Jamaican Vacation

I still sometimes wonder how we would be if we hadn’t taken that vacation to Jamaica.  It was a really great vacation, actually.  We both came back relaxed and recharged, but both of us changed a lot in the process.

We hadn’t really been anywhere since the kids were born.  That year, we decided to pawn the kids off on their grandparents and have a week all to ourselves.  But where to go?

Jenny decided that for us.  She thought we needed to go someplace romantic to recharge our sex life, and the brochure she brought home from the travel agent made Jamaica sound like the most romantic place on the earth.  The next day Jenny booked resort reservations and flights for a week in July.

What Jenny didn’t tell me was the resort where we were staying had two beaches - one regular and one clothing optional.  When I saw that in the information folder in the room, she laughed and said it was a surprise for me.  I was even more surprised when she suggested we try the nude beach first.

Well, we did.  At first, we stayed dressed and just looked around.  There were lots of tanned young women lying around completely naked, and Jenny was worried about how she’d look.  I pointed out that there were just as many older women sunning nude, and she looked as good or better than any of them.  She looked some more, then took a deep breath and pulled off her top.  

I love Jenny’s breasts.  They’re large, but they’re firm, and her nipples stiffen up at almost anything.  I was enjoying the sight a lot.  So were a couple of young guys who walked by a little later.  They kept waving and smiling at Jenny, and it wasn’t long before she was smiling back.  The guys spread a blanket and pulled off their shorts, then pointed to their cocks and grinned.  I was amazed when Jenny grinned back and eased off her bikini bottom.   She had another surprise for me too.  She’d trimmed her bush into a narrow strip that ended just at the cleft of her lips.  The guys gave her a thumbs up, and ran out to the water.

Jenny looked at me and said, “Well?”

With some hesitation, I stripped off my shorts and let everything hang out, so to speak.  It wasn’t too bad after a few minutes, and I even started to like it when a couple of women walked by and winked at me.  Jenny laughed and said they were too old for me, but they looked pretty fuckable to me and I told her so.  Jenny pinched her right nipple into a long hard nub, then casually ran her fingers over her bare lips.  She slipped her fingers under my nose, and said, “More fuckable than this?”  It took a good five minutes for my cock to finally lay back down, and in the meantime I got a few stares and lots of smiles from women both old and young.  I was pretty pleased with myself.

We spent the afternoon laying there and watching the other people on the beach.  Behind us a ways was a couple who obviously hadn’t come for the sun.  The slender brunette spent most of the afternoon with her nipples poked in the guy’s mouth and her leg hooked over his.  If we looked closely, we could see his fingers busily sliding in and out of her.  She was quiet about it, but after a while, her chest started to heave and her hips rocked rapidly into the guy’s hand.  He stopped fingering her and let her settle down, and then start all over again.  She must have cum four times before we dressed and went back to our room.

Off to our left were a couple lying on their backs.  The little blonde had her hand on his belly, and occasionally moved it down to stroke his cock.  She never stroked long enough to make him totally erect.  As soon as his cock started to swell, she stopped.  I figured by the time they got back to their room, he’d be ready to screw anything that was reasonably warm and moved.  The little blonde was in for the ride of her life, and I thought she was probably counting on that.

Now, there’s only so much naked skin and sex a person can watch without being affected, and we were no exception.  That night, Jenny was hot, wet, and ready.  We’d taken a shower together, the first in many years, and of course, had played a little.  When we were toweling off, Jenny looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes.

“You know what I’d like?”, she said.  “I’d like to order room service, and then have you make love to me until I can’t move anymore.”

With that, she locked her open mouth to mine and brushed her tongue over my lower lip.  I felt her soft hand stroking my cock.

We never did eat that room service dinner.  Jenny had really gotten worked up.  When I got her to the bed, she pushed me down and then fell on top of me.  In a second she had my cock in her mouth and was bobbing up and down on it while she tickled my balls.  I let this go on a while before pulling her around to sit on my face.  

When I looked up at her, she was almost dripping.  I wasted no time in slipping my tongue between her long slender lips and giving her a good licking.  In a few minutes, Jenny was humping my cock with her mouth, and humping my face with her pussy.  When she came, she opened and contracted several times, and a little trickle of her nectar dripped on my chin.

