Julia, The Sperm Collector

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22 Nov. '17

The feeling of rapid acceleration and the perception of swirling lights in her mind were familiar after so many times, but Julia still felt herself grow faint.  This would be the last time, or so Randall had promised.  She hoped so, because she was tired of the crushing feeling and the daze that always followed.  She was also tired of being used as the vessel designated to convey life from the past into the future.  Why had this happened in the first place, and why the hell was it up to her to fix it?

She knew the answer of how, just like every other human left on the planet.  The virus had seemed to be rather innocuous at first.  One felt a bit achy and sneezed a little, but within twenty-four hours, those symptoms passed.  It was three years before the full impact of the pandemic virus was known.  Even then, the mechanism of the damage wasn’t understood.  

What was understood is the human race was not replacing the number of annual deaths with new births, and in fact, by the third year, no births at all were recorded in any developed country.  Humans were doomed to die out not because of global warming, pollution, or war.  They were doomed to die out from lack of the ability to reproduce.  While the sperm of all males tested and the eggs of all women tested appeared to be normal, any egg would reject any sperm that attempted to impregnate it.

Of course, there were the usual rumors of a government genetic experiment gone wrong, and these rumors were the subject of investigations by every government in the world.  Most found nothing.  All eventually degenerated into accusations of another government or governments.  None did anything to solve the problem.  It was a small group of geneticists summoned by an even smaller group of representatives from the five world powers who devised a solution, though that solution was fraught with risk and had an unknown probability of success.  That group deliberated for a month before deciding upon a course of action.

Cloning the existing population was considered, but though the cloning process was reasonably safe and successful, no facilities existed with the capacity to produce enough clones.  Even had there been, selection of tissue donors would have been a political nightmare.  Some would want only the most intelligent, or the most beautiful or handsome to be selected as the future of the human race.  Others would have argued for “normal” people to be cloned, the definition of normal depending upon the particular group advocating that course of action.

Some would have screamed "racism" were the selection to not include all known races, and even if it had, some would have insisted upon equal representation of all races and others on predetermined quotas to match the existing population.  There was no time for all the deliberation that would be required before beginning.  Since arguments about race and what was “normal” had been going on for over a century and only a generation remained before the species would be on its way to irreversible extinction, time was important.

Further experiments indicated the female reproductive system was not affected.  Every woman’s eggs studied appeared to be normal, and indeed, when exposed to the frozen semen of sperm donors, did become fertilized and begin to divide.  The embryos from these experiments were too precious to destroy, so they were placed in the wombs of infertile women to grow and be born.  While this effort produced a few million babies, the world death rate was four times that, and after those eggs were fertilized and implanted, the supply of frozen sperm was exhausted.  What was required was live sperm from unaffected males, but where to obtain it?

One of the geneticists, a man of somewhat cloudy past but brilliant professional reputation believed he had the answer.  His words chilled the blood of some of the group, caused awe in others, and enraged the rest.

“My learned colleagues, the only source of live spermatozoa appears to be in the past.  We must send a person into the past to collect samples, and use those samples to determine what has changed in human spermatozoa post pandemic.  I understand that most of you are skeptical of this solution, but I can assure you, the technology does exist.  It is one of the most highly guarded secrets on Earth, but it does indeed exist and it does indeed function.”

Once the murmurs had died down, he continued.

“My solution is to select a human female of sufficient sexual appeal to human males, send her to various points in time to collect spermatozoa from the males of that time, and then return her to the present and remove the spermatozoa for study.  Why, you are asking yourself, is it necessary to use multiple points in time?  The answer is the slow but continuous evolution of the species.  We add a gene here, drop a gene there, and some genes are modified by a host of causes, many of which we are not even aware.  If we are to reconstruct the genetics of modern spermatozoa, we must understand the evolution of spermatozoa through time.  Only then will we be able to understand what has changed since the pandemic and develop, if you will, an antidote.”

A furious debate ensued, but in the end, the group of geneticists had no better plan.  Their only condition was that the military of no nation would be aware of the effort lest they attempt in some way to right what were considered past wrongs.  The selection process began, and after careful deliberation, Julia was selected.  She fit all the selection criteria developed from interviews with thousands of men.

