A Bridge Between Worlds - Chapter 1

Greetings readers!  This story is a direct continuation of my previous story, “An Unforgettable Melody.”  However, the tone and feel of this story will be different enough from my first story that I felt it best to submit it under a different title.  As always, please rate and comment; I readily welcome and appreciate all feedback as long as it is respectful.  Thanks again for reading.  I hope you enjoy.

A Bridge Between Worlds Ch. 01

“YEEEEAHAW!” Mike screamed in exhilaration.

“Get back here, Braxton! Where do you think you’re goin’?” Stuart shouted.

Since their arrival in Heaven, Mike and Melody had enjoyed everything their new lives had to offer them. Reuniting with friends long gone, learning from so many great leaders from different periods of time, it was better than they could have ever dreamed of. Mike had soon discovered his new favorite pastime: aerial racing. Though he and Stuart had always had fun racing in video games while they were alive, those experiences couldn’t come close to the feeling of shooting through the clouds at the speed of sound. While Stuart had several decades of practice over Mike, the newcomer was a fast learner and was flying like a pro in no time.

“What’s the matter, Stuart?” Mike shot back. “Afraid the new guy might whip your butt?”

“You wish!” he replied with a smirk.

Stuart flattened his body, increasing his speed and gaining ground on Mike. As they approached the final section of the course, consisting of a labyrinth of hairpin turns, Mike extended his arms into a T, beginning a slow barrel roll as he weaved his way through. Stuart kept up all the while, but was unable to take the lead due to Mike’s deft maneuvering. Finally falling into a nosedive, the pair raced at breakneck pace towards the floating ring acting as the finish line. Mike focused on keeping his approach line straight, lowering his head once he knew he was on course to ensure that he was as aerodynamic as possible. As the pair passed through the ring and finished their race, they cheered and high-fived in midair as they waited for the official results. Looking over at the judge’s booth, Amelia Earhart studied the instant replay for a moment before rendering her assessment.

“The winner of this race is… Mike Braxton by a nose!”

“Yeah!” Mike crowed, victory dancing in midair as Stuart shook his head.

“Beginner’s luck,” he muttered.

Floating back down towards the landing platform, Mike and Stuart were greeted by the Flight Director, Charles Lindbergh.

“Boys, that was some seriously good flying out there,” he said with a smile.

“Thanks, but we still got nothin’ on you, Slim,” Stuart replied.

With a laugh, he replied, “Maybe so, but you two have some real skill. Come back tomorrow if you’re interested in my advanced class. Not for the faint of heart, but I bet you knew that already.”

“Sounds great. See ya then!” Mike called as the pair departed.

The two guys walked back to their neighborhood together, laughing and joking the entire time. As they reached the entrance, they said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. Mike strolled through the neighborhood, waving to his parents as he passed their house. Arriving at last at their house, Mike entered the mansion through the enormous door.

Melody, I’m home, he thought, unsure of where in the house she was.

Great timing! I just hopped into the shower. Come join me!

Excited at the mental image, Mike jogged up the main staircase, stripping off his T-shirt and wind pants as he went. Entering their spacious master bedroom, he could feel the steam seeping from the bathroom. After knocking softly, he entered, dropped his boxer briefs on the floor and whistled his approval at the gorgeous redhead waiting for him.

“There’s my man,” she purred, glancing over her shoulder. “Have fun flying?”

“Definitely,” he replied, stepping into their large shower with her. “But now, it’s time for takeoff.”

Giggling, she replied, “You’re such a dork.” As he stepped up behind her and wrapped her in his arms, she whispered, “But you’re my dork.”

Drawing her close, Mike brushed aside Melody’s wet, shoulder-length hair and began softly kissing her neck. At the same time, he cupped her large, D-cup breasts in his hands, running his fingers over her milky white skin. Pausing for a moment, he soon began playing with her nipples, tweaking them as she gasped and moaned in pleasure. At the same time, he had worked his way up her neck, kissing her all the while, before arriving at her ear. With his hard cock pressing against Melody’s ass, he playfully nibbled her earlobe before whispering to her.

“Bend over.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied, her voice dripping with lust and desire.

