A Genius in King Arthur's Court - Ch. 4

A Genius in King Arthur’s Court


Ch. 4 – The Power Within


Dave awoke to the gorgeous sight of Madeleine sleeping peacefully, her head on his chest. Her red hair was a tousled mess, but his heart fluttered at the vision in his arms nonetheless. Not wanting to disturb her, he saw his open backpack in the corner and used the levitation spell to float his copy of The Once and Future King over to him. He read for a bit in the dim morning light before feeling Madeleine stir against him.

“Good morning,” he whispered, kissing her on the forehead.

“Mmm… good morning, my love,” she murmured.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Very,” she yawned. Seeing that Dave was reading something, she adjusted her eyes to take a look at the cover. “The… Once and… Future… King? Is that correct?”

“Um, yes,” Dave said in surprise. “You are able to read? I was of the understanding that women of this time were not allowed to learn to read.”

Madeleine blushed, replying, “In truth, you are correct. None know of this, but my father always encouraged me to expand my mind. He always had these strange feelings that I was destined for great things, and thus I taught myself to read over the years. He was quite the radical in that regard, I suppose.”

“Well I approve,” Dave agreed, planting a long kiss on her lips. “I have always been attracted to intelligent women.”

“Intelligent women?”

“Indeed. In my homeland, women are revered not only for their beauty, but for their intelligence as well.”

“Hmm… I suppose I am intelligent enough to latch onto you and never release you,” she said with a wry grin.

This soon led to another lovemaking session between them. Dave managed to last longer this time, holding off his orgasm for at least seven or eight minutes before exploding. He also paid more attention to Madeleine’s bodily cues throughout, fondling her breasts every so often as they made love. This paid off with a small but pleasurable orgasm for her about halfway through; he made a mental note of this and resolved to do even better the next time. After a while, the sun began to rise over the horizon, and Dave knew he would need to leave for his lesson before long.

“If only I could lie in bed with you all day,” Madeleine sighed in contentment.

“Once I find a way home, that is my full intent,” he replied, kissing her once more.

Both slipped out of bed and dressed for the day, Dave changing his modern clothes to a more time-appropriate outfit. Out on the balcony, he then levitated Madeleine back to her room for the day. Turning back into his own room, Dave chuckled at the disheveled state of his bed and took a few moments to straighten up, as he and Madeleine were in fact sneaking around. With that task complete, he grabbed his backpack, bow, and arrows and departed for Merlin’s workshop.


“Enter,” said Merlin, hearing a knock at his door.

“Good morning,” Dave greeted him.

“Ah, good morning, David. You look as though you slept well.”

“I feel excellent!” he admitted. “Ready to tackle anything you throw at me today.”

They spent the first few minutes reviewing everything he had gone over the previous day. Dave showed great retention, now able to conjure fire from thin air without needing a specific object to burn. He had not yet perfected his ability to create water, but still managed to fill a bowl with little difficulty. As Merlin expected, Dave’s favorite element thus far was wind, and he was already quite adept with it. Finally, the levitation and matter rearranging abilities were now child’s play for him, able to be used at a moment’s notice.

“Splendid!” Merlin exclaimed. “Now, for new business. There are two remaining elements for you to master: earth and lightning. Unlike fire and water, there is little use for conjuring earth, for it is all around us. And unlike wind, earth is far less dependent upon direction. In that way, it can be considered the opposite of wind. While wind depends on constant motion, earth stands firm against all obstacles, refusing to move. This makes it quite useful in conjunction with the levitation spell. Come.”

Merlin reached out his hand, which Dave took a firm grasp on. In the blink of an eye, the two men stood atop a tall plateau, overlooking a misty sea. Dave spun around for a moment, in awe of what had just happened.

“Did… did we?”

“We now stand in Celtic territory, a land far to the west of Camelot. You have just experienced the power of teleportation,” Merlin said.

“Wow… so these are the Cliffs of Moher,” Dave muttered to himself in wonder. “So, what are we doing here?”

