The C.F.N.F. Club

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10 Oct. '17

Hello, and thanks for visiting! Welcome to another tale of Smokey sensuality. It’s been a while since the last, and so I apologize. As well, after the touching but lukewarm and sexless “Give Me A Little Credit Here,” I clearly owe you a spicy hot one. This story is brand-new as of the intro, and should all go well, will find its first home on In addition to the three chosen categories, Fetish/Kink could also work well. In lots of my stories, Fetish/Kink and BDSM go hand in shackled hand. Enjoy, friends, and happy reading...along with whatever else you may be doing at the time.


Queen Of Clubs

Saturday, May 13th, 2017, 11:01 a.m.

Today’s meeting was come to order, chairwoman Cheri Brock announced, tapping her gavel.

“Welcome once more, ladies!” she greeted. “And how is everyone on this beautiful day?”

The other ten women around the massive tablet-shaped table expressed mutual contentment. The eleven in total comprised the city of Juniper’s one and only C.F.N.F. club. It was a tiny phenom and community among the town’s lesbians and bisexuals. With it went their web site and video shoots, which the ladies hoped would further their endeavor. Cheri and her friend June Walters had started the enterprise a few years back, and the online presence since coaxed more members onboard. They’d lost but one months back, who entered into a romantic relationship, and whose partner didn’t approve of her being in the club. While sad to see her go, her decision was respected. The club was sort of its own large matrix of romantic—mostly sexual—relationships. To date, they met two to three times a month, sometimes at a member’s home, other times like today at the 35th Street downtown conference center. Due to the unorthodox nature of their meetings and activities in which they partook, they were granted this space on days when the center conducted little to no business. Cheri laid the gavel to rest.

“Wonderful! June, would you please refresh us on the minutes of the last meeting?”

Her friend the club secretary slipped on her glasses, popped open her laptop and opened the appropriate file.

“Right! Okay, so let’s see…yes: here we are, April the 29th. Peggy hosted at her house. We reviewed and updated our monthly video sales figures…Stella shared with us her newest article for Curve…she and Babs also distributed the May newsletter…Maddie regaled us with a lovely erotic reading from her private fantasy collection—which I personally very much enjoyed,” she added with a shiver.

“…Eileen was kind enough to bring one of her sizzlingly hot Bound Heat films for us to enjoy,” June went on, “During which we began our game of strip blackjack. And of course, we ordered supper, and the first member to lose all her clothes had to pay, and answer the door. Which in this case would’ve been…” She looked up to grin at the shy blonde to Cheri’s left.


The rest of the ladies playfully taunted her. Katie Stephenson, who wasn’t the most skilled or lucky blackjack player, tried to smile it off. At 26, she was the youngest and newest member, having just been with the club a short time. So being the newbie, she continued to be “initiated” and hazed by the others. At least until another member stepped aboard. But she’d lost the most blackjack games fair and square. And so the delivery man took in the sight of a naked Katie picking up their dinner, amid fellow members’ laughter at her little torture. To make up for it, however, they did make sure she enjoyed an intense post-supper “reward” before calling it a night.

Which was not to say that the other girls didn’t pick on or mess with one another as well. All in the name of fun and humor, of course. This was what the club was all about. There may’ve been a fine line between serious intimacy and mischievously toying with each other’s naked bodies…but members were prepared for these things at their initial interview. The ladies checked any traces of drama or moodiness at the door. Sometimes a meeting would coincide with a bad day for somebody, due to any number of reasons. So if anyone was down in the dumps, her fellow members had some good-natured fun with her, to take her mind off it and restore her spirits. At the foundation of the club were the basic tenets of friendship and love.

And then there was the fun of just tormenting each other.


Quick Flashback Before We Return To The Present Day’s Meeting

Saturday, April 29th, 2017, 6:41 p.m.

The pizza pies and dessert were due to arrive any moment, and the completely nude Katie was nervous as hell. The ten other women were all smiles. And in various states of undress, discerned by how many blackjack rounds and garments they’d lost. The half-naked and very relieved Eileen sat in only her panties, so glad she didn’t have to do this. They were on the edges of their seats, except for hostess Peggy Feldman, who stood watch at the window. Their erotic movie waited patiently on pause. Katie whimpered.

“I dunno if I can do this,” she worried. The British lass called Babette gave her a gentle punch on the arm.

“Don’t worry, babe, you’ll be fine,” she assured, before turning back to the others. They broke out in raucous laughter. Somehow, this didn’t put Katie’s mind a great deal at ease.

“Can I…” She looked around to the lot of them. “Am-am I allowed to cover myself? I mean…y’know, just with my hands?”

“Oh, sure y’are,” said Cheri. “If you wanna sign the receipt with your toes.” More laughter.

“Just remember,” Peggy told her, “Be extra friendly, and put a generous tip on there. He—or she—deserves it.”

“That’s right,” Eileen chimed in. “Big smile, Kates!”

“Well, it is chilly out,” said another member named Raina. “She’s gonna be perky either way.”

The girls were absolutely in stitches. Katie reddened, hugging herself about the middle. She had lost tonight’s strip tournament, which meant firstly she had to buy dinner. That was no big deal. But this was especially unnerving. If anything, she supposed she should look at this as an incentive to become better at blackjack. Peggy looked back out the window.

“Oh—oh, wait,” she announced, seeing a car slow to a halt. “I think w—…yes, yes, I do believe this is it!”

The girls cheered. Katie felt her heart start pounding. Cheri gave her one more piece of advice.

“A’right, now remember, K., you wanna make sure this is the pizza. Don’t just start flashing anybody who comes to the door.”

Yet another wave of laughs, into which Peggy intervened.

“Okay, sweetie, here he comes!” she informed the anxious Katie. “Now don’t dawdle. He’s got other deliveries to make.”

“Oh god,” Katie lamented, forcing herself to her feet. “Oh my god, this sucks.”

“Well, there you have it,” said Viv, giving her a nice spank on the ass. “Next time, don’t lose.”

“Don’t lose,” indeed. Ah, what sage advice. Yeah, as if the game’s based on skill alone, Katie sourly thought. Thanks a lot.

The doorbell rang, prompting a rousing chorus from the other girls.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” said half of them, in unison with the other half’s “Here we goooo-oooo!”

Katie let out a few more whimpers en route to the door. She leaned up and called out.


“Yes, ma’am.”

Katie unlocked the door, but her modesty wouldn’t allow her to open it just yet. She looked helplessly back. Ten faces leered at her.

“He’s waiting, cupcake,” Peggy prodded, with a particularly evil smile.

God… Katie knew it wouldn’t get easier no matter how much time she let pass. She made herself comply.

Creeeeeaaa… “Uh, hi. Hi there.”

“Here you g—…oh. Um…”

The delivery gentleman was indeed taken aback, removing the boxes from the warmer. Sure enough came the collection of titters and snickers from behind. Katie felt the chilly air on her nipples and pussy. Almost as if on obedient cue, her breasts began to puff.

“I’ll-I’ll sign,” she said, trying to smile at him, just wanting this over as soon as possible. The rest of the girls heard a smile in the gent’s inflection as well. Their merriment was just the icing on Katie’s cake of humiliation.

“Uh, right, right,” he chuckled, handing her the receipt.

The C.F.N.F. club loved to make someone else’s day, at the expense of one of their own. So Katie knew she had to tip nice and big. Injury, this is Insults. Say hello. She hastened to scribble out her signature, handed it back, and gestured for the boxes.

“Oh, uh…wow,” he remarked, taking his eyes off the naked girl for one moment to note the gratuity.

“Um…thank you. Thank you very very much. I ap—…preciate it,” he again chuckled.

Katie eagerly clutched the boxes, able to conceal a bit of flesh with them.

“Oh, of course,” she smiled. “You deserve it. The nip, I mean. Tip! Tip! You-you…you deserve the tip.”

The girls all but fell on the floor laughing.

“Well, thank you again,” smiled the impressed delivery man, admiring her up and down.

“Uh-huh. Thank you. Bye-bye now!” Katie bade, hastily pushing the door shut. Safely secluded, she let out her breath and covered her crimson face. “Oh-ho my god!

“Yayyyy!” applauded the club, clapping for her. “’Atta girl!”

