten inches. He was taking it slow. When he got about six inches deep. Her legs went limp and her eyes rolled back in her head. He picked her up by the hips to get her back in line and continued sliding it in. She forgot how to suck the dick in front of her. She hung onto it like a lifeline until she regained composure. Again, she started sucking and stroking. It was a two-hander
As #2 went deeper into her pussy. I could see her butt pump. Her back arched to accommodate the angle of his insertion. After he got her opened up a bit. She started to feel it with more pleasure, so she  pushed back to take more or his cock inside. After a few minutes of pumping. He was going balls deep. Cindy was already cumming. He looked ready to shoot his wad. I could tell Cindy could feel the load moving up his shaft. She was in the zone. Ready to take it in. Ready to feel the pleasure of that power squirt, she loves so much. But he eased off and pulled out before he came.
Mary's husband took this opportunity and threw Cindy on her back. It was his turn now. She giggled with pleasure with being manhandled. Living out her rape fantasy. With her legs spread he went down on her. Licking the clit of her tiny shaved pussy. While the other guy moved her head onto his lap. She licked her juices off his half erect cock and sucked his knob. She started to cum again when Mary's husband found her g-spot with his fingers.  She was pulsing and pumping as if her body was saying. I want more cock. Cindy likes her clit licked but not as much as she likes it deep. She claims she has a clit at the end of her love tunnel.
I could tell Mary was getting aroused. She put her hand on my crotch to feel my boner. As soon as she knew I was ok with it she had her hand in my zipper. She had tiny warm hands. She started taking her clothes off. Down to her bra and panties. What a hot body she had. I know she wanted me to fuck her. But I didn't want to miss anything. So Mary settled for gently rubbing my shaft. I put my hand down her pretty pink bikini undies and fingered her dripping wet clit. As we both sat there watching our spouses fucking each other.
Cindy was in heaven again. Giving head and getting her clit licked at the same time. Things started to get more heated. Both the guys were getting rougher with her. I think she liked it. The one she was sucking tried to push his shaft down her throat. She wasn't having it. Her tiny mouth barely got a couple inches past his knob. She was a good knob sucker and shaft stroker. Mary's husband couldn't wait anymore. He pulled her to the edge of the bed. He slipped that big white into her pussy. I could see her pussy dripping wet and ready to take that cock. At the same time, she was still sucking and stroking  #2.  As big white slowly eased his shaft into her snatch she gasped with pleasure.
Cindy was not the only one getting aroused. I was hard as rock and Mary was so horny from watching her husbands fucking my wife. She stopped stroking me, just to watch. We both watched in amazement.
Cindy likes it deep. Because every time we did it. She would cum when I hit bottom. When the head of my cock hit the end of her love tunnel. It made me cum and then she would cum. She always said she loved the feel of my splooge squirting inside. And we almost always came together.
He could tell she liked it when he slid it in slow. She was savoring the feeling. By the time he hit bottom she was in a zone. But he was not balls deep yet. I could see, that is what he wanted. He kept pushing. Lightly tapping the end of her tunnel. She kept arching her back to help him. As if to say, there is more room in there for you. Eventually he got it all in. She was in heaven. The deeper he went the more she moaned. Every time he hit bottom she went into a zone.  Her eyes rolled back in her head. She lifted her legs to give him more room. Like she was giving his cock entrance to another space, deep inside her pussy.  As she seemed to go into blackout mode. He kept taping the end. Trying to get it deeper. Every time he pushed she seemed to go into another orgasmic trance. I almost came myself.
Mary was getting so horny, her hips were moving back and forth in a kind of involuntary manner. She had a cute little body. She was so turned on by her husband cock inside my wife. I know she wanted me to fuck her. I think she wanted my wife too. She wanted my dick inside her at the same time her husband's dick was inside my wife. I just wasn't ready yet.  Although Mary was really getting me hot. I wanted to take her doggy style while watching. But I knew if I did I would end up cumming in her right away. So I decided to wait. Besides, I did not want to miss anything.