“This is an ideal area for you to become acquainted with the element of earth. First, connect with the molecules making up the element, as you have done with each previous element. Then, force a piece of earth to break apart from the rest. Finally, take complete command of it with the levitation spell.”

Dave began his concentrations, but soon found the element of earth to be a more difficult beast for him. He reasoned that this could be due to his natural affinity for wind, though he wasn't sure. Regardless, he knelt for some time, finally managing to connect with the ground after half an hour. Beginning to see the individual minerals contained within the dirt, he soon detected a small stone buried below the surface. He focused all his will on that spot, soon managing to part enough of the impacted dirt that the stone could be removed with the levitation spell.

“Well done. What did you learn?” Merlin asked.

“That was difficult… far more so than any of the other elements,” Dave admitted as he attempted to catch his breath.

“Indeed. All sorcerers have one element they are strongest with, and one they are weakest with. Though we have yet to move on to lightning, I strongly suspect that yours are wind and earth, respectively. One thing that may assist you in manipulating the elements is the proper mindset.”

“Proper mindset?”

“For example, wind depends on direction and constant motion. Thus, one must be able to think quickly and decisively to use it to its fullest capabilities. This description aligns with your mindset quite well, if I do say so myself. You are intelligent, and always analyze every possible outcome of a situation. Your mind is in constant motion, as is the wind.”

“That does make sense,” Dave nodded.

“Conversely, earth requires a certain amount of stubbornness. The element of earth is firm and unyielding, and your mind must embrace these qualities to take full advantage of it. When attempting to manipulate earth, do not focus on endless possibilities, any of which may get you around a problem, but instead take the mindset of facing such a problem head on. Be unyielding, and the earth will be yours to command.”

Taking this information into account, Dave focused once more on the earth around him. As he allowed his mind to grow more stubborn, he found it far easier to establish the necessary connection with the molecules, enabling him to split them apart far more easily. After another half hour, he was able to extract melon-sized chunks of rock with ease, effortlessly flinging them around as needed with the levitation spell. Moving on to more advanced techniques, Dave began to manipulate parts of the earth without fully detaching them, at one point kicking up a large slab of stone to serve as a shield in front of him.

“Excellent, most excellent!” Merlin lauded.

“Thank you. Though I assume there is still much to learn about this element.”

“Indeed there is, but those lessons are for a later time.”

“Very well. Oh, I wanted to ask. You mentioned having the proper mindset for the elements of wind and earth. Is there a proper mindset for fire and water as well?”

“Indeed there is. First, one must conjure each of these elements, which is in opposition to both earth and wind. But once this is complete, your mindset can help you a great deal. Water is flowing and graceful; mastery of it requires that one bend without breaking. It is similar to wind in this regard, yet is more dependent on defense as opposed to offense. Fire is strong and unrelenting, possessing few defensive capabilities. It can be quite easy for it to become uncontrolled, and a mind focused on nothing but its goal is the only thing guaranteed to maintain control over this element. And of course, there is one final element to teach you: lightning. Do you feel ready to attempt it?”

“I do,” Dave replied with confidence.

“Good. First, tell me of the science behind lightning.”

“Well, lightning is created from a massive buildup of static within a cloud in the sky. When this static charges up to high enough levels, it has no choice but to discharge into an object, such as the ground or another cloud. Using this information, I can only surmise that I must charge my own body with this buildup of static to use lightning, is this correct?”

“Precisely. However, simply knowing the science behind the element is not enough in this case, David. Lightning is the most dangerous of all the elements; one misuse can result in instant death. To use it properly, one must have a mind completely focused and at peace with itself, for anything less than boundless confidence can cause it to backfire. Additionally, do not forget that lightning is the least controllable of the elements. Once you build up the static within you and summon the lightning itself, you are not its master, but rather its guide. Do you understand?”

“I think so,” Dave answered. “But to be sure, may I see a demonstration?”

Without a word, Merlin faced a nearby tree and pointed two fingers in the shape of a gun at it. Dave could feel a surge of power emanating from him as a point of light began to appear at his fingertips. Soon, the energy had reached critical mass, and Merlin unleashed a blinding bolt of lightning into the tree. Dave expected to see the tree on fire, but Merlin’s attack had been so powerful that the tree had disintegrated.