The mortified—and now slightly aroused—Katie toted the pizzas back to the living room.

“Is it okay to say I kinda hate you guys right now?” she muttered.

“Of course!” Cheri beamed. “You can say you hate us. You can even think you mean it. We’ve all been through it. Congrats, kiddo. You are now officially a member of the C.F.N.F. club.”

Katie looked up at her. “Does that mean I won’t have to answer the door naked again?”

“If you don’t lose again.”


Supper was relished, along with the rest of the Bound Heat film. Just like their states of disrobing, the ladies were stimulated to various degrees. Katie was relegated to further sheepishness, as the stiffness of her nipples and the blush of her pussy were visible to all. There was no point in trying to hide it; everyone knew already, and denial would invite only more teasing and ribbing.

The DVD returned to its main menu, cuing a sultry mixture of “Oh!”s and “Whew!”s. A few of the women fanned themselves, also feeling their libidos woken to life. Peggy relieved her brow of a trace of sweat, and stood.

“Well!” she exhaled. “I think it’s about time we reward young Katherine for her good sportswomanship. Don’t you, ladies?”

Unanimous agreement followed. Katie supposed this meant she’d done a good job with her punishment for losing the card game, but as far as being “rewarded” went, the lass was clueless. But she’d ostensibly no choice, as friendly hands reached for her arms, urging her from her seat. Another wayward paw pretended to reach and miss, “accidentally” grabbing her pussy instead.

“Ah—he-ey!” the N.F. giggled, red in the cheeks as well as her moist womanhood. The C.F.s proceeded to escort her to Peggy’s guest bedroom, quietly shutting the door behind. There was no one else in the house besides the club’s eleven, but the door was closed anyway, just for the sense of seclusion. Or that of imprisonment, should they feel in the mood for malice.

Katie was eased down into the bed, head nestled into freshly fluffed pillows. Viv and Madison climbed in on either side, holding her down at the wrists. They weren’t holding very tight, and Katie could break free if she wished. Especially given that she worked out, and was arguably the strongest member physically. But she took this to mean she was to stay put. Besides, this part was supposed to be her reward. Suffering through the earlier admonishment as she had, if this was truly to make up for it, it made no sense to bolt. Katie figured she might as well settle in and enjoy…whatever was about to happen.

Raina and June curled up at either far end of Katie, and began to rub and kiss her feet. This felt good right away. Peggy crawled in between her legs. The five others gathered along the remainder of space. Fortunately, the well-to-do Peggy’d had furniture movers build this king-size right here in the guest room years ago. It could support the lot of them and then some.

Maddie and Viv fondled Katie’s arms and shoulders, as did June and Raina her ankles and peds. Babette danced her fingertips over Katie’s belly, giving a tickly caress. Stella lapped up over the left of Katie’s torso and sensually kissed her face, leaving affectionate lipstick prints. Cheri grasped Katie’s right breast and went at her neck for a hickey. Natalie massaged her thigh and pelvis. Eileen straddled her between the tummy and boobs. And Peggy lay on her own tummy between Katie’s gams to give her pussy some love.

Katie felt overwhelmed, but in a great way through and through. She had girls all over her. Her body temperature rose steadily. She hadn’t had many romantic mates, but truly loved sex. It was one of the things that made life worth living. Countless hands groped, smoothing her ripe flesh. They applied varying levels of pressure, massaging Katie through a spell of hot foreplay. Her eyes fluttered, paying less attention who did what to her. She thought she felt Bab nose and kiss her side. She was sure that was Stella taking her chin in her paw to gnaw her jaw. Her mind went fuzzy with all the love thrust upon her, but…OH my! Eileen was the only other girl with her tits out, and that was definitely Eileen’s nipple Katie felt slip in her mouth. She gratefully sucked like a baby with its bottle.

Everyone gradually took things up a few notches. Cheri’s hickey came to fruition on her neck, and she migrated to a different spot. Maddie nuzzled her elbow and tickled her armpit, as Viv sucked her other hand’s fingers. Raina slicked her tongue between Katie’s right toes, June nibbling her left ones. Someone gripped her by the hair and ran her digits through and back. Another member reached beneath to squeeze her ass. Peggy, having felt she’d made her wait long enough, spread her damp labia apart, and licked.

Katie gasped through her nose and dropped a muffled ‘f’-bomb on Eileen’s nipple. An imaginary flame tore down the center of the mattress, igniting her from underneath. The four girls at her extremities felt her digits curl. Katie’s ten co-members marveled at her leap in arousal. The flattered Peggy felt her ego swell, laying into Katie’s warm, wet sex with her tongue, and that same evil smile.

They still had her by the joints so that in theory she couldn’t run away, but fleeing was the last she felt inclined to do. She was still overwhelmed, but now running with it, her libido revved and purring. She began to have trouble discerning which girl was where anymore, or even who was who. One of her nipples was taken between a set of teeth and ground. Katie shrieked, biting the nipple in her own mouth. This in turn made Eileen scream, which made everyone react and the heat of the atmosphere even more intense. Half the pussies in the room had dampened. The lasses put their idle paws to use touching and goosing one another as well. As the only other girl with (half) her privates on display, Eileen felt herself pleasured additionally from behind. Naughty hands found their ways under her panties…easing them down…detaching the moist fabric from its wearer’s own wet, hot lady parts.

As Katie felt herself spun into oblivion below her, Eileen wanted some regard for her other 38 girl, so she plucked the first out of Katie’s mouth. Katie opened said mouth to object, but was satisfactorily silenced. Especially as Peggy sank her teeth into her cunt to suck her lust juice. Katie’s head flew back into the pillows, almost yanking Eileen right down on top of her. She wouldn’t have minded. Katie Stephenson was in eleventh heaven. Her eyes and lips were closed. Her nostrils were intoxicated—almost even assaulted—by her playmates’ artificial perfumes and natural pheromones. Passion met with itself inside to fuel and generate more, like the fire it was. The sizzle was getting to be too much to bear. Katie felt herself relentlessly pinched, palmed, roved, massaged, seized, kissed, tongued, nosed, fingered, cuddled, nipped, milked, petted, flicked, spanked, diddled, raked, grazed, caressed, tweaked, pecked, slicked, eaten out…and those were just the sensations she thought she could identify.

She could no longer concentrate on dutifully sucking Eileen’s nipple, so she let it slip out. Unbeknownst to Katie, Eileen was on the receiving end of some serious attention as well. While Katie had a fair share of paws and mouths on her, supplementary digits and lips were put to task on Eileen. Her panties veritably ripped off, still straddling Katie just under the heaving boobs, Eileen felt her magic spots likewise activated. Cheri and Natalie forced fingers inside her and frigged her off. Stella alternatingly spanked her ass cheeks. Babette cupped her titties. June applied some pressure to a spot on the sole of her foot that turned every woman she knew into an animal. Eileen groaned in a hungry grimace, smushing and bapping Katie’s face with her generous tits.

Katie found a moment to set off another fuseless ‘f’-bomb. “Me too!” Eileen punned.

Both exposed drenched pussies pulsed redder than beets. Peggy went on to town giving Katie oral love, as Raina took some strands of Peggy’s hair and tickled Eileen’s asshole with it. Desperately wanting to stay in on the action, Maddie and Viv climbed further into either side, kissing and caressing the N.F.s’ flushing hot skin. Katie’s mind was gone, careening to the almighty apex, and Eileen wasn’t far behind her. Their moans inevitably grew to wild screams, delighting the party. They heard the other girls marvel with whoops, laughs and giggles. The whole situation became so explosive, the naked subs could erupt at any second. At last, Peggy held Katie ajar, rubbed below with her thumb as she zeroed in on her stiff, swollen clit, took it between her teeth, and sucked.

Katie could take no more. She came as violently as she’d ever been made to cum by anyone—herself included. The majestically potent ‘o’ tore her inside out, scrambled her brain power, and blew open her pussy’s floodgates. She caked Peggy’s right hand and bedsheet—not to mention her own inner thighs—in liquid lust. She howled to high heaven, so ecstatic to reach the summit she never wanted to come down. And who could blame her; watching her revel through such extreme throes put the rest of them in the mood for a nice, tremendous climax as well. Naked chica number two was about to meet and be nailed head-on by her own. They stroked, smooched and jilled Eileen to climax, just as Katie dropped dead asleep beneath her. The next sound that came out of Eileen Lynn Hennings was impossible not to hear, and even less possible to spell. The girls had never heard anything like it.