She wasn’t tall, about five feet, six inches, and she wasn’t slender at all.  Her hundred and thirty pounds were proportioned between large breasts that sat high on her chest, a smaller waist, and wide hips.  The only parts of her body that could be considered slender were her thighs and calves, and of course her arms.

The criteria specified a brunette, and Julia was a brunette, though that was a minor consideration.  Her hair color could be changed at will.  Her facial features were more important, and her large mouth, small nose, and rounded face fit the criteria very well.

Intelligence was also a criteria which Julia fit.  She was an intelligent woman and  would be able to think on her feet in order to accomplish each mission, but not so intelligent as to be cold or arrogant.  The psychiatric evaluation determined she was neither cold nor arrogant.  It also determined she was in the plus three standard deviation for strength of libido and probable sexual response.  The group judged these qualities to be an asset.

Julia was shocked at the proposal at first, but when Randall, the biologist assigned to supervise her forays into the past, explained the gravity of the situation and the extent of her involvement, she agreed.  

“All you have to do”, said Randall, “is to find a male and convince him to copulate with you.  That shouldn’t be very difficult because of the way you look, but you’ll only have about a twelve hour window.  If you stay much longer than that, the plasma on board the capsule will have decayed to the point you might not get back into the magnetic field or have enough power to accelerate the capsule to light three and you’ll be stuck.  Don’t forget where you left the capsule.  The plasma generator will shield it so it won’t be seen by anyone, even you.  Oh, and don’t forget this.”

He handed her a small package.

“This is the collection cup.  It’s sterile, so don’t open it until after copulation.  You put it on like a pair of panties, except it has this piece that goes inside, kind of like a cork for a wine bottle.  It’s to make sure you don’t lose any.”

Julia chuckled.

“What you’re trying to say is you want me to get myself fucked, plug up my pussy, and bring back the cum.”

“Well, that’s one way of saying it, not a very scientific way, but it’s a way.”

“OK.  It might be fun.”

The capsule looked to her to be just a small chamber, about the size of a casket but round like a cigar.  It was floating inside a huge tube with lots of wires coming out of it.  Randall called it an inertia capsule, and explained the computer controlled capsule would be accelerated into Earth orbit by the powerful electromagnets inside the tube.  

Once in Earth orbit, it would use its plasma engine to maneuver itself into a huge magnetic field that surrounds the Earth.

When Julia said she’d never heard of a big magnetic field around the earth, Randall chuckled.

“You really didn’t think all those gigantic dishes they’ve been calling radio telescopes were for contacting alien life, did you?  They’re what is generating that magnetic field.”

He went on to say the capsule would use the small plasma engine to generate magnetic thrust against the field.  In doing so, the chamber would further accelerate to three times light speed and therefore, travel into the past.  During the travel time, she would be protected from most of the effects of the acceleration and resultant speed by the capsule.  He said she would only feel a little dizzy and feel some of the pressure caused by the rapid acceleration.

The capsule would orbit the Earth until the desired period in the past was reached, then slow and descend to the preselected location on the ground.  Once there, she would exit the capsule, seek out a male and copulate with him, then return to the capsule.  All that was further required of her was to press the button marked “HOME”.  The capsule would then re-launch into the magnetic field and again speed to light three, but in the opposite direction.  Once it reached the current date and time, it would slow, drop out of orbit, and be caught by the magnetic field in the launch tube and brought back to the launch area.

It was before the first of what Randall called her “expeditions” she learned she would have to travel naked.

“Clothing can’t make the trip.  We’ve tried it and it just burns up”, he said, “but don’t worry.  We’ll program the capsule to land a short distance from any habitations.  If you see a man, you’ll have a short trip.  If you don’t, you have to use your wits to find clothes of the period somehow.  Just remember to take them off before you launch again.  If you don’t, you’ll get cooked when they burn up.”

“What about the collection cup.  Of all places, I don’t want to get burned there.”

