Wife's First Lifestyle Experience - MFM

12 Mar. '18

  My wife Missy and I have been married for 10 years. I had always shared my past lifestyle experiences with her, but she never seemed that interested. After being married for 3 years, and a little convincing, she agreed to us setting up a MFM threesome. I always loved watching the woman I'm with having sex with others, either female or male, or multiple people at once. She was slightly concerned that I was bi, but had to explain that I was extremely hetero, and just was a huge voyeur.

  We searched online for a few months, and she finally found a guy. Well, we met for drinks and a chat, just to see if they were compatible, and a few weeks later, agreed to meet at a nice hotel for drinks...to start off with. No pressure to do anything, it was her call.

  We had a good time at the hotel bar, and were getting a few glaring looks from others in the bar, 2 guys hitting on the same woman at the same time. Well, she gave the green light, and we all went up to our room. As soon as we got there, we lit several candles, put on some music, and opened up a bottle of champagne...her weakness!

  I still told her that she could back out, or do as little or as much as she wanted, which gave her a reassuring feeling. After the champagne and a few light touches, a few kisses from us guys, I asked her what she wanted to do, and she said, "I'll be right back", then went into the bathroom.

  About 15 minutes had past, and I was beginning to think that she was chickening out, but the door opened, and out she came, dressed in a sexy, see-through, one-piece nighty. She came over and sat on the bed between the two of us. She was facing me, and she leaned over to kiss me, and at the same time, Mike (the other guy) started kissing the back of her neck while reaching around to caress her tits. A slight moan escaped from her breath, and we all knew it was definitely going to happen.

  While kissing me, she reached with one hand behind her, and started to rub his cock through his pants, and her other hand was doing the same to me. She then turned her head and started passionately kissing Mike, as I stood up and got the camera ready! As I was readying the camera, Mike moved down and started kissing and sucking her tits, and she gave me a look and a smile, which made me get even harder, and I told her, "Don't hold back. Enjoy this, babe".

  She was still sitting on the edge of the bed, and then Mike stood up, his hard cock still in his pants, but only inches away from Missy's face. Instinctively, she slowly undid his pants, and 8 thick inches of strange, new cock sprang out, and she immediately started licking the head and sucking his cock into her mouth, slowly at first. I took several close-up pictures of her sucking another man's big cock. It was surreal and so incredibly hot watching my wife take in as much cock as she could, looking up at him, and me, while stroking his shaft, her wedding ring sparkling while holding his cock.

  I put the camera down for a minute, and while she continued to suck Mike's cock, I reached down, undid the crotch snaps of her outfit, and started slowly rubbing her clit, then sliding my finger inside we already wet pussy. She let out an approving moan, and spread her legs even wider.

  At this time, Mike was fully hard, and wanted to go down on Missy, so he and I switched places. Missy laid down on the bed, and he went down on her, slowly at first. I moved up towards her head and she started sucking my cock, which was fully hard from the sights I have been witnessing. I looked down and saw Mike slowly sliding one finger, then two, inside my wife, and he licked and gently sucked her clit. Her moaning intensified, and she looked up at me and winked, with my hard cock deep in her mouth. Such an erotic feeling, having my wife moan while my cock is in her mouth, with the moaning being caused by someone else.

  A couple of minutes later, Mike looked at me and asked me, "Can I fuck your wife now?" with a slight grin on his face. I looked at Missy, and asked her, "Do you want Mike's cock inside you?" Quickly she answered, "Yes, please". As I went to get the camera again, he moved up over her, kissed and licked each nipple, then gave he a deep kiss on the lips, as he positioned himself with his hard 8 inches against her pussy, she lifted and spread her legs even wider, letting me know that she really wanted to fuck him.

  As I took some more pictures, he slowly entered my wife, first just the tip, then slowly sliding in all 8 thick inches, and she let out a loud groan. She had never had that big of a cock before. I am 6.5 inches and thick, but Mike's 8 inches reached spots that I could never, and I was totally fine with this.

  When Mike slid his cock all the way inside Missy's warm, wet, welcoming pussy, he looked over at me and said, "I'm inside your wife", and all I could muster was, "Wow!". He then proceeded to slowly fuck my wife, all the way out, then all the way back in, over and over again. She looked at me, and I put down the camera and went over to her and gave her a long deep kiss. I whispered to her, "How does Mike's cock feel?". At that point, Mike quickened his tempo, fucking Missy harder, her moans getting louder. She didn't answer, so I said, "Well?", and she whispered, "It feels good".