Forced to cum just as vociferously, Eileen sprayed and splattered her own essence all over the busy hands of Nat and Cheri, as well as the upper abs of one Katie Hope Stephenson. Her own shrieks rivaled her predecessor’s in dynamics and intensity. And they still didn’t manage to wake Katie up. Her elbows wobbled, trying to keep herself propped and not collapse on Katie’s sweat-soaked face.

Eileen did not fall asleep, so the other nine damsels helped her up and off the bed. It was getting late, and the evening was almost over. The girls returned to the living room to get dressed and part ways till next time. They let Katie stay in bed and sleep up. Only Peggy’s best friend Viv Odell stayed behind with her. While by themselves, they liked to have sleepovers and play childish games and tricks. The two of them had earned a reputation of pranking the others. A reputation that only the C.F.N.F. club newbie, Katie Stephenson, was not privy to. Until she’d wake up later that night.

Once all the Xs and Os were doled out, and Viv and Peggy were left to their own devices, they scampered off among chuckles and chortles…to find some shaving cream to place in Katie’s hand, and their trusty feather to tickle her nose.


Whom To Expect When You’re Not Expecting

Saturday, May 13th, 2017, 11:28 a.m.

After June read the previous minutes, the first chunk of today’s meeting was spent having a spirited discussion. Their little talks were a staple of the gatherings, peppered with spicy flirtations that flew every which way. Talking about their C.F.N.F.-flavored activities was not as much fun as acting them out, but time was allotted for each. The club was basically a great big orgiastic “womance” between the lot of them, a collection of essential friends with benefits. Boink buddies with boobs, as Stella the quirky writer once coined. Of course, to stick to the club bylaws, not everyone could be nude at the same time. One woman could keep her clothes on, or ten could. But were all members to give up their outfits, the club would have to change its name.

Each member had her own preferences and kinks, with some patent overlap. Some liked to be strictly clothed dommes, others naked subs, the rest shades in between. Depending on where they fell, everyone had their favorite things to do to a birthday-suited victim, or have done to them. All members were encouraged to be as free and open as they saw fit. Some were slower to come out of their shells, which was fine. The club didn’t believe in “slut-shaming” or needless spite. They were also allowed to shed their clothes promptly upon arrival if so desired, a treat for everyone. As long, again, as at least one person kept her lady-bits locked up.

“A’righty!” said Cheri. “Next topic: tantalizing, fetishized pain. Now, who likes a little pain mixed in with her pleasure?”

She raised her own hand. Raina, Viv, Eileen and Natalie joined her.

“Nice!” Cheri assessed. “Now of those few of us, does anyone enjoy pain to the extreme? I mean real, excruciating agony?”

The hands were reduced to Cheri’s, Eileen’s and Raina’s. Natalie half-raised hers.

“Uh, well, I like watching that kinda thing,” clarified Natalie. “But I don’t really like to be involved in it. Does that count?”

“Sure, sure,” nodded June, pointing her pen Natalie’s way. “Y’know, I think to a degree, we all like being voyeurs. The spectacle of girls messing with each other in such wicked ways, that real physical punishment, with a dash of humor mixed in. Either way, there’s nothing hotter than that big, beautiful grin on the Mistress’ face while her slave suffers. You’ve gotta love a domme who loves what she’s doing. If we’re talking voyeurism, I think all our hands’d be raised. As far as my own personal tastes go, I like electrocution.”

“Whipping and branding for me,” Eileen chimed in. “Hence the affinity for my Bound Heat movies.”

“Oh, I’m afraid I don’t like pain very much, even just watching,” admitted Katie. “I guess I just like a…” She chuckled, turning a coy shade of red. “…A little light spanking.”

“Right, I’m with you, girl,” Babette told Katie. “I’ve a low threshold for pain, first- or secondhand.”

“Mm, yeah, I’m not the biggest pain fan either,” Madison hopped in. “I do love fun, evil torture, though. My favorite’s tickling. And Katie, all teasing and kidding aside, if you genuinely don’t like pain, you don’t have to worry about it from us.”

“That’s right,” Cheri agreed. “Important note: the C.F.N.F. club is not out to make anyone feel unsafe. We’re a family here. A family with a lotta ‘incest’ that goes on,” she finger-quoted. “Friendly, fun incest. That’s all. We would never make you do anything you really deep down didn’t wanna do.”

Katie liked hearing that. She smiled.

“Well, that’s good…’cause despite what I said after you made me get the pizza naked, I really do like you guys a whole lot.”

To Katie’s left, Stella scooted over to hug her. “We like you too, babe; that’s why we mess with ya so much! ’S how we show our love!”

Something no one was counting on suddenly happened. A knock came at the door.

The girls looked to one another, unsure who this was. The building managers knew they conducted business in this office, but kept out of it. They were semi-familiar with the club’s escapades, and didn’t want to intrude on what could be embarrassing moments. The building was open on Saturdays, but practically no one else came here or knew what went on in their room.

Katie felt a trifle alarmed again. “Uhhhh…you gonna make me get naked and answer that too?”

Cheri patted her shoulder, rising to see to this herself. She strode forth, unlocked and opened the door. Outside it stood a very young light brunette in a business suit. In her arms was a collection of documents in unwieldy disarray. To Cheri’s eye, she looked quite frazzled. Cheri’s eye was correct.

“Uh…hello there,” she smiled affably. “May we…be of some help?”

“H-hi!” the visitor exhaled, looking for a specific piece of paper she needed. “Is…um…is-is, eh…Chris MacIntosh here?”

Cheri arched a brow. “Er…no, I’m afraid she, or he, is not, my dear. We have no Chris MacIntoshes. Or any other MacIntoshes.”

The young lady’s eyes widened intensely.

“…Uh-oh…” she murmured. “But, um…” She shuffled around to look for another document. “Isn’t this, erm…

“…2250 53rd Street, suite 120?”

Cheri gave her another pleasant chuckle.

“Oh, no, it’s not. The building’s 2250, and it is suite 120, but you’ve got the street wrong. It’s actually 35th Street, y’see. Not 53rd.”

The young woman shut her eyes tight in a wince of revelation.

“Oh, my stupid dyslexia! That’s why the directions were so confusing! Well, can you tell me if 53rd’s around here? Is it nearby?”

“Uh, well, there is a 53rd Street, but it’s not very close, I’m afraid. You have to go around Fisherman’s Bay before the street numbers keep going up. The 50s are probably…well, coincidentally, probably about fifty minutes from here.”

The poor nervous girl brought her hands to her face, whapping herself in the cheeks with fistfuls of paper. She instantly became even much more uneased, almost terrified.

“Oh no!” she cried. “You’ve gotta be kidding me! Please, tell me you’re kidding!”

She now had Cheri a good trifle worried as well. “…I’m sorry, but…no, I’m not.”

Their visitor actually began to weep.

“Oh NO!” she repeated. “Oh no! My parents’re gonna kill me!”

She made Cheri start to panic with her. Getting a little concerned themselves, a few of the club members too rose from their seats.

“W-whoa, whoa, okay, take it easy now,” Cheri tried to calm her. “Easy, hon; don’t cry. No one’s gonna kill you. What’s going on?”

The girl was indeed freaking out, but drew herself together enough to answer. She rapidly spilled her explanation.

“Well, my Mom and Dad set up this job interview for me with this guy Chris MacIntosh. 11:30 Saturday morning. Right on the nose. And they were really counting on me to not blow it. Th-the interview, I mean, not my nose. And they had to pull a lotta strings to get this for me. You…you don’t even understand: I’ve never had a real job. I mean, y’know, like, like in a real office. I’m barely 20 years old. I just had a couple semesters of community college, and I couldn’t even do that. So I figured I had to get a job, but I didn’t know where to go. So when my parents got me this interview, they made it super-clear how important it was! I can’t go home and tell them I couldn’t even find the right place! They’re gonna be so mad at me! Oh god, I am such a screw-up! They’re gonna go ballistic! Th—”

She was starting to fall apart again. Cheri placed a hand on her shoulder to console her. Peggy, June and Viv neared to join them.