“Your turn,” Merlin said, restoring the tree with a wave of his hand.

Dave took a deep breath and began to focus on the particles in the air around him, managing to detect the ones with a positive charge before long. Imitating Merlin’s technique, he began to draw those positive charges towards his fingertips, resulting in the same point of light that he had seen before. His excitement and anticipation grew as he prepared to unleash the attack, but as he attempted to do so, the point of light exploded, blowing him back onto his ass.

“Ah, shit!” he cursed.

“Are you hurt, David?”

“I will be alright,” he muttered in frustration.

“I expected that this might happen,” Merlin grinned. “The look of excitement on your face was impossible to miss. That is what did you in.”

“How so?”

“So enthused you were by managing to conjure lightning so quickly that your mind lost focus. When working with lightning, you cannot allow any distractions or frivolous emotions to cloud your mind. This will result in a backfire, as you just experienced. Of course, your lightning was not as strong as mine, resulting in a less dangerous backfire, but a stronger bolt could have done significant damage to you.”

“I see… this really is dangerous.”

“Indeed. Once more, and keep your mind focused and at peace.”

Now understanding the power he was dealing with, Dave’s second attempt was far more concentrated. He again managed to draw in the positive charges surrounding him with little effort, but now allowed himself to remain emotionless through the entire process. This was not all that difficult, as introverted as he naturally was, but keeping his mind empty was a daunting task nonetheless. After a couple of false starts, he finally managed to fire off a bolt of static into the tree. It was not enough to do any real damage, but it was of great help to his confidence. Drawing on that feeling, he managed to improve the results with every repetition, until his bolts were only a few clicks below Merlin’s in power.

“Well done, David. Well done indeed.”

“Still needs to be better,” he admitted.

“That shall come with time and practice. Sit, we should rest.”

As they ate a lunch of fruit, Dave began to wonder more about the elements he was now working with.

“For the purposes of our sorcery, what relationship do these elements have to each other?” he asked.

“Yes, the five elements are interrelated in such a way that each one is strong against one element, weak against another, and neutral against the others. Lightning electrocutes water, water quenches fire, fire grows from wind, wind scatters earth, and earth grounds out lightning. It is a cycle, and one to bear in mind should you ever encounter an opposing sorcerer.”

“When would I encounter an opposing sorcerer?” Dave asked, his ears perking up in worry.

“I do not anticipate it at this time, but I would be doing you a disservice if I failed to train you properly in the art of magical combat, once you have a wider array of spells to draw upon, of course. Shall we continue?”

“By all means,” Dave replied, finishing the last of his banana.

“Good. By now, you are well on your way to being able to manipulate any form of matter in the world around you. But to become a true sorcerer, you must also master the power within yourself.”

“Within myself? What does that mean?”

“David, I have traveled the world in my many years, and every culture and peoples I have encountered know of this power. There are many names for it, of course. Some call it spirit, others a soul, or perhaps chakra, and even qi energy. Whatever the name, it is the energy latent within the human body that a true sorcerer can bring out to its fullest potential. For our purposes, I shall refer to it as your aura.”

“So, what is the scientific basis behind it? Everything else we’ve discussed has a clear scientific origin.”

“Simple. The human mind is the strongest and most complex mind on the entire planet. It produces such incredible power even in humans with no magical capabilities. In a sorcerer, the fact that the mind operates at full capacity creates enormous amounts of natural energy. Normally, this energy is contained within the body, but with proper training, you will be able to use it at will. Watch.”

Taking a deep breath, Merlin began to summon up an immense amount of power, soon causing his entire body to glow with a white aura. It began at his feet, working its way up Merlin’s body, before at last enveloping his head. He opened his eyes, and they seemed to glow with the same light.

“In this state, any aspect of the human body can be enhanced with few limits. Your strength, your speed, and even your senses are now at the command of your willpower. With proper training, you can even manage to manifest a physical presence of this power in the world around you,” Merlin said.