Jenny wasn’t yet satisfied, She turned around and straddled my hips, then grabbed my cock and rubbed it over her swollen lips.  I felt all that warm wetness coating me just before she moved it to her entrance, and then sank down over me.  With a groan, Jenny started rocking her hips up and down, driving my cock in and out of her wet passage.  Then she reached down and lifted my hands to her large dangling tits.  She smiled and whispered, “Play with my nipples.”

I did just as she asked.  I gave each one a firm squeeze that made her moan, then rolled them in my fingers.  She pounded her pussy down on me so hard when I did that, I thought she’d drive me through the mattress.  She started to pant and make little mewing sounds.  I gave them a tug, then another, and Jenny was gone.  It was a good thing too, because just as she cried out and slammed down on my cock, I shot my load.  

Jenny kept riding my softening cock and slipped her finger down her belly to her clit.  She started rubbing it slowly, and I felt a fresh flood of wetness mix with the seed I’d just spurted into her.  Jenny lifted her finger to her mouth, sucked on it for a few seconds, then put it back.  She started to moan again, and her fingers moved faster.  I gave a little tug on her right nipple, and Jenny gasped.  Her fingers were a blur on her clit.  I could see it pointing down between her red, puffy lips, swollen and glistening with the combination of my seed and her juices.  

I pinched Jenny’s nipples tight, then pulled.  She gasped, “Oh God”, and started to shudder.  A second later, she threw her head back, arched her body, and went rigid.  She stayed like that for another few seconds before crying out again and collapsing on my chest.  We laid there until she stopped panting.

I had a problem.  In the process of watching Jenny get herself off, I’d gotten hard as a rock again.  My cock was bumping at Jenny’s ass as her hips rocked out the last waves of her climax.  She opened her eyes, smiled, and then wiggled her ass down until my cock slipped inside her again.  I felt her pelvic muscles contracting around it.

Jenny is so damned good when she’s in the mood.  I started stroking my cock in and out of her.  She was dripping from so much of both our juices by now, there would have been almost no sensation if she hadn’t been gripping my cock so tightly.

I didn’t last long before I grunted and spurted inside her again.  Jenny was about played out.  She rocked down over my cock hard when she felt me start, but she didn’t cum again.  After my cock slipped out of her, she rolled off me and we both fell asleep.

The next day, we were both very satisfied…and very tired.  We slept in until almost noon, then grabbed a quick lunch before heading out to do some shopping.   As usual, I sat around like a third foot while Jenny tried on clothes.   I was glad for the time to rest.  She’d about killed me the night before.

We were walking between stores, when Jenny mentioned she’d heard two women talking about a show they’d seen.  She said they called it a sex show, and thought it was really good.  Jenny said we might look into it if we had time.

Now, I wasn’t exactly sure what a “sex show” might be, but I’ve been married to Jenny long enough to know that when she says “we might look into it”, that really means “I really want to do this thing more than anything I can think of, and if you don’t take me, I’ll be pissed at you all night long and you might as well go play with yourself because you’re not getting anything from me.”  That night, we called a cab, and asked the driver where we might find such a show.  He was happy to take us, especially after I tipped him an extra ten bucks.

The “show” was not on the normal tourist route, and the neighborhood had seen better days, but the driver assured me the owner was very concerned about the safety of his clients.  When we walked up to the door, I could see that was true.  There was an armed security guard standing outside.  He let us into what must at one time have been a grand old house.  After paying the admission, we were escorted into a room with couches arranged in a semicircle around a small, round stage.  The stage was only a few feet from the couches and the only thing on the stage was a small table.  Around the edge were the only lights in the room, and they were so dim it was hard to see much of anything more than a few inches away.

We sat on our couch for about fifteen minutes before the stage lights came on a little brighter.  A little later, a black man and woman walked out onto the stage.  The man was tall and very dark, and from the way his muscles stretched his tight shirt and pants, I figured him for a bodybuilder.  The girl was the color of caramel, slender and firm with large breasts that rolled softly under the thin white dress she wore.