“Ok-okay, okay, all right, OKAY…sweetheart, calm down. I’m-I’m sorry you missed your interview, but I’m sure it’s not the end of the world. I’m…I’m certain they’ll understand. They are your parents, after all; they love you no matter what.”

“Yeah, babe,” added Peggy. “And even if you weren’t meant to get this job, there’re plenty of places to find another one.”

“And, I’m sure you’re not a screw-up,” June jumped in. “Everyone’s got their own strengths and weaknesses. Trust me, we’ve all got embarrassing stories about mistakes we’ve made in the past.”

No one said anything for a few moments. The girl stopped weeping, but looked still unhappy. Cheri offered her a (literal) hand.

“Hey, um…would you like to…just hang out with us for a little while, hon?” she asked. The girl looked up into her eyes.

“I mean, your parents shouldn’t be expecting you back home for a while. And you don’t have to tell them right away. And…” She shrugged. “…Well, you’re of course free to go somewhere else if you’d rather. But if you wanna come inside and just chill with us a bit…well, we’re all really friendly and nice. I’m sure we could help, uh…settle you down and cheer you up.”

Viv, June and Peggy simultaneously turned Cheri’s way, not exactly sure what she…meant by this. It was their young acquaintance’s turn to arch an eyebrow. She didn’t say anything, so Cheri went on a bit more.

“We’re having our women’s club meeting,” she explained. “But we’re not exclusive, and we never automatically reject a girl. So if you’d care at all to just meet us and sit in for a bit, you’re totally welcome. My name’s Cheri Brock, by the way; I chair the meetings.”

It was clear the girl hadn’t predicted this invitation. She was still on the proverbial fence. June added a deal-sweetener—so to speak.

“June Walters, secretary. We get lunch in about half an hour, so we’ll treat you if you’d like. Limited-time offer; today only.”

She managed to get a small smirk and chuckle out of the girl. Finally, she thought, well…what had she to lose?

“Well, uh…okay, maybe…I guess.”

“Awesome!” grinned Cheri, stepping back to open the door all the way. “Do come in!”

They took her inside. “Now, hon, may we ask your name?”

“Uh, it’s Jenni. Jenni Wolbert.”

“Fantabulous. So, you’ve met me and June. Allow me then to present…” She went clockwise around the table to make the intros.

“…Juniper socialite Madison ‘Maddie’ Roschfeld…British lassie Babette ‘Babs’ Essman…practical jokers Peggy Feldman and Vivian ‘Viv’ Odell…resident wit Raina Chester…the, eh, movie buff, Eileen Hennings…the noob, Katherine ‘Katie’ Stephenson…magazine journalist Stella Starr…and not least but last, one of the nicest girls you’ll ever meet, Natalie Foster.”

Hellos were exchanged. Cheri adjourned to the closet to fetch an extra chair for Jenni, and resumed her own seat. Jenni perched between Natalie and Stella, laying her mess of papers to rest, taking a load off her arms as well as her mind.

“So, Jenni, me dear,” Babette addressed first. “Tell us about yourself then. Are you from here originally?”

“Uh, well, yeah, yeah, I am. Although I spent a few years living with my aunt and uncle in Milwaukee.”

“Oh, that’s cool,” said Viv. “I’ve got a few friends and relatives who’re part of the ol’ cheese belt.”

“What’s your favorite kinda music, Jen?” asked Raina. “Mine’s hip-hop.”

“Oh, I…guess probably some rock and some R&B…but I’ll listen to anything that sounds pretty good.”

Katie had the next question. “D’you like to go bowling? I love it. It’s one of my favorite things. I’m in a league.”

“Well, yeah. But I don’t get to go too often.”

“Oh, she’ll take you,” said Eileen. “Katie’s a born bowler.”

“Literally,” Raina chimed in. “The girl was actually birthed holding a bowling ball. Damn, her Mom was pissed.”

A chorus of laughter ensued. Jenni thought she’d pose the next query.

“So…what kinda club is this?”

“Wonderful question, Jenni,” Cheri smirked at her. “This delightful group of ours is a collective of ladies who…shall we say…thoroughly enjoy one another’s company, on a regular basis.”

Jenni raised her eyebrows. Cheri had exercised a prudent degree of discretion, trying logically not to frighten the girl off. She did, however, render her a bit more curious.

“…What do you…do?”

“Oh, lotsa fun stuff,” fielded June. “We chitchat, we watch movies, play games, read books and magazines, tell stories, share our most personal feelings, get takeout…then some of our members take their clothes off and we have sex!”

The ladies punctuated with a short cacophony of cheers, whoops, laughs, and a zealous drumroll Stella dealt the table. Jenni almost let her jaw crash on said table at this revelation. But the subsequent cacophony made her decide that June must have been kidding. Some sort of…bizarre inside club joke, she had to speculate.

“Oh!” she chuckled. “That’s-that’s funny!”

“Aha,” Madison chimed in. “But is it, or is it not?

Jenni turned to her. “…Huh?”

“Yes, you see, young Jennifer,” Peggy clarified, “We’re not exactly your conventional ladies’ social group. There’s a reason there’re only eleven of us. This is called the C.F.N.F. club. It’s a division of activity in what you would call adult entertainment. It stands for ‘clothed females, naked females.’ It means that when we prepare to have sex with each other, some of us strip, and some keep their clothes on. It’s a way of spicing things up. It gives the members who’re allowed to stay dressed a kinky feeling of power and dominance. Knowing we can see them naked and take advantage of them, but they can’t do the same to us. You understand?”

She’d laid out this little explanation perfectly matter-of-factly, but midway through it, Jenni’s expression slowly, gradually morphed. She felt her jaw start to give way again.

“…W—…wait,” she said, holding up one paw. “Y-you mean you weren’t kidding??”

“Absolutely not,” Stella stepped in, clasping Jenni’s raised hand. “We know the idea’s pretty unorthodox in the quasi-prudish p.c. world. Some might even find it shocking. At first. And we can’t really blame them. But honey, if you let yourself open up and get used to the idea…there is no more sublime, wonderful feeling of bonding with your closest friends.”

“Again, literally,” quipped Raina.

Darting her eyes around the lot of them, Jenni’s mouth began to quiver as if her teeth were chattering. Cheri spoke back up.

“It’s all true, sweetie. Trust me, we’re certainly not trying to freak you out. But the frank honesty is that we’re all grown, healthy, functioning lesbians and bisexuals—with hearts, libidos, and urges. Cravings, yearnings, call ’em whatever you want. And as long as everyone’s comfy and consensual, nothing’s wrong. Keep in mind, when you know what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with, sex is a beautiful, natural, awesome thing. And here in the C.F.N.F. club, we refuse to let anyone tell us different.”

The table clamored with affirmation and applause from the other members. Jenni nodded.

“Okay…I see…please just forgive me if…well…I guess I just wasn’t expecting that,” she chortled.

“Right; no one does, really,” Babette informed her. “C.F.N.F. is such an obscure concept, hardly anyone knows what it is. More folks will recognize and understand the het’ro varieties—C.F.N.M., C.M.N.F. But there are far fewer lesbians than any other group, for a start. Juniper’s got more than its share, but even so. And when you think about lesbian ‘erotica’—in inverted commas,” she finger-quoted, “Ironically, a great deal of it isn’t really marketed to us, actual lesbians; it’s for the lads. And that’s fine, they simply view it a bit differently. So there’s a fine line to draw when you want to appeal to the lebs. On one hand, you’re inclined to feel that women fancy their sex a bit more on the ‘tasteful’ side. On the other, you have to remember that everyone’s different, with their own unique likes. Do bear in mind, one gal’s dirty smut is another lass’ heavenly passion.”

“…Wow,” Jenni nodded once more. “That…sure was a mouthful. But with some good points. I really like your accent, by the way.”

“Oh, why, thank you, love! Comes to you courtesy of Manchester, northwestern England, it does.”