With that, he took off, dashing around the plateau at blinding speeds, a faint trail of light the only means for Dave to keep track of his location. After a few moments of this, Merlin approached a massive boulder, shattering it with a single kick. Dave stood openmouthed as Merlin’s power level returned to normal, the elderly man strolling back towards him with a slight grin on his face.


“Indeed,” Merlin chuckled. “In order to access this power, you must first sink into a deep meditation. Shut out all worldly distractions and focus completely on your inner spirit. When you have achieved harmony with this power, you will feel a tug deep within your mind. Give in to it, and allow that tug to bring out your full potential. Try.”

Nodding, Dave took a seat cross-legged and closed his eyes, attempting to silence all distractions around him. Merlin, of course, decided not to make this an easy feat for him, crunching leaves and gravel beneath his feet at every opportunity. At first, Dave looked up and threw a questioning glance his way, but Merlin’s sly grin told him everything he needed to know; this was part of his training.

Returning back to his meditation, Dave pushed all thoughts from his mind, silencing the crunching gravel, the chirping birds, and eventually the waves crashing against the cliff behind him. He focused on nothing but his aura, listening for the inner tug that Merlin spoke of. After what felt like years, a sense of calm descended over Dave, and he felt something awaken within his mind. He latched onto that feeling with his all, and before he knew it, he had opened his eyes, finding himself surrounded by the same white aura from before.

“Is… is this it?”

“It is,” Merlin whispered. “With this power, you now have complete control over your body’s inner power. To start, see how fast you are able to run.”

Dave took off into a jog, soon accelerating to a full sprint. While he at first felt no different, he found that by focusing his mind on his running capabilities, he was able to reach the same blinding speeds Merlin had demonstrated before. He did have to concentrate to stay aware of his surroundings, but his mind seemed to be running even faster than usual, enabling him to easily keep track of everything around him. After a minute or two, he returned to Merlin, the aura disappearing as he arrived.

“This is incredible!” he shouted, feeling a sense of exhilarating freedom.

“Indeed it is,” Merlin replied with a chuckle. “What did you notice?”

“Well, while I was running, my mind seemed to think faster as well, and I could keep an eye on everything around me.”

“Indeed. It is because of the power your mind exerts when you draw upon your aura. Not only is it using its full capacity, but it also is able to focus on anything and everything at once, if you only will it to be so. Now, how much experience have you with hand-to-hand combat, David?”


“Excellent. Summon up your aura once more.”

Confused, Dave did as he was told, managing to return to his previous power level after only a minute of concentration. As soon as he began glowing again, Merlin got a determined look in his eye.


In a flash, Merlin also powered up, leaping through the air and landing a powerful kick into Dave’s chest. He staggered back, working to comprehend what was happening.

“What is the meaning of this?!” he demanded.

“Your mind possesses all the wealth of knowledge you will ever need to defeat me, Dave. Use it. Trust yourself.”

With that, Merlin lunged again. This time, Dave managed to evade in the nick of time, leaping back into a fighter’s crouch. All this had happened before he even realized what he was doing.

Woah… is this power controlling my actions? Or is it just enhancing what’s already there?

He had no time to ponder the situation further, as Merlin was on the offensive once more. Relying only on instinct, Dave engaged him in fisticuffs, blocking his lightning fast strikes with incredible reflexes. As the power of Merlin’s attacks grew, Dave enhanced his own strength to match. Soon, he was using full martial arts techniques to counterattack, techniques that he had until now only seen in movies or TV shows. It was as if his mind was responding of its own accord to the threat he now faced. As Merlin swung a wild haymaker, Dave suddenly saw an opening, and managed to duck under the punch while slamming both palms into Merlin’s gut, throwing him to the ground with a thud.

“Unbelievable,” Dave whispered.

“Well done. But now, you must gain greater control over this power, for blind instinct alone can only take you so far. Trust your instincts, but let your willpower guide them. Again!”