Just when I thought Mary's husband was going to cum in Cindy. He pulled out and flipped her over on her stomach and pulled her up on her  knees doggy style. I could see a smile come across her face as he manhandled her into position.  She always said how she likes the feel of doggy style the best. Especially when a guy has an upward curve to his boner. Now she can concentrate on giving head to guy #2 in a more comfortable position. While still feeling the full length of Mary's husband's cock inside her. She has always fantasized about be fucked and giving head at the same time. Tonight it finally came true.  It's that rape fantasy kicking in. I could see her body quiver when his cock slid in again. He would pump and she would push back to help him go deeper. There is no telling how many times he has tapped that sweet little g-spot deep inside. Cindy is so feminine she hardly makes a sound when she cums. But I could feel her pussy tighten up around my cock when she did and I bet he is feeling that now. It turns me on to see another man feel what I feel. Even if it is my wife. Why be jealous. She's has dick inside of her before I came along. Why deprive her of that, just because I am here now.
Just when it looked like Mary's husband was going to cum in Cindy. He pulled out. While his cock was still wet with Cindy's juices. She concentrated on sucking #2. She took as much of his cock in her mouth and throat as she could. She continued to jack him off. He was getting super hard. She could tell he was about to shoot his load. She wasn't going to stop now. He started pumping his cock down her throat. She tried to take it as far as she could. We could tell he was about to shoot his wad. She was taking all she could while she kept sucking and stroking. He grabbed her head and shoved his dick as deep as he could get it. Cindy tried her damndest to take it all. Swallowing all his cum. She stroked and sucked his shaft until it was dry. She didn't want to stop. He was half erect by the time she let him go. Mary's husband sat back and let them finish. When Cindy was done with #2 he put on his clothes and went back out to the party. Leaving Cindy and Mary's husband alone.
I could tell she wanted Mary's husband to cum in her pussy. That is what she loves the best. Feeling that surge of cum inside. He flipped her on her back and slid it in. I didn't see any expression of pain on her face. Just sheer pleasure. She was ready to take it all. She lifted her hips up so he could go as deep as she could take it. He had waited long enough. He wanted to get his rocks off and Cindy wanted to feel that surge of cum she loves so much.
I had seen enough. My balls were aching from having a boner for so long. I wanted to start fucking Mary right now. I reached over. Grabbed her head and shoved it to my crotch. She squealed with delight as if to say, "It's about time". After a couple pushes she took my thick dick as deep as it would go. She twisted her body so the curve of my dick lined up with the curve of her throat. She had her cute little butt up by my face. So I fingered her ass and pussy as she ate.
Cindy has never been able to go balls deep on me. It was an awesome feeling. Like fucking a super tight pussy. Before cumming, I stopped Mary and flipped her over on her back, put each hand on her knees and spread her beautiful legs. She squealed again as if to say. I like it when you get rough.
Mary was a cute little thing with beautiful blonde hair to her shoulders, small perky breasts. Nice curvy hips and a sexy flat stomach.  I squeezed her breasts, kissed her for a minute before I went down on her. I wanted that cute body of hers to be fresh in my mind while I ate her pussy.
While we were kissing I started to pull away and she grabbed my head to keep kissing. She was a great wet kisser and it was obvious she loved it. Her lips taste like mint and her kisses were so erotic that it gave me a splitting hard boner. My nuts started to ache I was so hard.
But before I fuck her I wanted to go down on her. I love going down on a clean shaved pussy. Pussy's are like lips to me. As luck would have it. Mary's pussy tastes the same as her lips. Hers was definitely different than Cindy's. Her clit stuck out and was easy to suck.
Although I was so hard, I just wanted to fuck. But I still wanted to see my wife getting fucked. So I flipped Mary up into doggy style and moved her around so she could watch my wife taking his cum. I wanted to see how sexy my wife looks while another man is cumming inside her.
I flipped Mary over into doggy style. Mary looked so sexy from that angle with her curve hips, bubble ass, and a tattoo just above her butt crack. She had such a sexy round butt that I wanted to fuck it.
Not sure what her reaction would be. I pulled out of her pussy and rubbed the head of my penis on her butt hole. She moaned a little bit and moved it back and forth ever so slightly as if to say yes. Go for that hole.
So I put a little spit on the end of my shaft and slowly slipped it in. She pushed back to help. It was tight and I took it slow. But Mary didn't seem to mind at all. I think she has done this before. As I slowly slipped it in every inch was tight. It was an awesome feeling.