“The collection cup is made of certain inert materials I can’t tell you about because they’re a secret.  It will make the trip without harming you.”

That first trip had been exciting, terrifying, and interesting all at the same time.  In the interest of quickly obtaining some samples, she was sent back only to 1969.  When the capsule launched, Julia caught her breath at the crush of the acceleration, and then became so dizzy she could only lay there with her arm across her face.  The acceleration increased and she knew she’d entered the magnetic field.  After what seemed like only a few minutes, the capsule slowed and a bit later she felt it softly bump onto the ground.

She opened the capsule and stepped out beside a small pond filled with people who were naked or mostly naked.  In the background she heard loud music playing.  As she looked for somewhere to hide, six naked young men approached her.  One of them pointed to her.

“Far out, man.  One second there’s nothing and then there’s this naked babe.  I gotta find the guy with those herbs again.”

“Aw, man.  It isn’t the herbs.  She’s for real.”

“Where’d she come from?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe she’ll tell us.  Hey there beautiful, how’d you just appear out of thin air?”

Julia straightened her shoulders, pushing out her large breasts at the same time, and smiled.

“I just sorta dropped in.  I thought I’d see what was going on and maybe join in.”

A tall man with a beard and hair as long as hers walked up to Julia.

“Wanna go over in the bushes.  That’s where what’s going on at Woodstock is really going on.”

Julia noticed his cock was beginning to rise.  She also noticed it was a rather large cock.  She smiled at him and batted her eyelashes.

“Is there something there I’d want to see?”

“Oh yeah.  I promise you won’t regret it.”

He’d been gentle through the whole thing, from lightly stroking her breasts and then her nipples to easing his large rigid cock inside her.  Julia couldn’t help but become aroused, and by the time she felt his cock head parting her lips, she couldn’t stop herself from lurching up.

The man chuckled.

“Damn, you’re a hot little chick, aren’t you?”

Julia pulled on his ass.

“Yes, and I need to be fucked.”

“You safe?  I don’t need any woman saying I knocked her up.”

“Yes, I’m safe.  Now fuck me before I go crazy.”

The man had pumped in and out of Julia slowly at first, and the thrusts of his thick cock excited her faster than she remembered ever being excited.  It wasn’t just his big cock.  It was being outside on the ground with him on top of her and not caring if anybody saw her being fucked.  It wasn’t long before Julia was pulling on the man’s hips and lifting her body into his thrusts.

She was beginning to feel the tension building when the man gasped, “Damn, Honey, I wanted this to last a while, but you’re too fucking hot.  Oh fuck, here it comes.”

Julia didn’t feel his cock throbbing inside her.  She was too busy with the spasms that racked her body as she climaxed.  They just kept coming, one after the other as the man kept stroking his softening cock in and out.  At last, it slipped out of her and they both lay there panting.  After a few moments, Julia remembered the special panties and rolled the man off her.  

She stood, cupped her hand between her thighs and trotted to where she’d left the capsule.  She found the button to open it and then got in.  Once the capsule closed, she found the special panties and put them on.  She felt the thick plug stretch her open as it went in, and then caught her breath when the plasma engine fired.  

As when she made the trip back through time, the trip forward didn’t seem to take very long.  She did manage to fall asleep, and woke when Randall opened the capsule.

“Did you get a sample?”

Julia grinned.

“I got more than a sample.  What was Woodstock, by the way?  That’s where I landed.”

“Woodstock!  Fuck!  Somebody screwed up.  You were supposed to go to Stockwood, California.  Woodstock was in New York and was a music festival.  All the people were high on marijuana and running around naked.  I hope it didn’t cause you any trouble.”

“Nope, no trouble at all.  I enjoyed it, really, really enjoyed it.  When do I go again?”

Randall led her to a table where a team of geneticists removed the plug and flushed her of the semen she carried.  He then told her to rest for a few hours while they programmed the capsule for her next expedition.

The next expedition was four hours later.  This time, she was going back a lot further in time, all the way to 1702, and would land on the coast of England.  

Randall watched as the capsule flew out of the launch site, and then sat down to wait the few minutes until it returned.  He didn’t expect what Julia told him when it did.