Merlin flipped onto his feet and resumed his attack, now dashing around the area at high speed. Though he was invisible to the unaided eye, Dave managed to keep track of him, moving to intercept him. He attempted to trip Merlin up with a leg sweep, but the wily old man evaded with ease, doubling back and slamming Dave to the ground on his next pass. Dave soon recovered and moved to intercept Merlin in the same was as he had before. When Merlin evaded this time, Dave launched a blast of wind at him, stunning him long enough for Dave to toss him on his back.

“Very well… let us increase the stakes!” he said with a grin.

Merlin then blew Dave back with a sudden explosion of power, as the aura around him seemed to ignite into white flames. Without warning, he rose to his feet and began to attack Dave with blasts of pure energy. Dave only just managed to evade them, still in awe of Merlin’s power.

“How are you doing this?!”

“Did I not say that you could bring about physical manifestations of your inner power?” Merlin replied.

“Shit, he did say that,” he muttered.

Dave continued to dodge Merlin’s attacks while trying desperately to summon up more power. With great concentration, he managed to form a temporary shield of energy with his aura, which held up to Merlin’s assault. The old man decided to change tactics, forming a pair of energy whips in his hands and lashing out with them at Dave. As his shield deteriorated, Dave focused with his all, at last managing to fire a blast of energy from his hand that stopped Merlin in his tracks.

“I did it!” he exclaimed.

“Impressive, but it shall take more than THAT!”

Before Dave could react, Merlin had ensnared him by the waist. Dave struggled at first, but it was useless against Merlin’s energy whip. Getting a crazy idea, he focused on the aura surrounding him, increasing its power and enabling it to slowly overtake the whip, forcing it back to Merlin. By the time he was done, Dave’s aura was just as powerful as Merlin’s, taking the same appearance of white flames as the old sorcerer’s.

Seeing Merlin’s stunned reaction, Dave knew he had an opening, and began to fire off a series of energy blasts. He quickly discovered this to be far easier with his more powerful aura, and his aggression soon had Merlin on the defensive. He ducked and dodged as best as he could, trying to turn the tide back, but Dave was not making it easy for him. Soon, a near miss created a thick cloud of smoke, allowing Merlin the opportunity to strike back. Charging up power in his hand, he leapt from the cloud and fired an energy blast at Dave. Dave expected something like this, and fired off an energy blast of his own that collided with Merlin’s in midair. The resulting explosion flung Merlin back several feet, but was also close enough to Dave to blow him onto his back, knocking him out cold as his head hit the ground.


“May God the Almighty grant us the wisdom to discover the right, the will to choose it over all else, and the power to help it endure. Amen.”

With that, the six men took their seats at the Round Table, and Arthur spoke.

“Gentlemen, I wish to update you on our mysterious visitor from the future. It is as Merlin suspected; he possesses the talents of a sorcerer. Thus, Merlin is working tirelessly to train him in the art of magic, to the end that he can use it to return to his home. I am very pleased with this turn of events, and believe that it will work out for the best… for us all.”

“Your Highness, I would speak.”

“Of course, Sir Lancelot.”

“Please understand I have no doubts as to the trustworthiness of Merlin. It is the boy that I do not trust.”

“Sir Lancelot, we have been over this-”

“I would finish, Sir Bedivere, if you please!” With a deep breath, Lancelot continued, “Though he may have passed the test designed to tempt him, he then proceeded to disobey your orders by the very next day, Your Highness. What is to prevent him from doing so again, perhaps with disastrous results?”

“I understand your apprehension, and would even agree with you under normal circumstances,” Arthur said. “However, these are extraordinary circumstances, as you said yourself at our last meeting. Indeed, I was furious at learning of David’s disobedience, so furious that I intended to strike him down in that very moment. But as I moved to do so, Excalibur refused to cooperate.”

There was a murmuring from the rest of the men at this revelation.

“There are few things that I take for granted in this world,” Arthur continued, “but one of those things is Excalibur. This great sword is more than a weapon, as you all know. It is the guide map of my conscience, and has never once steered me wrong. If Excalibur is convinced that David’s actions are just, I cannot dispute it. Are we settled on this matter, Sir Lancelot?”