Bracing her hands against the shower wall, she thrust her curvy ass towards him, wiggling it a little as she assumed the position. Mike chuckled and gave her a playful spank on each ass cheek, eliciting a pair of delighted yelps from her. Crouching down, he kissed each of her cheeks before reaching his hand between her legs to inspect her womanhood. She was already quite wet, but he wanted her wetter. He slowly began to trace her pussy lips with his fingers, drawing out her juices in the process.

“Ohhhhhh, yesssss…” she hissed in approval.

Pleased with himself, Mike then slipped two fingers into her, coating them in her sweet nectar. He started slow, fingering her at a deliberate pace, but soon increased his tempo as her moans of ecstasy increased. Deciding to torment her further, he withdrew his fingers and teasingly kissed each of her inner thighs. As he worked his way up, he arrived at her pussy, running his tongue over her shaven mound before tasting her outer lips. He lapped at her desperately, intending to make her beg for him before he finally took her.

“Mike… please… I need… your… cock…” she whimpered.

That didn’t take long, he thought with a smile.

Mike stood and positioned his cock at her entrance, rubbing it over her slick surface for a few moments. Aligning the head with her slit, he steadied himself by grabbing her hips and pushed himself into her.

“Uh huh… oh, yes… that’s exactly… what I needed…” Melody purred.

Beginning to slide in and out of her tunnel, Mike looked up in pleasure. The entire wall of their shower was one large fog-proof mirror, perfect for enjoying the show during their amorous activities. He continued his slow, deliberate pace, savoring every inch of her tight pussy around his member. After several minutes of this pace, Melody looked over her shoulder.

“You’re going too slow, Mike… you’ll never cum like that,” she said with a grin.

Chuckling, he replied, “Sounds like someone needs to get fucked.”

Nodding vigorously, she agreed, “Yes… yes, I need to get fucked. I need to get fucked by my husband’s rock-hard cock. Please… fuck me…”

“Well… since you asked so nicely,” Mike said with a smirk.

Increasing his tempo, Mike took a firm hold of Melody’s ass and began to thrust into his wife with more passion. He could feel his balls begin to slap against her mound as he did so, causing Melody to reach underneath herself and begin rubbing her clit. In the mirror, he could see her fantastic tits bouncing and swinging with his every thrust, creating an incredible visual for him. It was a challenge for him to decide what to watch: her ass, her jiggling tits in the mirror, or the look of lust on her face as she pleasured herself to his fucking. Ultimately deciding on her face, the couple locked eyes through the mirror, feeling their impending climax rapidly approaching. Holding onto her waist for dear life, Mike pounded his wife’s pussy with reckless abandon.

“Holy shit… you’re so tight,” he growled in pleasure.

Giggling, she replied, “It’s ‘cause you’re so… big…”

“Oh? You like your husband’s big cock?”

“Uh huh! Yes, yes, it’s the best!”

Leaning forward, Mike whispered in her ear, “I thought the best was when I used my big cock… to cum inside your pussy.”

“I take it back!” she panted. “That’s the best!”

“So, that must be… what you want me to do, right?” he said, keeping up his frenetic pace.

“Yes! I need it, I need your cum!”

“Ask, and you shall receiveeeevOHHH SHIIIIIT!” he said, finally shooting his load into her pussy.

“Oh, oh, OHOHOH YESSSSSSS! I’M CUMMING!” she replied, feeling her tunnel clench and spasm around his throbbing cock.

The pair stood under the warm stream of water for several minutes, trembling and catching their breath as they came down from their orgasms. When he was finally able to stand without leaning on the wall, Mike slipped out of Melody’s pussy and lathered up some soap in his hands. The couple spent the rest of the shower washing each other, fondling and making out the whole time. As they turned off the water and stepped out of the bathroom to begin drying each other off, their front doorbell rang.

“Huh? Wonder who that could be?” Mike asked.

The pair visualized themselves dry and fully dressed, Mike wearing a hunter green polo shirt and blue jeans, Melody in a black V-neck blouse and white mini skirt. Walking down the grand staircase towards the front door, Mike opened it to reveal their guest.

“Hey, the Braxtons!” Jesus said jovially.

“Wow, the Son of God makin’ a house call!” Mike replied, greeting Jesus with a bro-hug. “Whatcha doin’ here, man?”

“Got something I wanted to ask you guys about. May I come in?”

