The fantasy store for mature ladies who love wearing girdle - 1

We would all love to think that there are mature ladies out there who just love fucking. But, in truth they are very few older ladies who still want sex. So we have fantasies. I have several. Here is one. Hope you enjoy.

First, let me own up. I am a mature man, yet ever since I was young and saw a gorgeous mature buxom lady wearing a girdle and fucking a guy on top, I have maintained a fetish to for plump mature women with big floppy tits wearing open crotch girdles and no underwear …oh yes, and they should have a lovely hairy cunt.

So when a friend, who owned a fashion and shoe shop for shall we say, mature women, found out that I was semi retired she asked if I could help her for two days a week, who was I to argue?
I told her that I had no experience.

“Well, Ken, you know how to sell -- shoes and clothes are no different, and you do have a great sense of what suits a woman. All you have to do is help them and assist fitting as our more mature clients like a “personal service”…with the emphasis on “personal”.

I was intrigued. “Well all good service is personal…what other kind is there?”

“Come on, Ken”, replied Heather, “how do you think an expensive old fashioned show like this stays viable. You must have noticed that all our specialist products designed specifically for highlighting and making our older “ladies” look and feel sexy. In short we provide a discreet and private outlet where mature ladies feel safe – and satisfied -- to buy fashionable, sensuous garments and lingerie that flatter them. Also our service includes fulfilling their sexual fantasies whilst doing so.”

“You mean to say every one of your customers pays top money to get their rocks off in one way or another?”

“That's it precisely. You see Ken” – Heather was warming to her specialisation now….

“When highly sexed older women, are maybe lonely, lost a husband or lover, they still get the horny hots and have fantasies. I provide this discreet outlet for them to fulfil their fantasies and try new things…and above all, they are pampered, admired and serviced without any fear or humiliation”.

Well, who was I to disagree and confirmed that I would start the following Wednesday morning. During the interim my imagination went into overdrive, thinking of all kinds of scenarios ranging from mild to downright disgusting. Well, time would tell if I was right or way off the mark!

Come Wednesday morning I entered an empty shop ready to be briefed by Heather.

Going round the store she pointed out the sections.

“As you see, we provide items to enhance, show-off, as she held up a pair of sheer nylon open crotch pyjama bottoms as an example. As most of our ladies curvaceous we also specialise in all types of girdles – from sheer see through gossamer to all-in-one types. But in all cases they come only with a high cut open crotch. The ladies prefer them as it seems they like to show off”.

“Ken, our ladies like to “be seen”. So it is essential that you are confident in being able to provide an admiring “personal perspective” when measuring and when they ask, hint or wantonly show off”.
Looking at my cock bulge, Heather added “I can see that will be no problem for you”.

Our tour included other section: shoes, dresses, skirts etc and then I noticed a discreet sign saying “fitting and beauty centre”.

Opening the door I saw a swanky massage type table several easy chairs and a small sofa …and lots of mirrors.

Looking around Heather added “if you have done you job well and the ladies request more assistance, this is where you are free do whatever they want in any way or method they prefer”.

Come 10.00 the open sign went up and our first customers entered around 11. Not knowing what to do exactly or where to start, Heather told me to go to the shoe department.

“It is amazing how many mature ladies just love showing themselves, to an appreciative audience”, she remarked.

No sooner was she gone when an attractive if slightly plump lady of I would guess, about 55 to 60, asked if she could try some gold strappy sandals that she wanted for her next holiday.

“Certainly madam, what size?”

“Four and a half but four if they are a wide fitting” she replied as anyone buying shoes would do.

But this was not self service. This was old fashioned personal service and befitting such she went and sat down whilst I went for the sandals. As you will recall, years ago shoe shops provided a full service – measuring and fitting.

And we too had that old device that allowed me to sit on one end to facilitate fitting the shoe which of course meant that the ladies had to lift up their leg to place their foot on the platform with their crotch right in my eyeling. Those old shoe shop guys must have seen some sights!

Returning with about 6 pairs of appropriate sandals she said, “you're new aren't you?”

“Just started today Ms?”

“Johnson”, she said, “but please call me Cathy. And you are?”

“Ken ….pleased to meet you Cathy”.

Not knowing what she was into, so to speak, I invited her to take off her coat and in doing so, I surveyed her. Bearing in mind my real task I set to work with the compliments and respond to the innuendo.

It wasn't difficult as her curvaceous figure was encased in a simple pencil skirt that ended a couple of inches above the knee. They were indeed beautiful sheer nylon clad legs. But the big surprise was the blouse. Definitely not Laura Ashley: more Dior black hiding – not very successfully – a staggering 40 D pair of delicious tits, in a low cut black bra- they were almost falling out. Yes, this was a fantasy customer all right.

“Cathy, that outfit is really stunning. You have excellent style”

“This is one of my favourites. It makes me feel good and at my age, anything that does that, has to be good. Besides my belief is that if you've got it, flaunt it. What say you, Ken? I can see you are a man with a keen eye“, her eyes roving over my crotch.

Sitting down, she slowly lifted her right leg on to the platform and smilingly said “Help me see which of these delightful sandals is going to have the effect I am looking for?”

So playing it by instinct I took gently took hold of her ankle and went to take off her black pumps she was wearing.