Still frustrated, Lancelot composed himself and nodded curtly.

“Good. Now, what new business is there?”

“I have news, Sire,” said Kay. “Less than one hour ago, one of my scouts returned with an urgent message. Mordred has attacked a village less than a day’s ride from here. It is the closest attack to Camelot as of yet.”

“Less than a day’s ride?” This news alarmed Arthur, as it did all the Knights of the Round Table. “How bad is it?”

“He could not say for certain, but if Mordred’s previous tendencies hold true, very bad. Perhaps no survivors.”

“Damn you, Mordred,” Arthur muttered. “Very well, Sir Bedivere, ready a troop of one hundred men. Sir Kay, prepare the horses. We ride as soon as you are ready. The rest of you must remain here, and be ever vigilant. Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, make sure the guard of Camelot is prepared for any attack. A strike this close to our home can only mean that Mordred is growing bolder. Sir Ector, you are in command until I return.”

“Yes Sire,” the older man replied.

“Very well, you all have your orders. Dismissed!”



“Easy there, David,” Merlin said as the young man awoke.

“Wha… what happened? How long was I out for?”

“You hit your head from that blast. You were out about an hour. Nicely done, by the by.”

“Nicely done?”

Merlin chuckled. “Had you maintained your footing, that blast would have incapacitated me enough for you to take me prisoner. That is quite a feat.”

“Still, I assume you were holding back, yes?”

“Oh, very much so. Had I used my full power, you would have stood no chance. But alas, I saw no point in killing you… yet,” he replied with a wry grin.

Dave snorted. “If you say so, old man.”

The pair erupted into laughter at that exchange. Looking out over the cliffs and into the sea, Dave could tell that it was late in the afternoon.

“Guess the day is about over, huh.”

“Yes, but two more things to teach you before we return home. Fear not, these will be quite simple for you. First, your ring,” Merlin said.

“My ring? What about it?”

“I remember that you asked me yesterday what security measures you should take to protect it. That is what I now wish to teach you. First, summon up your aura as you have done before.”

Nodding, Dave did so with ease, his body now glowing with the familiar white light.

“Good. Now, focus that aura upon your ring and your skin. Allow the two to form a magical bond with each other.”

As Dave focused his mind, he began to see into his own body. He not only saw the skin on his hand, but every cell that made it up. With further concentration, he could tell that this would be possible with every part of his body, and perhaps the body of another. After a moment, he disregarded this realization and returned his focus to the task at hand. As he intensified the aura around his hand, the light seemed to meld into the ring, forming a second ring of light around his finger. At last, the glow disappeared with a flash.

“Wow… what was that?” Dave asked.

“You have now bound your ring to your hand. This magic is one that cannot be undone by any outside magic. It ensures that none can remove your ring from you without your permission. Also, you are now able to summon your ring to you anytime, no matter where it may be. If you do not believe me, take off the ring and look at the inside of the band.”

Doing as instructed, Dave slipped off the ring, gazing into the beautiful blue stone clutched in the dragon’s jaw. Looking at the inner band, he saw that tiny grooves and indentions had formed. After a moment’s inspection, it was clear that these grooves corresponded to the ones on his finger.

“So… the ring is a part of me now?”

“Precisely. Still, you must guard your ring with your life. It is powerful, yes, but not indestructible. I have heard of particularly powerful sorcerers that are able to destroy the stone of another sorcerer, rendering them powerless,” Merlin replied.

“I take that to mean you have not seen such a feat with your own eyes?”

“Correct. It is still quite a rare thing that I have only heard about in legend. Nonetheless, take great care, David.”

“I will,” Dave replied, slipping the ring back on.

“Good. Now, the next thing for you to learn is one that I think you shall enjoy a great deal. Please retrieve your bow.”

Dave jogged over to his supplies, reaching for his recurve bow and quiver of arrows.

“You will not need the arrows, only the bow,” Merlin called out.

Confused, Dave left the arrows and returned to Merlin with his bow in hand.