The man embraced the woman and kissed her while cupping her hips with his hands.  As he squeezed her cheeks, he was working the dress up her legs, and soon was massaging her naked butt.  He turned both their bodies so her bare bottom was facing the audience.  When he pulled her cheeks apart, the girl spread her legs and to reveal slender, shaved lips.  The guy pulled a bit more, and those lips separated ever so slowly until we were looking at her rippled inner lips and the opening of her passage.  As he slipped a finger into that opening, the girl sighed and pushed her hips back into his hand.

He slipped another finger inside her, and then started sliding them in and out.  His fingers glistened with her juices, and she was starting to moan.  When the girl  began to jerk her hips, he gently pushed her away and lifted the dress.  Her breasts bobbed free as he pulled it over her head.

They were beautiful breasts, not too big, not too small, and with large, taut, dark chocolate nipples.  The girl groaned when the guy leaned down and sucked one into his mouth.    While he was sucking, she was busy unbuttoning his shirt.

Jenny didn’t do much when the girl pulled the shirt off his shoulders, but when the girl undid his fly and pulled his pants down, I heard her gasp.  The guy was hung like a Shetland pony, and his cock was standing straight out from his thighs.  Big veins traced wandering lines down his shaft, and while we watched, a drop of fluid formed on the very tip of the head.  

Jenny gasped again when the girl dropped to her knees and took the large cock into her mouth.  It was all she could do to get it in there, but she finally managed.  We could see her tongue working around the head as her cheeks moved in and out.  The guy groaned, jerked his hips, then groaned again.

I heard another moan off to my left, and looked in that direction.   In the dim light, I could barely make out what was happening, but I was pretty sure I saw a blonde head bobbing up and down in the lap of the man she was sitting with.  I looked at the couch on the right, and saw another woman sitting on the edge with her short skirt up around her waist.  I couldn’t see the man with her; he was on his knees with his head buried between her thighs.  It was obvious she was enjoying his attention because she had unbuttoned her blouse and pulled up her bra, and was massaging her breasts.

I looked at Jenny.  She was staring at the stage and her mouth was hanging open.  I saw her tongue flick out to lick her lips.  I also saw her slowly rubbing her thighs together. Jenny was trying to get herself off without anyone seeing.  

Back on stage, the girl stopped sucking the guy’s cock and moved to the table.  She put her arms on the edge and rested her face on her arms, putting her ass up in the air and her breasts hanging down in the open.  The guy walked up behind her and ran his hand over her smooth lips.  She immediately spread her legs wide.

He rubbed the swollen head of his cock over her lips for a while, and then guided it to her entrance.  The girl braced herself as he started to push it inside her.  After a few attempts he finally succeeded in getting the head in and started short strokes to get the rest of the monster lubricated.  The girl did everything she could to help by rocking her hips up and moving her thighs even further apart.

When he finally got his cock halfway in her, the girl cried out and started to shake.  His response was to reach around her and start pulling on her nipples.  This caused her to rock her hips even higher, and with one smooth push, he shoved all of his cock deep inside her writhing body.  She came immediately, or at least appeared to.  At the time, I figured it was part of the show.  She was pretty good at acting if that’s what it was, though, because her body jerked in a series of uncontrolled contractions and her voice was just a babble of moans.

I looked at Jenny.  She was making little attempt to hide her arousal now.  With one hand, she was lightly brushing her breast, and I knew her nipple was standing up tight and rippled underneath the dress.  The other hand was laying casually in her lap, but the crook in her fingers and the motion of her hips told me she was fingering herself through the material.  When I pulled the dress up her thighs, she gave me a shocked look and pushed it back down.  

“Jenny, look around you”, is all I said.  She looked to the left and saw the blonde now sitting astride her man and obviously riding him.  She looked to the right, and was just in time to see the woman arch high into her man’s face as she came.  When I pulled her dress up again, Jenny scooted down on the edge of the couch and spread her legs wide.  I pulled her thong panty to one side and slipped my fingers between her swollen lips.  The cotton crotch was soaked.

The guy was starting to stroke in and out of the girl now, and I could see her lips stretched tight around his big black shaft.  They dragged over his length when he pulled out, and then rolled back inside her when he stroked in.  It felt a little like that on the finger I was stroking in and out of Jenny.  I didn’t stop stroking when I felt her fingers working my zipper open, and then pulling my cock through the opening.

