My first foursome

Info James Knight
30 Jul. '17

I emerged from my bathroom naked, my stomach full of butterflies. I had just been given the blowjob of my life by my three young friends, Jasmine, Alia and Mya.  That was the second time they had got me off that day.   I honestly had no idea how many times they could make me come, but with three hot teens to satisfy, I was willing to find out. 

“Are you decent?” I asked in jest, as I peeked around my bedroom door. 

My quip was largely ignored, except for a rather unimpressed giggle.  Jasmine and Alia were seated on the foot of my bed and Mya was demonstrating how she did her hair.  They were all wrapped in the fluffy towels that I had provided, their hair was still just damp and they each had a gorgeous radiance from the heat of the shower, a little rosiness here and there on their faces.

My arrival curtailed their discussion, and as my cock had already begun to rise, I was again the centre of attention.  There is something inexplicably marvellous about getting hard.  Having the three girls to admire my arousal made it all the better. Jasmine and Alia once said that they would love to be a man for a day, just to know what it’s like to have a hard-on.  Even as I entered my bedroom, I could smell the shower gel and combined with their natural sweet aroma, I didn’t take long to get a proper hard on, even before I had got them naked.

Unlike many a useless porn film, where there was group sex, I had the luxury of three willing girls, the whole day and their gorgeous teen bodies to satisfy my desires.  I have often thought what a waste porn can be, when they progress lickety split to the sex, and ignore all the possibilities that there are for pleasure and excitement.  Lust is a basic instinct and it needs to be fed, it needs to be nourished with care and not hurried.  I love fore play and I loved taking my time with the girls until they made me pop from the sheer intensity of everything.

With a little pull on the corner that was tucked in, I relieved each girl of their towel one by one.  Seeing Mya naked for the first time was a beautiful experience.  She had breasts that were in similar proportion to Jasmine – a nice handful, though her nipples were bigger and darker, her areolae slightly puffy.  She had the body of an hockey player, like Jasmine and Alia, toned yet feminine.  Her pubic hair was quite bushy but trimmed neatly, which was definitely in contrast to her two friends, who maintained a neat, closely cropped muff.  I began fondling their breasts and stroking their bodies as Jasmine spoke.

“Well, does she live up to expectations?”

“I am here, you know,” said Mya.

“I’m glad you’re here,” I said. “And yes, you’re as hot as I could have imagined.  You have a gorgeous body.”

“Thank you, James.  Phwooar your hard!”

Mya’s comment was elicited by her stroking my dick, which was standing to attention.  I stroked her little mound and curled a finger, tracing it between her legs.

“Nice.  You have lovely pussy lips, Mya.”

Her labia were slightly protruding and fleshy, and I wanted to run my tongue through them – but all in good time.

I kissed the girls tenderly, my cock rubbing against them as I did so.  That was always a wonderful sensation – my bare cock just making contact with their soft skin.  As I kissed them, I gave their butts a nice squeeze, my fingers exploring the sticky crack of their ass, still hot from the shower.  Their delectable scent was driving me crazy and I became more and more aroused, if that were possible. 

I’m not sure about the psychology or mechanics of the thing, but these girls got me harder than I had ever been in my life.  I swear, from the moment I entered my room with those three babes wrapped in their towels I got hard, and I didn’t go down even for a second for the next hour or so when they made me come.  Maybe it’s obvious that that would be the case for a 45 year old man and three hot teen girls, but it’s worth putting it to paper.

Mya’s breasts are very suckable; I think girls that have puffy areas around their nipples always are.  She had begun to develop little goose bumps on them, and I cupped each boob and put my mouth around each nipple and sucked.  She really liked that, and I of course found it very pleasurable, especially as Jasmine was stroking my cock at the same time.  I didn’t want the other two to feel left out, so I spent some quality time sucking Jasmine’s soft round boobs and Alia’s small perky ones.  Alia’s nipples go really hard and I couldn’t resist giving them a gentle bite, which she seems to love.

I touched the girls all over as I sucked their breasts, caressing their pussy lips, encouraging them to become moist and stroked their belly and legs.  I think girls are just one big erogenous area to be honest.

