A Master's Surprise

I was on the bus heading home when I received the text from my master. 

"When you get home, don't expect to be able to do any work. I have a surprise for you..."

I grinned a little, wondering what master's surprise would be today. In the past his surprises were always the best. If master was satisfied with my work (and he usually was) then I was happy. Making master happy was my only purpose in life. Anything else was merely a plus.

The bus got to my stop and I felt my heart racing a little bit. I get off the bus and walk down the street to masters house. It wasn't a huge house, but it wasn't tiny either. All that mattered was that it had enough room for master to be happy. I walked up to the white door and pulled my key out of my pocket, inserting it into the lock. Man how I wish I was that lock. Then master could fill me with his key every day.

I push the door open and as soon as I close it behind me, I hear the deep commanding voice of my master.

"Strip down Derek. Prove your loyalty."

I take all of my clothes off immediately and prove my loyalty by slipping my black leather collar around my neck. I lock it and hand master the key. I was his until he decided to let me leave.

"Good boy. now go get your master a glass of wine. It's been a long day at work and he needs some release."

I do exactly as I'm told and go to the kitchen. I pull the wine glass from the shelf and notice two missing. Master must have had a friend over earlier, I think. Nothing to worry about. I walk back into the living room where master is waiting, and I hand him the glass. I kneel in front of him, awaiting my instructions.

He takes a long sip from the glass and sighs. He reaches to the table and pulls the leash off of it, clipping it to my collar. I understand this as him saying, If you leave me there will be punishment. I obviously could take it off if I wanted to, but there would be punishment.

He stands and begins stripping down to nothing. I can see every part of his muscled body. The pecs, the abs, the arms, and of course his huge member.

He tells me to stand, and I do exactly that. He spins me around, and I feel him pressed up against my ass. He puts a piece of rope in my mouth and ties it around my head, creating a gag. It's not for keeping me from doing anything with my mouth, but rather to keep me from talking. It would still be extremely easy to take a dick into my mouth.

He grabs my ass, causing me to jump. Then, he leads me into my favorite room in the house; the bedroom. It wasn't uncommon for me to be fucked senseless in this room. 

Master throws me on the bed, and ties my wrists to the headboard. He ties my feet to the end, with just enough slack to allow access to my hole. 

He smiles a mischievous smile at me and gives my cock a kiss on the side. It was already rock hard but that didn't help anything. He kisses up my body, occasionally nibbling something to remind me of my place. Finally he gets to my mouth, and stops. He slyly ties a blindfold around my eyes. I smile as best one can with a gag in their mouth, and master climbs off of me.

I hear a door open and a second set of footsteps arrive. I squeal with excitement. I've always wanted to be filled in both ends, but it's not about what I want. I hear the sound of someone being lathered up with lube and then I feel something tickle my ass. It's not a cock, but rather a tongue, getting me ready for what is to come.

I smell a musk come near my face, and immediately recognize it as my master's. He slides his dick in my mouth, right above the rope gag. I taste the cock confirming that it's his. The licking in my ass stops and I feel a thick rod begin teasing me. All of a sudden, the mystery man plunges his entire dick into me.

I squeal. The cock is almost as big as master's! I feel the rhythmic pumping and taste the cock in my mouth as my body is overloaded with pleasure. I cum one of my biggest loads ever, and feel it land all over my chest. The man in my ass apparently takes this as his cue and shoots his load in the same spot that I shot mine. Master then fills my mouth with his tasty cum and being the good slave I am, I swallow every last drop. 

The other man exits the room and master begins untying me. He pulls the blindfold off and tells me that I'm a good little slave. He stands me up and leads me into another room. This room has very little in it, but the main feature is the dog cage that sits in the corner. It's just big enough for me to stay in, but as I lean down to get in it, I notice a small circle hole in the cage, just large enough for master's cock to fit through.

He locks the cage door behind me and whispers to me through the cages.

"You're going to spend the night in here for your master, okay slave? If I get a little horny at all tonight you might just get an extra treat. But don't forget that you have a treat all over your chest that you can snack on tonight. Does my little slave understand?"

"Of course master," I reply. "Your wish is my command and your pleasure is mine."

As he leaves the room I take one last look at his cock and whimper a little, hoping that I'll get to taste it again before the night is over. I hunker down into the small dog mattress that master provided me and as I feel myself drift into sleep, I find myself curious as to whether not my master will fill me up again tonight. Hopeful, I take my hand, wipe it across my chest, feeling all of the yummy cum build up on it, and lick it clean. I fall asleep hoping to be awakened to a tasty cock.


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