Having a swinging adventure on vacation

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04 Feb. '16

My husband and I are swingers. We've been married for the last twenty years. We weren’t always swingers, but after our children left to go to college, we decided to explore our sexuality more.  We had booked a vacation and met a very special couple.  This is the story about how we were involved in a swinging adventure.  


About a year ago, we booked a vacation to Jamaica. We stayed at a Hedonism-style resort. We had an amazing time. We'd always heard wonderful things about Hedonism and wanted to try it out. It's a place for people to let their inhibitions down. There's two sides to experience on the island. You can either be clothed or you can be on the side that's nude. We spent a great deal of our time on the nude side. 

We met up pretty quickly with a couple named Doreen and Paul. They were around our age and were just fun people. They loved to party hard and have a great time. We had gone out with them and enjoyed a nice dinner. Later, we all went dancing at one of the nightclubs. We were drinking shots and ordering all kinds of crazy drinks.  We were all drunk and feeling the effects of the alcohol.

"Why don't we all go and hang out at the hot tub. We could have a good time out there." 

"That sounds like fun." 

We went back to our respective rooms and changed into our bathing suits and met Doreen and Paul back at the hot tub. We all got in and were having a lovely time sharing stories and just having fun. 

“Did we ever mention to you guys that we're swingers?” 

“Wow!  How long have you guys been doing that?” 

“For many years now. It's really a lifestyle and we both really enjoy it.” 

“We both find you guys so attractive. We wanted to ask if you, if you guys would be interested in having a little fun?" 

My husband Michael whispered into my ear, that he thought it might be something fun and very different to experience on our vacation. I was getting very excited with the thought of it. 

“Well it certainly sounds exciting. We'd love to have a little fun with the both of you.” 

With that, Paul moved closer to me and Doreen moved next to my husband. Paul put his arm around me in the hot tub and he leaned in to give me a kiss. I was really drunk and kissed him back. We shared a deep and passionate kiss. Our tongues danced inside each other's mouths.

Paul was a very attractive man. He stood 6’0” and was about 220 pounds, but very athletic looking. His wife Doreen was a petite woman and only stood about 5’1” and weighed about ninety pounds. Doreen had breast implants and showed her breasts off proudly. She wore very tight clothing and no bras. She had all the men going crazy around the island. She seemed to be more of a trophy wife. Paul was very proud having Doreen on his arm.  Men would whistle and make remarks when Doreen was in a room.

I have brown short curly hair and brown eyes. I'm 5'7" and weigh 115 pounds. Michael is 5'10" and weighs 190 pounds. He has blue eyes and the greatest smile you've ever seen.

My husband was smiling, knowing that he was going to be with Doreen. Doreen moved and sat on my husband’s lap and gave him a passionate kiss. It didn’t take long for my husband to put his hands over Doreen’s bikini top and feel her breasts. She must have 38DD breasts. My husband removed her top and started to play with her full breasts.  Doreen was making noises letting my husband know that she liked what was going on.

Paul then got busy and removed my bikini top and started to rub and massage my breasts. I’m much smaller then Doreen. My breasts are only a 34-B cup size.  However, my nipples are always hard and stick straight out.  My husband loves my breasts and I was pretty sure that Paul would like them too.  He was groping at my breasts which was causing tingly effects in my pussy.  I was very turned on. 

“Kimberly, sit on top of my lap!  I want to look at your breasts." 

I got on Paul’s lap.  We were kissing and he was holding my breasts.  His hands were tugging at my bikini bottoms.  He was wanting them off.  His kisses were very hungry on my lips.  His hands were rough with my body.  

"Take your bottom off, Kimberly!" 

Doreen had already removed her bikini bottoms and was fucking my husband. She was moving her body up and down over his cock. My husband was massaging her breasts and bucking up into her cunt. Doreen was talking dirty to my husband while they made love together.