“Of course, come on in.”

“Thanks. Melody, you’re looking radiant today,” Jesus said in greeting.

“Why, thank you. I owe it all to my better half,” she replied, tilting her head at Mike as she spoke.

Eying the couple, Jesus replied, “Uh huh, I bet you do…”

As Melody giggled and Mike buried his face in his hands in embarrassment, the guys made their way to the kitchen table to sit. Melody brought some lemonade from the fridge before joining them.

“So,” Jesus began, “what I wanted to talk to you guys about today is this: Dad and I have a potential job offer for the two of you, and we wanted to know if you would be interested.”

Perking up, Mike replied, “Well, sure we’d be interested. What kind of job did you have in mind?”

“Something… unique,” Jesus said with a smile. “We want to send you back to Earth.”

“Back to Earth?” Melody questioned. “You mean… back to life?”

“No, no, nothing like that,” he replied with a slight laugh. “You are of God’s Kingdom now, and nothing will change that. Rather, think of your job in this as being… liaisons.”

“Liaisons to what?” Mike asked.

“Patience, my friends. You’ll find out in due time. Besides, if the assignment is not to your liking, you only need to say so, and you won’t have to continue. So, are you interested?”

After eyeing each other silently for a few moments, the couple nodded in the affirmative.

“Excellent!” Jesus replied. “First day on the job begins… now,” He said with a snap of his fingers.


Selena sat in peace upon her favorite sand dune, one of the highest points of the Rub’ al Khali. She could see the sand for miles around her, yet paid it no mind, instead gazing up into the starry night sky. Her life had been long and fulfilling, yet she had felt more at peace within herself for the last century than she had for millennia before that. She owed it all to her friends, Mike and Melody. Sighing, she wondered if she would ever see or hear from them again. As she stared off into the distance, she noticed a strange occurrence.

“A lightning storm? Here?” she wondered aloud.

As several bolts crackled in the distance, they seemed to draw closer to her position. At last, a brilliant flash of lightning struck mere yards from her, scorching the sand and blinding her for a moment. As she looked up, the smoke and sand began to clear, revealing two figures. Selena ran down the dune to make sure that nobody was hurt, her blue robes flowing in the night wind. Arriving at the center of the blast, she was speechless at what she saw.

“Well, well. Look at who’s come to greet us.”

“Selena! It’s so wonderful to see you again!”

Blinking her eyes several times to ensure she was seeing properly, Selena could only reply, “Mike? Melody?”

“We’re back!” Mike said with his trademark grin.

“Indeed you are!” Selena replied, wrapping both of them in a warm hug. “What are you doing here? I thought you were dead?!”

“We are,” Melody replied. “We’re not sure of the entire situation, but God has sent us back to Earth for a job He needs us to do. We were told it was as liaisons. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?”

Selena thought for a few moments before a smile spread across her face. “Come with me,” she instructed.

As the group walked over a few dunes, Selena began to elaborate. “It seems that our prayers have indeed been answered. In the time since your release, Melody, the four tribes of the Jinn have undergone some dramatic changes. These changes, however, have not come without difficulty. Our leader will explain further, but suffice to say, I believe your presence is the answer to our prayers to God for assistance on these matters.”

“Your tribe has been praying to God?” Mike asked.

With a sweet smile, Selena replied, “Mike, you underestimate how great an impact your life has had on the Jinn of the world. Your noble decisions have not gone unnoticed.”

Before Mike could inquire further, Selena turned with her back to them and stopped, standing in front of a tiny, empty well dug into the ground. With authority, she spoke, “This is Selena, Grand Vizier of the Water Jinn. I am returning home, and I bring friends.”

As soon as she had finished speaking, a faint point of blue light began to shine ahead of them, rising from within the well. The light began to expand, forming a glowing orb, until it burst open with a brilliant flash. Opening their eyes, they now gazed on an enormous castle made of brass. The parapets at each corner appeared to extend upward for miles, with waterfalls cascading down their sides and into the moat surrounding the palace. The grounds were patrolled by a seemingly endless number of guards, all dressed in blue armor bearing the symbol of a water drop on their chest plates and shields.

“Mike, Melody, welcome to my home,” Selena said, bowing gracefully.

“What is this place?” Mike asked in wonderment.