I grabbed her shoulder to hold her back from sliding forward. She didn't make a sound. The deeper I sunk into her butt the better it felt. My penis was not in all the way but I hit bottom. I wanted to go all in. I wanted to feel the whole length of my shaft in her ass. So I kept pushing and tapping my knob a little deeper. It was hard for me not to cum. She pushed back as if to say. I can take more.
I had to pull back for a second and stop pumping to keep from shooting my wad. I  pushed again and again until finally, the entire length of my shaft was in her butt. All of a sudden Mary says quietly. "Ya right there". Just keep hitting me there." Her butt became really tight around my rod. I just moved enough to feel the end of my shaft hit the end. I must have been hitting something because she started to cum.
Her butt hole clamped down on my shaft as if to hold me there. I was afraid to move too much or I would shoot my load too early. Her butt vibrated as she came. I kept my movement to a minimum just enough to keep her cumming. She wiggled and thrust in her own sexy way for a couple minutes.
When she was done I kept my penis deep inside her ass. I was not ready to cum yet. Then she said in her sweet little voice. Don't pull it out. As if to say, I'm not done yet.
So I started gently pumping her again. This time I reached over and stroked her clit. I was a little rougher with my pumping now and pounded the end of her anal tunnel a little harder. I knew this time I was ready to shoot my load in that cute little ass. So I was pounding her asshole and rubbing her clit. She was really getting off. Her butt hole clamped down on me and her pussy was dripping as I flicked her clit. I could tell she was going to cum again. I could tell by the tiny squeals in her voice and her pushing her ass back telling me to hit it harder.
As she convulsed with pleasure my penis slammed into her butt as deep as it would go. My knob hitting bottom was making me super hard and on the verge of shooting my wad. She was about to cum and I could not hold back any longer so I let go. As my load was coursing out it must have made her hit the peak of her orgasm. I could hear her say "Oh My God" and felt her body vibrate with pleasure. I kept pumping I did not want it to end. I wanted to unload every bit of my cum in her beautiful ass hole.
She wiggled and squirmed as if her body was saying. I want it all. Don't pull out. I just want to feel you inside me until you are completely spent. I stayed in her and stroked her back. She laid there enjoying my fingernails gently scratching her back and my palms messaging her shoulders and neck.
When I felt my penis finally going limp I slowly pulled out of her. When I was completely out she immediately turned around and gave me a big hug and wet kiss. We kept kissing. She was almost as good a kisser as my wife. Her petite body felt comfortable pressed against mine. Then she whispered in my ear. I love your penis. It fits me perfectly. You can do me anytime.
We were so entranced in our own world we forgot about watching our spouses fucking in the next room.
When we looked over. There was no one there. I guess they had finished. So Mary and I got our clothes on and went back to the party.
Just before she opened the door Mary turned around and gave me one last wet kiss. When we exited, Mary and I went our separate ways.
There was Cindy standing at the bar with the hostess. Looking kind of tired. When she saw me she looked guilty. Not knowing what my reaction would be. She was kind of red-faced. She always gets that way after an orgasm and she probably had many.
She looked a little disheveled. Tried to get her hair back in place, not doing a very good job. Her lipstick was gone. When I walked over to her I had a smile on my face. So I could tell she felt more at ease now that she did not detect any jealousy on my part.
I said to her. "How did it go". She looked nervous. Looked down at the floor and did not want to give me any details. She said it was ok. Not wanting me to feel bad for her having so much fun.
I told her. I could tell you were enjoying yourself.
With a surprised look on her face. She said, "how do you know?"
I said you know that big mirror in your room. I was watching you from behind that.
Her face went bright red and she said. "And you are ok with that ?"
I said, "I am totally ok". It was hot watching you get fucked. You look so sexy when you are being fucked. You are already beautiful naked and you look even hotter when you are fucking and sucking big dicks. I love watching their dicks sliding inside you. I wanted you to have the pleasure of something new. Even one of the guys' wife wants to fuck you.
Cindy asked, were you with his wife.
Yes, we were both in behind the mirror and watched you. I came in her butt while her husband was cumming in your pussy.
She said I know how you always wanted to do that with me.  She gave me a big hug and kiss and said let's go home. I've got cum running down my leg.

To be continued . . .



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