“Now, you remember during our sparring match when I formed a pair of whips, yes?”

“I do. They gave me quite a lot of trouble, as I recall,” Dave nodded.

“Those whips are an example of creating a physical manifestation of your aura. The simplest way to do this is in the energy blasts you used before, but the possibilities are endless, and limited only by your imagination. Now, draw your bow and fire an arrow into that tree over there.”

“But… you told me I would not need the arrows, did you not?”

“Ah, yes I did. I wish to see if you are able to figure out how to fire an arrow from your bow without a quiver,” Merlin replied with a grin.

Dave stood perplexed for a few minutes. At first, he considered trying to rearrange the molecules in the air to create an arrow, but soon realized that would be an incredibly difficult and complicated process. As he pondered Merlin’s words, he deduced that the solution had to have something to do with his aura, as that was how Merlin had used his whips in their sparring match. Taking aim at the tree, Dave drew his bowstring back and summoned up his aura. He focused with all his willpower, imagining an arrow nocked in his bow, and this soon caused an ethereal arrow made of the same glowing light to appear in the bowstring. Wondering if this was real or an illusion, he aimed directly at the tree and let it fly, causing the arrow to strike the trunk in a brilliant flash of light.

“Holy shit!”

“Well done, David! You have created your first aura weapon!”

“Wow… arrows, whips… can any weapon be created like this?”

“Most anything you can imagine, though we should remain focused on your bow for now. After all, you are quite the natural archer,” Merlin replied.

Dave practiced for the next thirty minutes, quickly becoming adept at generating an arrow in an instant. When combined with his natural accuracy, he was able to fire off pinpoint shots with such speed that it scared him a little. Under normal circumstances, a good archer would be able to fire an accurate shot once every six or seven seconds. But with the aid of his sorcery, Dave was consistently firing off a shot every two or three seconds with terrifying precision. Soon, he had all but obliterated the tree.

“Most impressive. I think that shall do for today,” Merlin said.


Arriving back at his quarters, Dave tossed his gear in the corner and rushed to the balcony.


“Good evening, Dave,” she said, striding out onto her balcony with a smile. “I was beginning to wonder when you would return.”

“Long day, but very productive. Care to join me while I tell you all about it?”

“Sounds lovely.”

With that, Madeleine dashed forward and leapt from the balcony railing. Dave steadied her in the air with the levitation spell, helping her to land conveniently in his awaiting arms.

“My hero,” she swooned, planting a long kiss on his lips.

Making for his bed, the couple disrobed quickly and soon found themselves naked under the covers as the sun set in the distance. While the previous evening had been one of uncontrollable passion, they took their time tonight, playing and enjoying every simple touch. As they went, Dave wowed Madeleine with his stories of the incredible feats of magic Merlin was teaching him. She was so entranced by this that they had not even gone all the way an hour later. Madeleine reclined back on the pillows, Dave’s head on her chest, peppering her magnificent globes with soft kisses. Suddenly, he got an idea that he wanted to try.

“Madeleine, I want to show you something I learned today. Do you trust me?”

“With my life,” she answered without hesitation.

Madeleine watched as Dave lowered his head to her stomach, kissing it lightly as he went. Once he stopped at her abdomen, his eyes fluttered closed and he appeared to be in deep concentration. A moment later, she was surprised to see a white glow about his body. He ran his hands along her stomach and abdomen several times, almost as though he was searching for something. After a few minutes of this, the glow disappeared.

“I can say for certain that you are not pregnant,” he said, looking up at her with a grin.

“How can you know this?”

“The light you just saw was one of the things I learned today. Remember when I was talking about my aura? That’s what it looks like. It allows me a complete connection with my body and every tiny part that makes it up. Not only that, but I was also able to extend this connection to your body, at least while I remained in contact with it.”

“That is incredible! But I still do not understand how this allows you to see if God has formed a child from our union?”

“When a woman becomes pregnant, a fertilized egg is present within her womb,” Dave began. “Every month, if the egg has not been fertilized, your body purges itself of it.”

“Is that what is happening during my uncleanliness each month?” she asked.