“Randall, the next time, can you please confirm the location before you shoot me off into the past.  You set me down on a sailing ship coming into Sussex with a shipload of horny sailors.”

“I promise I’ll double check the next time.  Did you get a sample?”

Julia smiled and her eyes sparkled.

“Yes, of course I did.  The Captain was kind enough to take me to his quarters since I was naked and the entire crew was leering at me.  If he hadn’t, I’d have been fucked until I couldn’t walk.  He was a nice man.  I had to work a little to convince him, but he came around.  I think he came around three times.  I know I did.”

Randall frowned.

“Julia, you’re really not suppose to enjoy what you’re doing.  You’re just supposed to get the sample and come home again.”

“Well, you picked me, I didn’t pick you, so you got what you got.  I can’t help it if I get all worked up when they do it.  They seem to like it when I do.  I think they squirt harder too.  Now, you gonna flush me out again?  I kinda like that tube thing they used the last time.”

And so it went over the next three days.  Not all Julia’s “expeditions” were as odd as the first two, but they were all different and exciting.  She especially enjoyed the trip to the outskirts of Paris in 1510.  The capsule had landed in a small field where a farmer was stacking hay.  He dropped the hayfork and stood there with his mouth open when she walked around his haystack.

Julia didn’t know any French, so she just walked over to the man, pointed at the haystack, and then stroked his crotch.  

She giggled when she told Randall.

“It didn’t take him any time at all to understand what I wanted.  He didn’t get it quite right the first time, but that was fine with me.”

“What do you mean, he didn’t get it right?”

“Well, remember when you landed me on that ship from England?  The Captain said they were sailing back to England from the land of the frogs.  I asked him what that meant and he said France.  I didn’t understand why they called the French, frogs.  I do now.  He had a tongue that did some really wild things to me.”

Randall, always the biologist, asked if she did get a sample.

“Sure.  Once he got me all wet and ready, he gave me one.  I’d have gotten another, but his wife was yelling at him to come home I guess, because he heard her and left me laying there on the haystack.”

This last trip was to a time when the last ice age was ending and was to a forest in what is now Russia.  Randall had explained she’d meet some of the first of the species homo sapiens and that the semen she collected would be invaluable as it would carry the genes of the original humans.

When Julia stepped out of the capsule, she was in a grove of trees by herself.  She walked to the edge of the grove and stared out at the vast expanse of grassland dotted here and there with grazing mammoths, wild horses, and some kind of deer or antelope.  In the distance, she saw the wall of ice that towered over the grassland, the receding glacier of the previous ice age.  She was still watching the animals when she caught movement in her peripheral vision.  

The line of hunters were intent upon the animals in the distance and didn’t see her at the edge of the trees.  Julia turned slowly for a better view and was more than a little shocked at their appearance.  They didn’t look like modern humans at all.  

The four men were short with barrel chests and massive legs and arms.  Their faces were broad with heavy brows and large noses.  They carried heavy spears made entirely of wood and wore only furs tied around their waists.  These had to be the Neanderthals she’d read about.  Randall probably wouldn’t want their semen and Julia wasn’t sure she wanted it either.

Julia tried to step behind a tree to hide and in the process stepped on a dry branch.  At the snap of the branch, the four turned toward the sound.  They eyed her for a few seconds and then began to approach.

Julie smiled and pointed to the grassy plain.

“Hi guys or whatever you are.  The food’s out there.  Shouldn’t you be spearing something?”

Her answer was a smile from each man and a series of grunts and gestures.  The gesture the tallest made was unmistakable.  He thrust his hips forward and backward and had a big grin on his face.

“No, guys.  You don’t want me.  Wouldn’t you rather fuck a nice Neanderthal woman?”

The tallest grunted and pulled the fur from around his waist.  His cock was standing tall and bobbed as he walked toward Julie.  She didn’t want to run for fear of losing the location of the capsule, so she stood still, smiled, and hoped it wouldn’t be that bad.  He was human after all, well, sort of, so he should feel like a man.