“And that’s something we’re trying to accomplish with this club,” added Viv. “We wanna spread awareness of our tiny phenomenon, and try to grow the community. Personally, I’m bi, and I’ve experimented with guys and girls, but I feel freer at this point in my life to play with other women. And I find the whole C.F.N.F. dynamic a lotta fun. I think it’s something every girl who likes other girls oughta try, at least once. They can be on whichever end they want. Like with us: some of us prefer to keep our clothes on, some of us prefer to be naked, and some of us’re switch-hitters. Swinging both ways, as it were.”

The girls received a treat. For the first time, Jenni smiled. Genuinely. This smile surpassed the smirk threshold she’d only achieved previously. She seemed to be feeling more at ease with them overall. Katie addressed her again.

“’Scuse me, Jen…um, I hope I’m not being rude, but do you mind if I ask…are you single, by chance?”

“Oh, now, Katie,” June scolded her. “Don’t force the girl to talk about her personal life. We don’t wanna pry.”

“No, no, that’s all right,” Jenni said. “Actually, turns out, I just got out of a relationship kinda recently. And…well, this is sort of a coincidence. I mean, you guys were just talking about lesbians and stuff, and…well, believe it or not, I broke up with my boyfriend, ’cause…I think I realized that I actually kinda…like girls myself.”

Half the group’s aforementioned hearts (and libidos) abruptly rose to Jenni’s attention.

“Well, how lovely!” said Cheri. “Is that a true statement, hon, or are you just trying to get in good with us and butter us up?”

“No, it’s real, honest. Of course, I hadn’t expected to be talking about this when I left today for my, eh…job interview…”

Her other neighbor Natalie patted and rubbed Jenni’s back. “Yeah, sorry that happened. But I hope you’re kinda liking just shootin’ the breeze with us. Oh, and it’s almost noon. Ya hungry?”

Jenni did not know if Natalie’s gesture was merely cordial, or bore seductive undertones. But regardless, it made her feel nice. And…yes, she was hungry.

“Great!” Cheri said. “We were thinking about going Thai today. How’s that sound, Jenni?”

“Good to me.”


Clubbing One Out (12 Randy Women)

Saturday, May 13th, 2017, 1:26 p.m.

“D’you enjoy your lunch, Jenni?” Eileen asked.

The young darling held up a single finger to answer, but instead allowed it done for her by the substantial BELCH that followed. Her hostesses’ reaction was according.

“I think that’s a yes!” Raina assessed, giving Jenni’s hair a tousle. The innocent waif spoke up to address the lot of them.

“So…so, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this,” she said. “So, you guys meet up in this club, and you eventually just, like…” She reddened at the inquiry about to tumble from her lips.

“…Get…naked, and have, like, big ol’…girl-orgies??”

Stella was next to sashay by Jenni. She slipped an arm around the girl’s shoulders and satisfied her inquisitiveness.

“Well, we’re never all naked at the same time, buddy-girl. But yeah, you’ve got the basic idea.” She laid a casual smacker on Jenni’s cheek, leaving her trademark lipstick prints, and assumed her own chair.

“Yes, y’see, Jen-Jen,” June-June took over, “The novelty of our little enterprise is that someone has to be dressed—bra and panties at the least—and someone else, at the same time, has to have her goodies out. The naked chick—or chicks—doesn’t have to be literally a hundred percent nude. She can keep on her socks, jewelry, a ribbon in her hair. She can even keep her shirt and pants on, if one’s up and the others’re down. If you’re the N.F., you can wear whatever you want, as long as we can see and touch your boobs and pussy.”

Mid-suck in a drink from her cup, Jenni reflexively sucked a smidge too hard and gave a choke. It was the first time she’d heard anyone say the word “pussy,” to say nothing of having her own referred to in such a context.

“Oh!” Maddie gave her a light clap on the back. “Okay there, babe?”

Jenni nodded. “Oh, yes! I, eh—ahem!—I guess I’m just not used to being part of a discussion involving stuff being done to my boobs and…pussy,” she shyly whispered, turning pink in her smirking cheeks.

“Well, dolly, spend a little more time with us and you’ll get used to it relatively damn quick,” Viv winked at her. She presented Jen’s business-clad tush with an impish spank, sending even more pinkish red flushing to her face. Katie took Jenni’s free paw next.

“Jen?” Katie led the lass back toward her seat. She sat in the chair and urged Jenni to perch on her lap. With a little urging and encouragement, she agreed. Katie proceeded.

“I hope I’m not stepping out of line, but you seem just a little teensy-weense on edge,” she remarked, hugging Jenni around the middle. “Kinda since…well, since you popped up at our door, in fact. Again, hon, we’re really really sorry you missed your interview. But if I may…the, uh, C.F.N.F. club also kinda offers some opportunity for financial gain…in its own way.”

“Oh, Katie, I’m not sure that’s something we wanna broach just now,” warned Cheri. “We don’t wanna overwhelm or scare the girl off. Our little marketing venture isn’t for everybody.”

“Well, yes, Cher bear, I was just getting to that,” Katie rejoined, holding one hand at arm’s length, “absentmindedly” rubbing Jenni’s back with the other. “Just illustrating the point that depending on how much time our guest spends with us, she’ll learn more and more about us, and she may get over-intimidated, but then again, she may not.” She dropped her free hand on Jenni’s thigh, and began gingerly rubbing it as well. “…Right, hon?”

Jenni didn’t know if Miss Stephenson was working a little seduction on purpose or not, but felt some warm initial shivers through her as Katie smoothed digits into her inner thigh, and applied pressure up and down. Perhaps she was just being friendly, but this was quite a degree to take friendliness to. She let out a silent gasp. Speaking of being overwhelmed…part of her wanted to get off Katie’s lap. Part of her very much didn’t. She was unsure if this was “supposed” to be happening, but…gosh, did it feel nice. For her part, Katie was a friendly sort, but knew what she was up to. She wasn’t proud of her ulterior motive, but there remained purpose behind asking Jenni if she was single, and sweetening her on the club. She wasn’t really hoping to rope Jenni in as a girlfriend, but more as a dozenth club member. If Jenni joined, Katie wouldn’t be the noob anymore. And she could then join the others in putting Jenni through her “orientation”: hazing her, roasting her, making her the butt of their practical jokes.

What neither Jenni nor Katie—nor anyone else in the room—anticipated was the effect this semi-intimate interaction had elsewhere. To Katie’s right sat club chairwoman Cheri, who had the best view of Jenni on Katie’s lap. Jenni visibly reddened with mild arousal having her thigh fondled. And Cheri liked it. Neither would nor could she deny, the whole display was getting her hot. Cheri and June had started this club because they not only enjoyed playing with other girls and their bodies, but as discussed before, they were voyeurs as well. They too relished the privilege of just sitting back and being entertained.

Especially for the Cheri bear herself, toying with ladies and being toyed with back was her life. She couldn’t express how fortunate she felt for these other women to help grow her club. It was her brainchild and her “baby.” Imaginably, she and the other girls didn’t necessarily fear commitment to one partner, but were moreover unexcited by the idea. Every person wanted different ingredients for the dishes to satisfy her sexual appetite. Like Jenni, several members were originally daunted by the idea of lively lesbian orgies, but inevitably warmed. And as of Katie’s reward for being a good sport last time, each girl had now been a centerpiece of the club’s escapades at least once. And each had achieved wild, momentous orgasm in her corresponding turn. If that wasn’t the sign of a successful women’s sex club, Cheri (and June) didn’t know what was. Cher refocused attention to see Katie continuing.

“…Anyway, Jenni, my friend, this may be none of our business, and please excuse us if we’re sticking our noses where they don’t belong. But you mentioned you’re unattached now at the moment. That in mind,” prepared Katie, “…May I ask whether or not you…otherwise have an active sex life?”

Jenni’s eyes widened, darting about at all the other members. While she supposed she appreciated and was flattered by the attention—and intrigue in her erotic exploits—she couldn’t help but feel disoriented. The truth was, she’d grown up sheltered by her folks in terms of sex and the like. Her Mom and Dad were already in their mid-30s when they had her—their only child—and both old-fashioned. Sex was not an entirely taboo topic in the Wolbert household, as they knew Jenni’d grow up and strike out on her own one day. Her folks only hoped she would handle the act responsibly. They frowned on the idea of their daughter losing her virginity before marriage, but wouldn’t go so far as to forbid it. What they didn’t see coming was the possibility of Jenni being gay.