Selena replied, “Each of the four Jinn tribes has settled in this desert, finding the harsh conditions ideal to their privacy. This castle is where the Water Tribe has made their home. As you can see, it’s presence will only be revealed to a member of the Water Tribe, which I believe is similar to the security measures the other tribes have taken.”

Melody asked, “Do these castles have any connection to the myths and legends about the Atlantis of the Sands said to be hidden in the Rub’ al Khali?”

Giggling, she responded, “In fact, they are the basis for those legends. Cities made entirely of brass that could disappear into the desert sands… the perfect cover story, don’t you think?”

Arriving at the enormous wooden doors at the entrance of the castle, Selena greeted the two guards and explained Mike and Melody’s presence, indicating that they were here to meet with the king. As the guards stood aside, the giant doors creaked open, allowing them entry into the structure. Traveling down the torch lit hallways of the castle, the pair admired the tapestries, antiques, ancient paintings, and other works of art adorning the walls.

“And here we are,” Selena said as they reached a doorway.

Stepping inside, the group found themselves in a luxurious den. Potted plants stood in each corner of the room, and at the center sat a large, circular coffee table surrounded by comfortable-looking pillows and cushions. Various fruits and snacks sat on the table, along with a large container of hot coffee. As they were about to sit on the cushions around the table, the door once again opened, revealing a large, muscular man.

“At last! The famous Mike and Melody, in the flesh!”

He was quite tall, standing at least 6’6”, and had the same shade of mocha skin that Selena had. He wore a blue vest, which he kept open, and long, loose-fitting blue pants which led down to his brown sandals. Copious amounts of gold and brass jewelry adorned his body, including earrings, a necklace, and no less than five rings on his fingers. His face was striking and powerful, with not a hair on his shaven head, save for his black eyebrows; Mike couldn’t help but think of how much he looked like Yul Brynner. As Mike and Melody stood to meet him, the man extended his hand, shaking each of theirs.

“I am King Farzan of the Water Jinn. Welcome to my home.”

“Thank you, your Excellency. It’s an honor to be here,” Mike replied.

“No, my friends. The honor is mine,” he said with a smile. “Please, sit.”

The group sat around the table, Mike and Melody on one side across from Farzan, with Selena sitting to Farzan’s right. “Help yourself, as you are my guests,” he said, motioning to the food on the table.

“Thank you,” Melody said, taking a red apple for herself.

Reaching for a banana, Mike asked, “Sir, I trust that you know more about why we have been sent here, is that correct? We know we’ve been sent as liaisons, but in what capacity, we haven’t been told.”

“Of course, of course. I shall explain everything. Selena, where shall we start?”

“From the beginning?”

“Ah, yes, the beginning,” Farzan said, laughing at himself. “You see why she is my vizier? She finds the obvious answer that I miss right in front of me. But, I digress…”

“We Jinn have existed for millennia, as you are doubtless aware. Four thousand years ago, our existence was common knowledge in these lands, as we had agreements and treaties with the various kings and rulers of these nations. Many of them were deemed wise and trustworthy enough to be blessed with a genie servant of their own, as you were with Melody. The primary reason for this was to ensure the protection of the ruler. When we encountered a leader who was particularly wise, it was only a matter of time before they made enemies of those who would seek to take their power from them. Gifting them with a genie servant was a simple way to avoid the danger of their throne being usurped by shadier individuals. Thus, some rulers in these lands were able to reign for centuries without fear of death.

“However, all this changed when the four tribes of the Jinn got wind of a band of humans who had developed their own methods for casting magic. Theirs was not an innate magic, as ours is, and thus required the use of incantations, which they gained knowledge of through stealing our historical records. Thousands of years before the time that I speak of, Jinn did not have innate magic, and had to rely on such incantations to perform our feats of wonder. Though we eventually evolved to our current form, we kept the records of those incantations in the event that we might have need of them in the future. As it turns out, this was almost our downfall…

“These sorcerers were skilled, but their abilities could not come anywhere near those of a pure Jinn or Genie, such as myself or Selena. However, they were strong enough to overpower most any servant genie, and became capable of seizing control of them or even destroying them, should they attempt to resist. Their goal was to gain control of enough of the servant genies that they would have the power to take on the tribes themselves. They were almost successful, as in that time servant genies had the ability to detect the locations of other servant genies. To attempt a plan to counter theirs, all the rulers who had gained genie servants gathered together to discuss the problem. Though it pained them to do so, they agreed to return their genie servants to their vessels, both for the protection of the genies as well as the people the kings ruled. Without a genie servant to attract the sorcerers, their people would be much safer from the coming war.