She was still smiling when the man grabbed her around the waist, lifted her off her feet, and dropped her on her stomach.  Julia was trying to stand up again when he grabbed her hips and pulled her to her hands and knees.  She was a little shocked when she felt his nose pressing into her butt cheeks.  A second later, the nose left her butt cheeks.  Julia heard him snort and then make a series of grunts.  The other men grinned.

Julia shivered when the man slid his finger between her pussy lips, stroked in and out a little, and then stopped.  She heard a strange noise and turned her head to look over her shoulder.  He was sucking his finger.  Julia didn’t know why, but that simple act was erotic to her.  She lowered her back to thrust her sex out a little more and wiggled her ass.

“Come on, big boy, I like that.  Do it again.”

She was surprised when he did, and even more surprised when his finger slid in with hardly any resistance.  She didn’t realize she was so wet, nor did she understand why except the man was all extremely virile man and that was exciting.  He moved his finger in and out a few times, then grabbed her hips and shuffled forward on his knees.  Julia felt his cock head probing her, and spread her thighs as wide as she could.

While his body was huge, his cock wasn’t.  Julia felt him slide into her depths and begin stroking, but it wasn’t doing much.  She felt a tingle from time to time, but nothing that would get her there.  She thought about what Randall had said about enjoying her task, and thought he’d be pleased about this expedition.

The man didn’t last long.  After a couple of minutes of quick pumping, he groaned and Julia felt his cock throb several times.  He pulled it out, stood up, and made more grunting sounds.  Julia was starting to stand when another of the four knelt behind her, pulled up the fur around his waist, and pushed his rigid cock inside her.

His cock seemed to be a little bigger and Julia started to feel something.  Like the first though, a few minutes of pumping made him groan, push his cock deep, and stay that way until the pulsing of his cock stopped.  As he pulled out, Julia saw the third man walking toward her.

By the time number four had groaned and pumped his semen inside her, Julia was close to a climax.  It wasn’t to be though.  As soon as the throbbing of his cock stopped, he pulled out, stood up, and joined the other three.  They were grinning and grunting to each other when a light spear plunged into the dirt in front of them.

They didn’t stop to look back.  They just started running as fast as they could out into the grass.  A few more of the light spears hit the ground behind them, but they were too far away for any damage to be done.  Julia was trying to stand up when another man walked up beside her.

He dressed in about the same furs as the other four but was taller, and Julia could see if he was dressed in a shirt and jeans, he’d look like any normal man from her time.  If he had a haircut and a shave, Julia thought, he’d probably be handsome in a rugged sort of way.

He was the goal she’d been sent for, so Julia didn’t stand up.  She rolled over on her back, spread her thighs wide, smiled, and held out her arms.

The man grinned and pulled the fur from his waist, then knelt between Julia’s upraised thighs.  He smiled as he stroked his cock from semi-stiff to fully erect.  Then, he put one hand on each side of her chest, moved his body forward and began probing at her sex with his cock.  Julie reached between them, found his shaft and guided the head between her lips, then chuckled.

“I guess none of you guys ever learned about foreplay.”

The man gave her a questioning look, and then smiled as his cock head found her opening and slipped inside her.

He was large enough she felt him inside her, and he was long enough she felt him push against the end of her passage with each stroke.  He was getting her there, but Julia feared he might be like the other four and finish before she was ready.  She looked into his eyes and smiled.

“You wouldn’t mind if I helped myself along a little, would you.”

The man looked surprised when he felt Julia’s fingertip massaging her clit, but he didn’t stop.  He seemed to like it when she started lifting her hips into his strokes, and he grinned when she started moaning.  Julia touched his mouth with her other hand and then moved that hand to her breast.  She had to show him twice, but the second time, he bent his head down and sucked in her nipple.  Julia moaned and her hips lurched up quickly.  The man gasped and started stroking faster.

He was just getting pretty good at nipple sucking when Julia heard him groan and felt him push his cock deep.  She felt his cock pulse once and fluttered her fingertip over her clit.  She met his second pulsing stroke with a heave of her body and a loud cry.