The guy pulled his cock out and turned the girl around, then laid her on her back on the table.  She pulled her legs up and put them over his shoulders, and he pushed his glistening black shaft back inside her.  Just at that moment, the stage started to rotate slowly.  

It was a great show already, but the rotation made it even better.  We watched them from the back, then the side, then got a look down over her jiggling breasts, then from the side again.   After a few more minutes of this, the girl was babbling again, her breasts were heaving and she was pulling and rolling her nipples with both hands.  The guy was getting close too.  He was grunting with each thrust, and his thrusts were getting faster.

Just then, the girl shrieked and dug her heels into his shoulders.  With another shriek, she lifted herself off the table and mashed her body into his thrust.  She did this four times before she finally fell back to the table. Her face rolled to one side, and her breath came in panting gasps and little moans.  As soon as she fell back, the guy pulled out his cock, gave it a couple of quick strokes, and shot streams of white cum all over the girl’s belly and breasts.  

As the stage lights dimmed, I became aware of many moans and groans, and not a few squeaks from couch springs in the room.  I was still fingering Jenny, and she started to get tense.  I heard her whisper; “Please don’t stop and I won’t stop with you either.”

I knew she suppressed the little cry when she came, just as I was going to.  As soon as she was able, Jenny leaned down, took my cock in her mouth, and began stroking and sucking at the same time.  I could only take that for a minute or so.  I tried to pull her off, but she just rammed her mouth down over my cock and rubbed the underside of the head with her tongue.  My cock exploded cum inside her mouth, and Jenny didn’t lose a drop.

After getting ourselves rearranged, we fumbled our way out of the room and into the light of the hallway.  One last couple was there, as well as the two people who had been on stage.  They wished the other couple a safe trip and walked over to us.

The girl walked over in her silky dressing gown and extended her hand.

“Hi.  I’m Chinara, and this is Bobby.  And you are…?

Her familiar accent wasn’t at all Jamaican, and I decided to ask why.

I’m Tom and this is Jennifer.  We’re from Chattanooga, in Tennessee.  Uh… you don’t sound very Jamaican to me.

Chinara laughed.  “We’re not.  We’re college students from Atlanta earning some money for next semester.  This pays well and it’s uh…”, she giggled, “well, as you can imagine, it’s more a lot more fun than work.  Jamaica is a fantastic place for a summer job, too.  Anyway, Tom and Jennifer, I do so hope you had a good time.”

Jenny blushed, but laughed back, “Oh, we did, but not as good as it looked like you were having.”

Chinara chuckled.  “Yeah, Bobby does it for me all right.  I’ve passed out before, from the climax, that is.  The first time, Bobby went nuts, but the next time it happened, he knew what caused it.  Doesn’t happen often now, because I’m used to his size, but it’s still pretty fantastic.”

“I don’t know how he fits”, said Jenny.  “You’re so small.”

“You’d be surprised at how easy it is.  You ought to try it sometime.”

“I don’t think so…”, giggled Jenny.  “I’ll just watch.”

Bobby had walked up behind Chinara and smiled.  “Where are you staying?”

Jenny told him the name of the resort.

“I know where that is.  We often use the club owner’s private beach near there.  It’s one of the fringe benefits of the job.  Would you like to meet us there tomorrow?  It would be great to catch up on what’s going on back home.”

The next day just after lunch, we met Bobby and Chinara at the entrance to the private beach.   Once we were on the blanket, it was easy to see why they liked this site.  We could see the ocean, and it was pleasantly cool in the shade of the big trees.

Chinara slipped the bikini bra off her shoulders and rubbed her breasts, then worked the bottoms down over her tight little ass.  She rubbed her ass cheeks too, and I felt my cock start to stiffen.  It didn’t seem right to have a boner the first time we were out with Chinara and Bobby, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Jenny was watching Bobby intently, and I saw her holding her breath until he slipped off his shorts. Chinara and Bobby sat down on the blankets, and then looked at us as if to say, “why are you still dressed?”

I willed my cock to lay down, and stripped off my shirt and shorts, while Jenny wiggled out of hers.  I’m always amazed at the way women take off their pants.  All that rocking of their asses makes me horny as hell, and true to form, my cock started to stiffen again as I watched Jenny.

