Donna The Blonde Becomes A Time Traveler

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02 Nov. '17

You’ve heard all the dumb blonde jokes.  How blondes are not very smart and do the strangest things.  Donna Pinkham our blonde in this story was no exception.  The only thing she had going for her was she was a walking, talking, beautiful Barbie doll.  

She was tall and had an amazing body which consisted of a very small waist, and breasts as round as globes.  Her face was just perfect.  Beautiful doe-shaped green eyes with long eyelashes.  Her lips were full and when she put lipstick on she was breathtaking.

Donna was eighteen and her beauty was outstanding.  Whenever she was in a room, everything just stopped.  She was a beauty in every regard.  Her parents were good looking and produced a goddess.  Donna knew how beautiful she was.

The thing about Donna was she was an absolute ditz.  She was very gullible and believed just about anything.  If you got her drunk and gave her a little marijuana, she was out of her mind.

She was also a sex addict.  She loved sex and would have it with men or women.  She also liked to have group sex.  She was up for anything, she always had to be the center of attention.


Donna was coming home from a party and was on a country road.  There was nothing in sight and she had a flat tire.  She was nervous because her phone had terrible reception.  She wondered if anybody would come to rescue her.  Unfortunately, she sat on the road for many hours before the strangest thing had happened.

Across the highway was a barren field.  There was a bright light and a portal had appeared.  Donna was curious about the light and started to walk towards it.  Now her life wasn’t perfect, and she needed a little pizazz in her life.  Here was this magical portal and she didn’t know what was behind it.  But, being that she was blonde, she had to walk through it and that’s exactly what she did.

Donna walked through the door and that’s when she time traveled to another dimension.  The year was 1969 and there was all this talk in the news about a music festival that was going to be happening on a dairy farm in Sullivan County. Max Yasgur was going to be opening his quiet dairy farm for what many were already calling one of the greatest festivals to ever be thrown. Not only was this festival the most ambitious to date, this was a weekend that would change the state of music and define a generation.

This would be known as “Woodstock.” An Aquarian exposition of three days of peace, love and music.

The festival was scheduled for August 15th-August 17th. However, the party would not end and continued going until the 18th. The original estimates said that 400,000 people would be there. There would be Anti-War protesters, Black Militants, Anti-Gays, Drug Advocates, Vietnam Vets, Rednecks, Gays, Lesbians, bisexuals, anti-drug advocates, pro-government squares, hippies and their flower children.

They were all coming to listen to some major bands and artists. Major artists like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and The Grateful Dead were expected to play. Thirty-two bands in total were scheduled to play. The festival would be three days of non-stop musical bliss.

People were there to just celebrate life, love, and freedom. People were coming from all different parts of the country to a little town in Bethel, New York.

Donna was quite confused that she had traveled back in time.  She was excited because her mother and father were hippies and they spoke about Woodstock often.  Now it was Donna’s turn to see how wild it really was.

She now looked the part.  She was wearing bell bottom pants with a fringed long vest and a white tube top.  She wore a flower crown and had on a lot of wild and far out jewelry.

She was in a car filled with friends.  Jay was driving the car.  Flower and Donna were best friends.  In all reality, Donna had no idea who these people were, because she had time traveled there.  She played her part and just enjoyed what she and her friends were going to see.

 “This is going to be such a gas!”

“We’ll have a ball,” Flower said.

Jay was driving a station wagon and Donna sat in the back with Flower and the rest of the people. He had those cheesy dice that hung from the mirror. Everybody in the car lived in New York state, so the trip to Sullivan County was only about an hour away.

While they were driving, Ethan rolled some grass and they all toked on it a while. It was some decent shit and Donna was already feeling some good vibrations. All the girls took off their tops, while they got high.

They listened to some Led Zeppelin as they cruised down the road. They sang and had a good time. Occasionally, the men would kiss the girls and feel their breasts. Donna wasn’t a virgin and planned on having lots of free sex. 

“Wouldn’t it be cool to touch Jimi Hendrick’s hand?  Talk about never washing your hands again.”

Everybody giggled imagining meeting some of the rock bands.  They all shared a story on what they would do if they met any of those rock stars.

“It will be pretty hard to meet them, but you never know.”

“Just to hang out with them would be so cool.”

“A totally groovy time.  Let’s all get super wasted.”

They all giggled and toked on some more weed.  They were stoned and were feeling super chilled out. Flower had some munchies and they all stuffed their faces with chips and pop. Before long, they were in loads of traffic and everybody was concerned where Jay would park.