“Oh God, yes.  Fuck me.”

She was still arched into the air when his cock throbbed twice more.  As she slowly eased back down on the ground, his cock slipped out of her and he rolled to her side.  Julia clapped her hand over her sex and stood up.  When she looked down at the man, he was asleep.  

She giggled, “Well, I guess that hasn’t changed over the years”, opened the capsule and got inside.

Randall couldn’t speak for a while once she told him what had happened.  When he did, he sounded excited.

“Four…and you’re sure they were Neanderthals?”

“Yes, I got gang-banged by four Neanderthals.  Well, they were short and muscular and their spears were wood so that’s what they had to be.  They had little cocks too.”

“That last part doesn’t really matter.  There was one homo sapiens?”

“Yeah, just one, but he was pretty good after I showed him what to do.”

“You brought it all back?”

“Yes.  Some probably leaked out during the gang bang, but there was a lot so there’s probably some of both still in there.  You’ll have to sort out which is which.”

“This is better than we’d hoped for.  The Neanderthal semen will tell us a lot.  We still have Neanderthal genes, did you know that?  I owe you big time.  Anything you want, just name it and it’s yours.”

Julia smiled.

“Anything I want?”

“Yes, anything you want.”

Julia smiled.

“Flush me and then I’ll go clean up.  I’ll tell you what I want when I get back.”

Julia found Randal at his desk pouring over a stack of reports.  He looked up at her and his mouth fell open.

“Julia, you’re naked.”

She grinned.

“It’s nice of you to notice.  You never did before.”

“Well, that was because we were working.  Being naked was kind of your uniform.”

Julia walked around his desk, pushed the papers from one corner to the center, and then sat down on the desk with her thighs spread.

“And now that we’re not working?”

“Well, uh…you’re very…you’re a very desirable woman.  I just can’t figure out why you’re not dressed.”

She smiled.

“Well, in the last three days, I’ve been fucked by a hippie, an English ship’s captain, a French farmer, a guy from Africa, one from China, another from India, a convict from Australia, five cave men, and one from some tribe in South America.  According to you, that’s a representative sample from every continent, race, and every important time period, but you’re missing one sample.  I thought I’d collect it for you.”

“Oh?  Which sample did we miss?”

Julia fondled her breasts, then stroked the nipples until they stiffened.

“I never collected yours.  Think I’m desirable enough for you to donate some?”

“Yes, of course.  That’s why you were chosen.  It wouldn’t be very professional, though, now would it?”

Julia chuckled.

“I don’t know.  I’ve never been fucked by a professional before.  Do you professionals do it any differently?”

Randall would have continued to resist if Julia hadn’t slid off the desk, straddled him as he sat in his chair and pushed her breasts into his face.  As soon as he opened his mouth to speak, Julia pushed her left nipple between his lips.  She moaned when his lips closed on it.

“Mmm…you know, all those other guys didn’t know much about exciting a woman.  I hope you do, because I really want you to excite me.”

Randall used his hand to push Julia’s breast away from his face.

“Why me?”

“Well, when I was laying there in the capsule going and coming, I thought about all you guys working to save the world.  All the others are old men or they’re women.  You’re young enough to be able to, and after all those other guys, I need a good fuck by somebody who knows how.  You’re a biologist, so I figured you must know how.  You said I could have anything I wanted.  You won’t disappoint me, will you?”

“There’s no place to do it here.”

Julia grinned.

“If you’ll get those pants off, we’ll do it right here.  You just sit there and play with my boobs and nipples while I do all the work.”

Randall didn’t get a chance to take off his pants.  Julia was undoing his belt buckle as she spoke.  He did have to lift his hips so she could slide them off his legs.  Getting his underwear off was a little difficult because Julia kept trying to get all of his stiff cock in her mouth and her head was in the way.  Once he had them off, Julia smacked her lips as she pulled them off his cock head, and then straddled him again.  

He felt her soft lips open as his wet cock head slipped between them.  Julia moved her body around a little until his cock head found her entrance, and then slowly sank down over his length.  She sighed when her hips settled down on his thighs.