Chinara burst out laughing.  “You haven’t been on a nude beach much, have you?”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because your dick is getting hard from watching me and Jenny.  Once you’ve seen several hundred asses and sets of titties, you get immune, isn’t that right Bobby?”

“Uh…well…usually…but, Jenny’s…well, sorry, but I can’t help it.”

His big cock was starting to swell and stand up.  Jenny was staring at him with her lips parted.

“Bobby, what am I going to do with you?”, giggled Chinara.

“Well, tomorrow night, you’re going to fuck me in front of a couple dozen strangers.  How’s that for something to do?”

“I thought you did the show every night”, said Jenny.

“No, we’re on every other night.  There’s another couple that also performs.  It’s good to have a day to recover.  That way, Bobby has lots of cum, and I get a chance to rest.”

While Chinara was explaining, Bobby opened the cooler they’d brought and passed out a round of Jamaican beer.  That beer tasted great, and the second round tasted even better.  By the third, we were laughing and having a great time.  The conversation turned back to Bobby and Chinara and their summer job.

“Yeah, we met at school, and heard about this place from another student.  We got the address from him, and wrote about summer jobs.  We had to send pictures, and the owner wrote that he liked us.  We got a long contract to sign saying what we could do legally and what the owner expected of us.  He flew us down in his private plane for an interview.  I guess he liked us a lot, because here we are.”

Bobby reached around Chinara’s back and cupped her breast.  “Yeah, we’re here, and having a ball.  Where else could we make money and have this much fun at the same time?”

“Weren’t you embarrassed?”, asked Jenny.  “I’d have been mortified.”

“We really can’t see the audience because of the lights.  We do hear them, but…well…since we aren’t acting, we’re too wrapped up in each other to notice.”

Jenny seemed fascinated.  “Chinara…you really came twice?”

“Yep.  Almost always do.”  She reached over and touched Bobby’s cock.  “This little toy of mine is pretty great.  At the right time of the month, I can cum three times.”

Bobby grinned.  “Your tight little pussy has a lot to do with that.  You better be careful, girl, or you’re going to have your hands full.”

“Oh, I’m counting on that.  All this talk has me horny.  Maybe our new friends might like a private show.”

They never really asked us, but I wasn’t about to complain.  Jenny wasn’t saying anything.  She was just staring at Bobby’s cock while it grew and grew and grew.   As Chinara stroked him to a full erection, Jenny shifted position so she was sitting on her right foot.  I knew that meant her heel was pressing between her thighs and that she was going to enjoy a little self-pleasure while she watched.  I also noted that she was breathing a little faster, and that her nipples were long, stiff and covered with the little ridges I loved to feel with my tongue.  

Bobby was loving the hand job.  He stretched out on the blanket and let Chinara stroke away.  After a minute or two, Chinara fondled her breast and taut nipple, then slipped her fingers between her thighs.  In a few more minutes, she was rocking up and down on her hand in time to her strokes on Bobby’s cock.

Even though it wasn’t as big as Bobby’s, my cock was just as stiff.  It was all I could do to keep from jacking myself.  Jenny evidently couldn’t.  She was rocking back and forth on her heel, and had her right breast cupped in her left hand.  She looked as if she was as hot as our first night at the resort, and Chinara picked up on her condition.

“Jenny”, said Chinara, “go ahead and touch him.  I said you should try it sometime, and there’s no time like now.”

I really didn’t believe Jenny would do it, but she did.  She sat down beside Bobby and reached out with her hand, then stopped.  Chinara gently moved Jenny’s fingers toward Bobby’s bobbing cock until they touched it, then let go.  When Jenny wrapped her fingers around the throbbing monster, Bobby twitched involuntarily, and Jenny jerked her hand back.

“Honey, it won’t hurt you, I promise”, chuckled Bobby.  He laid back on the blanket and wiggled his finger at Jenny.  “Come on back here and let’s play a little.  You turn me on.”

