Speedo/Locker Room Experience

Speedo/Locker Room Experience

I was always shy to wear my brief in public. I was working on the road and used my speedo app to find a local pool. I'd been really apprehensive to wear my brief to the pool without a bail out. In the past, I'd put on my jammer and throw on a pair of gym shorts over them and go to lap swim. I'd always have my 2" brief in my gym bag just in case I worked up the courage to wear them if the pool was not crowded. That one day, i got to the pool and went to the showers to change. I checked out the pool and it was totally swamped with people. I was feeling pretty bold that day and made the determination that today would be the day. I went to the locker room and took my gym shorts off, pulled off my jammer and was standing naked in the locker room. I reached into my bag and grabbed my pair of 2" black lycra speedos and slipped them on. I was almost shaking with anticipation of walking into the pool area with nothing but my speedo, swim goggles and cap. Soooooo, i put my bag in the locker, took a deep breath and walked through the door, boldly! 

I walked around the pool and noticed a couple folks look over at me. I instantly looked around to see if anyone else was wearing something similar. There was one guy swimming laps in the pool, which was crowded, and he was wearing a bright blue speedo also! I felt to relieved that there was someone else there who understood what the experience was like. I had always fantasized about doing this before and I wondered how it would feel to glide throughout the water with so little between me and the water. I walked over to his lane and waited for him to stop for a second. I asked him if we could share a lane and he graciously accepted. So I slid into the water feeling incredibly liberated and began my swim. Once I started to swim I could feel the speedo fitting better and better. I seemed to get smaller and I swam and it felt so amazing that I ended up swimming an extra 10 laps (mostly because he kept swimming too). I kept swimming next to this guy and noticing how amazing he looked (he was a LOT better of swimmer than I am) and I caught myself checking him out as we swam our laps.

He finished his swim and left the pool and I really wanted to chat with him before leaving, so i swam over the ladder. As I climbed up the out of the pool, I felt as if my speedo was so tiny and well fit from the water and I got so excited and horny! I actually got a bit of a chubby as I walked back to the locker room.

When I walked back into the locker room, he was getting his gym bag out of his locker and we started talking shop about our swims. I commented to him that we were the only two people in the pool with speedo briefs that day and we shared a good laugh about it. 

The locker room was pretty quiet at that time and I walked over to one of the showers to rinse off and change. I noticed that he was looking at me pretty intensely and I felt like he was staring at my chubby that I was obviously sporting, still. I jokingly asked him if he wanted me to start a shower for him so the water would be warm and he looked at me and said, "I'll share your's if its warm." I instantly was totally freaked out but totally aroused. Now, these shower were totally awesome and roomy. So, I started my shower and left the curtain open, looked back at him and told said "the water is great."

He walked over and pulled the curtain and immediately started rubbing my bulge. I was so turned on that this was happening. We started to rub on each other and things got really heated. I went down and started kissing his huge bulge and began to give him a blow job. About that time another guy walked into the locker room and didn't realize was what going on. This unassuming guy gets in the show next to us and starts to shower off. I stopped for a second and looked up at him and he put his pointer finger up to his lips, giving me the "shhhhhhh" sign and motions for me to stand up and turn around. I still had my speedo on at this point and my bulge was so obvious at this point there was no chance in hiding it. 

I stood up and he spun me around. i put my hands on the wall of the shower and he slid my speedo off ever so slowly. Next thing i know he started fucking me right there in the shower and I couldn't say anything. He had his hands on my hips and i was trying so hard to not express how much I was enjoying what was happening. I could feel his hips hitting my ass cheeks and the water from the shower was splashing around in a way that I'm sure the dude next to us HAD to know what was happening. We had sex for about a minute and the other dude turned his shower off. We stopped fucking for about 30 seconds (he stayed inside me the whole time) while this other dude got out of the shower and walked back into the locker room. Blue speedo dude kept giving me the "shhhhhh" sign and I complied with his request. He peeked out of the curtain to make sure that the other guy was gone and then proceeded to absolutely fuck my brains out. At this point, i couldn't help myself. I was such his bitch at this point. This went on for about 5 more minutes and I could tell he was about to cum. He wanted to pull out, but I reached back and held him inside me and he cummed. He grabbed my hips so intensely and I was holding onto the small of his back and I couldn't believe that this just happened. He pulled out and was standing there with his blue speedo around his right ankle and my 2" black speedo was around both of my ankles. I reached down and started to pull my speedo up to it's proper place and tried to adjust my huge bulge to fit inside them. He quickly stopped my and then grabbed my cock and then turned his back to me and placed his toward his ass. I then began to fuck him. It didn't take me nearly as long as he did. I was already primed and horny beyond belief. It took me no longer than 2 minutes and I came inside of him. 

When I finished, he reached down and grabbed his blue speedo, pulled it back into place and says "that was amazing, I'd always wanted to do this." I told him that I had NEVER done this before and he smiled, opened the curtain and walked back into the changing room. I stood there under the shower still with my speedos around my ankles and still in disbelief that this had just happened. 

I reached down and pull my speedos up, tucked my junk back in place, and walked back into the changing area. Those speedos felt so great when I pulled the back up..I ran my thumbs through the waist band to make sure they were in place and walked back to the changing area. 

I still don't know who that guy was. It was totally random and out of character for me. But it was totally HOT!

Copyright Dave 'Speedo' Evans of AussieSpeedoGuy.org


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