With their tits all pert and moist from my saliva, I turned the girls round so I could fondle their breasts from behind.  I began with Mya, and as I cupped her breasts I slipped my cock between her legs and ploughed her pussy lips with my shaft.  Each time I pushed my groin forward, the tip of my cock slipped through the swollen grove of her labia.  I kissed her neck and then my right hand drifted down, until I could feel the little hood of her clitoris and the tip of my cock met my hand. 

“You’re so sexy, Mya.  I’m going to fuck you good, baby!”

Mya breathed deeply and whimpered a reply. 

I pulled the other two girls close and asked them to form a little circle, and put their arms around each other’s waist.  It was so hot to watch them make out and with the three girls, especially so.  I swear if I had had a cold start I would have come already, but I had blown my load an hour earlier and I was able to savour the beautiful aching in my cock without fear of blowing my load – yet.

This was as near to lustful perfection as it comes.  The girls were kissing each other and making that amazing wet noise that girls make with their hot, moist mouths.  Furthermore, I was observing this right up close and fingering two girls at the same time. As much as Jasmine and Alia might deny it,  making out with each other got them turned on and I had their soaking wet pussies as proof.  Mya was so wet, my fingers were glistening with her juices.  I couldn’t wait a second longer to go down on her.

There’s various positions to lick pussy, but I have a distinct favourite.  I had her lean against the bed, her legs parted, with me on my knees, so I could delve upwards into her opening.  It’s a cliché, but Mya’s pussy tasted amazing.  Just the right amount of musky sex and sweet and hot.  I licked and sucked at her clitoris and pushed my tongue as deep as I could to lap her nectar.  This was her first time at properly receiving head and boy – did she enjoy it!  It took a few times for Alia and Jasmine to let go, but there was none of that with Mya.  She was vociferous.  That’s the best way I can describe how she responded to my tongue.  I squeezed her ass cheeks as I ate her out.  I loved her fleshy lips, which had spread and swollen, giving me perfect access to her juicy cunt.

Mya had one of those trembling orgasms and if this was anything to go by, fucking her was going to be an amazing experience.  I stood up, feeling slightly giddy and kissed her deeply.  I shared her taste with the other two girls and gave them both slow, lingering kisses as they gave my cock feather light, tickly strokes.

“Hmmm… three hot mouths. What do I do?” I said, licking my lips.

I’d got these girls so well trained.  Alia took the lead, dropping to her knees in front of me, quickly followed by Jasmine and Alia.  Jasmine put her tongue out, as I put my cock between her lips and fucked her mouth.

“Fuck!  Oh that’s so fucking good!”  I remember that moment as if it was yesterday.  I can’t remember all the dialogue inerrantly, but I remember mine word for word at that moment.  Jasmine looked up at me as my dick went in and out of her hot and velvet soft mouth.  She was such a straight-laced girl in every other way; pretty but kind of serious and academic, having her on her knees and blowing my cock was just so erotic.

“I tell you what.  I think I’ll have you three lying belly down on the bed.”

The girls got in position.  This was even better than having them on their knees, as I could look at their sexy butts as I fucked their mouths. 

Alia looked amazing.  She is so demure and sweet with those big brown eyes, and she looked so submissive lying there and taking my cock in her hot mouth.  She has beautiful full lips, and it was an exquisite way of her giving me a blow job. 

I left Mya till last.  She wasn’t so much demure as bashful in a mischievous way. She would have made a nice St. Trinian’s girl in one of those old fashioned school uniforms.  Now there’s a thought!  I leant forward and squeezed her meaty ass cheeks as I did slow thrusts into her mouth and for the first time in that session I began to feel the first urges of cum beginning to well up.

“Which way do you like sex?” I asked, when I had withdrawn my throbbing cock from her mouth.

“Doggy.  Are you going to fuck me, now?”

“I want to yes.”

Jasmine and Alia were sitting up, spectators to this exchange.

“What about you know… we’ve not sorted anything yet?” she asked.

“I’ll pull out in good time, it’s okay.”

Mya looked at her friends with a faintly embarrassed glance.

“I’ll fuck you doggy then, and I’ll finish over your boobs when I’m getting close.”

“Okay.  Now?”

“Yes, baby.”  Jasmine, lie down and let Mya kneel between your legs, and you can kiss, as I shag her.”