Jenny closed her hand around his hard cock.  Her hands are small, so her fingers didn’t quite meet her thumb.  Bobby smiled and closed his eyes as Jenny slowly stroked her hand down his shaft to the base and then back up again.  Bobby wasn’t circumcised like I am, and Jenny seemed fascinated by the way his foreskin rolled over the head of his cock.  She kept pulling it down and then watching it roll back up again.  Bobby grinned every time she did.

“Ummmmm.  Honey, you do that good.”

My cock was about to explode from watching Jenny stroke him.  I flinched when I felt fingers circle my shaft and squeeze gently.  I looked over and saw Chinara smiling at me.

“There’s no reason they should have all the fun”, she chuckled.  “Besides, I like the way your cock looks.  Feels pretty good, too.”

Chinara pushed me back on the blanket, knelt down with her tight brown ass only inches from my face, and then slipped my cock into her mouth.  It felt great to feel her nipples brushing over my belly as she sucked my cock.  She didn’t do anything when I reached down and cupped one full breast in my hand, so I kept it there.  She caught her breath when I stroked her ass cheek.

I looked over at Jenny, and saw that she was on her knees and appeared to be thinking of sucking Bobby.  It didn’t take her long to make up her mind, but I think Bobby rubbing her inner thighs and lips might have helped with the decision.  She opened her mouth wide, and slipped it around the head of Bobby’s cock.

After that, I didn’t watch them much.  I was too concerned with what Chinara was doing, and she was great at doing it.  Three times she took me to the point of cumming and then stopped.  When I opened my eyes to see why, I saw her dazzling smile.

“Like that, do you Baby?  Well, I’m not gonna let you off easy.  I’m going to take my time and let you really enjoy yourself. “

Well, enjoy I did, and by the fifth time she brought me to the brink, I wanted to cum so bad I was almost whimpering.  I thought she was going to stop again, but instead, she started slowly jacking my cock and sucking in time with her hand motions.  I felt her tongue play with the slit in the head and then rapidly flick the underside.  I was way past stopping when she forced her mouth down until her lips brushed my pubic hair.  When she contracted her throat, I started to cum.  Quickly, she started sucking as I shot her mouth full.  She swallowed and then sucked some more.  I spurted again and it felt like my balls went with it.  After two more spurts that felt like electricity racing through my cock, I held her head still.

Chinara swallowed again, and then gave my throbbing cock head a little kiss.

“Now wasn’t that good, Baby?”

“That was more than good.  That was fantastic.”

“Looks like Jenny’s done this before, too.”

I looked at Jenny.  She was bobbing her head up and down on Bobby’s cock.  She couldn’t hope to get the whole thing in her mouth, so she was using both hands to stroke him too.  She’d spread her thighs a little to brace herself, and I could see that her lips were open and wet.

“The way you’re looking at her”, chuckled Chinara.  “I’ll bet you’ve tasted it before, haven’t you?”

“Well, yes.”

“Oh Baby, that’s good.  My sister used to say that any man who wouldn’t eat pussy was no man at all.  I didn’t know what she meant until the first time a guy did me.  After that, I was hooked.  You any good at it?”

I shrugged.  “Jenny seems to think I do all right.”

Chinara, laid back and spread her thighs.  “Well, let me see for myself, and I’ll tell you.”

Her lips were puffy with arousal, and when she reached down and parted them, I saw wet, pink, rippled inner lips and a large swollen clit.

“Come on, Baby, make me feel great.”

She tasted different than Jenny, a little more musky and a little less tart, but it was still heaven.  Her inner lips were large and full of folds, and I explored every one with my tongue.  Her clit was something else.  Jenny’s is about normal, I suppose, but when she’s aroused it swells up large enough for me to wrap my lips around.  Chinara’s was much larger, and the feeling of rubbing my tongue over it was awesome.  I think Chinara thought it felt pretty good too, because her hips were beginning to gyrate and arch into my face.  I slipped my hands under her thighs and up to her breasts.  

Her nipples were still stiff, and when I rubbed my fingers over the tips, Chinara’s belly rippled.    I felt her hands on the back of my head.

“God, don’t stop, Baby.  I’m gonna cum.”

And cum she did.  I felt a flow of warmth on my chin, and then Chinara exploded.  Her hips arched high, and it was only because she was holding my head that she didn’t buck me off.  I sucked on her clit hard, and she arched up again, this time with a cry.  I didn’t stop licking and sucking until she pushed me away with a laugh.