“After making their selfless decision, the rulers entrusted each of their genies’ vessels to the four King Jinn, ensuring that their power could not be gained by the sorcerers. Once this was accomplished, the four tribes summoned up their remaining forces to combat the threat directly. The sorcerers were powerful, and the war lasted almost a century, but the tribes were able to vanquish their foes and retrieve their stolen historical documents. Convening together in the first official Council of Four, the four King Jinn, myself included, agreed that the documents recording our history of incantations had to be destroyed, lest they ever fall into the hands of those who would abuse them again. In addition, we crafted new laws governing all Jinn and Genies, ensuring that none could detect the location of another that was at least as powerful as they were. This effectively removed the ability of a servant genie to detect other servant genies. Sadly, with as long as the war had lasted, the rulers had all died of natural causes, and their successors were deemed to be far less worthy individuals. Thus, the tribes kept the vessels of all the servant genies safe, and resolved to allow the common knowledge of their existence to fade into legend.”

“Wow… that’s an incredible story,” Melody marveled. “I never knew that part of our history.”

“That’s so cool,” Mike agreed. “So, how does all this connect to us?”

Nodding, Farzan continued, “The connection is this: the Council of Four has reconvened a few times over the last few years and is considering revisions to the laws governing the four tribes. We have decided that we would like to hear from the two of you in regards to these potential changes.”

“Us? Why us?” Melody asked.

Smiling, Selena said, “Because it is due to your lives that the Council was inspired to consider these revisions.”

“Indeed,” Farzan agreed. “Mike, your resolute decision to never interfere with the free will of another intelligent being, despite the fact that you had every ability to do so, has touched the Council. We are considering making it so that all Jinn and Genies henceforth will be unable to interfere with the free will of an intelligent, sentient being. This is why we have asked for you to come.”

“All Jinn and Genies?” Mike asked. “Other than the four tribes, how many more are there in the world?”

Farzan smiled. “Remember when I told you that the rulers four thousand years ago had returned their genies to their vessels for safekeeping?” The couple nodded in the affirmative. “Well, there were several rulers at the time that possessed the vessel of a genie servant, but were unable to discover the secret to opening it. Those vessels were not recovered, and remained out in the world, unopened for the longest time. To our knowledge, there were twelve such vessels at the time of the war with the sorcerers. While seven remain sealed to this very day, five have been opened in the time since the war ended. This is the difficulty that the council has encountered in its decision. Even if we were to amend the laws, the change would have no effect on the five servants that have been released into the world.”

Pondering everything they had been told, Mike said, “Wow… that’s quite a situation.”

“You needn’t have an answer now,” Farzan said, holding up his hand. “These are merely things to ponder before the next meeting of the Council of Four, assuming that you do wish to be a part of it. So my friends, do we have an accord?”

After a moment’s thought, Mike said, “One question. How did you know that we’d even be able to come at all? I mean, for all you knew, we could have been gone for eternity, right?”

With a smile, Selena replied, “In truth, we didn’t. However, even after your deaths, I still felt a strong connection between Melody and myself, so I had hope that there was still a possibility of reestablishing communication. I… I prayed. I prayed that, in some way, we could find an answer to our unique situation. Though I never in a million years would have expected… this.”

Farzan nodded in agreement. “We do not pretend to understand how any of this has come to be. What is the saying that humans have? ‘God works in mysterious ways’? When Selena told me of the connection she felt, even after your passing, I trusted that there would be an answer for us to find in the end. Call it instinct, call it intuition, call it faith, call it whatever you wish. We do not have to understand these events to know that they are not a coincidence.”

After glancing at Mike for a few moments, Melody replied, “You can count us in. But please realize that, as citizens of Heaven, they are whom we represent in all these proceedings. Agreed?”

