My Girlfriend's Sister


We were on a night out as fours friends me, Rob, Claire and June my girlfriend Aprils older sister, just four friends out together, April wasn’t with us as she was still in boarding school and couldn’t get out that weekend. We’d decide to go into Manchester for a few drinks and dancing, with the idea if the guys saw a girl (except me) they good hook up with them and the same for the girls, but it also gave the girls some security if any guy came on too strong, Rob and I could step in.

The night had gone well we’d all danced with each other when I noticed June looking uncomfortable with a guy who was moving in on her on the dance floor, so I went over and told him to back off, saying “it’s ok to dance with my girlfriend, but you’re going too far now. Piss off.” He was going to make something of it then he realised I was about three inches taller than him and bigger, also June said “thanks.”

As June and I left the dance floor she said “thanks for that but I’m not your girlfriend.”

“I know,” I replied “but if I’d just come over and told him to piss off, he was more likely to make an issue of it, but he wasn’t going to push his luck trying to take my girlfriend away.”

“Okay thanks.”

Now let my say June is not the prettiest of girls, not a classical beauty, she is short, her legs are a bit chunky, she’s got nice hips and a great little bum but no boobs at all, I don’t think she would fill an “A cup” she has a round face with mousey straight hair a cute little turned up nose and the most incredible grey green eyes and a smattering of freckles over her nose and upper cheeks, but she lights up when she smiles. April, her younger sister, is tall, blond, with great legs and defiantly fills a “C cup”. But there is something about June that I find incredibly sexy and I want to make love to her every time I see her. In fact I was trying to get together with June when her sister made a move on me, and we’ve been going out for six months now. Both girls went to the same boarding school as their dad was in the army at the time and thought it best for them to have a base in the U.K.

When we got back to the table Rob and Claire went off to have a dance and I turned to June and said, “June I’ve got something to say to you, now please don’t take this the wrong way and don’t slap my face and I know I’m going out with your sister. I think you are the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen, I would love to make love with you at some time.”

Shock from both of us, me that I had said what I had and June that I had said it, but at least she didn’t slap me. June looked at me for a couple of seconds with a strange look on her face then said. “Where did that come from, thanks I think, and why?”

“It’s just something I’ve always felt since the first time I saw you, I think you have a magnetic sex appeal, and that making love with you would be an incredible experience, and I said make love with you not to you. Any guy would be a fool if he didn’t want to with you.”

June looked at me in a strange way and said, “I don’t think I’m sexy and I never knew you felt that way about me.”

“Look I’m not coming on to you, I’m not after a quick shag, you are incredibly sexy, in my eyes anyway, I’ve told you how I feel, we’ll leave it like that for now and stay friends, if you can.”

“Yes, just leave it,”

At that Rob and Claire came back to the table and the night continued for a couple of hours but the two girls suddenly seemed to be talking in an animated way, with Claire looking at me in a different way, and at one time I heard her say to June “He said what?”

When we were dropping the two girls off June asked me if I was doing anything the next day and if not could we go for a ride into the country as she didn’t want to stay at home all day, that was ok by me as I couldn’t see April and had nothing else on. So at noon the next day I picked her up at her parents’ house. She was wearing a pink and white blouse and denim skirt, strange I thought she normally wears jeans all the time.

We drove onto the moors above Manchester and had just stopped for a drink when June said, “Will you take me home, and I’m feeling a bit strange.” I was a bit pissed off with this but got her back home, by this time her parents had gone out, she asked me into the house.

“You know what you said last night,” She asked me “When you said making love with me would be incredible for you.”

“Yes, but not just me, any man.” I replied.

“Well I’m not sure it would be that good for you, I don’t think I’m sexy and also I’m a virgin so it might not be what you expect or want.” She was going red and shaking as she said this.

I looked at her and said, “Well it might be a different experience to what I thought but it would still be incredible, I’m sure.” I had no idea she was a virgin her younger sister defiantly wasn’t. “June where are you going with this?”

“Will you make love with me please, and you don’t need to worry about protection, I’m on the pill. Mum and Dad insisted we both started when we went to school. We’ve got loads of time Mum and Dad will be out until tomorrow now”

“Yes, oh yes.” From me.

At my reply she took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. She stood at the foot of the bed looking unsure of what to do or say so I took her in my arms and gently kissed her but just a brush on her lips saying, “We’ll go as fast and as far as you want, if you want to stop just let me know.” With that I kissed her harder pulling her body close to mine and rubbing my hands down her back, not grabbing her arse just up and down her back, my tongue had firmly pushed its way into her mouth and  at last she responded, kissing me back with a growing intensity. Her lips were so soft and sweet.

I kept the kissing going and moved my hands onto her bum pulling her into me and pushing my groin into hers, again not violently just so that she knew what was going on and could feel me and get used to a man’s touch on her body. All the time I was whispering in her ear things like “take your time, it will be alright.” Things like that. I had to make this about seduction and love not sex.