“Damn, Baby.  If you fuck like you lick, Jenny has quite a man.”

“I don’t know about that.  You’d have to ask her.”

“I will, just as soon as she gets done riding Bobby.”

Yes, it was true, even though I’d never have believed it a week ago.  Jenny had straddled Bobby, and was trying to get up the nerve to sit on his cock.  Chinara scooted over to them and put her hand on Jenny’s hip.  

“Just take it slow, Honey.  It’ll go in.  Here, let me help.”

Chinara held Bobby’s cock while Jenny moved her body and found the right spot.  She pushed down, gently at first, and I saw Bobby’s cock head part her lips.  I knew she’d be dripping wet by now, so she’d be slippery enough.  Jenny pushed a little harder, and Bobby’s cock head disappeared.

“That’s it, Honey.”, said Chinara,  “Now, raise up a little, and then push back down, a little harder each time.”

When she was satisfied that Jenny was doing things on her own, Chinara came back to my side.  We watched Jenny until she had Bobby’s cock halfway inside her.  By then, I was half-hard again.  Chinara used her hand to get me the rest of the way.  As she stroked, she whispered in my ear.

“Ever fucked a black girl before?”


“I want you to fuck me.  Think you can do it?”

“I can try like hell.”

Chinara turned over and raised up on her hands and knees.  I couldn’t see them, but I knew her heavy breasts were hanging down and waiting for my hands.  It took me only a second to move behind her and start slowly slipping my fingers in and out of her.

She was even wetter than when I’d licked her and made her cum, I suppose from watching Jenny and Bobby.  My cock slipped in halfway with hardly any effort.  I started to pull out, but Chinara pushed her ass back into me and drove my cock all the way in.

It was hard for me to tell if I was fucking Chinara or if she was fucking me.  Every time I pulled out, she pulled back until only the head of my cock was still inside her.  When I stroked in, my belly bumped her tight little ass coming the other way.  She was also rocking her hips up and down, sometimes enough that I felt her big swollen clit rubbing my cock.

I was using both hands on her hips to pull her into me, but I obviously didn’t need to, so I moved one to her throbbing clit and the other to her breasts.  When I touched her nipple, Chinara moaned.  When I touched her clit, it was like I’d put her into overdrive.

“Oh, Baby, that’s it.  Rub my clit.  Oh, God, that’s great.  Fuck me harder Baby.  I wanna cum again.  Make me cum”

As if that wasn’t enough to make me ready to cum myself, Jenny let out a shriek.  I looked over at them.  Jenny was taking all of Bobby’s cock.  She was taking it slowly, but she was taking it.  As I watched, she shrieked again, and her head fell back.  She grabbed Bobby’s hands and pulled them to her breasts.  When he pinched both her nipples, her cry was almost a scream.  With her head thrown back, Jenny started working her body rapidly up and down on his cock.  In a couple of seconds she came, but she didn’t stop.

I had to stop.  Chinara was getting close, but if I’d kept stroking in and out of her quivering pussy, I would have cum right them.  I kept rubbing her clit and her nipples, and enjoyed the feeling of her trying her best to pump her pussy over my cock.  I smiled.  If she could torture me a little, I could do the same for her.

I stopped everything when Chinara started to pant.  

“Chinara, remember when you told me you were going to make me wait?  Well, I’m gong to do the same to you.”

My answer was a hard push of her ass into my belly as she tried to force my cock back inside her.  I let her try this for a while, until I felt a little more in control, and then started stroking again.  In no time at all, she was ramming herself over my cock, and every time my fingers touched her clit, she gasped.  

Jenny was gasping too…again.  She was pumping up and down faster than before, and she was rubbing her clit at the same time that Bobby rolled and pinched her nipples.  It was amazing to see her pussy lips stretched so wide around his rock hard black cock.  What was even more amazing was that she was cumming again, and harder this time.  She couldn’t pump him as fast as her body was telling her to, so her motion was just a very rapid rocking of her hips.  That familiar little cry told me Bobby was feeling a flood of her juice on his cock, and also feeling the rippling I could see in her belly.  

