First Gay and Speedo Experience for 18yo

I was 18, going into my senior year in high school (in the U.S.). I had a great body, did lots of sports, and worked out 3-4 times a week. I also had a girlfriend. We had sex and it was good, but I knew deep down that I was either bi or gay. I loved looking at hot guys but had never had an experience in that direction.

I had a summer job with a moving company (also helped keep my body in great shape) but quit a week early to go to a friends cottage with a bunch of guys for the last week of freedom before school started. But one of the guys had to work on the Saturday so we decided to go on the Sunday. Which meant I had nothing to do all day Saturday, and man was it hot. Around 90 degrees. I went for a bike ride and on the way home stopped at the local Olympic outdoor pool. I had no towel or swim suit, just the shorts I was in, a t-shirt and running shoes. I went in and swam then lay down on the concrete deck. I think I pretty well dozed off but woke to see two guys putting their towels out right beside me. Man, were they hot. Both were over 6 feet with absolutely amazing bodies. And both wore really small speedos, the ones with sides about an inch wide. One black, one red. One of them had really tanned/olive skin, a real mediteranean look. The other also a great tan. Looked like both shaved their bodies. I noticed a lot of people staring at them they were so hot.

After a few minutes one of them said hi to me and we started to chat. I couldn't stop looking at their bodies, especially the bulge in their tiny speedos. The darker guy was a flight attendant from Israel, in town for 48 hours on a layover. The other lived here. I asked them how long they had known each other and they kinda laughed and said they met last night at a club. I just nodded and smiled with them.

They got up to swim so I join them. When we climbed out of the pool one of them asked me why I didn't wear a swim suit - I just said I was out riding and didn't have one. He said "come with me" - we went into the change room and he got his bag from his locker and pulled out a black speedo - another really small one - and handed it to me. I wasn't shy so I pulled off my shorts and put it on. Wow, I loved it, sooooo small, sooooo sexy. First time I had ever worn a speedo. We went back to the pool and sunned and swam for about a hour. I loved seeing people staring at us, three hot guys in such small swim suits!!! Then they said they were leaving, did I want to go with them for a beer, he said he lived just a few blocks away. I said sure so we left. I pulled on my shorts over the speedo, they got tank tops from their locked and we left. They just had on flip-flops, I had on running shoes. It felt sexy the three of us walking together in our tiny speedos. We walked to my bike then the three of us walked to the parking lot. They freaked me out again when they went to a beautiful black Porsche. One of them unlocked it and opened the roof - the darker guy took off his tank top and climbed in. I looked in the car when he started it commenting on how nice it was but was really looking at their amazing bodies side by side. They told me the house was three blocks down, number 48. I rode and with traffic we got to the house about the same time.

Once again it made me feel funny, kind of a tingle all over, walking into the house in just our sexy swim suits. Inside the house they took off their flip-flops and the one with a tank top on took it off.....then he said to me "get those shorts off man, you'll get the floors wet". So I took off my running shoes and slipped off my shorts - and even though he hadn't said anything about my t-shirt I took it off to so we all have on just our speedos. We went to the kitchen and stood against the counter and had a beer. I just couldn't take my eyes off their amazing bodies. Might have been my imagination but it looked like the bulges in their speedos were bigger and they were wearing them a bit lower, pretty well right at the top of their cocks.

I asked them what club they had met at - one said Cirque, it was a best place to go to hook up. I knew exactly what he meant but didn't respond. Then he said "man, we all smell like chlorine, let's have a shower". So we went downstairs. I walked down behind the Israeli guy, his ass was so amazing in the tiny speedo. We each used the toilet (one at a time!!) then the home owner guy opened a door and there was a huge shower, glassed in, about 6 feet square, with three rain shower heads in the ceiling about a foot apart. He turned the water on and we all climbed in under one of the showers. We soaped up and man was I staring and getting hot. Then all of a sudden when I was staring at the Israeli guy he smiled at me and put his fingers into the sides of his speedo and started sliding it down.

I was mesmorized watching him get naked. When his cock sprang free I freaked - it was fucking huge, long and thick. When he flipped his speedo to the side with his foot he slowly rubbed his hands down his body to his cock - I just stared. It was then I noticed his hair was shaved to a perfect, small square above his cock. Wow. Then all of a sudden I felt the other guys hands on my back and he soaped me up. I just stood there frozen. Then the Israeli moved in front of me and put his hands on my chest and started rubbing my pecs. Then, wow, I thought I would faint, the guy behind me went to his knees, rubbed my ass, then slowly started to pull my speedo off. I just stood there.

When he got the speedo down and my cock was free the Israeli guy slowly went to his knees in front of me. I looked down at him - he looked up at me - and when our eyes met he smiled and his mouth opened wide and his tongue came out and he lowered his face to take my now hard cock into his mouth. At the same time the guy behind me grabbed my ass cheeks, pulled them apart, and buried his face in my ass. OMG. My first time and it was with two absolutely beautiful, hot, chiseled guys. They went at me for a couple of minutes then the Isreali guy stood up and kissed me. His tongue went way into my mouth. Our tongues slashed. Then he moved back and smiled at me again and put his hands on my shoulders....pushing me down.

I went to my knees and for the first time in my life started at his cock. Licking it....kissing it....then taking it slowly into my mouth. Up and down I went. Loving it. After a while we turned the shower off, dried each other, and went into a bedroom with a huge bed. We climbed onto the bed and went at each other for about two hours. My first time - started by noticing just how hot these guys were in their tiny speedos!!!


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