I stepped away from her slightly, looked into her eyes and slowly began to undo the buttons on her shirt one by one, when it was fully open I slipped my hands under it at the back and undid her bra, I then slipped her blouse of her shoulders taking the bra with it.  Her boobs now fully exposed to my view were tiny, barley a bump on her chest but with deep brown nipples that were sticking out and seemed aching to be kissed. She was shivering with trepidation, so I kissed her again, nibbled on her ear then kissed my way down her neck and shoulders taking my time and then lower until I had one nipple in my mouth. I reached a hand up to her other breast and massaged it while flicking my tongue on the nipple of the other one.

“Oh God, that’s good, please don’t stop.” Came from her, there was no way I was going to at that stage.

I dropped a hand to her skirt undid the clasp at the top and slowly lowered the zip, at this she stiffened; I looked at her and asked “Do you want me to stop?”

“Yes... no... I don’t know. No keep going.”

I eased her skirt over her hips and let it drop to the floor, then kissing her body all the way sank to my knees in-front of her, I circled my tongue round her belly button whilst running my hands up and down the backs of her thighs and onto her arse. It was tight and firm.

She had on pale pink panties sitting on her hips, I took hold of them at both sides and slid them down her hips, brushing her skin with my lips all the time I did so, until her pubis came into view for me, she was neatly trimmed but not shaved, I brushed my lips just at the top of her pubic hair and heard her gasp slightly, then she said “You’re the first guy that’s seen that.”

“It looks beautiful.” I said and it did, her outer lips were dark and slightly protruding whilst I could just see inside her which was a pale pink coral shade. I got her to step out of her skirt and in doing so she opened up slightly for me and I put my mouth on her pussy for the first time, just leaving it on the outside, then slowly began to lick her from top to bottom of her slit, she was so soft and wet and hot. I pushed my tongue firmly into her pussy as deep as I could and continued to lick her from top to bottom of her slit, I wasn’t tongue fucking her just licking her as deeply as I could. She tasted divine and her smell was like nothing I’ve experienced before or since, a sweet musky fragrance that had my head reeling, I needed to make love to her soon, my cock was throbbing. I was still fully dressed at this point but somehow managed to get naked whilst still kissing her pussy.

She was still standing in front of me at the foot of the bed so I managed to get her so that she was straddling my head so I could get my tongue even deeper into her and spreading her outer lips with two fingers gently inserted my middle finger into her pussy, left it there for a while and then began to push it in and out of her slowly but pressing on her firmly, I also exposed her clit and took the firm little bud into my mouth and started to suck on it.

She stiffened again, grabbed the back of my head pulling it into her at the same time thrusting her hips into my face and groaned, “Oh God, what’s happening.” I pushed my finger into her more deeply and really sucked on her clit and with that she came, not an earth shattering orgasm, more of a whimper but it was a climax, and her first, she was shuddering and as I looked up she had tears running down her cheeks, she then sort of collapsed half on me and half on the bed.

I got her onto the bed fully got on beside her and took her in my arms, holding her and stroking her hair, “You okay?” I asked her gently.

“Yes, I’m not crying out of guilt or anything like that, that was unbelievable, those are tears of joy and happiness. I didn’t know it would be like that.”

“That was nothing, that was your first, you’ll have more intense orgasms later but now you’ve had your first, and we’ve not made love yet. Do you want to stop where we are?” I asked her.

“Oh God no, I wanted you to make love to me today and we will do.” She replied.

“Okay, just let me know when you’re ready.” I said pulled her in close and cuddled her, thinking I’ve never made love to a woman like this before.

After a while I felt her kissing my neck and running her hands down my chest and shoulders and down to my belly then she seemed to make a decision and moved her hand lower and took hold of my cock, gasping as she did so. I smiled at her and said, “Just stroke it gently, and go at your pace.”

I tuned on my side to face her and pushed my hand between her thighs getting a couple of fingers deep into her pussy and moved them in and out and roundabout she was dripping wet and so hot, I could feel her juices covering my fingers and making them sticky. “Let me know when you’re ready to go further,” I said “but you need to get on top of me.”

She looked at me questioningly and asked “Why me on top?”

“So you can control things more when I enter you, you can control how deep I go and how fast, easier than if I was on top. I’m thinking of you, I want you to enjoy this. You know it will hurt a bit when I break you don’t you?”

“Yes. Be gentle.” She pleaded with me but with a look of longing in her eyes.

A couple of minutes later she looked deep into my eyes and saying “I’m ready.” Got me on my back and straddled me getting my cock at the entrance to her pussy and just getting it into her. I held back letting her get used to the feel, there was a look of longing and also apprehension on her face as she lowered herself just a little bit more into me until I could feel myself at her hymen. She stopped, I looked into her face and again saw that she was crying, I took hold of her hips and gently pushed upwards breaking her. Then I stopped letting her get used to the feel and for the pain to stop.

“Ouch.” She sighed, then “go on keep going.”