There were thousands of people driving on the roads. Several times they were just in a dead stop. Everybody was on their way to Woodstock. There were lots of cars that were overheating and all sorts of other chaos on the highway.

People were getting out of their cars and dancing in the streets. Most women had their tops off and people were just drinking and getting stoned, while they all waited for the traffic to get better.  They were stuck there for about three hours. Eventually, they could park and then walked several miles to the festival.

Donna and her friends were all laughing and were totally stoned. The guys gave the girl’s piggy back rides and eventually they just sprawled out on a blanket.  To say they were horny, was an understatement.  They told stories to each other, but that all just led to talking about sex.

Jay and his girlfriend Fern, were on the blanket and both got undressed and started to make-out. They were kissing deep and passionately.

His hands were on her firm breasts, while he played in her bush. She had the so much hair on her vagina. You could probably braid her pussy hair. Jay pushed his fingers up her snatch and finger fucked her.  She moaned like a cat in heat.  Everybody watched while her boyfriend had his way with her.

He slid his cock into her pussy and fucked her right on the blanket. She was moaning and groaning, while Jay pounded deep inside of her pussy. He was holding her breasts and kissing her, while he fucked her hard.  She wrapped her legs around him and moved in good rhythm with Jay.

Flower and Ethan started kissing on another blanket and Donna went to join them. He kissed the two girls and they stood up and removed their pants and shirts. He played with both of their breasts and then Ethan was on his back. Flower squatted down over his face and he licked her pussy. Flower also had a major bush on her pussy. He licked her pussy like an ice cream cone. He tongue-fucked her while she rode his face.

Donna eased his cock into her pussy and rode his cock slowly. She moved her hips up and down over his hard cock. His cock felt good, while she rode him.  Her pussy slapped down hard over his hard cock.  Her pussy made soft farting noises while they made love.

The trio made so much noise while they came together on the blanket.  People next to them all cheered when the group finished with their orgasms.

Flower got off Ethan’s face and they switched places.  Donna squatted down over his face and he ate her pussy. Flower eased down on his cock and bounced up and down over his dick. She was playing with her firm breasts, while she fucked him hard.  Donna was smothering her pussy all over his face and let out a scream and had an orgasm. Ethan drank her pussy juices down.

Donna then got off him and Ethan sat up and played with Flower’s breasts and started to buck up inside of her pussy. He screamed and came inside of her.  She continued to fuck him and then got off him.

There was a lake up the road and they all walked over and took a swim. They cooled off and then got dressed and continued to walk to the destination. There were many hippies that were also walking to get to the festival.  Everybody was acting wild and crazy on their way to "Woodstock."

They walked for about an hour and finally got to “Woodstock.”  They stood on another long line and finally got inside.  They walked around and got something to eat.  

They were all holding hands because it was really crowded.  They found a food stand selling hot dogs and fries.  They also ordered a few pops.

The girls continued to be topless with the hundreds of other women who also were. Some of the men were naked and there were the craziest outfits. Most people were high…and not just on weed. There were people walking around everywhere.

They were expecting four hundred thousand people. We weren’t sure how many were already there, but enough that they were already bumping into people. There were people just wandering around the grounds.  People were just walking around in large groups.  You literally were packed in like sardines.

They finally got situated where they wanted to be for the concert. There were now so many people about. There were so many hippies and flower children singing and dancing everywhere.  They saw a few people that they knew and were saying hello to everybody. At this point, everybody was high and dancing.

It was finally time for the show to start and the first band came onto the stage. Everybody was excited and were dancing and singing and having an amazing time. They were getting high and drinking and the girl’s breasts were out bouncing up and down while everybody danced.   They were all holding each other and screaming, when the stars had started to sing.

"This is way cooler than I ever thought it would be."

"I know right. It's a bitching good time. Do you see these people?"

"If anybody must go to the bathroom, we all better go together. We cannot get separated, we’ll get lost for sure."

They all giggled because it was just a huge mob of people. Everybody was bumping into everybody. People were dancing as the music played. It was really a wild time and it was just going to keep getting better and better. Most people were nude and just screaming and running around. Other people were just in crazy outfits. You saw a lot of people wrapped in American Flags. Girls were wearing strings of flowers in their hair and lots of the guys had long hair and were wearing ponchos.

The singers just played sets of about two hours each. After one band was done, the next one would go onto the stage. Music was just playing all through the night.  Everybody was all stoned and drunk out of their minds.  

Donna was so excited that she found the portal in the field that took her to this amazing time in history.  She now knew what her parents knew and that made her feel so happy. 