I stood up and removed my bikini bottom.  I sat on Paul’s lap and put his cock into my pussy and began to ride him. We were kissing deep and passionately. His hands were rubbing and massaging my small breasts.  I was watching my husband fuck Doreen, while Paul was bucking up into my pussy. His cock felt amazing in my cunt.

A few people had passed us, while walking to their rooms and just smirked and were giggling. It was really wild to have this couple fuck us right in the hot tub.  My husband and myself were being used by this swinging couple.  We were both enjoying the other's spouse.

“Why don’t we get dressed and go back to our room? We can all have a foursome together. I'd really love to see Doreen and Kimberly make love.” 

We got dressed and followed Paul and Doreen to their bungalow. It was just a short walk from the hot tub. Once we got inside, we all ripped each other's clothes off. Paul was kissing me deep and passionately and Doreen was kissing Michael. They both were like horny, crazed lunatics and Michael and I were there prey. 

They took us to their bed. We laid next to each other. Paul put his cock into my pussy and slowly fucked me. His hands were rubbing and massaging my breasts while we kissed deep and passionately. He had a regular sized cock. I'd say it was six inches, but on the thicker side. He pushed his cock right up inside my pussy.

"Oh God, that feels so good. Don't stop!" 

Doreen put Michael’s cock into her pussy and she was riding him cowgirl position. Michael sat up and was playing with her huge tits. He was pulling at her nipples, while she rode his cock. Michael has a seven inch cock, but his is very long. Doreen seemed to be loving it. 

“Okay, guys and dolls, let’s have a foursome together now."

With that, I laid down and Paul stood next to me and put his cock into my mouth. Doreen was licking my bald pussy, with her ass and pussy in the air. Michael slid his cock into Doreen’s pussy. We were all having a hot and sexy time together. Paul was fucking my mouth and I was keeping pace with him and Doreen’s tongue was so deep inside my pussy. She was licking my pussy and sucking on my hidden pink pearl. 

Michael held her waist and was fucking her pussy hard.

“Kimberly, you suck like a whore. Oh fuck yes! It feels so good.” 

“Doreen your cunt feels so good on my cock. You’re so tight. Oh God.” 

“Time to switch now. Doreen lay on your back and Kimberly can eat her cunt! Doreen you'll suck Michael’s cock and I'll fuck Kimberly."

So that's what we did. Doreen got on her back. I got between her legs and licked and adored her pussy. Michael stood next to her and fucked her mouth, and Paul slid his cock into my pussy. He was fucking me deep and hard. 

“Kimberly, your pussy is so tight.” 

“Doreen your mouth feels so good on my cock. You suck so good, baby.” 

Doreen’s pussy was so beautiful. She was bald like me. I was licking and slurping on her pussy. She was so wet and creamy when I was eating her. Paul was fucking me so deep and hard into my cunt. Michael was ramming his cock into Doreen’s mouth. 

“Oh fuck! I’m coming into your mouth, Doreen.” 

Doreen swallowed all of Michael’s hot cream. He continued to fuck her mouth, until his balls emptied out. 

“I’m coming too. I’m coming in your pussy, Kimberly.” 

Paul shot his load into my pussy. Doreen had an explosive orgasm and I licked all her cream. I also had an orgasm, while Paul was fucking me. 

We were all exhausted.

“Why don’t we all take a dip in the pool? 

Doreen handed us towels and we all walked out by the pool. You weren’t supposed to go into the pool at night, but we all took a dip and we were laughing and enjoying one another. That's how my husband and I became swingers. 

We did keep in touch with Paul and Doreen after our vacation ended.  Each week, we all met up on-line and masturbated together on Skype.  It's very naughty and keeps us all in touch with each other.  We're planning on taking another vacation with Paul and Doreen next year.

My husband and I really enjoyed having sex with Doreen and Paul.  When we got home from vacation, we joined several swinging websites.  We're  hoping to meet other like-minded couples that would like to meet up for hot sex.  We're embarking on a new sexual lifestyle. 



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