I pushed deeper into her tight wet pussy, letting her control the speed but I was controlling the depth, despite my intentions to make this easy for her I was losing control, she was so sexy even for her first time. I pushed deeper and deeper whilst she started to moan and groan. Then she stated to rotate her hips against me pushing so fast I could hardly keep up and she began to push even deeper onto me. I looked into her eyes and saw nothing they were totally glazed in lust and longing. Her intensity seemed to step up another degree and screaming “OH YES,  OH KEEP DOING THAT...STOP... DON’T STOP. .. I’M CUMMING.” The dam broke and she had a massive orgasm, screaming and shouting bouncing up and down on me, shaking her head, whipping me with her hair. I just held on tight to her as best as I could thrust my cock up into her and held it hard so she could ride it, it was what she wanted and needed.

For the second time that afternoon she collapsed on me this time totally spent, hugging me, crying and saying, “That was incredible, I didn’t know it would be like that, is it always like that.” Then she stopped looked up at me said “you’ve not cum yet.”

“That’s fine, this is about you, we’ve not finished yet, I’ll cum next time, believe me, I won’t be able to hold back. When you’re ready to go again let me know and you did say we have plenty of time. Next times going to be harder and faster.”

I held her close stroking her hair and neck for about half an hour when she said, “Let’s go again, I’m ready, do it as you want I want to learn.” I’m not that experienced myself I thought, I’m just reacting to my girlfriends unbelievably sexy sister but a girl I’ve wanted since the first time I set eyes on her.

We kissed again, this time with a lot more intensity with June taking the lead as she seemed to grow into her new sexuality with confidence, she started to tease me, sucking on my nipples and then stopping when I reacted, holding my cock and stroking it slowly, then stopping, then starting again faster and harder holding it between her thumb and forefinger, then grasping it tight in her whole hand. All the time I had my fingers in her wet pussy, I increased the number from one to two, until I finally got three fingers inside her finger fucking her hard. She reacted as I expected showing the increase in her arousal by wanking me harder. I stopped said “I’m ready are you?”

“Yes oh yes, and don’t be as gentle, not hurting just harder. I want to go as far as we can.”

I looked at her and said “there are some things I’m not going to do with you, we’re making love not fucking, this is your first time, but we are going to try another position.”

I told her to get on all fours on the bed so I could stand behind her.

“Why?” she asked. God she was a real virgin.

“Were going to do it doggy style, me behind you. It’s a different feeling and the angle I can get into you at is different, I think you’ll like it, you can still control things but I can also take control more as well.” I replied.

“Okay, but be fast and please cum for me, I want to feel you cum in my pussy.”

With that I stood behind her placed my extremely sensitive and hard cock at the entrance to her and when I was sure she was ready slammed into her hard and as far as I could.

“Oh my god, that feels just feels so???.” She gasped.

I started to pump into her as fast and deep as I could feeling her push back onto my hips with her hot little ass, and her pussy started to squeeze my throbbing cock. I managed to reach round to rub her clit but found that she was already doing that so switched my attention to her tiny boobs squeezing them where I could but more rubbing her nipples which I realised were very sensitive and reacted to my touch, getting her to thrash and buck on my cock.

We were both riding a wave and it was a tossup who would break first, it was me, I pulled back as far as I could almost to the point of withdrawing from her and then slammed into her hard screaming. I felt her pussy clench on my cock as I shot my load deep into her, I came for what seemed like hours and shot what I felt like a gallon of cum into her hot, tight little hole. My cumming must have trigged her as she threw her head back and screamed, no words just a primeval scream of pure lust as she came. She wouldn’t let me withdraw, clamping her pussy onto my slowly softening cock, until finally I slid out of her. As I withdrew I looked down at her and saw our combined juices leaking out of her. What a sight, so sexy.

Again we cuddled on her bed for ages when she said.

“Thank you, that was incredible. Is it always like that? Do you do that with April? I’m sorry it wasn’t what you expected when you said you thought making love with me would be an incredible experience.”

I looked deep into her questioning eyes and said, “June, that was one of the best things that has ever happened to me, it was incredible. What you have just given me will live with me till I die. No it wasn’t what I expected, I had no idea you were a virgin, but it was better, to have you give your virginity to me was such a special thing, I will not forget it, and what I said to you about being sexy, I feel even more, you will only grow as a woman now and I’m glad to have been a part of it. No April and I don’t do that, April fucks me, we don’t make love, she fucks me. It’s the way she is. I know it won’t last after this summer when she goes off to Uni we will split up.

She smiled at me and said, “Thanks again, now I want to do one more thing, you’ve kissed me down there, but I’ve not done the same to you.” With that she slid down my body and enveloped me in her warm, soft hot mouth. I sighed and said, “don’t do too much I don’t want to cum in your mouth this time.”

“No I’m not ready for that yet, maybe some other time.”

So she gently sucked on my dick for a while and I taught her what to do to please me, until the end I had to stop, I didn’t want to but I had to.

We lay still for a while and again she thanked me and said, “When I’m ready to let a man cum in my mouth I want you to be the first. And maybe after a while we can make love again and see if when I’m more experienced I will be as sexy as you think.”

We got together a few weeks later and she sucked me off to an end, but we never made love again it just didn’t happen one of those things I guess and April and I did split up in the summer.


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