Donna loved Woodstock and was enjoying all the free love.  She was having the time of her life with her friends.  Many hours had past and then the rain started.   It was raining so hard.  People were trying to find shelter to stay dry, but couldn’t because there were so many people.  Donna and her friends wrapped blankets around each other and just tried to stay dry. But, that was hard because then the ground was becoming muddy and people were rolling all over the mud. People were chanting "No Rain, No Rain."

There were nude people having sex in the mud pool. There were groups of people just having free love and lots of sex. There was an orgy happening.  Jay, Flower’s brother jumped into the mud and started having sex with random people. Fern took her clothes off and jumped in too. People were kissing and fucking in the pile of mud. Flower and Ethan jumped into the mud and Donna did the same.

Everybody was covered in mud and dancing to the music. There were so many hands and fingers all over their bodies. At one point, Donna was on her hands and knees and somebody entered her pussy and another person entered her ass and fucked her good and hard. 

She was sucking somebody’s cock, while she was having a threesome.  Donna saw the same thing happening to Flower and Fern.  Men and women were taking their turns on all the women there.  Donna and her friends had sex with so many people that afternoon.  They were enjoying their sexual freedom.

Afterwards, Jay bought a few tabs of acid for the group to share.  They had never tripped so it was freaky.   They were seeing purple cows flying all over the place.  During their trip, they walked over to the lake and washed off.  They got dressed again and continued dancing and singing with all the other hippies and flower children.  

The music happened all evening and eventually people either camped right where they were, or they passed out in sleeping bags right on the ground. It was an endless sea of people. Donna and her friends were so high and had no trouble passing out for the evening. A few times they had felt hands all over them, but just brushed them off and went back to sleep.

The next few days there were even more people than the day before. The national guards came in and other types of security. The food was becoming less and less, and the stands were completely empty. They had to bring food into the place, but it took a while to get. Certain groups were feeding people bowls of rice. Sometimes there were people giving out sandwiches.

There were times things got a little out of control and just lots of wild behavior. Donna and her friends were stoned for most of the festival, so it was all a blur really.  They never did meet any of the acts, but did have lots of sex with all kinds of people.  They danced and had the best time listening to all the rock stars that they heard on the radio.

They saw a few babies being born, police officers broke up mobs of people. For the most part it was a peaceful and free loving environment. Donna had gone to the bathroom and when she came out it was like the whole scene just stopped.  A portal appeared, and a bright light was all around it.  Donna walked through the doorway and was transported back to the highway where she was on the freeway with her car.   

She couldn’t believe that she went to Woodstock.  She still felt incredibly high, but another bright light appeared, but this time it was a large spaceship.  A ladder extended down to her and the ditzy blonde walked up the stairs and she wondered what would happen next.

When Donna was in the spaceship she was addressed by an interesting human like man.  He brought her into a room and told her to undress and wrap a sheet around herself.  Donna was a little nervous to be in this spaceship and now she would be naked.

“Don’t be afraid.  We’ve been watching you and want to record your orgasmic behavior.  Our women kind don’t really like sex and we’ve followed you for some time now.  We want to record your levels while you have orgasms.”

“Will it hurt?  Please don’t hurt me.”

“We won’t hurt you.  You’ll just have amazing sex.  We’ve watched you while you have lived your life.  You seem to love to have sex with all kinds of people.  We saw the orgies you had at Woodstock.  This will just be more sex like that.”

The being removed Donna’s sheet and she was restrained on an examining table. He played with various buttons.  Donna started to feel very warm and aroused.  They put leads all over her body and while they did all kinds of tests, they recorded her orgasmic levels.

It was the strangest thing.  She felt like she was having sex, yet nothing was inside of her pussy.  Her heart beat fast and she felt out of breath.  She screamed in orgasmic pleasure while she had multiple orgasms.  Her cunt felt like she was getting fucked, yet nothing entered her body. 

Several of the beings stood and watched Donna have orgasmic pleasure.  They wrote down all her levels in their notebooks.  Donna wasn’t sure what they were finding, but she was enjoying what they were doing to her.  It was a very interesting sexual adventure, even though she didn’t see what was happening.   

After it was finished, Donna was then returned to where she had first started.  She was next to her car which had a flat tire.  Eventually, a man stopped and changed her flat. 

She knew that she had been part of some interesting phenomena.  Something that couldn’t be explained.  Donna, the blonde was a time traveler.  She went to the year 1969 and was taken on a spaceship up to space.  She would need to keep this to herself.  Nobody would believe the tale that she would tell.  Not even being a blonde would help her.



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