“Just a minute Ken, they are rather tight, let me help you”. With that Cathy pulled up her skirt and opened her legs to bend over and pull off her shoe giving my eyes more than enough time to travel up her lovely plump thighs to her pussy jungle of fabulous salt and pepper curly hair nestled just below her girdle line.

And she did the same again with the other leg. “There, that should make it easier for you”

What ...tickle her clit or fit the sandals? Then the penny dropped. Cathy was a classic exhibitionist and obviously enjoyed showing off and obviously wanted more.

Fitting the second pair, instead of taking her ankle, I held her calf. “You know Cathy, it will make it easier for me to see how this fits if you could possibly lift up your leg a bit more”.

Her eyes lit up. “That's going to be hard in this skirt, Ken”, she said breathlessly. “I'll have to pull it up a wee bit more”

Demurely she pulled up her skirt another couple of inches and spreading her milky white fat thighs lifted up her leg revelling in showing her luscious and very moist hairy cunt lips.
Smiling she added, “Can you see better now, Ken?”

Then, as if she had just discovered she was not wearing underwear, she added, “Making all the arrangements for this holiday is very stressful, I clear forget to put my undies on this morning, so I am sorry for any embarrassment I may have caused you”.

Pushing it further, I replied, “No not at all. In fact, I am a great admirer of woman who likes going commando , if I may be as bold to say so”.

“Oh Ken, it is so nice to find a real gentleman of discernment”.

After about 20 minutes fitting her sandals and her showing me all of her very fat and now noticeable wet hairy cuntbox , Cathy, mentioned a swimsuit .

As innocently as a she could muster, added “Do you think it best if we went into the changing cubicle so you can measure me… it's a long time since I last bought one?”

Closing the door I replied, “Now Cathy, here we do not guess sizes, we take pride in personally measuring. First, please strip off so I can do a good job for you.”

“Will you unzip me please?” Turning around to show her luscious arse, I gently unzipped and pulled down her skirt revealing her arse globes through the sheer see through Spandex panty girdle.

Turning around her then very slowly and sensuously took off her blouse revealing a see through balcony bra that just held up – let alone covered – those fabulous milky smooth tits. She was in great shape for an older lady and boy did she know it.

“Ken, to clearly get your honest opinion, this swimsuit thing is worrying me, frankly. I don't want to be parading around showing off my belly so I thought that this would do”. Holding up a one -piece costume with build in tummy control panel she added “What do you think?”

As she started removing her exquisite girdle I decided to take her and her obvious needs in hand
“Now Cathy , let me see what concerns you”, I commanded. Well, as she slipped out of her girdle, she took my breath away. The woman did not shave, but appeared to actually cultivate her pubic hair. From whispers of hair at the belly button, it got fuller and bushier all the way to her cunt. And boy was I turned on . By now my cock was inching for action.

“You see my problem, Ken. I always come out in the most awful rash when I used to shave – now I just let nature take its course. Problem is most men do not like this”, pointing down to her muff . “And it and it gets worse”.

Without missing a heartbeat she turned around and bent down and pulling her arse cheeks apart revealing her puckered shit hole surrounded by softer hair. “What do you think”? She said.
Not wanting to miss an opportunity like this I answered “Well, Cathy, why don't you lean against the chair and let me take a closer look”

Crouching down and slowly placing my hand on her arse I had to find out how far she wanted to go.

Running my finger around her sphincter hole and caressing her lovely hair, I said “As a matter of fact Cathy I really love ladies with lots of pubic hair”. Sliding my fingers around her fanny, added “In fact, it's far my hygienic as it helps retain all that love juice I can feel right now, see?”

Bingo! “Now Cathy, I am going to show you exactly my opinion and I think in this case actions are far better than words”

As she started to grind her fanny into my hand, she turned her head around and added, “Ken this is really good. Why don't you give me a complete inspection.

I quickly downed trousers and pants and guided my normal 6 inches cock, literally oozing with anticipatory pre cum over her crack and around her fanny.

Then gently opening her arse cheeks pushed it into her hairy crack slowly rubbing and lubricating it. Gently I whispered, “You see Cathy, I really appreciate very hairy women.”

“Oh yes,” sighed Cathy, “I can definitely feel that”…as she pushed her arse so tight into my cock that the cheeks covered it completely. Boy this was fucking great. Her hairs stimulated more pre cum and on the up stroke; it lodged in her ring hole and slipped right in.

“Are you ready for the full inspection Cathy”, I asked.

And leaving her lady-like chat outside she replied, “I sure fucking am” again ramming her arse against outwards easily forcing my bulging cock right up her shitter.

“Ken, this really turns me on”. Gently at first, in and out. Her sighs and panting increased…..and just as I thought she was ready to cum, she grabbed my hand and guiding it to her very wet and exposed clit and added, “wank my clit”.

I could not believe it. Her clit was rock hard and a good half inch long.

“Make me cum, lover. Fuck my arse and wank away...and I'll give you the best orgasm you've ever had”.

Stroking and masturbating her clit she said, “Open that draw Ken, and don't be surprised”.

Lying there was a vibrating dildo that must have been at least 10 inches long and 8 in circumference. Handing it too her, she leaned back into my still stiff member and calmly pushed the entire phallic member into that hairy snatch. I could feel it as well.

As she switched it on the vibes not only sent my cock into overdrive but Cathy bucking and fucking for her life.


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