“I would not have it any other way,” Farzan answered. Shaking their hands across the table, he continued, “Now, I would like to propose a toast to our new partnership, one which I foresee being successful for us all. To Mike and Melody Braxton, the bridge between our world and the next.” After he had conjured up a quartet of goblets with wine, the group clinked them together and drank in celebration.

As they finished, Selena stood and said, “Please, allow me to show you to your quarters. Right this way.”

Following Selena through the castle hallways, Mike and Melody continued to marvel at the incredible structure they found themselves in. After winding through a few more passageways, they arrived in the enormous central courtyard. The brass wall encircling the area contained pipes that poured a constant stream of clear water into the various pools scattered around the grounds. In the center stood a gigantic tower, the highest point of the entire castle.

“At the peak of that tower are King Farzan’s quarters. My residence is right below his, so that I can be of council to him anytime he may need me,” Selena explained as they passed the tower.

“Safe to assume that the entire tower is off limits?” Mike asked.

“All except for the ground floor,” Selena replied. “At the base is our library, containing many of our historical records, excluding the documents destroyed after the war, of course. That area is open to all who have been allowed entry into our home.”

The trio turned down a hallway in the courtyard wall, walking a few dozen feet before arriving at a wooden door. Opening the door, Selena said, “This will be your home during your stay with us.”

Stepping inside, Mike and Melody were in awe of the paradise they now stood in. The stone floor was cool and smooth, with a pool of water in front of them. A small bridge extended over the pool and into the bedroom proper. Their bed was an enormous circular mattress, larger than even the largest king-size bed they had ever slept on in their lives. In the corner of the room stood a table filled with ripe, fresh fruit and a basket with warm bread, along with a knife for slicing. Faint torchlight from the walls illuminated the chamber, creating a soothing, otherworldly atmosphere.

“I am sure that our accommodations cannot compare to God’s house, but I do hope that they will be comfortable for you,” Selena said.

Gripping her in a warm hug, Melody responded, “Your home is beautiful, and you have been so kind to us. We will enjoy every moment we spend here. Thank you, Selena.”

Smiling, she hugged her back, saying, “You are more than welcome. As far as I am concerned, you are welcome here anytime.” Stepping out of their hug, Selena continued, “In the main courtyard, the pools of water you saw have healing properties. You are welcome to relax in them anytime. In addition, once the sun rises, any of the women you encounter in the courtyard will be glad to assist in your rejuvenation with a massage… or most anything else you could think of.”

Chuckling, Mike replied, “That’s very nice of you to offer. Still, Melody and I have always taken great care of each other.”

“I have no doubt of that,” Selena said with a laugh. “Tomorrow morning, we shall depart for the council meeting right after breakfast. In the closet in that corner, you will find a variety of clothes for you to wear. We were able to use images from your lives to know your sizes and the styles you prefer, so I am sure you will find something suitable for tomorrow’s events. Now then, unless there is anything else I can do for you, I will leave you in peace for the evening. If you need anything at all, you need only to ring this bell on the wall, and a servant will be with you immediately. Mike, Melody, good evening.” With a graceful bow, Selena took her leave, closing the door behind her.

Stepping over the bridge and into the bedroom, the couple relaxed for some time in each other’s arms, taking in the romantic environment they found themselves in. Tilting Melody’s head up by the chin, Mike kissed her lips softly, eliciting a contented sigh from his wife. She returned his affections enthusiastically, throwing her arms around his neck and running her fingers through the back of his hair.

“Mmm… you know I like that,” he sighed.

“That’s why I do it,” she whispered into his ear.

Mike kissed her cheek before working his way lower, down her neck and to the exposed skin of her V-neck blouse. Melody gasped in pleasure as he arrived at her cleavage, kissing the tops of her globes peaking through her tight shirt. Crossing her arms in front of her, Melody peeled the fabric off of her chest, revealing her favorite lacy black bra. Mike resumed his explorations of her bust in earnest as Melody threw her head back in ecstasy, enjoying the sensation of his every touch. Reaching behind her, he undid the clasp of her bra and tore it off of her in one swift motion, revealing her incredible breasts to him. Mike then lifted her up under her arms and threw her back onto the bed as she giggled all the while.

“Ooh, someone’s horny,” she mused.

“With you around? Always,” he replied with a smirk.