“W—…well, um…” Jenni gulped, sitting still on Katie’s lap, Katie gazing innocently up, massaging her thigh. The girl paused to wipe a pattern of perspiration from her brow.

“I, uh…I-I guess I always kinda pr-prioritized school and work over that…kinda thing…” she told them, feeling her pussy moisten.

“I seeeeee…” Katie teased, pouring it on. “Well now, again, please forgive if I’m just totally outta line here…but, about how often do you treat yourself to a nice orgasmic release?”

Jenni’s breaths came in rushed gasps. She couldn’t help but notice Katie wasn’t letting up with the thigh rubbing. She tried to think.


Stella sidled up behind Jenni and began giving her shoulders a similarly sensual massage.

“Don’t remember, babe?”

Jenni gave still no response. Cheri stepped in.

“Okay, ladies, give her a break for a second,” she requested. Stella and Katie let up. Jenni audibly exhaled.

“All right. Now Jen?” continued Cheri. “Can you remember the last time you had any sort of sexual release?”

Again, the young guest tried to think or recall, but could merely look on helplessly. Once more, the reaction provoked was logical.

Ohhhhh, wow,” lamented June, amid whistles from a couple other members. “Okay, girls, we have a mission.”

“That we do indeed,” Natalie agreed, as the club gathered nearer. “Clearly, we must take care of this.”

“Oh, Jenni, you dear sweet virgin!” said Katie. “No wonder you’ve been so tense this whole time!”

“A’right, Jen, that settles it,” Cheri decided, adjourning to the closet to fetch a couple more items. “You are the chosen focal point of today’s C.F.N.F. club meeting.”

Jenni’s heart accelerated, looking back up to see Miss Brock toting a thick fluffy blanket and pillow back to the table. She arranged them appropriately, as Stella gingerly tugged back Jenni’s blazer. “We’ll just take this for you…” she cooed.

The girl grew ironically hotter as her jacket was eased off, underneath which lay a white button-up dress shirt. This Katie assumed, reaching to undo the top button first, then down to the bottom, and back up. June, the foot fetishist, stooped before Jenni and began unfastening her shoe straps. Jenni’s breathing intensified.

“Uh…l-ladies…” she croaked through building arousal, “I’m…I’m just not sure th—…”

Her voiced thought went unfinished, just before Cheri concluded it for her. The chairwoman caressed her cheek…

“It’s all right, sweetheart…we are.

…And kissed her.

Jenni’s eyes fluttered as she allowed herself to succumb. Already low on resistance, being liplocked by Cheri—a veritable cougar to Jenni Wolbert’s cub—set the girl’s hormones aflame and turned her to jelly. Additionally, June’s removal of Jenni’s shoes gave the sensation of floating free off the ground. Which made sense, as she was still sitting on Katie’s lap. It was Peggy’s and Viv’s turn next, so they picked her up around the torso and legs, and sat her atop the blanket on the table. Now that her shirt was open, Peggy relieved her of it while Viv went to work on her trouser fly. Jenni tensed up.

“Oh-oh my gosh,” she objected, reflexively reaching to push and swat Viv’s paws. June subdued her by tickling her now bare feet.

Eee-hee-hee-heeeeee!” she giggled. “Okay, okay, please don’t!”

“Very well,” smiled Miss Walters. “Go with us on this, and I won’t have to again.”

“Though that’ll disappoint her, it will,” Babette chimed in. “June is partial to feet, quite.”

“But seriously, yes, Jen, trust us,” Maddie advised. “We’re basically experts in this field.”

Natalie leaned in toward Jenni and pecked her ear. “That’s right, babe. Listen to the experts. We know what we’re doing.”

A new concern entered Jenni’s mind, now shirtless with her slacks sliding down her legs.

“Ummm…are y—…you-you guys sure no one’s gonna come in here?”

“Of course we’re sure, honey bunny,” said Cheri. “The door is locked, just as it was when you arrived.”

This put Jenni’s mind a bit at ease, but she remained nervous. The fact that it seemed eleven women were about to strip her naked and…do heaven knew what to her…kept her on edge. The part of her with some willpower left wanted to protest again. But the thought of another sizzling kiss or another bladder-threatening tickle overwhelmed her. She decided she’d better cooperate. The slacks left her body and were placed away with her other garments. She was reduced to her unders.

“’Atta girl,” she heard one of them say. “Now, Jen-Jen, we’re gonna have you lie down on your belly for us…”

With a modicum of coaxing, Jenni turned over and did as told. Part of her could not believe this was happening, how ridiculous it all was. Why would she possibly go along with this insanity? this part wanted to know.

Oh, I dunno… mused the other. Because…we’ve virtually never been laid or even gotten off in our frigging lives, our libido’s wide awake, we’re as horny as a damn weasel, and almost a dozen attractive women are about to have their way with us??!

…Let the record show your side let it happen.

Noted. Now shut up!

The group gave Jenni a hiatus from stripping to lull her nerves with some more caresses, head to soles. Jenni let her half-smushed face burrow in the pillow, thoroughly relishing all the soft girl-paws on her flesh. She couldn’t discern how much time elapsed, but finally felt her bra being unclasped, and her panties slide down.

Oh my god.

The ladies made Jenni raise her body a moment, and before she knew it, it was official. She was, in their presence, nude. Face-down, but wondrously, gloriously nude. She found herself wanting to turn over on her back before they even asked her to.

The hands resumed their tasks. Fingers sifted Jenni’s hair, graced her shoulder blades, played her spine, teased her ribs, fondled her lower back, groped her exposed ass, massaged her calves and ankles, and…oooh! Was that a fingertip in her…

HE-e­-ey!” she chortled. “That’s my butthole! Leave that alone!”

“Oh, but I think not,” a voice that sounded like Miss Brock’s contradicted her. “Once a spry fresh chick agrees to partake in the festivities of the one and only Juniper C.F.N.F. club, she is subject to whatever said club sees fit. Including but not limited to any and all delights her lovely nude figure has to offer. That asshole’s fair game, missy.”

With that, Jenni felt something yet softer and more delicate titillate the same orifice.

“Aaaaah!” she laughed. “What the hell’s that?!

“My feather, silly,” purred Miss Feldman’s voice.

“They’re cute when they’re about to wet themselves, aren’t they?” Miss Hennings’ rejoined.

“Right, girls,” said the British voice, the name of which Jenni couldn’t recall. “I reckon we’d best flip her over before…you know.”

Jenni’s brows arched. “Before…what?

“Okay, chick-pea,” the voice belonging to Miss Starr said next, hand patting the back of her left thigh. “On your back.”

Jenni’s modesty took a backseat to her sex drive, as she realized the cougars—and cougars-in-training—were about to scope her genitals. Her nipples were semi-erect and her pussy sufficiently moist, which she believed the ladies should and would take as a compliment. She about-faced. She didn’t know if she wanted to open her eyes and see all those predatory faces just yet. But unbeknownst, the lionesses she’d been thrown to had something else in store for her first.

“Righty-ho, sweetie,” said Babette, retrieving a couple matching items from their bag of tricks in the closet. “Now you won’t mind then, will you, just a small precaution…”

Jenni felt her arms taken above her head. Babette tethered an end of one of the extra long scarves around their subject’s wrist, threaded it under the table, secured it to a support, and brought it around to her other, doing the same. Jenni didn’t actually realize this was happening until it did. She looked up.

“Oh m—…wh—…y—…you’re tying me up?

“Quite,” Miss Essman confirmed, sans hesitation. “Obedient, obsequious, perceptive, and a cutie. Lovely treat for the lot of us.”

She sauntered down to Jenni’s feet, throwing the girl a fish-eating grin over the shoulder. She tied Jenni’s feet subsequently, with an equal lack of slack, stretching the lass into a perfect human X. Jenni abruptly surmised just how vulnerable she was.

“Uh-oh…” she squeaked.

She looked up. There they were. Out came the teeth, in those roguish, sinister smiles. A few nodded.

“‘Uh-oh’ is right, peaches,” said Miss Starr. “Welcome to the club.”

“Are…are you gonna hurt me?”

“Oh, certainly not!” Miss Odell insisted. “We’d never deliberately harm you.”