  I told her that I wanted her to tell Mike that, and she did, saying, "Mike, your big cock feels so good!". Another kiss from me, and I then moved up and placed my hard cock in front of her, and she again sucked my cock and balls, stoking me and moaning from Mike's cock fucking her.

 She then said that she wanted to ride Mike's cock, so Mike laid on the bed, and Missy slowly climbed on top (her favorite position) and reached down and guided Mikes' cock, first rubbing his cock on her clit, then inside of her. She let out a very loud moan as she sat all the way down on Mike's cock. As she began to bounce up and down, I went and got the camera again. I was able to get some very nice pictures of her fucking him, controlling the speed to what SHE wanted. She was massaging her breasts, and would lean down to let Mike suck her tits, teasing him with them.

  Surprisingly, she looked over at me and told me to rejoin them, so I stood up on the bed and she again sucked my cock as she was bouncing on Mike's cock. She got faster and faster, and I knew what was about to happen, since this was her favorite position. Missy's breathing became labored, her moaning increased, and she was fucking Mike very hard now.

  She looked at me and said, "I'm gonna cum!", so I stepped back in order to get a good view of my wife cumming all over another man's cock for the first time. Missy reached down to rub her clit, and that put her over the edge, and she had a huge orgasm which, I'm sure, other hotel guests heard.

  When her orgasm subsided, I told her, "Don't stop, I want you to make Mike cum." Mike didn't need much time at all after experiencing what Missy had just done to him. She started to fuck him faster and faster, and I heard her tell him, "I want you to cum! I want you to cum deep inside me!"

  About 30 seconds later, and Mike couldn't hold back any longer, and he exploded his cum inside my wife. Missy said, "Give it to me, give it ALL to me, Mike", and she proceeded to milk him dry. After about a minute of spasming and gyrating, she slowly dismounted him, rolling off to the side. I told her to make sure to clean Mike off, so she slowly sucked his cock, making sure to get every drop.

  What an amazing night. What an amazing adventure! Mike gave her a kiss, and quickly got in the shower. Shortly thereafter, he thanked us for an amazing night, then left the room. Missy and I laid in bed for a while, talking about what had just transpired. As we were talking about it, I started caressing her tits, sucking her nipples, then reached down to gently rub her slightly sore pussy. Mike's cum was still inside her, and starting to ooze out, but that didn't stop me, and Missy was getting very aroused again.

  As I rubbed her well fucked pussy, I slid 2 fingers inside of her, and the sensation was surreal...so wet, and the musky aroma of sex was intense, to say the least. Missy started moaning louder, and as I was fingering her pussy (with Mike's cum still fresh inside), I asked her, "Did you enjoy Mike?". Moaning, she sais yes, so I told her that she can still enjoy him a little more, and I put my two fingers inside her as far as I could, then took my fingers out, making sure that they were covered with Mike's cum. I brought my fingers up to her mouth, and she licked and sucked them clean. I told he that I wanted to see her do that again, so we did, several times.

 She then completely surprised me, and rolled on top of me, and kissed me, shoving her cum-covered tongue inside my mouth. She held my head tightly, and continued kissing me deep for several minutes. I didn't mind at all. In fact, it got us both so turned on again, that we started up again. She thought she would surprise me with that "kiss", so I decided to surprise HER.

  I flipped her over into a 69, with her on top, and proceeded to lick her cum-covered pussy, sticking my tongue as far inside of her as I could. It was a strange feeling and taste, but she loved what I was doing, so I didn't stop until she came. The taste of her juices and Mike's cum was intense!

  After that, I got on top of her and kissed her deep, sharing both her cum AND Mike's, as I slid my hard cock inside her warm, very wet pussy. Such an incredible feeling. Missy kept saying, "I love you...I love you...I love you" as my thrusts increased. I was about to cum, and Missy asked me to cum in her mouth...she wanted to taste ME, too. As soon as she said that, I pulled out, and positioned myself near her head, and she hungrily sucked my cock until it exploded in her mouth. She moaned, as did I, and when I was done cumming, I rolled off, exhausted.

  Always wanting the last word, Missy climbed on top of me. She leaned over to kiss me, but she still had all of my cum in her mouth. She shoved her tongue into my open mouth, and we kissed hard for a few minutes. My cum, her juices, and Mike's cum, all mixing in our mouths. Wow! So dirty, so naughty, so intense!

  Needless to say, we invited Mike down a few weeks later for round 2, which was awesome, but that is another story. Since then, we have had foursomes, and I wave watched Missy play with several other women at the same time, but nothing will match the intensity of that first encounter.


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