Jasmine nodded with a knowing smile, and the girls got comfy.  This girl on top of girl position was one that I used a lot with Alia and Jasmine.  It was so hot, fucking a girl as she was making out with her friend and it was just really intimate and sexy.  It also meant with a little flexibility I could slip my cock from pussy to pussy.  But today was mainly about my first time with Mya. 

I fingered her pussy, stretching her lips with two fingers.  Alia knelt on the bed next to me and stroked my chest as I guided my cock into Mya’s pussy.  I grimaced with pleasure as her hot, wet and tight little snatch enrobed my cock.  I went slowly to begin with, not going too deep.  Mya made a series of pleasurable moans, slightly muffled as she was kissing and canoodling with Jasmine.  For a while it was a beautifully enjoyable sensation just toying with her entrance.

I was really worked up and if I had been a porn star maybe I could have lasted a lot longer.  I had Alia pressing her lovely tongue into my mouth and kissing me with her juicy lips as I went faster, driving my cock into Mya’s pussy.  I built up the rhythm, holding Mya by the waist, so I was pounding her pussy and pulling her towards me and lifting her at the same time so I could get as deep as possible.

My balls were slapping against Mya’s pussy lips, as a beautiful searing sensation, bordering on pain and pleasure was running through my groin. 

I loved the way Mya’s lovely spongy ass was quivering in time to my thrusts and her high pitched moans were getting more and more intense.  I looked down as my cock was streaked with Mya’s milky fluids and also saw that Jasmine was pleasuring herself with her fingers.  This was fantastic sex, bring Mya to her climax as her friend masturbated beneath her. 

I could feel the spunk building and a hot burning sensation run through my cock.  I pulled out, and asked Mya to turn round and lie on the bed so I could enter her in the missionary position.  I slipped in and gave a long growl of pleasure as I kissed her deeply, my balls full to bursting. 

When I could last no longer I pulled out and sprayed my cum over Mya’s belly and tits.  The girls have given me some great sex, but that afternoon was something special.  My entire body began to shake as the waves of ecstasy went through me and that few seconds before I ejaculated, I was trembling and close to delirious from the intensity of my orgasm.  My body jerked as I came, and I came loads for Mya.  It was a proper shower of spunk and I was surprised how much I came.  I could only put it down to how worked up I had got.  It was one of the most fantastic orgasms I can ever remember. 

“Wow!  Fuck!  That was a good one!” I said stroking Mya’s thighs.

Mya sniggered, and looked at the streaks of semen down her body.  Jasmine and Alia had become giggly and seemed joyful at seeing Mya get her first seeing two by me. 

We had a break and I popped a pizza in the oven, which we polished off with some nice Californian Grenache. 

As we were drinking the wine, I decided to come clean about the writing and that I had been publishing our little fandango.  I wasn’t sure how Jasmine and Alia would react.  They were more shocked than anything.  I calmed them down and assured them that I had changed their names, and the location so that no one would recognize them.  They demanded they read it, there and then. 

I printed the whole lot off (times three), all 20,000 odd words and they read it in silence for the most part, as did Mya who obviously hadn’t been there for most of it. 

“I never said that!” protested Jasmine.

“Which bit?”

“There,” she said showing me a particular bit of dialogue.

“Well I didn’t take notes.”

They were a bit cross at me for not telling them earlier but they weren’t mad really. 

“I didn’t know you were a writer?” observed Alia.

“Patently I’m not, but it’s okay, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s good,” said Jasmine.

“So you wouldn’t you say it is entertaining but lacks a story line?”

“No!  Who said that?” asked Alia.

“Never mind. It’s not important.”

I had sex with all three girls again and I finished in Alia, until my cum was dribbling out of her pussy.

I will admit, they drained me that afternoon, but it was worth the ball aching. 

When we were dressed we had a big hug.  There were no tears of course, but I think we were a bit more emotional than I expected.  Jasmine and Alia thanked me for everything and said they would be in touch when they got back, but there were no promises.  At the time of writing they have been back a week, as they extended their trip to include Kenya for a month, and both girls have now gone on holiday together in Sweden. 

But that’s now and I await their return with interest.  But back to the end of March and I had Mya to keep me company.  I’ll reveal all in the next chapter.



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