“Yes—unless, of course, you were specifically asking for it,” Eileen added. “If you happened to particularly enjoy, or fetishize pain, we’d honor your wishes. Actually, we were just discussing the pleasure of pain before you showed up.”

“True,” said Cheri. “We don’t know what you like yet, Jen. But no worries; I’m sure we’ll find out…one way or another.”

She winked. Something about the wink made Jenni gulp.

“Well, if…uh…you’re not gonna hurt me…why do I still feel unsafe?”

“Awww,” said Miss Foster, giving her nose a loving tweak. “We’re just messing with you, honey. Y’know, just throwing a little playful scare into ya. Just having some fun’s all.”

Jenni paused, scrunching her nose so she could breathe through it again.

“Then…what are you gonna do to me?”

The hands resumed their roving activity. The first skin-on-skin genital contact was achieved. Jenni lolled her head back and moaned. Her pending question was fielded by Miss Peggy.

“Just enjoy you, my friend. See, if we take it back to basics, C.F.N.F.: clothed females, naked females. One or more girls are in their birthday suits, having been designated as the victims. The submissives. The rest of the participants keep their clothes on. This way, the victims are rendered delightfully powerless, both physically and psychologically. They are forced to expose their lady-parts, but aren’t allowed to see the other girls’. At the same time, they’re extra susceptible to whatever the clothed girls choose to do to them: torments, humiliations, any number of trials and tribulations. I’m just throwing out examples, of course.”

“Hey, you’re a poet who didn’t blow it,” Viv remarked.

Jenni whimpered.

“It’s okay, though, sweets,” said Miss Roschfeld. “We’re not gonna put you through some kind of excruciating agony. If you really liked that sorta kink, that’d be one thing. But it would appear that frightens you. So we’ll be nice.”

“Mm, to an extent,” smirked Peggy. She snaked her feather’s blade rapidly up and down Jenni’s pussy slit.


Her raucous, helpless guffaws set off a chain reaction of wicked laughter amongst the others.

“All right, all right, let’s cool it with the feather,” Cheri told Peggy. “It obviously drives the poor girl crazy.”

“Yeah,” Raina agreed. “Save it till after she cums.”

Jenni looked up behind her from whence came Miss Chester’s voice.


It was considerably more difficult to focus with the warm hands still traversing her heaving, quivering figure. But Jenni wanted an explanation to that last remark. Stella decided to answer her, with actions rather than words. It was her turn to sink one on Jenni, preceding with a sultry, “Edible lipstick, cherry-flavored. Taste it, dollface.

Taste it she did. And began to get intoxicated…though not near so much as two moments later, as Stella palmed her tit, cradling the nipple between her fingers…and Eileen grabbed her cunt. Jenni’s eyes popped open.

“MMMMMM!” she exclaimed through the kiss. Stella, however, refused to let up. In fact, Jenni thought she even heard Miss Starr chuckle at her through their liplock. And she might’ve been crazy in the moment, but she also believed she felt the other hands clamp down, to hold her even tighter in place. Babette gripped her around the other titty with both mitts, lowering to take the nipple in her mouth. Even more hair sprinkled over Jenni’s neck and torso. Jenni swore through the ongoing kiss, wondering how she was bearing up under this so far. Passion was spreading, like a swirling pool of sizzle eating through the table, about to engulf her.

Natalie reached around Eileen’s hand and squeezed Jenni’s ass, always liking her a shapely posterior. Viv pressed her mouth into the crook of her arm and sucked. Raina smelled her hair, nuzzling the top of her head. Peggy and Cheri each took a leg and rubbed. Madison traced her tongue in a circle around her bellybutton. June assumed her post at the foot, after running to the closet once more to grab some whipped cream for the girl’s toes. And frankly wondering what was so special about the tootsies, Katie thought maybe she’d give the other one a try. Those frantically curling piggies were pretty cute. And dare she say, maybe even a bit…tasty-looking. And she reminded herself how good it felt last time when June and Raina worshiped her feet.

Jenni’s heart was about to burst through her chest. And with Stella’s seemingly tireless lips and tongue invading her own, and the amount of sweat cascading down her face, she was surprised she wasn’t drowning. Hair adhered to her brow, draping her eyes and impairing her vision, but she didn’t care. Her hostage paws—front and hind—clenched into balled fists, flexing trembling limb muscles. Her eyeballs rolled back, seeing lightning flashes and bodies made of stars. Her yearning, long-deprived pussy blazed with swollen pride, forcing an auto-quench with more liquid arousal and budding cum. Jenni didn’t know how long she could stand this or how much more she’d be able to take, but was seeing why they’d tied her down. Otherwise, she’d have doubtlessly blown through the ceiling. Even so, she struggled like mad to get free.

At last, Stella released her lips—but not her breast. Mouth freed—though caked with smudgy lipstick—Jenni flung her head back in the pillow, shrieking in unbridled lust. The ladies were impressed by their own finesse. On one hand, they didn’t often make each other scream quite this dynamically. On the other, anyone who couldn’t remember the last time she’d orgasmed (if ever) was bound to make an explosion. What a marvelous find was their guest Jenni Wolbert. The girl writhed and wriggled ferociously, wanting both to be free and to be under the ladies’ captive touch as long as they saw fit. She spat and cursed again, amusing the party with the juxtaposition of her first impression: businesslike, for a successful job interview, versus now being a horny savage banshee.

’Atta baby,” Miss Starr called down over her shrill cries. “Gonna cum for us, li’l gal??”

Jenni nodded eagerly, tears welling from her eyes. “Uh-huh!”

“Beg us for it, Jen,” Cheri ordered. “Beg us to let you cum.”

“P-please!” Jenni pleaded, face awash in both tears and sweat. “Please lemme cum! PLEASE, let, me, cuuuuuummm!

Miss Walters paused tonguing her toetips to address the chairwoman.

“Let’s let her. She’s new to this. Let’s go easy on her.”

At the girl’s pussy and now with a fair deal of responsibility on her shoulders, Eileen nodded.

“A’right, babe, here it comes,” she shouted for her to hear. “Brace yourself and hang on tight, ’cause this is gonna be intense!”

Jenni tried her best to do as Miss Hennings said. Truth be told, she loved the unique novelty of this arrangement. She’d been intro’d and treated to lunch by these nice ladies a scant few hours ago, and had now been “kidnapped” by them, lured like the animal she was, into their web of dressed vs. naked sex games. There was something brilliantly dirty and almost taboo about being seduced, bound down and now forced to orgasm by a swarm of older chicks—ranging in age from late 20s to early 50s—she’d barely met. She didn’t even know them, much less gotten in touch with their traits and idiosyncrasies, and that was precisely what made this so damn hot. Almost as if she’d woken up trapped naked in their office.

Meanwhile, it was at last time to bring her to climax. So Eileen parted her, dug her teeth into Jenny’s vulva, coaxed forth her bulging hard clit, licked and sucked. With her right hand, she rammed inside, thrusting violently against her throbbing cunt wall.

Poor Jenni officially lost it. She indeed erupted. Steadily at task were Eileen, Stella with manual stimulation of her right breast, and Babette orally loving her left. The rest of the girls minimized activity, and took the nearest seats to enjoy the show. Jenni howled to the rooftop and above. Her eyes were open, but all she could see were psychedelic, tear-distorted fireworks. She could swear she’d gone into another dimension. A hidden realm of rich, full, sublime pleasure. And it was called living Eden. Eleventh heaven.

Time couldn’t have mattered less to her, but as the club predicted, it wouldn’t take long to send her rocketing off the edge. They were right. With such a severe lack of sexual attention paid herself, her libido was so energized and hard up, it was going crazy waiting for this steam to be blown off. She couldn’t say why she’d never really paid it heed before.

Jenni came, bursting forth with a waterfall from her dam. It was indescribable in words. An entire new world had just opened to her. And she had these ladies—and her own dyslexia—to thank for it. The eight semi-idle club members wildly cheered and applauded.

“There she goes!” she heard one of them celebrate. “‘Thar’ she blows!”