“Exactly!” Dave replied, impressed by her understanding. “Anyway, I was able to see into your womb with my power, and it was clear that your cycle has only just begun. You would not be able to become pregnant for another week at least.”

“That makes sense; my uncleanliness had only just ended the day before Father and I set out for Camelot,” she said. “If that indicates that an unfertilized egg is being purged from my body, the replacement would not have had time to become fertile. Is that correct?”

“Very impressive, that is correct.”

Dave soon returned to kissing every inch of Madeleine’s sublime form, enjoying her moans and purrs of pleasure as he explored. After traveling back up her taut stomach, he lingered for some time around her generous breasts. As he listened to her murmuring, he began to feel an irresistible desire to taste her. He hesitated, though, knowing that women of this time were far different sexually than women of his time. Still, if she was going to go with him when he returned home, maybe he should give her a clue as to what awaited her.

“There is something else I would like to show you. I ask again: do you trust me?”

“And I say again: with my life, Dave,” Madeleine replied with a giggle.

“Be right back,” he grinned before disappearing under the covers.

“David? Where are you goOOOOOHH!!!”

Madeleine couldn’t believe what he was doing. Dave had kissed his way up the insides of her legs and was now lapping at her entrance with his tongue. The sensations were incredible; it was as if she was on fire, yet had no desire for the flames to subside. His tongue circled around her lips before finding her sensitive nub, flicking it a few times for good measure. Madeleine squirmed in reply, but Dave simply held her hips in his arms to keep her in place. This light restraint only heightened the experience for Madeleine, who could scarcely keep herself from screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Madeleine, you may want to place a pillow over your face,” Dave said with a laugh from beneath the sheets.

“Sor… sorry…” she managed, grabbing a nearby pillow.

Dave continued his worshipping, driving her to greater heights of pleasure with each passing moment. Though he didn’t have any real experience with this, he had watched enough porn to get the gist of what to do. In any case, Dave also figured that she wouldn’t exactly be comparing his performance to anyone else, seeing as she was a virgin until yesterday. He remained focused on her clit, while also paying attention to the slit below it. All the while, Madeleine feared she would go insane from the sensations. As she held the pillow in a death grip, she began to feel an increase in the pleasure, like when she had gratified herself two nights before, only much stronger this time. She tried to warn Dave, but only incoherent babbling poured from her lips. None of that would have stopped Dave in any case; he was hell-bent on bringing her to orgasm. After another minute or two, he had done just that, savoring the muffled screams of ecstasy coming from Madeleine as her hips bucked and thrashed. She eventually came down from her high, settling back in bed with a look of sheer bliss on her face.

“That was… incredible…”

“Oh, my dear Madeleine,” Dave chuckled, positioning his cock at her soaked entrance. “We are only just beginning.”


The man strode about the remains of the village, his long black hair blowing in the breeze and a sinister smile spreading across his face. The smell of burning wood and straw singed his nostrils, and the glow of the fires leapt up to meld with the orange of the twilit sky. Bodies of the former residents lay sprawled across the town. Yes, this would serve their purposes brilliantly.

“Lord Mordred!”

“Yes, what is it?” he asked turning to the man.

“Our scout just returned. A regiment of men is on their way here from Camelot; King Arthur himself leads them.”

“Excellent. Pull our men into the woods and prepare to move out. Once they arrive, we shall slip behind them and back the way they came. By the time they realize what has happened, it will be too late.”

“Yes, my Lord. Once we reach our target, shall we begin the assault at once?”

“No, remain hidden in the woods. We shall need proper timing for this to work, and it will be difficult to travel until morning regardless. We ride until dark, then make camp in the woods. Make no moves to attack until I say so, understood?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

As the solder jogged off to ready the troops, Mordred stepped behind a nearby shop to speak with his advisor.

“All is proceeding as we expected, Mother.”

“Wonderful,” she replied. “Are the men ready?”

“Indeed. Those fools in Camelot will be so busy with them that they shall be completely unaware of our intended target.”

“Splendid… at long last, all shall be made right.”


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