Female G-spot

Explained: What is the female G-spot and how do you find it?

When it comes to the topic of female sexual satisfaction, the G-spot is one of the most talked about issue. Since its discovery in the 1940s contrasting arguments for and against its existence have debuted the scene of female sexuality. And while countless studies have been launched to debunk its existence, given the body of proof demonstrated by women who have experienced the unrivaled pleasure of a G-spot orgasm, suffice it to say that the G-spot is not a myth but a reality.

That said, not every woman is aware of the position of their G-spot, a 2014 conducted in Britain inquired of a demography of women if they believed they had a G-spot. Of all the women interviewed only 56% consented to have found their G-spot. For the remaining 44% and for every female out there who hasn’t experienced the novelty that is G-spot stimulation, this article aims to bring to light all the tips and tricks needed to discovering this often elusive honey pot.

The G-spot named after the gynecologist (Ernst Grafenberg) that first postulated its existence is an erogenous region of located in the vagina, revered for its potential to induce powerful orgasms and heightened sexual arousal when stimulated. Anatomically the G-spot is a characteristically minute melange of ducts, glands and innervated erectile tissue that increase in size when stimulated. This mass of highly sensitive tissue is thought to be located on the anterior (upper) vaginal wall 2-3 inches from the external vaginal orifice (exterior opening of the vagina).

A Guide to Locating your G-spot

Before embarking on the conquest to find the G-spot, it is essential that arousal and stimulation have reached its peak. This allows for sufficient enlargement of the mass of tissues that make up the G-spot, making it easier to distinguish them from other anatomical structures in the vagina.

On stimulation, the skene’s gland located just above the G-spot fills up with fluid causing the G-spot to increase substantially. Enlargement of the G-spot potentiates further increase in its sensitivity; think of it as a positive feedback mechanism where increased stimulation induces increased size which translates to increase in sensitivity and so forth until and orgasm is reached.

After priming and sufficient arousal has been achieved a good way to locate the G-spot is to lie down on your back. With one or two well-lubricated fingers inserted about 2-3 inches inserted into the vagina, carefully massage the anterior (upper) wall of the vagina to feel for any surface that feels rougher than the surrounding areas. If you find an elevated bean shaped bump that is soft to touch but more textured than the surrounding areas, congratulations! You have succeeded in locating the bounty.

If you did not find it, fret not, as different individuals have different physiologies. According to sex therapist Dr. Petra, failure to find the G-spot is and is not categorized as a deficiency or disability anywhere in the world. It just means you have to explore other areas of sexuality to improve your overall sexual experience.

Putting to good Use your recent Discovery

Once you have correctly mapped out the location of the G-spot, it then becomes easier to stimulate it. Start by delicately working your finger in an up and down rhythmical manner, in the way you’d normally do if you were gesturing to someone to come over. Once you get comfortable with that, proceed to massage the area in a cyclical manner, almost as if you are tracing concentric circles. Over time, you should experience a warm tingling sensations radiating from your G-spot, outwards to your genitals and in extension your entire body. With sufficient stimulation of the area, the eventual culmination of these sensations is an orgasm that some women have described as being more intense, fuller and commanding a stronger emotional effect than orgasm derived via clitoral stimulation.

If you are looking to add squirting to your list of fetishes, then in addition to the procedures outlined above you should tap the G-spot (albeit lightly). Squirting is a result of the involuntary release of the fluids accumulated in the Skene’s gland (which is likened to the male prostate). It is expelled via the urethra like urine but is characteristically different in taste and smell.

Inviting your partner to the Party

If you have a partner, they can also get in on the action either by using their hands (under your guidance) or via regular penetration. During normal sexual intercourse that involves penetration, you can increase the direct stimulation to your G-spot by engaging in sexual positions that promote increased contact between the G-spot and the penis.

The angle of penetration goes a long way in determining the level and intensity of stimulation that reaches the G-spot. Naturally, the penis should be angled in such a way that it directly brushes the upper part of the vaginal wall. Since the G-spot is located relative close to the surface, penetration should take a shallow predisposition; it is usual for your partner to feel as though his penis is going to pop out during sexual intercourse that aims to stimulate the G-spot.

Sex positions that promotes this kind of angling and as such are advisable for G-spot stimulation Include;

The G-spot Sniper

The G-spot sniper is perfectly named, as the primary goal of sex in this position is to stimulate (snipe) the G-spot. In this position, the female lies on her back and the male kneels in front of her. With her feet resting on his shoulder he proceeds to raise her torso to come into alignment with his pubic region, this way penetration is sufficiently angled to target the G-spot

The Crab

The crab position is ideally suited for ladies who like being on top during sex. The position is very similar to the cowgirl position, but instead of the female folding her knees on the side of his body, the leg is oriented in such a way that it crosses over his chest with her feet close to his shoulders. With arms spread backward and resting on his knees, her torso is perfectly angled against his penis to potentiate G-spot stimulation.

Rear Entry

Unlike the two other position, the rear entry is less cumbersome to put in practice. With the female lying flat on her belly the male proceeds to penetrate from the back (rear). Because the penis is pointed downwards, it accurately brushes against the G-spot, thus inducing G-spot stimulation

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