Stella and Bab looked behind them to see the fruit of their labor. Their N.F. du jour flailed her limbs, smacking the tabletop with her knuckles and heels, until she was gushed dry, and the orgasm finally ran course. Once she was done, Eileen felt Jenni’s clit shrink and retreat, and her pussy unclench her digits. She extracted her cum-creamed hand and threw everyone a thumbs-up. Another wave of applause ensued. The girls’ mission was accomplished.

It took Jenni several moments to get her bearings back, but she finally came to and reoriented. She blinked her vision into focus, and again gazed to each friendly, smiling face. They looked very happy to see her, and now not very sinister at all. She asked a question.

“…’M I okay?”

Cheri patted her knee. “You’re more than okay, my dear. Lemme ask you something. Do you feel nervous or anxious at all?”

Jenni shook her head. “…No.”

“Exactly! You know why?”

Jenni didn’t know much of anything reasonable right now. She shook her head again.

“’Cause the sexual tension’s out of your system now, sweetie! For heaven’s sake, that’s why you were so pent-up before! Jen, listen to me. Your academics are important. Your work’s important. And so is your sexual health and appetite. What I mean by that is, you’ve gotta give yourself a release once in a while! If you’re not ready to have sex with someone, masturbate, honey! It’s good for you! Seriously! I can see from your face that being told that makes you feel a little awkward and embarrassed. But the fact is, Jenni, you’re an adult. Under your parents’ roof or not, they’ve gotta understand, and you’ve gotta understand, you have needs now. We all do. We’re all human. We have to have that release sometimes. You remember the way you came into our office today, all excited and upset? Well, if you don’t satisfy those sexual needs from time to time, honey, that’s what’ll happen! You’ll go crazy!”

Jenni finally nodded. “Okay…”

“Good girl. So, how do you feel?”

She shuffled on the table, a bit uncomfy while still tied up.

“Ummm…I dunno. I kinda feel a…a little scared, for some reason…but I dunno why.”

“Don’t worry,” said Katie, drying Jenni’s eyes. “It’s normal. We’re all familiar with it. I went through it most recently. Part of you’s inclined to feel like you’ve been violated, ’cause you’re not used to this. That’s why you’re a little afraid. But Miss Cheri was just saying before you got here, we’re a family. We do more than just have sex. We take care of each other. We love each other. And we’d love for you to be part of our family—if you want. And I’m not just saying that ’cause that’d make you the noob instead of me. They like to tease me, but we all tease each other. Just for fun. Really, all you need to be in this club’s a great sense of humor.”

“Very well said, Katherine!” praised Peggy, hands behind her back. “I couldn’t have put it better myself. But I’ll try. Jennifer, did what Katherine just said make you feel any better?”

Jenni thought. Part of her wanted to tell them they were insane. This was probably the same part of her Miss Stephenson had just said believed it felt violated. But maybe, just maybe not. Perhaps these ladies really did know what they were talking about, what they were doing. There were eleven of them, and they all seemed very happy together. It was hard for Jenni to conceive that just shy of a dozen healthy, intelligent grown women could all be downright…cuckoo. Not impossible, but hard. And what the others had told her made sense too. Maybe being part of this club could be fun. Maybe she should get to know them better and find out.

“…Well, a-a little, I guess,” she answered Miss Feldman.

“Good,” Peggy smirked. “’Cause we figured you could probably use some cheering up. Perhaps some…hearty gut laughter.

“And, that being said…”

She removed her hands from behind her back, producing and revealing to Jenni’s eyes the feather she’d given her a taste of before. Madison joined in, waggling her long-nailed fingers at her. Jenni’s eyes widened, abruptly realizing why they hadn’t untied her yet.

Gasp. “N—”




Club Cub

Saturday, May 13th, 2017, 3:30 p.m.

Once Jenni had been sufficiently “cheered up,” she was unbound and allowed to put her clothes on. Off the table and fully dressed, she told the ladies she thought she’d better be getting home. Each member hugged her, adding her own affectionate touch. Babette nuzzled her ear. Cheri squeezed extra tight. Eileen gave her a soothing back scratch. June slipped off a shoe and stroked Jenni’s foot with hers. Katie lifted her off the floor. Maddie tickled her one more time with her nails. Natalie softly kissed her and told her how wonderful it was to meet her. Peggy groped her bottom. Raina took another deep, deep whiff of her hair. Stella left one more pair of lipprints on her cheek that she’d have to wash off, or have a fun time explaining to her parents. And Viv raspberried her neck.

“So here you go, hon,” June told her, “Here’s a copy of our newsletter, and all the details about how to stay in touch with us. Our next meeting’s on the 27th. We highly recommend you attend this one if you’re at all interested. Maddie’s hosting, at her mansion. She’s rich. Like, rich rich. Make-your-damn-mouth-water rich.”

“Heh! Okay,” said Jenni, accepting the newsletter. “Sounds cool. Thanks, Miss Walters.”

Cheri adjourned to the head of the table. “Oh, yes, and let’s get your documentation together here, sweetie…”

She picked up the folder, which lay open. The paper on top staring back at her caught her eye. Something clicked in her mind.


“Yes, Miss Brock?”

“What did you say was the name of that fellow you were supposed to be meeting for your interview?”

“Chris MacIntosh.”

“And, eh…that was for a company called Seven Seas Systems?”


Cheri stifled a giggle.

“At, erm…11:30…Saturday morning?”


Cheri placed a paw over her mouth to half-conceal her smile. A chortle still found its way out.

“Ummm, Jenni, please forgive me for prying; I didn’t mean to, but this page just sorta jumped up at me. This says your job interview’s on Saturday…May 20th.”

A couple of the other girls giggled. It took Jenni a second.

“Well, yeah, I knew it was on a S—…on a, um…a Saturday…” she mused.

Peggy started to speak up. “Yeah. Je—?”

Raina stopped her. “No, no, hang on. Let’s see how long it takes her.”

Finally, it dawned. Revelation settled over the girl’s face like a bright, happy cloud.

“Oh, my, god,” she laughed. “…Today’s the 13th, isn’t it?”

The girls couldn’t help it; they cackled right over her. Cheri tapped the papers on the table to straighten and hand them over.

“YES! Jen, you didn’t miss your interview, ya goof! It’s next Saturday!”

“O—oh! Oh god!” Jenni repeated. “So even if I had gone to the right place, it wouldn’t have mattered! Oh my god, what a relief!”

Stella tousled her hair. “Well, for what it’s worth, babe, I’m really glad you ended up here with us today.”

“Not as glad as I am,” remarked Katie, raising her cup from lunch. “Not to jinx it, but I think we may’ve found our dozenth member.”

“I’ve gotta admit,” Jenni said, turning to each of them. “This was a heckuvan experience…and something I definitely didn’t plan on when I left the house today.”

“Oh, yeah, by the way, Jen-Jen,” said June. “Something’s got me a little confused. You said your parents pulled the strings to get you the interview, right? So, when you left, wouldn’t they have mentioned to you that it was next week?”

“Well, uh…they’d already left, as it turns out. They went on a Mom-and-Dad ‘date’ today. I just got ready and left on my own.”

“Ah,” June nodded. Cheri slipped her arm around Jenni and walked her back to the door.

“Well, all right, my dear, I think you’ve got everything. So, eh…thanks very much for cumming, if ya know what I mean…”

Jenni blushed.

“…And I think we’re about to adjourn shortly ourselves. So, we certainly hope you’ll keep in touch, and also very much that we’ll see you at Miss Roschfeld’s in two weeks. 4:00 p.m. this time. Tea, supper, and whatever…games we decide to play. Where I’m sure you’ll get to see a few of us naked.”

Reaching the door, it was Jenni who this time decided to take some initiative. She leaned in to Cheri and kissed her lips, nice and expressively. Cheri was surprised, and quite charmed. They heard the girls share an “Oooooooh!” behind them.

“I’m looking forward to it, Cheri,” she said, taking the courage as well to call Miss Brock by her first name. “Count me in.”

She was just about to depart when a final voice summoned her attention.

“Oh, and Jennifer?”

She turned back. Maddie, Peggy and a few of the others smiled at her. Out came those beautiful pearly whites again. Madison gave her a wave with her nails, as Peggy held up and twirled her feather. One more time, Jenni felt that tingly chill in her sensitive spots.

“Nice playing with you.”


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