Jenny finally sagged down on her arms to catch her breath.  Her breasts dangled just above Bobby’s mouth, and he raised his head enough to catch one in his teeth.  He bit down, I could tell it was very gently, and Jenny’s body quivered.  It was then that Bobby started fucking her.  He held her ass up with his arms, and started pounding away at her swollen pussy.  

I heard Chinara moan at the same time Jenny did.  Chinara was close, very close, and she let me know about it.

“Fuck me, Baby, oh God, fuck me.  Don’t stop, don’t ….oh….stop.  I’m….oh damn Baby, yes…yes….”

I tried to pull out before I came inside her, but that wasn’t what she wanted.

“No Baby, keep fucking me…cum…mmmmmmm…..cum inside me.  I want your cum inside me.   Oh Baby, I’m ….I’m…now…now, now, now.”

With that, she let out a cry and dropped her back.  My cock slid in until my balls slapped the hand I had on her clit.  It felt like her body was sucking me inside her, and I let go just as she cried out again and shuddered.  She felt the surging throb of seed racing up my cock, and pumped back against me with each spurt.  Finally, she let herself slide to the blanket with my cock still buried inside her.

Jenny was laying on Bobby’s chest and slowly rocking her hips.  Her breasts were mashed into his chest, and her head was cradled on his shoulder.  Bobby’s cock still twitched from time to time.  I knew he’d filled Jenny with cum, and when he reached around her and pulled out his cock, the flood of white dribbled out of her and onto his belly.

The same thing happened when I lifted myself off Chinara and rolled to her side.  She rolled over too, and rubbed her pussy.

‘Mmmmmmmmmmm.  That was nice, Tom.  You can fuck me anytime you want.”

“I might just take you up on that.”

“Does that mean I can have Bobby again”, giggled Jenny.

Chinara smiled.  “See, I told you to try him.  He’s pretty great isn’t he.”

Jenny looked at me.  “Well, I’m not going to give up Tom, but …yes.”

We went back to our room and took a shower.  Well, we actually took a shower, then Jenny leaned over and held onto the faucet while I took her from behind.  Then we had to take another shower.  Jenny was still so aroused she didn’t seem to be able to stop.  After dinner, we took a walk on the beach.  In the almost dark of the evening, she pulled me to her and kissed me with a passion I’d not felt for a while.  It was all I could do to get her back to the room before she pounced on me.  I don’t know what time it was when we stopped.  All I know is I’d licked and fingered her to two orgasms before she straddled me with her back to my face and rode herself to another.  When I came, it was just a dribble.  My body needed a rest.

We met Chinara and Bobby once more before our week was up.  Jenny knew what to expect this time, and Chinara just moved to my side and said, “Go ahead Honey.  He’s all yours until the end of the day.”  That meant Chinara was all mine, too, and I enjoyed the sight and feeling of her riding my cock until we both came.  Since Jenny and Bobby hadn’t collapsed on the blanket yet, Chinara used her mouth and hands to revive my tired pecker enough that she could impale herself on it again.   This time, she leaned down and brushed her nipples over my cheeks while she rocked her ass up and down.  We made a game of me trying to catch a nipple with my teeth.  When I caught one, I bit down gently, and enjoyed the little cry and double pump her hips made.

We flew back home the next day.  Jenny seemed very happy, happier than I’d expected her to be since we wouldn’t be seeing Bobby and Cinara again.  When I told her this, she just laughed and fished in her purse.  She came out with a single sheet of resort stationery.

“Got their phone number and address in Atlanta.  Atlanta’s only an hour from Chatanooga, and they’ll be back there in two months.”

So, I guess that vacation created somewhat of a monster in both of us.  We’ve been to Atlanta about once a month since then. I’m a little worried, though.  After our last trip, Jenny asked me if I’d ever heard of something called an oreo.  It seems as if Bobby has a friend, and…well, I guess Bobby slipped a finger up her tight little butthole and she liked it.  As soon as we got home, she went out and bought one of those pump-up butt plugs, and she practices every day.  This weekend, she want’s me to try her in the ass. I’m hoping Chinara has a friend too, and that there’s something like an oreo for guys.  I’ll bet I get to find out.


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