“Oh wow.  This feels great.  Now, just give my nipples a good sucking and I’ll be ready for more.  It won’t take much.  I’ve been thinking about this since I took a shower.”

Randall was still surprised, but Julia was making it impossible not to do what she wanted.  He licked her nipples until they stiffened, then sucked the right one into his mouth.  Julia wasn’t stroking her body over his cock, but when he lightly pinched that nipple, he felt her passage contract.  He pinched again and felt her passage contract a little more.  Her tummy rolled too, and she moaned.

Ten minutes later, ten minutes of Randall using his lips, tongue and teeth to tease, pinch and lightly bite Julia’s nipples, she raised up off his cock, and then slowly lowered her body until it was deep inside her again.  As she began slowly stroking her body up and down, Randall cupped her ass cheeks and gently separated them.  

Julia shuddered, and then gasped when he ran his fingertip down between her ass cheeks.

“Oh God, yes.  Do it, Honey.  I love that.”

She gasped again when his fingertip found her rosebud and pushed in gently.  Randall felt her passage grip him tightly for a second, and then relax.  He moved his fingertip to his cock, picked up some of the creamy wetness, and then found Julia’s rosebud again.  She slammed her body down over his cock when he massaged the tight little ring of muscle.

“Oh yeah.  If you put it in a little, I’ll cum harder.”

Randall didn’t know what “a little” meant, but he worked his finger through the ring of muscle up to his knuckle.  Julia was riding his cock faster now, and that was taking him closer and closer to the point of no return.  He groaned as his balls tightened up, then fought the feeling.  Julia seemed to sense that.  He felt her slide her finger between them to massage her clit.

Just when Randall knew he couldn’t hold back any longer, Julia gasped and rammed her body down.   The finger in her rosebud slipped in to the second knuckle and she cried out.  Her body began arching forward with each stroke, driving his cock inside her a little deeper.    Two of those rapid strokes later, Randall gave up.  On Julia’s third stroke, he groaned as semen raced through his cock and splattered deep inside Julia.  After one more stroke, Julia cried out and rocked her hips so fast Randall couldn’t begin to keep up.  He just lifted his hips and spurted three more times.

Julia collapsed in his lap after that.  She stayed that way, her heaving breasts pressed against his face until she stopped panting.  Little contractions continued to massage Randall’s cock for a while even once both of them were breathing normally.  A few minutes later, Julia giggled.

“It is different with a professional.”

Randall chuckled.

“Oh.  How so?”

“Well, most guys are a little shy about the butt thing.  You weren’t.”

“You said you like it.  I was just giving you what you want.”

“Mmm…and you did it so well.  I think you need to give me a few more samples, just to make sure.  Maybe one of those samples could be in an alternate collection point.  Would you like that?”

“I don’t know.  I’ve never tried an alternate collection point.  What do you have in mind?”

“Let’s find a bed and experiment until we find one we like.”

The project was a success.  The problem was found to be a mutation of a single pair on the DNA chain.  It took the group six months to develop a method of reverse-mutating that pair back to the normal arrangement.  The vector chosen was another virus, this one designed to do exactly and only what was required.  It was released into the wild with no public announcement.  There were many complaints about stuffy noses and scratchy throats in every country, but these disappeared in a day or two.

Nine months later, maternity wards all over the world were filled to capacity, and in an effort to cope, most countries began actively recruiting and training midwives.  Three years later, the birthrate again matched the death rate and in some countries even exceeded it.  The human race was saved from extinction.

The time machine was put into mothballs again, and is still the most carefully guarded secret on Earth.  Only the people of the select group know about it and they’ve all been sworn to secrecy.  

As for Randall and Julia, they’re still together.  Randall now heads the biology department for a well-known university.  Julia stays at home and writes science fiction novels.  They’re about a woman who travels back in time and has love affairs with the men she meets.  Her last is about the woman traveling back to the time when Neanderthals and modern humans both populated the earth.  It’s titled “Lust Beside The Ice”.  Some critics said it was a little far fetched, but then, Julia should know.  She was there.


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