The Exhibitionist Neighbor - Part 3

Info Raphael
24 Feb. '16

The first thing Andrea did when she woke Sunday morning was open her blinds. She was still naked from the night before; the sun warmed her skin as she stood, completely exposed. Her skin tingled as she looked across the gap between houses, her nipples hardening slightly. Melissa’s blinds were open as well, but the room was dark, lonely. After a time, Andrea turned away to shower and start her day. It was a lazy Sunday, sitting on the couch, watching TV or reading with a soft breeze passing through the house.

Andrea ate lunch, her mind wandering; she found herself wondering what Melissa was doing, if she was just sitting and reading, or out for a jog. Andrea couldn’t help but wondering when they would see each other next, naked through the window, or otherwise. What would she even say to Melissa? “Hey, how’s it going? By the way, your tits are amazing.” A feeling of worry passed through her as she tossed out her remaining bites of food. What if she said something, but Melissa didn’t want her to? What if it made things weird, or ruined the little bit of friendship they had already started? But if she didn’t want to do it, or didn’t want Andrea to know, why would Melissa have even stood in front of the window the first night?

She bundled up the trash, taking it out to the garage and opting to take the cans out to the curb for the next day’s pick up. Rolling the can down the driveway, she zoned out, still lost in thoughts of what she should do and how she was going to face her neighbor next. She didn’t notice Melissa until she called Andrea’s name.

Andrea snapped her head toward the sound, jumping in surprise. Melissa giggled lightly as she approached; her blond hair was up in a tight pony tail, her long legs covered by thin black leggings, and a slimming pink and black work-out shirt. “How’s it going?” she asked Andrea, popping her earbuds out and dangling them around her neck.

“I’m good,” Andrea managed to say. Her eyes seemed to wander out of her control, trying to take in Melissa’s perky breasts through the shimmering fabric, and it took every effort she had to look Melissa in the eye. “Whatcha been up to lately?”

“Oh, a little of this, little of that,” Melissa said, “Just out for a walk today. Care to come inside for a while? I have some lemonade made if you want some.”

“Sure, sounds fun.” Andrea stepped aside, letting Melissa lead the way. She didn’t even try to stop herself from staring at Melissa’s butt as they walked across the front lawn and into the house. It was one part of her that Andrea hadn’t really seen, and being so close, she was suddenly wanting to more than anything else. Melissa offered Andrea a seat at the island in the kitchen, before pouring two glasses of lemonade. She leaned over the counter, setting the glance in front of Andrea a little too slowly, before picking up her own glass and taking a long drink.

Andrea thanked her before taking a small sip, watching the other woman put her cold glass against her forehead for a moment, and then her neck. Andrea stared; her heart beat a touch faster as she watched droplets of water cling to her smooth skin as Melissa set the glass down. Melissa smiled and said, “See something you like?”

Blushing, Andrea didn’t respond right away, sheepishly looking away. “It just looked refreshing is all,” she managed to say, prompting another little giggle from the confident neighbor.

“Yeah, it was,” Melissa said, “But not as nice as getting out of these clothes. Mind hanging here for a minute while I go and change?”

“Yeah, no problem,” Andrea responded, quickly picking up her glass and taking another sip as Melissa walked from the room. Her ass rocked back and forth as she stepped lightly into the connected hallway and into the bedroom at the end of the hall.

Andrea took another sip before realizing how quiet the house was, and more importantly, that she hadn’t heard the bedroom door click closed. Her curiosity spiked as she set the lemonade aside, quickly moving to peer down the hallway. Step by step, Andrea moved closer as silently as possible; her heart pounded in her ears, her hands shaking as she went around the small corner that left her facing the bedroom door. It was open a small crack, just enough to peer through as she leaned forward, clinging to the wall to keep herself standing. This is insane, Andrea thought to herself, unsure how she had become the person she now was, but unable to stop herself.

Melissa stood at the end of the bed, her back facing the door. She was still wearing her leggings, but only a sports bra on top, a black racerback that hugged her small frame intently. She was laying clothes out on the bed, occasionally walking away to the closet and reappearing a moment later. Andrea was breathing as silently as possible, her right hand on her thigh, gripping her jeans tightly. She moved her hand higher, inching closer to her waistband as Melissa finalized her outfit. She stripped off her sports bra in a moment, giving Andrea a full view of her slender back, and quick teases of her intimate breasts as she tossed the clothing aside. Melissa hooked her fingers inside her leggings, bending over slowly as she removed them, pushing them off her firm ass and down to her ankles. She wore a simple black thong, the material pulled up high between her firm, tanned butt.

Andrea pushed her hand into her jeans, pressing below her cotton panties immediately. She almost yelped as she touched her clit for the first time since she had masturbated to the sounds of Melissa’s orgasm, but managed to bite her lip to avoid letting Melissa know she was watching. The thought crossed her mind that Melissa most likely knew she was there, having planned her to watch by leaving the door open, but she didn’t linger on the thought as she slowly touched herself.

Melissa meanwhile had walked her pants to a nearby chair, hanging them over the back of it before returning to the bed. Again she hooked her fingers under the fabric of the thong, and again, she slowly bent over as she slid the small piece of fabric from her body. Andrea’s pant was more audible than she meant it to be as she got her first view of Melissa’s pussy, tucked between her thighs in a way that Andrea had only ever seen in porn before. Melissa was shaved, as far as Andrea could tell, her outer lips slightly spreading as she bent to pick up her thong. Andrea’s finger moved fast as she did, having never been more turned on by another woman before, despite finding woman just as attractive as men.

Melissa tossed the thong aside, and quickly dressed, stepping into another thong before putting on a small pair of jean shorts and a white t-shirt with no bra. Andrea stepped back, quickly turning and running back to the kitchen as quietly as possible; the show had ended, and even if it was intentional as Andrea guessed it was, she didn’t want to get caught. She settled onto the chair, adjusting herself to look like she had been there the whole time as Melissa came back, apologizing for taking so long to change.

“It’s alright,” Andrea said, trying to smile. Adrenaline still flowed through her, making it difficult to sound genuine. Her body was aching for more attention; it didn’t help when Melissa stepped in front of Andrea, taking a long drink, exposing her dark nipples beneath the thin shirt. Andrea tried not to stare as Melissa set the glass down and asked Andrea about her work.

They talked for another hour or so. Melissa talked about her boyfriend, that she wasn’t sure she wanted to be with him much longer, but that he was still trying to be a good guy. He was taking her to dinner later that night, and she was hoping it went well; the last time they went out, they got in a bit of a fight and she didn’t feel like inviting him in for the night, so it had been a while. Andrea laughed and said, “Well, I hope it ends well for you.”

“Yeah,” Melissa said, taking the empty glasses and setting them in the sink, “I bet you do.” She looked over her shoulder, a sly smile on her lips that made Andrea blush again. It was the only mention of their recent window adventures that was made before Andrea left a half hour later, her body still tingling from her sneaking around before. Anticipation made it difficult to focus on anything; her body wanted to be touched, but she was determined to wait. If Melissa was going to put on a show, she wanted to enjoy it as much as able.

Andrea spent her night in bed, reading, but getting nowhere fast. Her ears strained for the open window, waiting for any sign of Melissa’s return. Finally it came around 11:00, the loud hum of a truck sitting in the driveway, the engine cutting off, and the sound of high heels on pavement. Andrea heard the front door slam, reached over, and turned off the light, grabbing her vibrator to enjoy what she hoped would be an enjoyable display.


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