My Detailed Masturbation Playtime

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05 Feb. '16

I’m going to invite you into my bedroom. I want you to imagine me. I’m tall 5’8” with brown curly hair. I’ve got brown almond-shaped eyes and my complexion is usually tan. My breasts are 38C cup size and I have long legs.

I keep my pussy bald and I’m going to start this adventure by shaving my pussy. I grab my razor and shaving cream and go to my linen closet for a towel. I need to put that on the floor - and it will help later when I play with my toys and squirt!

I’m wearing a purple satin robe. I look in the mirror and giggle before I bend to open my drawer and take out my Hitachi Magic Wand. I also remove my glass vibrator which is at room temperature. I prefer to play with it that way. 

I lay the towel on the floor and take off my robe. I get comfortable on the floor and position the mirror in front of my pussy. I spray shaving cream all over my pussy. I take the razor and shave the hair that has recently grown. There really isn’t much; this is just a touch up job. The process takes just a few minutes as I move the razor carefully up and down my pussy.

I wipe off the shaving cream, admire my pussy in the mirror and stand up to put away my shaving kit. My pussy is back to being bald and smooth again. I walk back to the towel and sit down, spreading my legs in front of the mirror. 

I turn on my wand and, at low speed, rub it all over my pussy. The sensations are amazing on my freshly shaved cunt. My pussy is pulsating while I rub it up and down my pink folds. I’m enjoying myself, but need something inside of my pussy now. 

I grab my Icicle vibrator. I put the head into my mouth to get the tip wet and then slide it through my pussy flower. I love how good it feels when I get it up inside my pussy. I grab the wand and lay it right on my clit and start to fuck myself. 

My pussy is so wet already and I push the toy deeper and deeper inside. The strong vibrations on my clitoris make me scream with delight. The ridges on my vibrator make for interesting sensations. 

“Fuck," I gasp. "My pussy is making squelching noises."

I continue to fuck myself over and over again. My pussy is exploding with my hot juices. I pull the vibrator out of my cunt and lay the wand over my fucked hole. My juices are spilling out and the towel is soaking wet. However, I’m still horny and continue to play with my toys. I’m rubbing the wand all over my clitoris and pick up my glass toy and push it back in.

In and out, I fuck my warm treasure until wonderful thick cream trickles out of my pussy hole. 

“Fucking hell! This feels so fucking good."

I’m jamming the vibrator deeper, the cream is pouring down my thighs and I arch my back as the orgasms are pulsate through my body. The sensations are just amazing. My breathing is now shallow.

“Shit," I mumble. "It feels so good.” 

My pussy is responding to the fucking action of my vibrator but I need something else. Something that will really do it for me. I stand and walk over to the box that is up against my wall. 

I take out my Sybian riding machine. It weighs forty pounds and I carry it to my bed. I plug in the machine and take out the attachments. I’m going to ride with the medium sized dildo and I rub lubrication jelly over my pussy and the toy. 

I straddle the Sybian and guide the dildo into my cunt. Once comfortably inside, I turn on the machine. I start very slowly and just enjoy the thrusting motions. I turn the speed up and start to fuck the dildo. The dildo feels so good inside my pussy. I turn the speed up higher. I fuck the dildo slow and then I continue to turn the speed up. 

“Fucking hell!"

My pussy is wet and my juices are dripping down over the thrusting dildo. I’m moaning and squeezing my breasts together while I fuck this incredible machine. I’m now playing on full speed. My heart is pounding while I gyrate with the thrusting dildo inside of my cunt. 

I’ve lost count of my orgasms, the machine is vibrating so fast. My pussy is on fire and my juices are spilling out of my cunt. 


I move forward to get the dildo on my clitoris. It’s thrusting into my pussy. I’m moving my cunt with the machine. I’m exhausted because the sensations are incredibly hard. My legs are shaking while I continue having multiple orgasms.

I stand up, feeling like I might pass out. I lay on my bed, catching my breath. After a while, I stand up and take off the dildo and wash it in the sink. I put it on a washcloth to dry. I wipe down my Sybian and carry it back to the box and put it away. I also strip my bed and change my sheets.

I walk into my bathroom and enjoy a hot shower. When that is over and I am dry, I get dressed. So, that is a full account of my masturbation playtime. I do this almost every day after my family leaves the house. I consider it my naughty indulgence.


2013 - (2016) Copyright Mysteria27

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