Mike reached underneath her white miniskirt and slid her black boyshort panties off of her before beginning to kiss his way up her inner thigh. Arriving at her bare pussy, he toyed with her clit for a few moments before slipping two fingers inside her slit, finding her already soaking wet. As his fingers worked their magic, he continued to move his face closer, arriving at her swollen clit and beginning to flick it with the tip of his tongue. Slowly increasing the speed of his lapping, it was all Melody could do to keep her hips from bucking all over the place.

“Looks like I’m not the only horny one,” Mike said.

“Uh… uh… your… fault…” she managed to gasp.

Now thrusting his fingers into her more rapidly, Mike took her clit in his mouth and began to suck it, tasting her sweet nectar all the while. Melody grabbed a nearby pillow to squeeze against her chest, all in the hopes she would be able to keep her lower body still long enough for Mike to finish his masterful pleasuring. Flicking his tongue against her clit as he sucked it, he finally released her from his mouth and blew an intense stream of cool air onto her womanhood, sending her screaming over the edge.


Mike watched in smug satisfaction as her hips and legs began to flail about. After she finally came back down from her high, Melody sat up gingerly and began to pull at Mike’s clothes. She slipped his hunter green polo out of his pants and over his head before beginning to tug at the belt of his jeans.

“Now, it’s your turn mister,” she whispered.

Kissing her lips, he replied, “If you insist.”

As she finished with his belt, Melody threw him sideways on the bed, landing him on his back. Crawling seductively up to him, she kissed her way down his chest and stomach, causing Mike’s eyes to roll back in his head. Arriving at his jeans, she unzipped them and pulled them and his boxer briefs off in one quick motion. Her message was clear: she was done with foreplay.

Mike’s seven-inch cock then sprang forth from his loins, already erect from watching Melody’s previous orgasm. Melody immediately took his entire length in her mouth, sucking him urgently and with lust in her eyes. After repeating her movements a few times, she released him from her mouth and began to lick the base of his cock like a lollipop while continuing to jack him off at the tip with her hand. All the while, her gorgeous emerald eyes never left his, driving him wild with a look of insatiable desire. After another three minutes of sucking, she could tell he was primed for what she really wanted.

“Ready for the main event?” she asked seductively. Mike could only nod in reply.

Crawling on top of him, Melody left her white miniskirt on as she straddled his waist. Positioning his cock head at her slick entrance, she teased him for a moment with her pussy lips while licking her own nipples with her tongue. Any other man might have lost control right then and there, but Mike and Melody had learned each other’s cues over the years, being able to push each other to the brink without bringing about an orgasm until they desired it. She sank onto his cock, grinning all the while. As she arrived at his base, her miniskirt slightly obscured her penetration, which only served to heighten Mike’s lust.

“You… are one naughty girl,” he said, gazing up at her.

Melody bit her lower lip as she began to grind her hips against his pelvis. “You wouldn’t have it any other way.”

After several minutes of grinding her clit against him, she began to bounce more feverishly on top of him. Squeezing her tits together as she braced her arms on his chest, Melody threw her head back, her face wild with lust and desire. Mike placed his hands on her hips, attempting to thrust himself into her, but Melody pushed his hands away, having none of it.

“Oh no you don’t,” she said playfully. “You did the hard work earlier, so now it’s my turn.”

Now bobbing on him as fast as she was able, her incredible breasts jiggled and heaved with her every movement. As he enjoyed the view, Mike could tell that their climax was fast approaching. Feeling it also, Melody planted her hands on his chest and began grinding her hips at an increasingly excited speed. Mike could feel her curvy ass bouncing against his balls, pushing him past the point of no return.

“Tell me what you want, baby,” he panted.

Smiling lustfully, she replied, “I want… I need you to cum… my pussy needs it… so do it… now… shoot your load in… to… ME! OH MY GOD! YESYESYES!!!”

As she rode him, her tight pussy clenched around his cock, milking him and drawing out his thick cum. Mike’s eyes bulged as he wordlessly climaxed, emptying himself into her womb. Melody fell onto his chest, panting and kissing him softly as they basked in their afterglow.

“Never… gets old,” she gasped.

“You got that right…” he replied, pulling the covers up over them. With a clap of his hands, the torches extinguished, and the lovers drifted off to sleep.


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